Next Rumor: G-Pap To Hold Call With Merkozy

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Just when we thought Europe was fresh out of rumor ideas, they prove us wrong once again. From Reuters: "Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou will hold a conference call on Wednesday with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Greek state television NET said on Tuesday. NET did not cite any sources and there was no immediate, official confirmation of the call." Judging by the market reaction, which is a big fat yawn, Europe will have to come up with something much better than this.  And we are sure they will oblige: look for the rumor mill to work overtime spewing furious gibberish all day, until something finally sticks to the wall. The end goal is insight: must prevent the unwind of the Eurozone for just 3 more hours when the market closes. And in the meantime, making sure she shoots herself in the foot once again, Merkel said she’s "very optimistic" that Finland’s demands for special collateral as part of the Greek bailout package "will be met within the parameters of measures agreed by euro-area leaders." Funny, because this is 100% backtracking on the official German position as of a few short days ago which was that no collateral would be granted to anyone. Sigh.

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Implosion, bitchez

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Implosion, bitchez

How can there be an implosion ? Greece is insignificant in the Eurozone. Let Greece default. It will be better for the Greeks and make the Euro stronger.

Amerikkka has a much worse problem with California and many others states.

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The world focusing and hinging all on Greece is not even as relevant as Georgias retirement bond fund bankruptcy problems.

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How can there be an implosion ? Ireland is insignificant in the Eurozone. Let Ireland default. It will be better for the Irish and make the Euro stronger.

How can there be an implosion ? Portugal is insignificant in the Eurozone. Let Portugal default. It will be better for the Portuguese and make the Euro stronger.

How can there be an implosion ? Spain is insignificant in the Eurozone. Let Spain default. It will be better for the Spaniards and make the Euro stronger.

How can there be an implosion ? Italy is insignificant in the Eurozone. Let Italy default. It will be better for the Italians and make the Euro stronger.

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Next Rumor - Merkozy denies buying Guns, Gold, Beer (for Octoberfest), Playboy magazines, and tasty IPads (1000 pieces)

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G-Pap : Wasssaaaap!

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Hi, can I borrow 30 billion? No? Ok, I quit.

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Someone just release the nukes already, we all know how this pitiful story ends.

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They are telling so many lies now they can't remember them all!

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Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou will hold a conference call on Wednesday with French President Nicolas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel



Get Obummer on that conference call and watch the markets levitate!!

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Hey, it's not the call that's important.  It's the announcement after the call.

"The three leaders had a very useful and substantive talk and after hard work have agreed that their efforts to stabilize the situation are important."



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So Amazing would say. Its all about the next Bunga Bunga party. G20 days are here again. As long as the ECB prints who cares what the markets say. Roller coasters are there to be enjoyed...

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 But what does FT say?

"we did not print an article depicting Papandreou rimming Sarkozy"

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Yay.  Everything will be better on Wednesday.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll call you tomorrow, it's only a day away...

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its like the Coyote in RoadRunner, running in air as he runs off the cliff, and just before he looks down.

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italian government orders 1000 copies of rosetta stone chinese - stocks soar!

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Hopium balloons barely keeping markets up these days.

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Wednesday .............

Capitulation Bitchez

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Wow, a phone call may be made? Why the hell arent futures ramped a few percent?

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ES about to print a morning double top.  They may rise a bit more, as individual equities are printing their high right now.

Puke bucket ETFs up...prepare to vomit individual know...unless a future second phone call is promised.

Credibility dying in the street now...calling for a priest to make last confession.

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Next market tank will be blamed on some finance ministers tea spilling on their IPhone.

Cdad's picture't a phone call from Germany to Greece, interrupted by coffee spilling on an iPhone...woudn't that be bullish?

SheepDog-One's picture

Wet phone market tank. Oh the humanity!

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I hope they are calling each other and talking...but probably they are lying in the corner in a cartonic state...with their thumb in their mouth..its fun to watch the rats in the box running around scared to death....they are in panic beware what they say..they are just trying to save themselves watch out what they say...and what they do.....they will sell you the junk and default on it next week...I hope the soon to be defaulting banks are the ones buying these issues...I really hope so...but I also do not think so...its the elites vs the people...they will dump this crap on the people...not themselves...

SheepDog-One's picture

Whole damn planet is a cartoonic state.

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smsing is so much more european anyways

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What's with the collateral thing? Did the Finns point to a map of Greece and say, "But we only want that bit! The fishing is great there. You and France are welcome to the rest".

"Ach, why didn't you say so in ze first place"

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Hilarious how the futures scream higher or get flash crashed based on the sensational news headlines emerging from Zero Hedge on the hour.

No doubt, the "" of the financial markets.

Tyler now has more power to move markets with "words" than Ben Bernanke himself.

Hats off and cheers for Tyler and the rest of the ZH crew!!!

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Where is SheepDog when you need him? Fuck off troll

HelluvaEngineer's picture

I suspect you're the only one around here who knows a damn thing about

SheepDog-One's picture

Whatever, simpleton. Hows your 'I'm getting all in long here at DOW 12,800 and you dumb bears better too for this huge debt ceiling rally' trade workin out?  

Never go full-retard Robo, and you swim in those waters daily.

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C'mon SheepDog. He was either serious about that trade and is now living under a bridge, or he was just luring suckers in so his boys at the Morgue could make their bonuses this month. I just hope he got something out of the deal other than a sore asshole.

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so now that you're on this whole ZH = TMZ bullshit rant...does that make you the Gary Busey of the financial blogesphere?

DefiantSurf's picture

He actually makes about as much sense as Busey on a rant

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they didn't even wait for European trading to close to start floating the bullshit.

that's just about all the /ES needed to go positive (damn close so far) the dollar tanks.

what a completely fucked up market when this kind of bullshit can move it so much.

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i dont get one thing: if this is really a deliberate takedown of the American and World economies , what are the elites waiting for ..or why are they trying desperately to hold it up

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they've heard rumor that there are possibly as many as 7 people, presumably in the midwest, that are not yet bankrupt or drowning in debt. Once they can be lured into the market and broken...then we'll see it all end.

SheepDog-One's picture

Must....stage get last 7....people in go long...

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there is still wealth out there that they don't yet have...I expect the plan was to drag this out as long as possible but now its flailing out of control

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Beats me why they are holding it up. Maybe so that when they finally let go it makes a bigger 'SPLAT' when it hits the floor.

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We are holding it up only until our suites at Wisconsin Dells are finished then we're outta here, piss on the rest of ya.

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Its all about the dates and numbers for them they have to wait untill thier God returns , he is on his way and will be here before November 11 , he first came visable on 9/11/11, when he gets closer they will unleash hell on earth for him , we do not have long to wait.

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I thought they were trying to bailout their banks rather than Greece. Otherwise, it makes no sense why Greece did not default. It's like telling a company-- Don't declare bankruptcy yet. We'll make your payments to creditors and give you more debt on condition that you follow our instructions for getting into even worse shape economically.

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The lemon squeezings are still dripping.

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i agree with Robot head....amazing