Nomura Presents The Fair-Value Of European Currencies In A Euro Breakup Scenario

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Bullish on bananas!

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Looks like the Nordicks will rule the EU.

Imagine what this would do to the FX world? Incomprehensible volatility. Can't happen. Sabers have been drawn for far lesser reasons.

Archduke Ferdie moment might be getting closer.



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All is well on this fair evening

As the white waves crash ashore

The night is quiet, there are no worries

Nor any Nordic boats

-Irish poem

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If you are not happy with immoral hazard and psychopaths taking over America, make sure to register Republican to vote in the primary in January from these states. If you know anyone who lives in these states talk to them of Ron Paul.

Don’t speak of end the Fed because most don’t understand meaning of this, but that inflation in gas and food are caused by money printing that he will work to stop.

January 3, 2012 Iowa (caucus)

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Ron Paul must really be scaring the MSM. CNN is actually reporting about radioactive water leaking from fukishima instead.

George Will, a guy I used to repect dropped the "spoiler" tag on the good doctor this weekend. TPTB want Obama to win, (heavens to betsy we got Clinton stumping for gingrich) And obama will win, but the only "spoiling" Ron Paul is going to do is expose the narrative to the sheep who think their votes count.

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That is a commercial I can get behind funding, I just watched it and sent his campaign $100 though I am pretty broke.  I just wish everyone here who claims to support Paul would do the same.

By the way, I note that last evening the Obama Show/Nightly infotainment on NBC they had a top story about new poll numbers in a republican poll taken before Cain dropped out, Gingrich at 23% Paul at 21% and Romney at 18% and then they went on to do extensive talking about Gingrich and a little talking about Romney but not a single word about Ron Paul even though he is neck and neck with the leader of the pack.  I can't wait till he pulls ahead of Gingrich after Newt blows up his own campaign yet again (only matter of time before his own sex skeletons come tumbling out of the closet or he sticks his feet in his mouth) but it will be interesting when Paul is in first place and yet the MSM will not mention his name.   

Now I am going online to make my own FORMER DEMOCRAT FOR RON PAUL bumper sticker.

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Dear Whistleblower,

You may vote for this oldman, because he will not vote again this time unless your precious ron paul has the huevos to run as an independent, which he doubts.

Ron sounds good on the one or two issues that he captures the 'imagination' on, but honestly, he is very weak on the more important issues and certainly has little capacity for diplomacy, energy policy, habitat protection, and what we do in the next twenty years about our declining share of the world's markets.

I've listened to him for ten years now and though he raises my energy level with his 'can do' rhetoric, he hasn't had the balls as of yet to step out and take the chance that his own VERY CORRUPT party will cannabalize him.

I'm quite weary of reading all of the 'rah, rah, rah' comments by people who still seem to believe in the broken, bullshit system that you believe can be fixed by a simple lazyman's fluffy dream that your fucking vote is even counted.

I apologize for my crude language and do not mean to be personal but I have been 16 hours walking today and thinking about the hopeless condition of a nation that can only talk of change by mentally mastabatory process of walking once into a polling booth at their leisure and plugging their protest into a computer that has been corrupted by the same stupid broken machine

I'm sorry , but I can't even apologize properly     a very tired oldman

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Some have said that the Nordic Royals are an extreme power in the banking cartel with roots that go back hundreds, maybe thousands of years and were instrumental in the set-up of central banking and the House of Rothchild. Those bloodlines are comingled with all Royals in Europe.

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Yes, the Rotchild's are our lackeys.

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Correct, the Queen of the Netherlands is one of the founders of the Bilderburg Group.

Almost Nordic

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European Royalty is one big inbred family.

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How can the Euro be at 1.34, when all of the constituents are way below it, except one, and the one that is above it is only just a little bit above?

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And printing presses.

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Cool chart.

A long while ago, I think it was Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the UK Telegraph, ran stories that some Germans were only accepting euro notes with the code number signifying that they were printed in Germany.

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Below the 'AAA' countries, Belgium is 'best of the rest'.

Not bad for little Belgium, considering.

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Belgium Z

Greece Y

Germany X

Spain V

France U

Ireland T

Italy S

Luxembourg *

Netherlands P

Austria N

Portugal M

Finland L

Slovenia H

Slovakia E

Cyprus G

Malta F

Estonia D

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I mostly have X. All the others I use to buy stuff. Gresham´s law!

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... could be wise, to use the Y´s first.

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Most of the EUR 100 notes that I get here in Germany are from Italy. I try to get rid of them ASAP!

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Always look to see the letter on the Euro. For some reason, can not get an X for the life of me. Anywhere. Glad I am not the only one with this problem.

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This has been debunked, even Ambrose admitted to it. I can't find the link right now, but the gist is this:

The X only signifies that Germany commissioned those notes to be printed. It does NOT mean it was actually printed in Germany. Theoretically, Germany could commission notes to be printed in France.

Many smaller EU countries don't print their notes themselves, so they would commission notes to be printed in Germany. The Euros would show the country code, but the printing of a German facility (e.g. P for Giesecke & Devrient in Munich.)

In short, the country code is not useful to determine "good" or "bad" Euros.

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Hugh Hendry noticed this phenomenon in Germany too.

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I thought they solved all those pesky problems.

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If we close up today.

NYSE Summation Index will turn back up.

Mo-Mo players will have no choice but to chase stocks again on the long side.

Gloomsayers will be watching the tape climb up and up with their jaws agape.


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Robo trader is your real name joe kernan or david faber.....keep breaking out the pom poms

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Markets - Robo is correct, do not fight the tape, higher highs and higher lows mean buy, the trend is your friend.

Pay attention, short your instrument on two hourly lower lows, lower highs or three, plenty of time for all this.

All counter moves are like the movie Jackass, just a matter of how high we lift the garbage bag before we drop it.

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just 4 more days of this, you promised

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I'm bullish cheap Greek holidays!

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So if the EU broke down right now, everyone but Portugal would have a stronger currency than the dollar? I saw this on CNBC momentarily. I thought they said this was broken down in Euros, not dollars. This would be in comparison to dollars right? IIGS would have a stronger currency than us? I must be seeing something wrong.


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The ratios are relative to the current Euro, not the dollar.  Ergo, the German DM would be 36% stronger than it currently is within the  Eurozone.   You have to believe the DM would be much higher relative to the dollar. 

France and Austria would also be stronger.  Club Med would be much weaker. 


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Wow you answered my question one minute after my post (on purpose or by accident). Edit: Nevermind, you answered my question in your post.

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No the ratio is how many USD you get for one COUNTRY-EUR.

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Fair value for a new Greek currency, whether reviving the drachma or not, would be almost a 60% depreciation, to around 57 U.S. cents, he said.

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so do the germans have the longest ones? This should please M****! True 6" guaranteed or refunded. She is not very demanding. Which will make her very euro compatible. Difficult times for all Euro males, no moules frites every day, no Trappist beer! No chardonnay and pinot noir!

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Chimay is good shit too.

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ES keeps rallying but euro doesn't.....cant wait till those fucking algo scumbags eat it

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Macy's now printing 3-yr. highs.

Where is the recession?

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The recession is in the real world.

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You're braindead.
How your exclamation corellates with topic?

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So rather than letting nature take it's course by reverting back to the Legacy Currencies,  the Euro will live on with about a 25% devaluation IMO.

This  would  conveniently put it at  ca.  1:1 with the USD.

Coincidence ?

... it would have been interesting to feature the USD and GBP into that graph
... and of course Gold.


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Irrelevant.  They obviously haven't heard yet that Merkozy kissed the Euro and made it well.

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As always.. the lovely "island" of Luxembourg simply doesn't exist!