No Surprise In Boehner's Response To Obama's Latest Proposal

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Because the Act 1 of any political drama out of DC deserves an Act 2...

Just released by Boehner:


House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) issued the following statement in response to the President’s latest debt plan.


“Pitting one group of Americans against another is not leadership. The Joint Select Committee is engaged in serious work to tackle a serious problem: the debt crisis that is making it harder to get our economy growing and create more American jobs.  Unfortunately, the President has not made a serious contribution to its work today.  This administration’s insistence on raising taxes on job creators and its reluctance to take the steps necessary to strengthen our entitlement programs are the reasons the president and I were not able to reach an agreement previously, and it is evident today that these barriers remain.”


NOTE:  The President’s proposal would raise taxes on both small businesses and on private capital, which is the essential ingredient for job creation in our economy.  By declining to support structural improvements to strengthen our entitlement programs, the President has chosen to ignore the warnings about our debt crisis sent by the markets in August – leaving Americans exposed to the possibility of further downgrades that will further damage confidence and make it harder for our economy to grow and create jobs.


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I say 10% from tax breaks, no set-asides, no special funding to Solyndra, etc. Everyone pays the same percentage, and the government has to live withinin its means. I know I know...crazy talk, isn't it?

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Actually, the surprise is that Boehner didn't beak out in tears with his "response."

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I found this question thought-provoking:

What if the Tea Party was black?

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Boehner's job creators? What jobs did they create this year? They grossed how much, and then kept or sent to some other country how much? No; They need to be taxed, and at a high level too. The USA is in need of money now, and can not afford to let such ripoffs continue. This trickle down shit is a lie, a very big lie. They get it here ,and don't spend it here. Also keep wanting more and more from the poor no less. Obama is a lie too. He signed a bill extending all those tax cuts to the filthy rich a year ago, and now wants to have them taxed?? It's all cake and circus. This will never happen to any meaning full degree, and those here on ZH know it well!

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"Boehner's job creators?"


Incomprehensible sentence fragment; care to rephrase?


 (pssst: It isn't governments job to create JOBS, but rather NOT to place IMPEDIMENTS in the way! Geesh! This is not HARD to figure out!)


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No, it's not an incomprehensible sentence fragment. Care to reread?

And thanks for telling us what government's job is, even if the only support you have for such a statement is personal fiat.

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Boehner's job creators? What jobs did they create this year?

The jobs they created can be found on the other side of the globe, and with Jeffy Immelt on board as Obama's Outsourcing Czar, I don't expect any improvement.

This is what we get from a one-party political system. At least the USSR  didn't pour billions of dollars annually into marketing the idea that the "red" commies and the "blue" commies were separate parties with real differences.


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My short and sweet fix for our broken fraudulent joke of a govt-

ALL politicians get 4 years maximum, I dont care to hear about how 'special' they are at their jobs, thats all BS, and most important ALL politicians salaries ONLY come from certified budget surpluses. Govt numbers are also scored by outside accountants who also get 4 year contracts at the most. Any politician or accountant found taking bribes, kickbacks, or inside trading gets a LIFE sentence at Leavenworth Federal Prison. 

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Do away with the seniority system in congress. Assign committee seats by lottery.

That way a district wouldn't be throwing away millions in pork by replacing a long term crook.

Making them live under the rules they create for us, instead of exempting themselves, would help also.

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Any taxation scheme is crazy, because they'll just spend it.

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I say the incoome tax is unconstitutional.

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It is for the individual, the great stupidity of our legal system (and there are many) is the legal recognition of the corporation as an individual with all of the associated protections but due to spinoffs etc. few if any of the liabilities. 

Taxing corporations is the way to go, taxing the income of individuals is bullshit.

For all those proposing no taxes let me suggest that is ludicrous. Do away with the FED, the IRS and default on debt owed to the FED. Then revoke income tax on indviduals and leave taxes on corporations. We need infrastructure and other minimal government regulation (I prefer my drinking water to be arsenic free but I'm a crazed greenie that way I guess by ZH standards).

We need less wasteful government, less graft (FED/IRS) and less career politicians, not NO government. My preference is to maximize local government and minimize Federal Government.

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Yeah it is, because what you say is a made up, cut your cock off, idiocy.

You Glass-Steagall the fraud, then you don't have the debt to pay back.  Well most of it.  Then with the rest you bankruptcy court.  Wow 15 trillion knocked down to 5 or 3 or 6...either way it ain't 15.  Then you make the deal with the chinese and get their holdings out of the way for...treasuries for raw materials deal (all put forward before so look it up).

'live within it's means' is an entirely made up concept.  What are the means?  What is that cutoff point?  It's entirely made up and arbitrary, thus the cut off point we 'live within' will arbitrarily be constrained....based on dogmatic bullshit.

Your 'crazy' solution is not a solution, it's another MONETARIST tactic.  You know monetarism, the anti-american viewpoint.  Keynesian, Austrian, all monetary schools of thought are FOREIGN, anti-american, BULLSHIT.

So yeah, quit the crazy talk, and start thinking of real solutions.

It's CANCEL the fraud.

It's they physical economy that is get it moving with a science driver program.  We need energy, we need water, we need infrastructure (real like mag lev, waterways)....

None of what you propose does anything to change the rot of the system, it only constrains people, gives tax breaks to people that don't need it BEFORE seeing what can actually needs to be cut or raised based on reality(which is idiocy), assumes we need to pay off fraud, and that some magical 'means limit' exists.  Monetarism, it makes people sound like Hannibal.   We need to cancel the fraud, and change the system.  The system we run is anti-american, time to get back to an American System.  No Austrian or Keynesian anti-americans monetarist dogmatic fucktards are patriotic enough to engage in reality.  It's all got to be dogmatic sophistry filled talking points by banksters, FOR banksters. 

Banksters love Austrian ideology, they also love Keynesian ideology.  Just if we switch to another fucktard monetary way, many of the banksters won't survive, but those that do will LOVE austrian ideology.  Because it's another rig job. 

Sorry I don't want another rig job based on bullshit. 


American Credit System


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Yes that would solve tons of issues, but it's logical, and nada that is in the 10sq miles of shit is.

The reason it will NEVER fly, is it would do away with an IRS so bloated w/paperwork, and rules and regs(not to mention jobs), that the PTB could never give that power away.

WHere we have MAJOR problems is all govt agencies, are at the whim, and will of the party in power.

IF we could just get them to follow their IN PRINT guidelines, and the law, same for all.............we would have a shot.

But, to get funded you have to eat the meat.

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"WHere we have MAJOR problems is all govt agencies, are at the whim, and will of the party in power. IF we could just get them to follow their IN PRINT guidelines, and the law, same for all.............we would have a shot.!

Or, we could just remove their power to act. Just sayin'.

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Exactly! The Welfare Class benefits from taxpayers. Why shouldn't they pay at least some nominal amount to have skin in the game?  I guess those votes won't stay bought if we all paid a fair share.

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"Pitting one group of Americans against another is not leadership."

Ummm........but it is what the elite and their minions (politicians) do to keep the masses disorganized and desperate.

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Pitting one group of americans against the other is the ONLY political formula this country has had for decades for EITHER wing of the 1 party system.

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Pitting one group of americans against the other is the ONLY political formula this country has had for decades for EITHER wing of the 1 party system.

Exactly. It's not leadership, it's stewardship, and most of America is riding in steerage.


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can we create a pirate party?  I think the German's have it right.

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Will they accept po people?

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Canada has one and their platform is not half bad.


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CD, I love you, the way you think.

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Sucking up does not win points; unless it actually does ...

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"This administration’s insistence on raising taxes on job creators people who create jobs in China and suck off the taxpayer teat in America while complaining about "entitlements" and its reluctance to take the steps necessary...."   There, fixed it.

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I'm in the midst of turning a young ladie friend to the proper "Ron Paul" channel and now that she is off Romney (Thankyou Pr. Carter).

To share a bit:

As America approaches the collapse of its currency, and it will happen, one must look broadly at the underlying factors.  We are as much a colonial occupier today as Britian at its height.  They fell, ultimately, because they spread too thinly the patience and pocketbooks of the nations they occupied beginning with America.  And that is what America has done today with other countries natural resources since the Truman Doctrine began.  We have 190 military bases protecting what?  Us?  The World? Some idea?  We have 190 bases because thats what it takes for America to keep all the spoils we have taken from the world especially since Nixon took us off the Gold Standard some 40 years ago last month and allowed us to export our inflation like candy everyone wanted.  We have got to get the government to stop helping Americans with everything including foreign affairs and the worlds oil distribution.  If we have the efficiencies of a free market distributing capital to the best ideas in the world trust me, the oil will follow the more effective currency and economy. It would be myopic to believe, as Ron Paul aptly points out, that we had 4 planes hyjacked and flown into buildings because they hate our freedom.  They hate the way America takes advantage of their countries.  Unfortunately even I didn't see that connection until very recently but just as we fight for self determination in our country, so do they.  This is not to dismiss the freaks of Islam or the cutting differences between east and west if we look at reality of that religion and its many discriminatory practices.  But freedom is freedom and the only thing worse than losing our freedom is to take someone elses away unjustly.  We need to be an example of freedom.  Not an enforcer.. You get it..
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Well, US Navy keeps sea lines open in the Gulf and Pacific -- a free benefit for the global economy. Paid by the US taxpayers. In good old times, the city citizens used to hire a sheriff and paid him to keep things in order, but now this benefit many countries economies enjoy comes as a free gift from Uncle Sam. Pacific trade can quickly come to the halt if US Navy goes away and China, Japan and Vietnam start fighting for island and other good things over there. Gulf oil -- the same. 

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Sadly, you do not address the mollificatioon of the "poor"(those with the cell phones, tats, etc) whose electoral pasivity is bought and paid for by using other's money. Honorable politicians paid for their votes out of their own pockets enforcing an economy of spending. Using others cash means never having to say you're responsible.

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It seems to me that the out of power party always talks the talk, but they never walk the walk when they get into office.

Throw all the bums out.

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Yeah, I would forget about that "Contract with America" from a congress a few decades back, it didn't really happen, did it?

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It seems to me that the out of power party always talks the talk, but they never walk the walk when they get into office.

Bhoaner is just popping off half-cocked. His response is the same copy-and-paste boilerplate screed that he always uses.


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It also seems to me that Obamatron's notions of raising taxes BEFORE even looking into reining in the Decepticrats' sacrosanct Govt entitlement programs is cut'n'paste as well!

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They're all fuckers and we're all fucked.


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Pitting one economic group against another is only a construct of the Republican party in this instance. It shouldn't matter how you earn your money, you should pay the same rate. Why are we subsidizing the casino that is Wall Street on the backs of people who produce tangible goods and services that don't end up requiring a bailout at an ever increasing frequency?

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LMAO oh sure 'Only replucrats do it'...another political rube.

dbach's picture

'Only replucrats do it'


I said no such thing.

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You Sir/Madam, are a fucking clueless tool.

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dbach says on:  Mon, 09/19/2011 - 12:14 

Pitting one economic group against another is only a construct of the Republican party in this instance.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Is this "Opposite Day" or something?



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So when does the final curtain come down? Are we at intermission yet?

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blah blah bitchez....

SheepDog-One's picture

The president is a douche nozzle.

Have fun bought it, now you ride it.

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Boner sucks other boners. Not sure when he has time to speak, with so much meat in his mouth.

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And all future "responses" can be summed up as follows:

"Blah blah blah. Blah, blah blah. Blah blah blah bluh-blah! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!"

-Politicians name here

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Economic growth is the problem, not the solution. And the way to deal with unemployment is to reduce the work week, not grasp at some futile attempt to make the economy bigger. This is nothing but an ill-fated ponzi scheme that cannot possibly succeed. Wake up, economists, get with the program.

TeresaE's picture

Wow, that is FUNNY.

Germany did the same thing after WWI when they decided that Keynes was a fiscal god.

Didn't work for them, but somehow it will for us.

FAIR trade, not FREE trade, would fix part of the job issue.

The government getting the hell out of our lives would fix another.

Eliminating free stuff for all would solve the rest.

Reducing the work week wouldn't solve ANYTHING.

Except fewer private jobs as thousands of businessmen give the hell up and go on the government tit.

Mark_BC's picture

Not at all true. You are telling me that 50 years (that is the last time the work week was reduced) of technological automation has done NOTHING to improve the efficiency with which labour "produces" things? That's what you are saying. BTW, labour produces absolutely nothing; labour takes and transforms.

Our wealth is being stolen by the bond parasites. Our government is enslaved by them, as we all are, to the same central bank that is the machine of oppression the bond parasites use to effect their control.

Blaming the government as the scapegoat is the easy, stupid way out. Our governments (especially in the US) are puppets. They have no more say over anythign than voters in the farcical 2 party dictatorship AMerians like to call "democracy".

Perpetual economic growth is nothing more than a perpetual motion machine. These were disproven centuries ago. I invite economists to drag their profession into at least the 19th century. Animals that have tape worms need to eat more and more food because they ar feeding someone else besides themselves. That is why we must work more and more to get by.

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Love it or hate it, at least the republican party has backbone and stands for something.  What do the democrats stand for? NAFTA? Organised Labour?