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Alan Greenspan's Greatest Bloopers, Part 1: "The Stock Market Stimulates The Economy"

Back on August 1, 2010, Alan Greenspan - who is once again making the media rounds in a desperate attempt to peddle his ridiculous book about forecasting (in which he explains it wasn't the Fed's models that were wrong; it was reality, and all those who inhabit it, that had a glitch) and is arguably the man who created the single biggest credit expansion in the Pre-New Normal era who no longer has access to the money printer so needs to sell books, and soon enough he may devolve to pitching newsletters - issued one of his most memorable post-Lehman bloopers. To wit: "if the stock market continues higher it will do more to stimulate the economy than any other measure we have discussed here." We decided to investigate his claim...

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Steve Liesman Apologizes

Following his "can we get some mexican music to go along with that" Ted Cruz comments, the always "apolitical" Steve Liesman - who honed his 'economic' teeth while on a mission to communist Russia - has issued an apology. Explaining his remarks were not meant to be "offensive in any way," Liesman suggested perhaps country-western would be a better choice next time...

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Carl iCahn Tweets "New Letter" Sent To Apple's Tim Cook

Given the carnage that ensued in NFLX yesterday, we suspect the following tweet:

which he notes will be released to the public tomorrow is more a threat of him "selling" his shares if he doesn't get what he wants... and given the market liquidity, who knows what AAPL's stock does?

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Obamacare Pitch Of The Day: Baltimore Ravens Paid $130k To Promote "Affordable Care"

In a “Sponsorship Agreement” between the Maryland Health Connection and the Ravens, Judicial Watch reports that the state (read taxpayers) will pay the Super Bowl champs $130,000 to push Obamacare on television, radio, the team’s official website, its newsletter and in social media. If Obamacare is the great thing that we are constantly reassured it to be, why are we seeing the administration feeling the need to constantly market, pitch, and sell the idea by any means possible (from keg standing college students to Superbowl shuffles)?

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It's The 2nd Worst Decade In Over 220 Years (And Getting Worse)

In 223 years, the average real GDP growth for the USA has been 3.8%. At 1.9%, the 2000-2010 decade was the 2nd worst decade for real GDP growth in the storied history of the United States. The worst since 1790 was the 1930s which was followed by what many hope for now, an explosion of growth that occurred in the 1940s. However, three years in, real GDP growth for the 2010-> decade does not look as good as 'hope' would like it to be. So what is different this time and what 'facilitated' the 1940s recovery? The sad, but very real, truth is... war... but funding that this time will be problem...

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BofAML Turns Bullish On Gold

BofAML's MacNeil Curry is changing his view on gold from bearish to bullish. The impulsive gains from the 1251 low of Oct-15 and break of the two-month downtrend (confirmed on the break of 1330) tells him that a medium-term base and bullish turn is unfolding. BoFAML looks for an ultimate break of the 1433 highs of Aug-28, with potential for a push to 1500/1533 long term resistance. In the next several sessions Curry suggest buying dips into 1309, cautioning that this bullish view is "wrong" if gold breaks below 1251. For those awaiting additional confirmation of a turn, Curry notes you need to see a break of 1375 (Sep-19 high & right shoulder off a multi-month Head and Shoulders Top).

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Greenspan Admits He "Knew There Was A Bubble" In 2008", But Refuses To Apologize

Alan Greenspan is out pitching his news book. We explained the miracle of revisionist history and questioned the sanity of anyone buying this 'guide to economic forecasting' earlier in the week, but in his appearance this morning on CNBC, the "maestro" did a great job explaining just how flawed his own logic was (without our help). He explains (sadly reflective of the current clairvoyance of Jim Bullard) that, speaking for himself and his FOMC colleagues, "all of us knew there was a bubble," though failing to admit to being the progenitor, "but we badly missed the timing."  But, perhaps summing up the mantra of his ilk better than any other sentence, Greenspan concludes, "a bubble in and of itself does not give you a crisis..." adding, during a later Bloomberg TV clip, "I missed certain forecasts, you don’t apologize for that... We are not omniscient. I am a human being."


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Obama May Or May Not Have Tapped Angela Merkel's Cell Phone

In a stunning claim, Germany's Der Speigel reports that the US targeted Angela Merkel's private mobile phone for years...


So Obama promptly complied:


We await Snowden and Greenwald's clarification...

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Picturing The Biggest Scam In The History of Mankind

Last week Mike Maloney exposed the "biggest scam in the history of mankind" in 7 easy steps in his latest presentation. As Mike explains, most people can feel deep down that something isn't quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is. Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck...every day it seems that things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why. Here is the simple infographic to explain the grift...

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The Surprising Answer For How To Handle The Next Recession

When economic troubles strike, policymakers are eager to do something (anything) to try to help the citizenry. But, as Prof. Lawrence H. White argues in this brief clip, government doesn't necessarily know how to relieve economic woes, and in fact, often wastes and mismanages resources. Individuals in the market know better what they need in their circumstances, as economist Friedrich Hayek argued during the Great Depression. Critically, he points out, relying on government to fix our economic woes instead of allowing individuals to make decisions for themselves means putting all of our eggs in one basket. Individual decisions in the market won't be mistake-free, but each individual mistake will be smaller and will correct more quickly. The unusually slow and painful recovery that we have seen in this recession surely points to problems with the "government should do something" view.

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Albert Edwards: "At A Record High Median Price To Sales Ratio" There Is "Nothing Worth Buying"

Albert Edwards: "Only the brave can react to what they see and leave the markets. The global macro looks an appalling mess and even more importantly, long-term equity investors can find nothing worth buying. For equity investors we are closer to 2007 than 2001 as the vast bulk of the equity market, as represented by the median PE, PB or Price/Sales, is expensive. The US median price/sales ratios is at a record high, indicating that there is practically nothing cheap in the equity market left to buy."

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Italian Bank Stocks Tumble On Draghi Threat He "Won't Hesitate To Fail Banks"

Across the board, we are seeing European bank stocks (most notably Italian) trading halted. The 5-7% plunge in prices - just when everyone is proclaiming victory in Europe - reflects an apparent concern that the tougher-than-expected European bank stress-tests will expose the Italian banks for the bloated sovereign debt issuance soaks that they have become. As Draghi himself noted, in a desparate plea to maintain some credibility "banks do need to fail" to prove the credibility of the exercise, adding "if they do have to fail, they have to fail. There’s no question about that.". Spain is also under pressure and it would appear the "smart"money that chose to catch some knives in Greek banks may just lose more than one finger...

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Guest Post: The Scramble for Africa's Oil

The global scramble for Africa's estimated 25 billion barrels of oil is on. Those scrambling to secure (and/or exploit) the continent's abundance of fossil fuels include each oil-rich nation's political and economic Elites, international oil corporations, regional powers, trading blocs and the four major (and energy-hungry) economic players: the E.U., the U.S., Japan and China. But, Oil-rich nations are bedeviled by the Resource Curse...

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Chart Of The Day: "Japan Has No Alternative But To Print And Print And Print"

Today's Chart of the Day comes by way of SocGen's Albert Edwards who in one image shows why, with gross debt issuance needs between budget funding and rolling maturities at 60% of GDP, Japan has no choice but "to print and print and print"

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The GOP Reviews The Obamacare Rollout - Live Webcast

We can only imagine the overwhelmingly positive perspective that Boehner and the GOP leadership will have as they discuss Obamacare's early days... What's worse than a "train wreck?" ...grab your popcorn...

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