Norfolk Southern, Adobe Cut Outlook

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While the currency printers, print, and will do so until the complete collapse of the current monetary regime, corporate revenues continue to collapse. The latest casualty: concurrent economic activity indicator Norfolk Southern, which just slashed its Q3 EPS forecast to $1.18-$1.25 on Wall Street expectations of a $1.63 print. This will be lower than a year ago. The reason: reduced coal and merchandise shipments will lead to a $120 revenue decline. Then again, in Bernanke's world, neither energy nor actual trade are important. Print on, and BTFD!

From the release:

Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC) announced that third quarter 2012 earnings are expected to be in the range of $1.18 to $1.25 per diluted share, primarily due to volume declines in certain markets and lower revenues from fuel surcharges.


Decreased coal and merchandise shipments, offset in part by growth in intermodal volumes, are together expected to reduce revenues by approximately $120 million compared with third quarter 2011.


Fuel surcharge revenues are anticipated to be approximately $80 million below the same period last year.  Third quarter 2011 fuel surcharge revenues included a favorable lag-effect of $52 million, whereas results for the current quarter are expected to be impacted by an unfavorable lag-effect in the range of $25 to $30 million.

And just because rails are such a non-sexy industry, relevant to really nobody when there are iPads to be had, here comes Adobe, chiming in as well, by guiding lower on both the top and bottom line:

  • ADBE sees Q4 revenue of $1.08-$1.13 billion; Wall Street estimates were for a $1.21 billion print
  • EPS are now expected to be $0.53-$0.58; Est: $0.67

Remember: cash flows, and thus profits, are obsolete. Repeat after us:

  • All that matters is multiple expansion.
  • All that matters is multiple expansion.
  • All that matters is multiple expansion.

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fightthepower's picture

Now we know why oil is crashing.

kaiserhoff's picture

<----  Depression has finally arrived

<----  Saudi's pimping for Obummer

ACP's picture

Come on, this is all BULLISH, don't you know?

Ai-ya! Er, I mean......dude!

iDealMeat's picture

It's going to be a SUPER size SHITTY holiday season..  For Retail.



idea_hamster's picture

  <----  Depression has finally arrived

  <----  Saudi's pimping for Obummer

No fair -- can't I get an "all of the above"?

Cult_of_Reason's picture

Transsexuals (trannies) have been underperforming for some time now and giving a Dow sell signal.

chump666's picture

It will be very amusing when Iran starts military exercises (Hormuz Straits) just before the election.



Cdad's picture

I'll raise you a Bed Bath and Beyond...down more than 5%.

The earnings cliff is here.

HoofHearted's picture

For a bonus can of Buffett's Cherry Coke, name the location of that train wreck.

Hint: it is now a museum in a large city.

s n p's picture

i understand its the gare montparnasse station in paris.  miraculously only one person died.  its still a train station and was rebuilt in 1969.

Cult_of_Reason's picture

The fundamentals do not matter.

The Fed's got your back.

Buy stocks! Booyah!


goldfish1's picture

Downward Retail Spiral - What Happens When J6P Ain't Got No Dough, bitchez

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Does this mean I have to update Flash Player again?  AGAIN?

debtor of last resort's picture

Flash your ParkAve. I'm trying to update flashplayer on my iPad for 3 years now. Maybe Adobe will join the fruit basket after all.

Obadiah's picture

You know waay baaack in the day (pre-1997 ) a friend of my dads ask me what to invest in I told him "buy macromedia bro".  It killed for him.  Me no money to invest in anything but my own enterprise that still kickin.

and another frekin du monent I was also at the launch of Microsoft windows 1.0 in retail doing surveys for Gallup.  I do still have the free flashights.  frekin idiot.



BandGap's picture

Couldn't agree with you any more, or any less. It's just that I like you, Obadiah.

Do you understand the elements of sarcasm?

helping_friendly_book's picture

Does this mean my 3X inverse SnP bet will finally pay off?

kaiserhoff's picture


The Brits are no doubt burning the Danish Consulate as we speak.

Viking warships will loot the monastaries of East Anglia in 5,4,3... ah hell, that might take a while.

max2205's picture

Boob job appointment already booked. New pics next week.

kaiserhoff's picture

and I thought the Scots were supposed to be cheap, cheap, cheap.

Maybe the damn paparazzi can invest in some better lenses;)

monopoly's picture

This is really getting interesting. ADBE a hell of a good company, but poof go earnings, and rails tell the true story. Think I will just keep the miners. 

dobermangang's picture

ADBE has several problems.  The economy is terrible and rapidly getting worse.  Their old products still work great(so most don't need to upgrade).  Their products are very expensive.  They are also trying to get users to rent their software on a monthly basis instead of buying the software.  That will take time to get people to use the cloud.  They do have good products.

tawse57's picture

Too expensive in this economy. People will either keep older versions running for longer or people will opt for cheaper competitors.

Adobe products are just too expensive nowadays. I notice that you see less and less Sonys and Dells that come with Adobe Photoshop Light and Premiere Light bundled in nowadays.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

Thank the great satan it's now up AH near it's year high.

slaughterer's picture

These outlook cuts portend horror for next earnings season.  Serious carnage about to happen.  

CvlDobd's picture

Only took 17 minutes for people to buy the ADBE dip. We are gettin better. We can do this people, BTGDMFD!!!!

LMAOLORI's picture



Who's We? The NYSE was just fined $5 million for giving it's favored clients a first look


NYSE fined after some clients got early look at data


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The New York Stock Exchange will pay $5 million to settle U.S. civil charges that it gave certain customers "an improper head start" on trading information due to software issues and compliance failures.


And Now, Documentation (Alleged Rigging Against Investors)


goldfish1's picture

Five million? That's like five bucks.

LMAOLORI's picture



I know I am surprised they were fined at all but being caught like that I'm sure the over lords don't want us to think we have unequal justice under the law. 

lizzy36's picture

Fundamentals.....what the hell are those.

Bernanke announced QEinfinity - #btfd

Dr. Engali's picture

Hot damn .... Clearly bullish! Mortgage the farm Mable we're going all in !

HaroldWang's picture

Throw in a 3M and FedEx warning and things are looking just rosy! And all the morons on CNBC keep saying "BUY" fundamentals don't matter. What a joke.

q99x2's picture

What's the obsession with making stuff anyhow especially when you can quit work, get student loans and live the life of youthfull fantasy?

Although student payment for DHS is rising there is still enough money to live a comfortable happy life. Fuck consumerism I'm into marine biology.

Zola's picture

Mhh sounds like the Phoenix Durango... What about the Taggart Bridge ? Is it still standing ?... Not for much longer... How did America allow this to happen...

max2205's picture

I predict that all Co's will have a trading desk to capture the MBS TLT spread. Solved. 120 million....chump change

TrustWho's picture

Buy the Dip.....You are a fucking idiot; BUY THE FUCKING DIP YOU FUCKING IDIOT.....

Conman's picture

Yup, cept theres no dips to buy. We are at the top now. So its buy the fucking top.

TrustWho's picture

1474.51 IN LAST 5 DAYS

1576.09 October 2007

Bernanke says he is printing until hell freezes over. DON'T FIGHT THE FED, YOU F......

Note: I don't disagree with you as Daddy Bernanke seems too infatuated with Zimbabwean printing money policy

Catullus's picture

So... FedEx says their shipments are down because people are shipping using slower methods. Norfolk Southern says they're not transporting as much (coal I can understand, the rail rates will not keep up with inflation with gas displacing coal gen). So how does the Fed have a positive outlook on economic growth?

Pure Evil's picture

Just try to remember, 2 + 2 = 5, and you'll finally be happy. It only hurts when you try to think for yourself.

JuliaS's picture

Reality 2 + 2 = 4

Deflation 2 + 2 = 3

Inflation 2 + 2 = 5

Hyperinflation 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 ...

dobermangang's picture

Maybe if ADBE offered their Student/Teacher discount to the masses, they'd have more sales.   Not sure why teachers should be getting any discount at all.  The salaries and benefits of Chicago teachers for working less than 9 months is ridiculously high(no wonder Illinois is broke).  They make significantly more than most in the private sector.

amadeusb4's picture

Why is this statement a given, "While the currency printers, print, and will do so until the complete collapse of the current monetary regime"????? Are you part of the printing cabal, Mr. Durden? How would you know?