Next, Comes The Impeachment: Republicans Seek All White House Communication On Solyndra Since Obama Inauguration

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better resign now Obama while the going is good......although that leaves us with president Biden

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If Biden were also implicated, the next in line would be...? President Hilary Clinton?

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No. John Boehner.  You fire an idiot and then go full retard.

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What!  After Boner it's Senator Belly Snort (D-Alabama)?
Jesus H. can't we even get a good God fearing humble type person. someone with a soical services, altruistc background, a helper of the poor, downtrodden uderdog.  A visionary, particularly with a broadly painted past.  And differing of insights cultural, religious, social and whatthefuckever.  Someone who can deliver us from the bondage of our own past.  Someone like a good, deserving community organizer?
And all we can come up with is Senator Belly Snort.

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How many do we have to impeach before Ron Paul takes over?

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The impeachment proceedings ought to keep people's minds off the S&P being under 700 this coming spring.

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Most transparent administration ever.

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the NWO is maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!

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And the Nobel Prize goes to....SOLYNDRA!


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And I'm sure Attorney General Holder will offer his complete "fast and furious" cooperation.

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I say a small time farmer in a rural area that has common sense could probably do more good than any politican could in their lifetime.

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I don't mean to be a smartass but farmers historically support soft money and easy credit... :)

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I don't think your a smart ass.  Every farmer or Rancher I know uses some Government land at a huge discount and they never stop complaining about taxes - yet they pay next to nothing.  A friend of mine bought his house and 200 acres when I bought my house.  He now ownes it free and clear paid by his taxes/deductions.  Hasn't paid much tax in 20 years.  Smart guy......

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did he explain to you how he paid for his home with his taxes/deductions...because I can't figure that one out.

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did he explain to you how he paid for his home with his taxes/deductions...because I can't figure that one out.

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You don't know the farmers or ranchers that I know...perhaps you hang out with the big corporate farmers?


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The most successful farmers come from Harvard. school.


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I say a small time farmer in a rural area


Are you insane? Jimmy Carter was a small time farmer in a rural area and look what that got us.

Milestones's picture

Look what we got behind Jimmy--Mr. small time gubermint> Mr Golly Gee.       Milestones

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Sorry, but Carter had a huge operation.  He planted thousands of acres of peanuts per year, and who knows what else.

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Ummm....maybe a stupid question....but can we please have Jimmy back as President? PLEASSSSSE!


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someone with a soical services, altruistc background, a helper of the poor, downtrodden uderdog.

Please try to believe me that no one in politics really believes that crap; it's simply 'words that work'. These are power-mongers. No actual good person would spend years grovelling for money in order to get to congress to hit their heads against a wall.

Okay, Ron Paul is a partial exception, and it's taken him 20 years to be considered non-insane by any serious number of people.

Problem Is's picture


Classic... the US political class runs the gambit from idiot to moron to full retard...

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Man, think how hard he would cry if he got the president slot...he nearly shit himself by just getting a house leader seat.

GenX Investor's picture

NEVER go FULL retard... Simple Jack.

GetZeeGold's picture


Begs the question....if you did go FULL would you know?



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That is an insult to the rest of us riders on the short bus

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Don't worry, this is just a diversion to take everybody's minds off Wall Street bankers.

CH1's picture

Quite possibly so. The real reason for impeachment was to purposely assassinate a US citizen without a trial. But, so long as Dancing With The Stars is on, who can muster half a damn?

pops's picture

I was just going to mention that little "due process" business of executing a US citizen by executive order.

FederalReserveBankofTerror's picture

Or would her weight prevent her from becoming President?

Problem Is's picture

No but Christie's would... No fat-boy Presidents...

X.inf.capt's picture

again, if i could have 1 wish,

i wish alot of officers and office holders...would stop acting like junior enlistedmen...

a junior EM's job is to obey and take orders...

it is an officers job to take responsibity for his office, and to NOT obey orders contrary to law and the U.S. Constitution...

they gave an OATH,


i wish alot of officers and office holders would stop acting like junior enlistedmen...


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Every officer that participated in Libya violated their oath of office. The oath is to the Constitution, not a person. Check Constitution Corner at the USMA, West Point for clarification. They should resign effective immediately.

CrazyCooter's picture

X.inf.capt, you have said as much (?CnP?) in previous posts. The reality is, as I am sure you are aware, is that once one signs up the job has to be done and failure to do so (as commanded) bears heavy costs. The military, by design, does not accommodate dissidents.

I got my honorable, but I was very unhappy with the things going on in my unit and particularly with my O's. By date of birth, I served neatly after the first GW and ETSed before the second. I didn't have to pay like many others, but I volunteered just the same. But I suppose like war (which I didn't serve in) it was all luck beyond my control (i.e. who comes home and who doesn't - training only biases your odds).

I am not sure what to think about your comments, so I defer to Smedley Butler.

Veterans have to stand up and accept the US Military is fighting the longest war in the history of this nation. This is a hell of a flare in the night, in my mind. We are not in these wars to win; we are in these wars to occupy.

When RP said in the presidential debate, regarding war, "I am the CIC; the troops come home". I heard all I needed to hear.

Should there ever be a moment in our nations near future when our people are genuinely threatened I have no doubt that the mothers of this nation shall with trepidation gaze upon their sons faces and exclaim "come home with your swords or on them".

Then, its is real, until then we are shedding blood for the money elite. I think the world has forgotten what the US military can do when tasked with winning instead of occupying or meeting political goals.

Storms gather on the horizon. I can not pretend to read the tea leaves.



X.inf.capt's picture

thank you, cooter,

you have given me food for thought, i am grateful,

thank you for your service, 

p.s. if our country is ever threatened here stateside, yes, i pity the invader...

most citizens would fight, as would i

hell, i would carry water for these kids, regardless of rank.

i was used to being an overglorified pack mule....



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If you was light infantry, you know what a pack mule is. It is you.

X.inf.capt's picture


i remember my first day at Benning, thats what our instructors called us......

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following that convention, we have a lot of firings. in fact, we have a DOD full of people to fire....

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No, he will finish his term.  Then, enter Hillary Clinton.  I am pretty convinced she will run for President, and win it.  Even many republicans will vote for her. But little do they know she is a major player of the Bilderberg group. She is the ultimate Globalist. She will appear to be a savior, but she is one of them. 

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Obama can take "Gunwalker" Holder along with him when he goes.

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Send him back to Illinois, lock the cell door oh boy! doo doo doo