Nigel Farage: "The EU Titanic Has Now Hit The Iceberg"

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In one of his most passionate speeches (which says a lot), UKIP's Nigel Farage, on the May 9th celebration of the Euro, tells his European Parliament colleagues of his grave concern at the recent elections - which are very reminiscent of the elections in Germany in 1932. He warns that Europe faces the very real prospect of mass civil unrest and even revolution as the Euro project itself could even be the cause of (in it perfect irony as the initial solution to) a rebirth of national socialism in Europe. Farage pulls no punches but in three minutes provides a clear picture of just how concerned anyone who is not merely a head-in-the-sand status-quo muddle-through'er should be with regards Europe: "It is a European union of economic failure, of mass unemployment, and of low growth"


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Long live Nigel Farage.

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+1 would give your more, but alas I can't.

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He makes too much sense to be part of the EU parliament. But those are fightin' words if I ever heard them!

Chris Martenson interviews Alasdair MacLeod on Why the Europe Situation is Certain to Get Worse:

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Can we dump Chuck and make Nigel King?


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I owe no allegiance? to that flag! Fuckin A Nigel.

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Agreed, but I just tried to vote for his party in the London elections and they filled out all their application forms out incorrectly and made all their supporters votes void. UKIP also stood on a policy to stop all regulations on the city of london's financial sector so as to protect jobs here. London's public also believes they are nationalists to some extent unfortunately. He seems to me to be the uk's best politician but is ridiculed by the press as being a one policy fringe eccentric.

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Ya, but I think the Lusitania's more appropriate.  German torpedos and all.

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Wow that is surprising!!! I thought China already owned everything in the US!

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I love the sour look on everyone elses faces!

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Trying to pretend they don't smell the stink as Nigel holds their noses right in it.

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Nigel can talk Euro trash because England has not tied the Euro in a tight knot around its neck.

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The Brits got that one right. They reserved the right to print thier own money.

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yeh to remain slaves of the american empire.... well done brits

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I am impressed with Nigel Farage like all others but I would be even more impressed and grateful if he could release his blueprint for getting us out of this mess.

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I've always had a soft-spot for democracy myself, but sometimes I'm surprised to see people here are so psyched about Farage.  There seems to be a lot more passion for democracy in Europe than in the US.  Kinda weird.

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it's not usa that invented democracy................

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I was talking about the posters here, not the citizens of whichever country.  An oft-repeated sentiment is that in the USA, democracy is a bad idea because everyone here is too stupid (or too poor, or too whatever) to be trusted with a vote.


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Why the down click? Is no one interested to hear the solutions? Or is it that there aren't any?

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The first down-click was me, but I didn't have time to make a reply at the time.

I downclicked you because a "single, all-encompassing, one-size-fits-all" solution is exactly what the failed central planners have been pushing on us for over 100 years ... and it is now crumbling - inevitably - before our very eyes.

"Let a thousand flowers bloom" - as Chairman Mao said, and Deng Xiopeng actually implemented - and let the intellect and entrepreneurial spirit of free men solve the individual problems and desires of their individual communities.

Without the protection of corrupt central governments, and the rules imposed by an international politburo (the committees and treaties of the UN), the rogue multinationals would be brought back into fierce competition with local entrepreneurs and would crumble in an instant. It was exactly such free competition from the early American individual traders (with no protection from their fledgling government) that caused the downfall of the protected and all-powerful East India Company!

Whether some peoples CHOOSE to make alliances - as did the 13 original States of the Union, in order to defend themselves against the tax-grabbing, war-mongering Brits - while others CHOOSE to go it alone - as the Texans, Scots, Irish, Welsh and Icelanders would obviously prefer to do! - should be no concern of secret Bilderberg and CFR "steering" committees acting in the interests of the Vatican, joo bankers and "aristocratic" former slave traders and opium smugglers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, there! Stop falling for the false dichotomy of a global statist "solution"! Let each nation, or cultural group (eg. the Kurds, the Palestinians, the Scots, the Walloons) decide their own way forward. Some will succeed ... and some will fail ... exactly as happens now under the "enlightened" central planners, but instead with each being responsible for solving their own failures by learning from the successes of others.

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The first-posting Nemo of Calculated Risk commentariat fame?  If so, glad you finally found your way over.

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Fuck off, little englander.

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Your stupid comment makes me wonder. What is Nigel's lineage? Has he descended from Normans, English, Danes, or Brits? I think that would be interesting to know. At least, for me.

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Yeah — I'm such a Little Englander I have an Arab name.

I'm a "The EU is Destroying Europe"-er.

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Farage is a Scottish name, from the Hebrides. It's a corruption of Feargus.

Cathartes Aura's picture

Angelic Upstarts, eh.    ^^        oi !

(so it's not just me that's having flashbacks in these times. . .)

plus two fingers, you'll know which.

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This fucking joker wants to abolish EU. Ok, fine, what then? Bring back travel visas between all countries of Europe? Border fences everywhere? Divide Germany to two? Bring back USSR? Ship Polish workers in UK back to Poland? A bunch of fucking commies, aren't they? No more economic free zone too? Tariffs and quotas for every products, like in the 1950's?

Yeah, maybe Americans really like that too, Europe all weak and divided.

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You're a blabbering fool.

It's a complete falsehood to say that "without the EU there would be barbed wire fencing at every border."

Europeans can live in peace with eachother without being bonded by a fiat currency which is going to bring down the entire EU anyway.

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Indeed. How sad and ironic that the only defence they can make for the massive failure of the central financial planners is a fear of border fences!!

Prior to the rise of central planning statism at the beginning of the last century, it wasn't even necessary to hold a passport when travelling across whole continents or the seas. People migrated to wherever they were accepted and their skills could be put to use.

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see" the scientific method"...

experiment tried-----------experiment failed.



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They just didn't print enough i-dog.

Every learned statist/economist will tell you, all you have to do is print...then the rain stops, the sun comes out warming the skin, the seas part, revealing your own personal pink unicorn to carry you away from all the tumult & chaos of labor & earning.

Very seductive ;-)

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If debt is not taking care of all of your problems then you probably just aren't using enough of it. <sarc>

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Yes- think Norway / Switzerland

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The main reason for all the wars in Europe is the existence of the Eurotrash, ie royalty, who are constantly killing each other using other people as cannon fodder in order to enrich themselves. Any questions?

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Yep. Europe need to get rid of the scum who call themselves ``kings and queens`` an cut their heads off. It should have been done centuries ago. Next in line to have their heads cut off : the banksters and the globalists.

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Agreed.  But keep in mind even the royalty are mere puppets of the true money elite these days.  The kings/queens don't have the printing presses - they borrow from the banksters who do.

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Having travelled all through Europe long before the Berlin wall came down, there was never any problem, except for the commie run countries who did not want their people to be exposed to outsiders spreading a bit of truth.

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except they never have

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Good job, blame the currency, not the lying governments. A few more lies and nationalism and Nigel will be called a prophet.

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

Fiat currency is the FUEL for the lying governments.  Without it --

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Pre 1914 europe had more free trade then we have today and without the EU.

In brittain there wheren't even passports. I want to go back to the era before protectionism and belief that central planning can solve anything.




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Right! The EEC did just fine without a common currency. The Euro was a bureaucrat's wet dream for building monuments to themselves. They never thought it through, and if they did they did not care. The EU dictatorship was going to force all Europeans to be the same no matter what. That's what these fools want -- equality for everyone even if not everyone is equal or equally value the same things. Same tax rates. Same work hours. Yes let's force everyone to be the same against. This is nature itself and against free people's wills. When will the people learn governments are dangerous, and should be minimized?

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tim73 - farage makes sense. you do not.

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"Ship Polish workers in England back to Poland". That would be a good start given the UK unemployment rate, then there are many others who could catch the ferry back to the continent as well. Wave Bye, Bye!

frenchie's picture


have u ever thought Polish and others were doing the jobs that locals didnt want to do... maybe thinking they are above that (thanks to deficit / debt funded social entitilements)...

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@2410672: What prevents a U.K. resident to hire a British born plumber rather than a Polish one? Is there a law prohibiting that person to hire an unemployed Brit rather than a migrant Eastern European? Or there is a good reason why Poles do find jobs in U.K. and lazy Brits prefer collecting unemployment?

Angelic Upstart's picture

Not at all. It's because they live 10 to a house and undercut all the British work force thereby dumping our tradesmen on the dole, which is £69 a week, which is half of fuck-all.