Nigel Farage On Europe's Economic Suicide

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Dismissing the propaganda-like vision of growth and jobs that is now at the forefront of any and every word from the status-quo seekers that are the European Elite, England's Nigel Farage notes the hypocrisy of the forthcoming summit's agenda. The Euro itself was supposed to create growth and jobs and yet it is actively destroying both of those things - more of the same - as the medicine is killing the patient. He attacks the idea that the world will end if Greece were to exit the Euro - "European leaders say if Greece leaves the sky will fall in - it won't!" - though notes that there will indeed be a difficult few weeks - and when challenged by a Greek politician (who questions what will happen when gas prices for Greeks rise on Farage's suspected 50% devaluation in the Drachma), Nigel, offering the other side of the coin related to real growth, investment, and innovation to compete with expensive imports pointedly remarks: "Give Greece a chance because stuck inside the Euro, you are going to be literally destroyed".

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Lord Monckton yesterday repeatedly referred to Europe's socialist-elitist government as a "dictatorship".

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and Lord Monckton is correct he's been on the Govt-crone bollocks of Climate Change

In fact I think he's the only Lord in Blighty that isn't regularly called to Govt 'consultancy' (ie. underwrite the policy Govt wants to hear)

..because he speaks the truth (exceedingly rare amongst Our Lordships)


With all the trolls and whores and liars and thieves out there in the world today, it is so refreshing to hear Nigel continue to speak the truth. 

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Greece?   Well they're certainly giving Vaseline a chance.

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That is certainly a slippery slope.

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Teh guy sitting on the right of Farage is the typical european beaurocrat.  He can barely keep his eyes open and cannot stop burping his big lunch.

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There is actually a fair amount of negative material on Nigel Farage - 'Farage the Mirage' - some of it from former UKIP party members. - Even though Farage speaks much truth and is hugely entertaining.

It is said that Nigel Farage - who is personally associated in his past work with the Rothschild family - is actually working for bankster interests from the other side, both to sabotage the efforts toward new political parties in Britain, and to profit from EU destruction.

In Britain, Farage is said to be ruthless in running his Ukip party, and to be intentionally running it so badly they make sure Ukip has just about no representatives in Britain's Parliament. - Like recently, when Ukip missed being on the London ballot because 'they filed the forms incorrectly'. Detail of this for example on John Ward's UK-based 'The Slog' website.

Why did Farage mess up crucial election forms in London, but he fills out his EU expense account reports perfectly?

Farage is taking great relish in EU destruction and seems to be pushing it and advancing it. For many this is viewed as a good thing, but ...

Profiting from destruction is a traditional theme of the Rothschild family, going back to 'Buy when there is blood in the streets.' And Farage at least was, if not now, a Rothschild man.

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I will simply say this: "Even a broken clock shows the correct time twice a day".

This is a saying whose truth I have seen verified time and time again - especially here on ZH where the signal-to-noise ratio may seem discouraging.

Nigel Farage motives may be disputable, but, at least on this matter, he is perfectly correct.

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I enjoy Mr Farage and his pasionate appeals but I am not sure he is correct. TheEuro might just have a purpose which could be of benefit to not just the EZ but the world. This Summer we shall see the whole thing play out. It will be the greatest show of our lifetimes and we will learn if the Euro can survive or even rise to its purpose.m Until we see the final outcome it is hard to know who are the heros and who are the villians. I know here on my favorite site ZH the bankers always wear black hats (and they probably deserve to) but we won't know if they had a noble purpose in founding the Euro for a bit IS a possibility...

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You can call their purpose noble, but noble goals can still be impractical.

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Kind of like how Greenspan may also actually be a hero, by implementing polices designed to speed up the inevitable crash of fiat paper?

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Meanwhile Ameika has Hussein.

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Tip of the hat to Lord Monckton for disclosing the NWO Agenda!

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Yup, a complete idiot.  He was predicting the take over of the world by the third world within a few weeks...2.5 years ago.

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They did.  You didnot notice.

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Nachdenken, I found this on Blogger, in support of what I think is your point:


Black Racism now rules in America

I wrote this in response to a story about a woman who was seriously beaten in a line at McDonald's for having asked a black woman to not litter in the parking lot.:

What we are witnessing is Black Racism. It is the only form of racism in America that is not only tolerated, it is encouraged.

It begins with Affirmative Action laws. Just as it was immoral to give whites superior protection in law because of their race, so too it is immoral to give blacks superior protection under the law because of their race. Whenever you have an aspect of law that applies strictly on the basis of race, then you have a racist law.

It is obvious that when a black hate group - in this case the New Black Panther Party - can solicit for murder as it did in soliciting for the murder of George Zimmerman, and no law enforcement agency arrests those soliciting murder, you are at the point where Black Racism is enshrined above the law.

If a group of whites had solicited the murder of someone black, they wouldn't have made it across the street before being arrested.

The real tragedy is that this Black Racism now trumps every law enforcement agency in America. Arresting the Panthers was the primary responsibility of the local police, sheriff's department and state attorney's office, but they are too intimidated by the Black Racists to act.

Next it fails to Gov. Scott of Florida to enforce the laws, but he is too worried about his re-election to enforce the law - so Black Racism has him intimidated. Gov. Scott reacts to Black Racism by appointing a dishonest special prosecutor who has already committed perjury to lead the lynch mob

Next it falls to the federal government through the Office of the Attorney General utilizing the FBI. But that department is run by the Black Racist Eric Holder, under the protection of the White Black President Obama.

Then it falls to the journalism community to expose the flagrant cowardice of these so-called law enforcement agencies so that citizens can express themselves at the ballot box, and vote out the sheriff, the state attorney, the Florid Attorney General, the Florida Governor, and the US president.

But the LameStream Media are too intimidated - no, make that too supportive, of Black Racists to do what they should do to flush Black Racism down the sewer pipe of history.

So Black Racism now rules in America.

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From the day I was born America has been sending me one message through the media, the schools, and our government - "you are not wanted here white boy."  So I can either stay here in the United States and live as a second class citizen after whites become a minority here, which will happen within my life time, or seek a better life overseas among people of my own race that will not blame me for slavery or segregation.  I have never felt accepted or wanted in America.  From day one I was taught that white men are the devil and responsible for all the world's ills.  Everyone is a victim of the white man's crimes according to the schools, media, and America's anti-white male culture.


The choice is clear then.  Whites are not welcome in the United States of America.  This will become even more crystalline as whites are displaced as the majority race in America.  Even now, with a black president and his anti-white appointees it is open season on whites in America.  Imagine how bad it will be in 30 years when we're a minority.


Rhodesia and South Africa come to mind.  If not Haitii.


And so I am leaving.  Not that it's a very hard choice at this point, because aside from being anti-white male the U.S. is also a brutal police state with individual liberty declining on a month by month basis.  So long America, I'll go where I'm welcome.

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" he's been on the Govt-crone bollocks of Climate Change"


Actually he has made many scientific errors and even lied about many things. Not that the govt doesn't, but just sayin...

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Why on earth would anyone care what Lord Monckton says about anything?  He's probably certifiable in his inability to recognize reality.

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This book reveals just how clueless Government really is when times like this expose them for what they are

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First they laugh at you, then they argue with you, then they fight with you, then they agree with you.

The lonely life of a contrarian thinker.

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The lonely life of a contrarian thinker.

That would actually be the case if only he didn't have so much to gain being a City ponce an all.

Mostly, it is proper to laugh.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I did not say he was pure in thought and deed. I said he was a contrarian thinker.

However I am also not pure in thought in deed. But neither am I (nor Nigel Farage for that matter) full of shit as are so many of the so-called leaders.

So maybe it is a relative thing. :>)

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The correct answer to the Greek would be 'Let the market decide the prices. They will be whatever they should be...'

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Greece should just print The Gyro.   At least it'll have some real meat beefing it up.

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All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident

Arthur Schopenhauer
German philosopher (1788 - 1860)

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Or you suffer the faith of Arthur Eddington, Einstein's friend. In his later years he went wildy off the tangent in his search for the unifying theory, started using numerology bullshit in his theories. He was mercilessly ridiculed by other physicists but he refused to believe them. In the end the critics were right, his theories were just that...bullshit. 

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Yup! There are always exceptions to the contrarian rule.

Cosimo de Medici's picture

One of those sayings everyone can use.  Around these parts Max Fischer and RobotTrader own the copyright;  most everyone else reads from the exact same script and tolerates contrarian thinking like a mullah tolerates the funny pages of a Danish newspaper.

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Farage kicks asses once again... And Farage, you know they won't let Greece go... because as you said, it would give hope to other countries to leave the EU... and that can't happen... the globalists want their European government.

In other news...

"In the end... somebody has got to persuade Germany that this is a catastrophe   for Britain, Europe and the world and that Germany has got to change   course," he added.

"The problem is, the German people went into the eurozone 10 years ago on the   clear promise that they weren't going to bail out Italy and the central bank   wasn't going to play this role.

"Both things have got to change."


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But the euro did bring growth and prosperity in the beginning

Unsustainable credit expansions dont look so good on the downside however

ebworthen's picture

Euro trap.

"We'll lend you more Euros so you can grow your economy out of this recession caused by joining the Euro."


SuperVinci's picture

Euro trap.

"We'll lend you more Euros so you can grow your economy out of this recession caused by the failing $IMF system."


Fixed it for you.

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The dollar and IMF caused the problems in greece?

Please do explain. I am all ears.

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$ still used as reserve currency. The more $ on hand, the more other currencies central banks can print (because they are allegedly backed up by $).

Nachdenken's picture

Thats new.  The Euro does not matter after all then.

Nothing To See Here's picture

Eurokrugman trap

"We'll lend you more Euros so you can keep spending and repay the banks who lended you Euros because you were spending too much"

GeneMarchbanks's picture

"Give Greece a chance because stuck inside the Euro, you are going to be literally destroyed".

''Give the City a chance to rape the local currency then allow for easy pickings after the Greeks are suffering from battle shock''

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Nigel Farage.... THAT'S MY N_ _ _ A!!!!!!

Paul Atreides's picture

Chuck Norris wears Nigal Farage pajamas to bed.

dizzyfingers's picture

Paul Atreides:

Laughs are hard to come by these days, but please, a little warning. ... coffee out my nose!

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Taking on the masters of the universe! Down with the demise of the state globalists hidin behind transnational kkkorporations.

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Most of us know Nigel is right. Get out of the Euro now, Greece!

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That Greek MEP didn't seem to have his heart in that debate as if he knew the score deep down.

_underscore's picture

Yes - and I think most of the other MEPs did too.  I'm sure the real problem is one of realised / crystalised  losses - as soon as Greece leaves all those EURO debts become real & immediate balance sheet losses/liabilities for the ECB, various national CBs & institutions/hedge funds. They fear the 'firewall' will be about as good as naptha impregnated polystyrene in that leave/default event & are terrified - that's what all the can kicking has been about.