Newspaper Chaired By Private Equity Head Shockingly Endorses Mitt Romney For President; Ron Paul On Jay Leno

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+ 1

I'll be sending another check to Ron Paul 2012.  I am too paranoid to contribute via the 'Net.

That would be really great if Ron Paul wins!

If Ron Paul becomes our next president, we will have big problems, no doubt.

If Ron Paul does NOT become our next president, we will have MUCH BIGGER problems, no doubt.

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Das is Mitt, Mor(m)on mitt. Git your Mitt right here.

As various folks have been pointing out, the Republicans seem to be setting up for disaster, a la Clinton Vs. Viagra man back when.

And since RP is obviously the Perot of th eday, who has a realistic chance?

Given how IT is unfolding, I say:

Schwarzznegger/Palin 2012. How? Obama's foreign origin will pave the way. 

Mark these words.



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I thought they spoke English in India, not Yiddish riddles without rhyme or reason. Then again the spamming of your damn site.

Come on man! Nobody is marking your words with as many interpretations as Nostradamus' writings.

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Hah, are yiddish riddle's rhyme and reason-less?

As for marking my words, it's interesting that the same people who will give endless mind-space to a financial conspiracy, going back deep and long, cannot imagine that all the other ass-pects of our lives are equally controlled. Including the political process and it's dummy candidates (including the Pontiff Ron).

And I'm not coming from a Nostradumbass point of view anyways. Just pattern recognition, sign watching (it's all signs and symbol anyways and before anyone jumps to red, look at what dominates this website's mind-set.... symbols. Only Symbols, Currency symbols, stock's all symbolic).

But to most here, symbolic, shambolic...all the same eh?

All good. No hard feelings. Sunday AM shennanigans is all.



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 Holy shit! You're right, I think I just saw a sign, I have recognized the pattern!!


....................../´¯/)....................,/¯../.................../..../............./´¯/'...'/´¯/`........../'/.../..../....././¨¯\........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...').........\.................'...../..........\.................../............\..............(..............\.............\....

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I uploaded a new video on my Youtube Channel in honor of this event, an example of the gift that keeps giving.

Dr Ron Paul Joe Rogan Man Love Moment on Jay Leno Dec 16 2011

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Re Ron Paul and his 'chances', even the Voice of America website says that the US voting machines - 'counting' 30 per cent of the US votes - can be hacked by a young teenager.

"We believe that a very resourceful 12 to 13-year-old would be able to essentially produce these alien electronics that can hijack the machine," said Roger Johnston.

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"You know, comrades," says Stalin, "that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how."
Joseph Stalin, quoted in 'Memoirs of Stalin's Former Secretary' (1992), by Boris Bazhanov

(This is the apparently authentic version of the common Stalin quote, to the effect that it doesn't matter who votes, what matters is who counts the votes.)

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And upon what supposition do you conclude that RP can't hire better hackers?  I will concede that it doesn't seem in profile, but he obviously does have a battle-tested campaign staff......

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Diebold Election Systems, Inc.  Electronic voting gives me the warm fuzzies all over... goverment apparatchiks told me it was safe an secure.

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F'n LIEbolds, where every 2 out of 3 votes against obama is changed to obama!

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Diebold/Romney: What the Register is saying in actuality is.....Romney is the best qualified candidate to maintain the status quo and existing political power structure. As did his father George, he will serve the oligarchy well. I subscribe to the mindset that if voting really changed anything, they'd make it illegal. So, enjoy the illusion of choice and as George Carlin said "Americans will remain willfully ignorant of the big red, white and blue dick that's bein' jammed up their assholes everyday."

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i hope mr. paul does not do what ross perot did with his vp pick and parade out a civil war general.....

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....and it has just hit me that the very most crucial thing a president does is his power to appoint....

can mr. paul find enough people with enough  integrity and competence to fill these positions?




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A Paul/Paul ticket would be just fine with me, but I doubt Rand would do it.  Regarding the search for good people, President Paul will just have to search outside the beltway for staff and appointees.

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I think if Paul wins the nomination, the good people of politics - the ones in hiding - might be brave enough to come out.

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Gary Johnson would be a great choice.  Another reasonable man that is ignored by MSM.

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Where do I put the dollar bill?

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In any other prosperous era I would have loved a "Schwarzznegger/Palin 2012" ticket. But have you taken your head out of your ass recently and smelled the Eurozone Embers?

It's not play time anymore.

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The complete and total worldwide economic collapse doesn't give a shit who the president is.

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A little diatribe I had with a poster on my Youtube video;

"A complete and total economic collapse of 1/3rd of the world economy, Europe, is currently underway.
The Eurozone is finished. It won't be long till the economic fallout engulfs the entire planet Including the USA that is already bankrupt.
If you don't read Zero Hedge you probably didn't know this bit of current events trivia that's concerning more and more people. Current economic events is why people are flocking to the Ron Paul camp.

The bank buildings will survive and be recycled.

@Michaelwisegu Yeah and your 1200 teeny bopper fans plan on doing this how? You said it yourself, the world economy will collapse if Obama wins. People arent as stupid as you. Sorry. Ron is where he is based on economic problems not war problems and bad canidates, not him being a great canidate. It is anyone but Romney but eventually peoplpe will settle for Romney. You little bastards will flip out
KingDingaLing090 56 minutes ago

@KingDingaLing090 Listen you stupid bitch!
The planet is fucking economic toast irregardless if our next president is Ron Paul or not.
I'd just like Dr Ron Paul to be there to pick up the pieces.
Michaelwiseguy 6 minutes ago

@KingDingaLing090 You stupid bitch!
The total economic collapse is currently underway. Have you not been reading Zero Hedge?
The complete and total worldwide economic collapse doesn't give a shit who the president is.
Michaelwiseguy 15 seconds ago "

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The vast majority of people I talk with are in the "things are bad, but....." camp.  Kicking the can has worked to give people hope that this time won't be different and that something will spark another economic boom cycle.  I challenge them to offer one industry that will provide millions of domestic jobs like the housing boom did.  No one has an answer.  They go back to "something always pulls us out".

The only thing I can think of is a full fledged WW3 economy, with everyone focused on a war effort.  Economic sacrifice, rationed resources, near full employment (you are either fighting or working in war factories building planes and bombs, etc....)  This can't be an endless war like Afghanistan, it has to be a big one with all the players (Russia, China, Europe, etc...)  The entire Middle East has to be the battleground (Iran, Israel, Pakistan,....)  I am afraid this is what they will try to start, maybe even before the elections?

Michael is right this will be a complete worldwide economic collapse, massive debt defaults at every level and possibly the beginning of WW3 (which could be the beginning of the end?).

Given that scenario, the future of the world depends on the successful election of Ron Paul, perhaps the only one sane enough to prevent it.

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I thought that some of my friends were in the "things are bad, but..." camp too until recently.  They are starting to see the reality.  Obama supporters are now slapped with the hard reality that "Hope" doesn't make "Change" and when people feel scorned they are more likely to change their opinion.  I know people like this.  There are people posting on blogs that are leaving BOTH the Neocon and Democon camps because WAR is not the only option as it has been presented (Herman Cain's blog, Hannity's blog, Huff Post, Daily Paul are some examples where people are talking about their new understanding, agreement or support of Dr. Paul).

People are honestly afraid of more war and they should be and the hard fact that both parties are war hawks has really shaken people awake and they are changing and I've seen proof from people I never thought Iwould.

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Indians who work in America have to be the laziest educated individuals on the planet. Well at least in Information Technology. Never met or worked with people who have no clue what they are doing unless it is scripted for them,just my experience. So I really can not take you seriously, because  I'm sure somewhere down the line someone else has done your work for you while you reaped the benefits.

The sorry thing is indians are such nice people. That what makes you end up doing their work. it's like working with a downs syndrome individual, simple but nothing but nice.

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I worked with an Indian who nearly killed himself from exhaustion because he worked so hard - he was an IT Exec.


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Am I the only one who noticed that Romney looks like a freaking vampire in his campaign photo that accompanies this story? 

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What do you expect?  Vampires aren't very photogenic.

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Notice how he always avoids mirrors as well.

And NO oven-roasted garlic in HIS mashed potatoes, EVER, thank you very much!

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Do Not give your phone number when you donate...every insider skum bag money chaser from Dick Morris to Gingrich has been bombarding me since sending the maximum to Dr. Paul in 2008. Federal election law makes this information available (another fuckin law).

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Hey old friend Assonfire. How goes it? 

You know you can donate endless amounts of volunteer time, yes? Time is money. Phone banks and leafleteering and PACs galore.

Do it. America needs more people with their asses on fire doing stuff besides farting in anyone's general direction.


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I got my nickname in the oilfield because I was the man who lit the fires to get people asses moving.. "Lite a fire under that fucker's ass" meant I had a job to do.

I hope you know I like you and what I would call your "Samurai Spirit" and don't mean to pick on you. The occasional spam is ok brother and I know i am a hard ass.. doctors tried to make me more docile with medication and I rejected it cause I got to run a business and still be the badass..even if the rest of the country has gone pseudo-feminine.

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All good AF ;-) That poll you did back then was a real wake up. Seems I have a habit of espousing my POV in the most difficult gatherings!!!


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+ MUCHO PotoFuego!  Thanks for the info!  Friggin laws...  As the Romans used to say:

Lex mala, lex nulla  <--- My sentiment exactly!

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Get a google phone number if you must give a number.

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Do Not give your phone number when you donate

Man are you at 100%, my home phone is used by none of our friends,they call us on our cells.

For the past 18mos, I have been recieving (tracking), of who, and how  many calls per day, from 7:30a.m, to 10:30p.m., I have recieved SEVEN days a week,a minimum of 20-31 calls PER DAY.

Drives me batshit crazy.Would pull the plug, but am DSL.(Plus alarm system is main reason I have not).

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Got to say Leno did a very fair interview there. Not a Leno fan (haven't had a TV for 12 years), but good on him.

And RP ... what's not to like? No wonder he resonates with Mr/Mrs Average Voter.

The guy simply tells the truth and, what's even better, makes sense.

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Can you imagine a real debate with Paul and Obama?  Telling the truth?  Wow!  What a concept?

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I have a rotten imagination.  I need to see the real thing...really badly.

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I don't understand why Ron Paul is running as a Republican.  Why isn't he running as an independent? It makes no sense.  Not only do Faux News and the right-wing bobble heads hate the guy, his Randian ideologies seem to be the exact opposite of everything the modern republican party has stood for over the past few decades. Despite their soapbox appearances and patronizing rhetoric about the founding fathers, the Constitution and laissez faire, there's nothing about the modern republican party that resembles its original roots - nothing at all. And ironically, Ron Paul is the diametric opposite of any other Republican candidate.  So why is he running along with this pack of goofy retards?   

Hilariously, most of the right-wing media whores hate him despite the fact that he's the only true conservative. To start with, Rush Limbaugh has attacked him quite a bit lately. Just this week, he said that anyone in the GOP field could win the 2012 election against Obama EXCEPT ONE CANDIDATE: Ron Paul...LOL.  Amazingly, Rush has over ten million listeners, all of whom are gullible, naive, narrow-minded, pre-programmed frankensteins who can't think for themselves and require their politics pre-packaged and ready-made - like their TV dinners.  Like it or not, Rush has a huge influence over the Republican party and his recent mocking of Ron Paul goes further than you might imagine.

Glenn Beck is another super-partisan, right-wing, clown-like asshole with another large gullible audience that totals in the millions. As recently as 2007/08, he was comparing Ron Paul (and his followers) to domestic terrorists and dangerous extremists.

Not surprisingly, just a few months ago, Beck endorsed Michele Bachmann, the biggest fucking retard in the entire GOP field. I put Bachmann in the same category as Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell (her post-witchcraft days) and the entire community of Fraggle Rock. They're super-muppets, creatively designed for your distraction and/or entertainment.  For someone who pretends to hold the founding fathers and the US Constitution in such high regard, isn't surprising that Beck would pass over Ron Paul for some freakazoid broad who thinks vaccinations cause retardation?    

With rare exception, Faux News hates Ron Paul, too.  Remember the CPAC sound-editing bullshit?

So, you've got to ask yourself, why doesn't the right-wing media endorse Ron Paul - the only true Republican in the field?  Why do they stand behind the pseudo-republicans, super-retards like Bachmann and Palin..... or god-forbid Mitt Romney - the perfectly starched, emotionless cardboard cutout of a pandering, conservative politician who lacks any personality whatsoever?  Well, here's a probable answer: because the right-wing establishment needs to keep their voting base distracted and etherized with Kabuki theatre nonsense like birth certificates, socialism, Hitler, death panels, and threats of "mushroom clouds" so that their real base - the plutoctrats - can continue to suck the marrow from this country.  That's the real reason why right-wing court jesters like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Faux News, etc. are threatened by Ron Paul; he'll expose them. He'll threaten the lucrative status quo that enriches the 1% at the expense of the 99%. He'll stop the decades-long fleecing of this country by our "captured" politicians and their masters.  

But yet a better question: why does Ron Paul continue to associate himself with these charlatans, liars, crooks and court jesters?  It cheapens his cause.  Plus, there's such an overwhelming repulsion to the two-party system that has looted this country, an independent candidate would be welcomed more than ever.  

Max Fischer, Civis Mundi



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Three factors explain the GOP establishment. 1. Don't bite your banksta master's hand, 2. Don't antagonize the military industrial complex 3. Hypocrisy.

If they were the conservative libertarians they claim to be, they would back RP. But they are not. They are whores that follow one principle consistently, hypocrisy.

RP should distance himself since the data appear to show his popular strengths are diversifying very quickly.

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"They are whores that follow one principle consistently, hypocrisy."  History calls them "camp followers".  Our political camp followers are the biggest whores of all... they have climbed into the beds of the bankers and the military industrial complex.  The love child that has been born out of its incestuous relationship is a morally and financially bankrupt world.

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Hypocrisy, yes, but I think raw hate plays a prominant role there as well.  There's a substantial minority--at the very least--who seethe with a malignant hatred that burns for release upon a vulnerable target.  Doesn't matter if it's brown people overseas, the poor and elderly here, gays, somebody, anybody they can inflict pain upon with no risk to themselves

They remind me of prison guards and other cheap thugs, regardless of the cut of their uniforms . . . which, in the case of the modern GOP, appear to be those of The Minute Men. 

From a simple creative perspective, this annoys me--even the Brown Shirts they so clearly resemble at heart had the inspired fire to create a new paradigm, such as it was.

This seems to be the Revenge of the Short Bus Kids.  But they're clearly being scripted by external forces. 

Without their very real hunger for something palpably evil to represent them, however, it couldn't happen. 

My guess is that they're going to elect Gingrich . . . not in spite of his malevalence, but because of it. 

They love a lying bastard with the balls to lie in plain view in real time and defy anybody to do anything about it. 

Ugly times are ahead, I fear.

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And you would vote for the cult of Obama again?

Bob's picture

Hell no.  We pretend that there are only two relevant parties and that a vote for anyone else is wasted.  Hell, I'd rather "waste" a vote on somebody I won't have to regret. 

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You forgot

4) Religious zealot fundamentalists (not all but many especially evangelicals obviously)

5) Religious hypocrite war hawks (Jesus being the bringer of peace and the meek inheriting the earth and giving away all earthly posessions and all...)

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Running an independent candidate is a loosing proposition from the get-go. And it's deliberately setup that way. The last thing they want is a third party developing. You have to jump through almost impossible hoops to get on the ballet in each state. Ralph Nader said that he spent almost all his campaign money just getting on the ballot. Ron Paul still has his best chance inside the Republican party.

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Running Ron Paul is a loosing proposition from the get-go. And it's deliberately setup that way.

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"loosing"??  WTF

you shouldn't be permitted to vote