The "New Normal" FX Rip

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This is how a completely news-less FX move looks like under the new normal, at precisely the moment when market opens. Did we say no news? Yes. 80 pips move in minutes on absolutely nothing, but an avalanche of very specific stop limit triggers. And since the EURUSD is the highest levered fulcrum security, and since shorts have piled in aggressively in the last few days, ramping the pair to the stratosphere is why risk is soaring, once again on no positive news. And now that the market move has happened, the news to explain it will come fast and furious. One wonders if all of the now unwound CIO capital has moved into JPM's most recent prop trading addition: the CFXO.

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Jamie, Jamie, Jamie,  why dont all these talking heads just blow him and lick his nut sack.  jeeezzze!!!

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Slavish devotion, makes a real man want to puke doesn't it?

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We are fast closing in on short selling time. Can the S&P pierce 1376? I think it can. When it punces through 1360, we will bring more buyers in as the downward sloping channel will be pierced. Apple is up on the 24th, so I think even more buyers will be piling in on the momentum frenzy.

Look to begin dollar cost averaging at 1390.

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Not everybody is so fortunate (talking about said talking heads).

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Whoot There It Is!

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Is that today's gold chart above?

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There is a simple and legal explanation for all this movement prior to the news being broken.

HFT has become so fast that the trades can literally go back in time!  Just like Michael J Fox's DeLorean.

The traders wait until important information happens, decide on a trade, hit "send" and the electrons go back in time to now!

The only problem with this, of course, is that it is one further step towards SkyNet.  So hopefully Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't also come back in time too!

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Nothing new there. Hillary did it 20 years ago with cattle futures

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a couple of days ago I commented that I'd be looking for a EUR/USD bounce off the 1.2150(ish) area...but god damn. what the fuck was that?

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My .02: That is a SkyNet controlled market....

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If you go to a daily EURUSD chart and draw a straight line from the January low to the June low and extend it you'll see that the euro has hit that trendline support two time in the last couple days and bounced off. Short timers would have been fools not to book their profits on the second bounce. I don't think this trendline has the strength to hold (my opinion isn't worth a lot) and it's dropping about 10 pips per day but why not sell and rebuy at a somewhat sweeter price in a few days, it's Friday after all. After this support breaks (it will) I only see one more support, then just air. This is a terrible time to be long euros.

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efficient market theory tells us that a price discovery just has taken place. Ask ben solyndra bernanke

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volatile markets all around ..   Volatile Markets Continue On Friday the 13th

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I love this "market"! Every moment has exciting possibilities.

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All of your black Fridays are belong to us.

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Black Friday - Steely Dan.


When Black Friday comes
I'll stand down by the door
And catch the grey men when they
Dive from the fourteenth floor
When Black Friday comes
I'll collect everything I'm owed
And before my friends find out
I'll be on the road

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Since ZH has pretty much outed Mssrs. Sack and Potter, why even hide it anymore on their side?They probably hone their ideas on what and how to do it from ZH.

As Leonard Cohen says, "Everybody knows."

Everything at bottom of channel, everything bounces, just a little help from our "friends".

After all, it's Friday and real earnings reporting starts next week with heavy volume. And it will be hard to put lipstick on that pig, but everyone knows that is the oldest of Wall Street and thus Liberty Street tricks.

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Free markets.  Biggest joke going.

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Waddell & Reed just playing some Friday the 13th hijinx...

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Hi Tyler ,

there is a correlation between Euro/Dollar rate versus Gold price.

they are trying to keep the euro rate artificially so that Europeans don't buy into gold. So if there is a sudden buy in gold then BIS will buy Euro even though there is no news.

This is what happened right now.

Just watching Gold price is enough to understand where the Euro will go..and of course there are limits but they control most of the time..

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Rumors are so 2011

doc_in_the_house's picture

took all my EUR short profits yesterday @ 1.219

was holding from 1.27-1.26...major GAIN$$$$ in just 2 weeks = 450+ pips times 3X leverage through forex (big boy territory) not stupid ETF = FEE$$$ for idiots...

now its @ 1.223.....waiting for 1.23-1.24 to re-short and hold til 1.10 baby !!!

also pump up the spx to 1360 today stupid shoe shine boys....don't stop @ 1346, i need to start BUILDING SHORT positions @ 1360...ok i can wait for next week....

off to the beach !!

alien-IQ's picture

I was looking for 1.2150 range to go long the E/U again...but I missed this pop and no way in hell I'm piling in after a move like that.

Oh well...looks like an early beach day for me as well.

Bizaro World's picture

I also was able to take advantage of recent drop in Euro (gains in EUO), though apparently I'm an idiot for making money on an inverse ETF....add that to being uncivilized for diversifying with Gold and Silver....


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FX can be bid up in the blink of an eye, harder to keep it up there, yet why give up ground? Right from the start, break the will of the shorts in all markets, send them to the beach where they can relax after having covered.

The SPX / EUR is slipping off, so give it a couple of minutes and a new surge will come into play. Up 1.25%, 1.5% why not, no news is good news.

Happy weekend!

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It's a backdoor short ban and Benny and the Banksters love it. I'm seriously beginning to think that "risk assets" have become a sink hole for all the trillions that have been printed. They may just continue to grow inspite of economic problems.

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

Apparently that is the plan. The shell game. While the world deleverages from its drunken debt induced binge, asset markets are inflated by central bank printing and direct invervention, the man on the street reads the paper and sees that it is up, the idiots as well as the cynics just BTFD.

At some point, all the fools will come rushing in and the Liberty boys will be able to step aside from direct intervention. Evidently, that time has not yet come.

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

For the record, about 2pm and Bingo! the SPX is up 1.5% ...

I marvel even as I remain disgusted ...

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skynet detected a human interloper and destroyed it.

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KRE only $2 away from making 4-year highs.  U.S. banking stocks have been ultra strong lately.

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"This is how a completely news-less FX move looks like under the new normal......"

Looks like morning wood to me. Mrs. Cog says it's a sign of health. :>)

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Or, the inevitable has been scheduled by the Fed.  There is no way around it.  We all know it is coming.  They will not let the rate of fiat debt money growth slip under 0%. 

Nothing To See Here's picture

I was thinking the same after watching gold's move. Some seem to think that the Fed is cockblocked into doing something.

Any news on Italy?

Nothing To See Here's picture

I was thinking the same after watching gold's move. Some seem to think that the Fed is cockblocked into doing something.

Any news on Italy?

Screwball's picture

How much money would it take to make a move like this?

alien-IQ's picture

Truck loads.

It sure as fuck wasn't a "retail" move.

LongSoupLine's picture

Nothing is a "retail move" anymore.

Zero event gets closer every day.

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Don't knock it until you Rip it!  Gotta love leverage!

youngman's picture

That used to be the precious metals market.....

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JPM up 4%, the lows are in.

1eyedman's picture

the high is for our second feature today, 'sideways'

ZeroAvatar's picture

"Off the lows!"   BRAAAWWKK!  (Whistle)

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

Nope. Dimon's getting hassled about the CIO and low shareholder value and wanting / expecting split offs of JPM so one part of it is ONLY investing and not retail banking.

That's not a good sign for JPM. Doesn't matter what Dimon/others say they want/will do what matters is the shareholders want change and will leave if they don't get it.

rsnoble's picture

Oh look, the Fed's have their big green fuck stick out this am.

OldE_Ant's picture

lol.  Someone has a bulging big stick up the pants of bears today but alas the bear still has teeth, and a lot of sticks up the pants so nothing new here.   Same old rinse and repeat.   Might as well just close the markets now and call it a UP day because Ben found a whole new pile of $1's to put 00's on and has his minions working overtime in the ctrlP factory.

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US Consumer Sentiment comes in at 72 (under expectations of 73 and lowest since Dec.)


Perhaps that bit of bad news brings on more hopium for QE3.


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Somebody just bought 5 million shares of XLF.  Bears better watch their backs.