Nonfarm Payroll Surge... On Gain From "Low Wage Jobs", Delay In Courier, Messenger Job Drop

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Great news from today's BLS report, right (when one excludes that record 1.2 million explosion in people out of the labor force of course)? Wrong. As is well known banks have been firing workers left and right: these are the jobs that actually matter in the grand withholding taxes scheme of things. Yet someone is getting hired supposedly. Well, as we suggested before the NFP report, this is merely rotation from high paying jobs to "low-wage jobs." And no, it's not our words - this is what CRT Capital says. Per Bloomberg: About 113k of NFP gain from “low wage jobs,” David Ader, strategist at CRT Capital Group, writes in note. Additionally, “we didn’t see the drop in courier and messengers as expected - but suspect we will." Moreover, ‘‘long-term stress remains at the U6 measure at 15.1% is still high, but likely falling due to people leaving labor  force, and duration on unemployment remains over 40 weeks." But yes, it is an election year, so by November expect the labor participation rate to be under 60% and the unemployment rate to drop to under 6%, or some other propaganda BS.

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This country has zero credibility anymore.  It's really a shame.

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Sure Sure, but dont blame everyone else for your trading losses

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As long as that's your only concern. Can I call you Mr. Congressman?

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Moreover, "long-term stress remains at the U6 measure at 15.1% is still high"

Again, as Rep. Paul and Sen. Sanders correctly point out, the U6 is the real number people need to be looking at to gage unemployment. 

It has changed 1.2% down in the last 1.5 years.  Sure its improvement, but as Mr. Wolf said in "Pulp Fiction": "Let's not start sucking each other's dicks just yet."

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"Lets not start socking eachothers dicks just yet"


About 45 mins late on that one

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just out of curiosity, is anyone here commenting on zerohedge still employed?


what are you doing all day that you have the time to comment on so many articles?

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Self employed home office bitchez!!!  However I had more time to come to ZH and comment when I was on the trading desk :) 

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Retired programmer (disability). Before my heart condition, jobs were really hard to find. A bad ticker saved my ass. What a world.

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Too many idiots in this world, we are doomed.  Simple math, that the general public will not do.  I am listening to CNBC and am ready to puke.

I wish I could buy into all this bullshit but with two engineering degrees, things have to make sense to me before I will believe.

God help us! 

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"God help us!"

was that sarcasm?

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That's what the Romans were saying during the decline as the government was debasing their money and the barbarians were at the gate..

and they had more than one god.

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Another attitude that was prevalent in Rome right up until the end was the notion that Rome would always be great because it had been great in the past. Even when the provinces were spinning off, the army was disintegrating, and the barbarians were at the gate. The Romans thought that the inherent Roman greatness would re-assert itself at some point in the near future. Compare this with the "U.S. is the greatest country on Earth" stuff we still hear today.

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Rome fell because of a period warm weather that moved malaria mosquitos north to the city -- and destroyed hundereds of years of PhD history dissertations.

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like every empire in history, we think we're the exception to every empire in history

the only difference is that we're falling faster

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Speaking as someone who is "progressive" on many issues, today is the type of day that makes me want to hate liberals.

Critical thinking masses just don't exist anymore.  MSM further exacerbates that.  Just tilting to the core. 

I mean, why are people bitching so much still even if U3 is down?  Because value of the dollar is going down faster than Jerry Sandusky at a Day Care Clinic.  People are getting jobs that don't offer health insurance.  People are getting paid the same they were *5* fucking years ago (even though we increased the money supply by ump-teenth percent).  Here in Boston, rents are going up, the MBTA Transit system fares are going up and making cuts.  But the "unemployment rate" is down to 8.3%....break out the champagne!!!1111

Sad part is, once the number gets down to around 7%, they'll use it as excuse toraise taxes on poor/middle class folk.  Remember too, most of the employment in this country exists around the higher cost areas of living. 

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corruption renders all the political labels meaningless. conservative, liberal, progressive, strict constructionist, peace keeper, terrorist...

did anyone catch the documentary filmmaker of Gasland being arrested for trying to document a congressional hearing on fracking. Apparently all the industry boys were there to play but no citizens whose water tables, cattle and relatives had been poisoned were invited to the show.    

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The large jump in NFP wouldn't have anything to do with people now having to sign an employment contract as a "Professional Food Consumer" in order to collect SNAP benefits, would it?

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Santelli gives a shout out to ZH

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Yeah, they will spin this as best they can and not mention the labor participation rate. Turned the TV off. Makes me ill.

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I bid its just another one of those typos when they released the info....NOT

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Wait for the revision? Loolzz! I know how they cook these numbers. If your off UE and out of the labor force, your simply not counted anymore.



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I call Bull Shit, U3 U6 not manufactured Administration numbers for re-election purposes. Santilli is correct, I think the only one at CNBC that doesn't sugar coat anything.

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decoupling bitchez!

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Must be monster seasonal adjsutments this month.. According to BLS website, teh non-seasonally adjsuted payroll # was -2.7m (that's right it's a minus).. Check it out at the bottom of the page:


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a continuation of a 30-year trend.

Good paying jobs continue to go away, and be replaced by low-paying jobs. The middle class continues to vanish

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By the time the election rolls around we will be at dow 14,000, the " unemployment rate " will be at 7.5%  gold will be at 2,500 and the dollar won't be worth spit. But Obummer will be elected again because they are masters of cooking the books.

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Obama is not going anywhere, sad to say, his Administration are job killers, not creators. He is ruling by decree, end running both houses = Dictator. 

There are no recovery plans IMHO. The economy / housing market has to hit bottom first. Nobody has money and the economy is NOT improving, here in NJ, were seeing a record amount of small businesses folding in the past year..

I have 22 job applications out there along with resumes and I recieved 2 phone calls for interviews, I recieved 2 offers for 25% less than my last job's wage. I am a trained professional in my feild and never worked for less than $24 per hour in my career.. $17 an hour offers don't cut it.



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M4M, I have three engineering degrees and many years experience. The hunt is tough even for me. Our corporate masters are too busy shipping jobs to Asia or importing H-1B visas to the US. These foreigners are NOT necessarily better employees even though their price tag is lower.

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I'm convinced Obama gets re-elected now. I'm also convinced it may be the best thing for this country. Why? Because when this all blows up and we all know it will the right people will be blamed once and for all.

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I think you are dead on.   Imagine if BO doesn't get re-elected.....the economy will get managed back into tolerable limping, the police state will increase, the corporate welfare will go insane, the war machine will be at levels never least in the BO situation, the teat on the scrawny cow will go completely dry, killing the host and all the parasites with it.  

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Talk about Oxymorons- I just heard Bob Pissonme on CNBC say intellectually

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What matters is consumer spending and tax collection.  On both counts, this report is terrible.

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Labor Sec Sellease(lol) on MSNBC, poor girl could tell she was having a ''have I lost my soul moment''. They really should get a better actor.

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CAT (+65% profits y/y) is closing down a factory in London Ontario. Workers wouldn't accept a slash to wages, benefits and pensions.

So they are going to move facotry across the border. Where workers will accept NO benefits, NO pensions and 40% cut to wages.

Now at first glance many will say a job is a job. But think through the long term implications of this "job". Who is going to pay for this workers healthcare and pension? Not the corporation.The bill will go to the public sector. The corporation is paying record low taxes to the government (as a percentage of GDP lowest since 1972). Currently the number is about 13.1% vs 25.6% from 1987-2008.

So, the government (which is you dear taxpayer) is subsidizing all new employment in this enviroment. Moreover, you are also being asked, to a greater extent than ever,to subsidize workers healthcare and pensions. In reality the taxpayer is subsidizing the extreme wealth transfer from workers to company executives.

Nobody will care about this today. The same as nobody cared about subprime in 2002.But you can be damn sure they will in 5-10 years from now.

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It seems so simple doesn't it? We are steeling from our future at an ever increasing rate. No one, especially the MSM, ever seems to contrast "good news" with the incredible parabolic run up in debt. What pisses me off is that ZH will take a lot of shit for the pessimism today but I think that most of us believe we are making things far worse in the future by refusing to face reality.

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Here is some reality for you.

16 Trillion of Nation debt. (our biggest National Security threat besides our President)

16-18% unemployement.

200 Trillion in unfunded liabilities.

1 Quadrillion in Derivitives. Not including "dark pools"

Good Morning sunshine.