North Korea Has Allegedly Tested Nuclear Warheads For Iran

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What is one sure thing sure to set triggerhappy warmonger fingers in the US and Israel on Defcon 1 more than the word Iran? The words Iran and North Korea. How about three nouns that will send crude soaring by at least $10 the second a CL trading algo sees them fly across Bloomberg? Try "Iran" "North Korea" and "Nukes." And if the following report just released by the Wiener Zeitung is even remotely correct, then Israel, the military industrial complex, and crude are all about to go ballistic, not necessarily in that order. 

According to one of Europe's most famous newspapers, which in turn references a report in Welt am Sontag, North Korea has conducted at least two nuclear warhead tests in 2010, of which was on behalf of Iran. "This could mean that with North Korea's help Tehran may already have a tested nuclear warhead....According to the newspaper "Welt am Sonntag", this assumption is based on data from the Organization of the contract for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban. Accordingly, the Swedish nuclear physicist Lars-Erik De Geer uses data from monitoring stations in South Korea, Japan and Russia and believes that North Korea instead of uranium, used plutonium in two prior secret tests as far back as in 2006 and 2009." What is striking here is the effluvience of meaningless innuendo and baseless allegations. But this certain plant may well be the false flag straw that breaks the camel's back. While it is unclear if it was planted by the US or Israel is irrelevant, it has one simple mission - to preempt even more irrationality by Iran, a day after its parliamentary election has put president Ahmedinajad in power vacuum limbo, with his chief opponent gaining vast popular support. Which is precisely what is needed to validate a response.

More from the Austrians, google translated:

The longtime director of the Policy Planning Staff in the German Defense Ministry, Hans Rühle, writes in the "Welt am Sonntag" that "some of which now go out intelligence that North Korea has actually conducted a nuclear test in 2010, at least for Iran.

Supposedly this means that all military operations now will take for granted that the axis of uber-evil, i.e., North Korea and Iran, now just can't wait to shoot ICBMs at every capital in the "free and democratic" western world, just because they "hate it for its freedoms" [sic].

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that this is simply yet another media fallback alibi to justify an offensive incursion into Iran, if and when it is required. The only question is if the global deflationary collapse (ala Lehman) will happen before or after, which in turn, as John Taylor wrote a few days ago, will then be promptly followed by the (luckily) terminal central planning hyper-reflation experiment.

In the meantime, let the crude liberation begin.

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true brain's picture

More propaganda that only sheeple can fall for. Prove to me which ship took the nuclear war head from Iran to North Korea. when, where. etc. How about analysis of nuclear isotope proving that the stuff in North Korea came from Iran.Yeah it's like the U.S. with its satellites would sit idlly by when Iran transports nuclear material to North Korea.

Come on. Israel can attack if they want to; just don't feed me these b.s. propaganda.

Followmelightbulb's picture

Someone really wants a war badly!!!!!


Obama says, `Nobody's Announced a War, Young Lady'

The Peak Oil Poet's picture





Blair and Bush and Big John Howard
Sophist, crook and little coward
Sick in mind and word and deed
slaves of fear and fame and greed

Kings they are in their own sight
but kings who never lead a fight
all they know is how to lie
and how to let poor people die

many thousands have they killed
and many coffers have they filled
these men of rank these men of means
these men who've killed so many dreams

they led us to Iraq and war
with lies they led us, lies and more
they sanctioned children to their death
they curry hate with every breath

and soon, who knows, Iran maybe
through secret friends the Israeli
or open warfare waged with nukes
and covered up by lying spooks

and all to keep the dollar strong
and oil flowing right or wrong
the fiat dollar doomed to hell
and oil doomed to peak as well

and housing bubbles due to burst
but that's not all and not the worst
the population's doomed to fall
and climate change will kill us all

and in the midst of all this shit
our lying leaders do their bit
at home they laugh and joke and play
their victims, many, die each day

but do they care? no not one bit
these scumbag leaders full of shit
these men who kill and just with words
these men are cunts these men are turds

Blair and Bush and Big John Howard
Sophist, crook and little coward
killers, thieves, and fucking liars
it's time they wore Soweto tyres



redpill's picture

You know what this calls for...

Ain't no party like a? Pyongyang party, 'cause a Pyongyang party is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY

taxpayer102's picture

The Mossad's Marching Orders to AIPAC

"AIPAC’s Washington policy conference today is drawing intense scrutiny and unprecedented resistance. AIPAC has worked quietly for years to tripwire the United States into war with Iran. Soon it will “ask” Congress and the president to define “nuclear weapons capability” as the threshold for war, essentially demanding an immediate attack. Because Iran presents no military threat to the United States, many Americans wonder exactly where such costly and potentially disastrous policies are formulated. Recently declassified FBI files reveal how Israeli government officials first orchestrated public relations and policies through the U.S. lobby. Counter-espionage investigations of proto-AIPAC’s first coordinating meetings with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the head of Mossad provide a timely and useful framework for understanding how AIPAC continues to localize and market Israeli government policies in America."

trav7777's picture

lemme get this straight...Iran is supposed to have shipped fissile material or a physics package to PRK and then THEY detonated it in 2010 and nobody noticed anything on a seismograph!??!

the ENTIRE fucking story is absurd

Benjamin Glutton's picture

Pyongyang in May 2010 proclaimed it had successfully produced a nuclear fusion reaction. At the time, the announcement was widely mocked by international scientists who doubted the isolated and poor country could have achieved such an exceptional feat (see GSN, May 12, 2010).

However, researchers in South Korea had during that period identified a small amount of xenon that could indicate a nuclear operation in the North, Nature reported.

The kinds of isotopes found in the atmosphere and their levels point to efforts by Pyongyang to assess what sorts of substances and technological processes would increase the explosive power of its nuclear bombs, De Geer said. The kind of limited detonations that the radioisotope analysis indicates could have been geared toward producing a tritium-enhanced warhead, he speculated.

His study is to be published in the April/May edition of the Science and Global Security journal.

De Geer's conclusion has faced questions from some nuclear arms specialists. Princeton University physicist Frank von Hippel allowed that De Greer's research offers serious indications that some sort of nuclear fission activities occurred in the North. However, he does not believe the activities are unquestionably related to nuclear detonations or fusion enhancing efforts.

"I hope that other experts will analyze it and see whether they can put forward alternative, simpler explanations," von Hippel said.

Retired geophysicist Ola Dahlman noted that De Geer's theory does not account for the absence of any earth movement that is likely to have occurred following an underground nuclear detonation. The Korean Peninsula is so closely monitored for nuclear tests that the smallest seismic event should be detected, Dahlman said. "It should have been able to see something."

Nonproliferation expert Jeffrey Lewis said De Geer's theory "doesn't feel right to me."

The global nuclear testing surveillance apparatus by itself cannot confirm that the heightened radioisotope levels were the result of a nuclear test and and not the result of another atomic activity, for instance a reactor incident, said Lewis, of the California-based Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

A large number of atomic power plants are active in East Asia, Lewis said. Absent any physical checks of the area and seismic information it is not feasible to confirm from where the isotopes originated, he added. "You need other data'" (see GSN, June 21, 2010).

Though De Geer based his case to some degree on information gathered by the global monitoring system managed by the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization, the nonproliferation entity has not formally studied the information, said Lassina Zerbo, who heads the CTBTO data center in Vienna, Austria.

Pinto Currency's picture



Someone has to take the fall for the inflation storm that is coming and it won't be the West's central banker (planner) money creation.  Hell blame Iran and you get a nice war out of it too.  The China angle is getting a little old as their economy looks ready to pop too.

Diverting the blame for “inflation”

" A recent example of citing a non-monetary reason for a large decline in the purchasing power of money was the amusing claim by a senior Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) representative that mining booms cause "inflation". Australia has experienced rapid "price inflation" over the past several years, so the central bankers of that country naturally perceive the need to come up with reasons for price rises that have nothing to do with their own actions. A convenient explanation is the mining boom, because it can be shown that the large gains made by commodity prices are linked in some way to China's rapidly-growing demand for commodities. The idea is that if the mining boom CAUSED Australia's "inflation" problem then the finger of blame for the problem could legitimately be pointed at China! "


Benjamin Glutton's picture

an expert rebuttal.


From Jeffrey Lewis at Arms Control Wonk


By now, you have undoubtedly seen press reports claiming that North Korea may have conducted a pair of clandestine nuclear tests in April and May 2010.  The reports are based on a forthcoming paper by a well-known Swedish radiochemist, Lars-Erik De Geer.

I don’t buy it. At least not yet.

Look, I would be the first person to jump at the possibility that the CTBTO’s IMS detected a well-hidden nuclear test. I am one of the few cranks out there who believes the  DPRK may explore boosted fission weapons, which De Geer believes accounts for the pair of alleged tests.  But, as I told Nature’s Geoff Brumfiel, the paper  ”doesn’t feel right to me.” (Science & Global Security has made available an advance copy to me; the issue will be published in March.)

What follows is my best accounting of what I see as some methodological problems with a very interesting, but ultimately unpersuasive paper.


Let’s get a bunch of stuff out of the way first. De Geer is a well-respected Swedish radiochemist with strong ties to the CTBTO.  He’s also a pretty nice guy and has been generous in sharing a bunch of radiochemistry on the Chinese atmospheric nuclear testing program with me.  He’s not a bad sort, even if there are a lot of people in Vienna wondering why he just published this paper without workshopping it a bit at the VIC.

The paper was also peer-reviewed.  Although I believe some of the problems I will outline ought to have been raised in peer review, it seems plausible that one or more peer-reviewers were so focused on the very difficult radiochemistry calculations that they didn’t step back and think about the paper in context.  I don’t know anything about radiochemistry, so it’s easy for me to think about the paper in context.  That’s all I have.

Questionable Methodology

My concerns about the paper are simple to explain.  The paper relies on radionuclide monitoring to detect a nuclear explosion, but the general view among experts has been that radionuclide monitoring is imprecise enough that it should only be used to screen events. So, for example, if there is a seismic event, then the presence of xenon or other fission products might help persuade states to seek a special inspection.  But it doesn’t work the other way around. That is why, for example, the South Korean government cited the lack of seismic activity as a reason to dismiss the xenon measurements when they were initially reported in 2010.


the counter argument is detailed and lengthy...cont. at link below.



Spirit Of Truth's picture

"The failure of U.S. policymakers to comprehend the veiled aggressiveness and hostility towards the United States inherent in Sino-Soviet strategy and the belief that the political and economic reforms in Russia and the partial introduction of capitalism in China have foreshadowed these countries' development into real democracies, have eroded the effectiveness of U.S. policies in the foreign affairs, defense, intelligence and counter-intelligence fields.  U.S. policymakers have recklessly accepted the premise that Russia and China are no longer enemies, but are rather potential allies and partners fully deserving of U.S. support.  Only countries like Iran, (pre-2003) Iraq and North Korea - which (ironically, in this context) work secretly with Russia and China - are still considered potential adversaries." - KGB DEFECTOR ANATOLIY GOLITSYN, THE PERESTROIKA DECEPTION, 1995, P.230

Dave Thomas's picture

Don't forget ever since the cold war the US and Russians spent billions on launch detection / ionizing radiation detectors to figure out who was testing and exploding what.

Not only that, but cagey european states like Sweeden were constantly paranoid about Russian nuclear escapades.

Cooking off even a tiny nuke would whip up more drama across the globe than a boxed set re-release of Liza Mannelli's greatest hits.

Element's picture

'Nuclear test' does not mean a fucking bomb exploded Trav any more than a 'fusion experiment' could be any more than test-tube level 'cold-fusion'.



What is a subcritical experiment?


There is still some confusion about what subcritical tests are and what they are not. It is clear that subcritical tests involve fissionable material and increase the multiplication of neutrons within the material above the natural background due to spontaneous fissions. A nuclear chain reaction stops after two or three `generations' of induced fissions.  As a result the rate at which nuclear energy is released increases for a short time, but remains very tiny compared to the chemical explosive. The power released by the fissions stimulated by the compression of the plutonium remains even below the power generated by the alpha decay of the plutonium which is due to its natural half life. Thus, subcritical experiments comply with the US policy to go for a true zero-yield test ban, if one accepts that zero-yield in fact means almost-zero yield.


Apparently it is not correct that these experiments are always hydronuclear experiments. In hydrodynamic experiments solid matter behaves like a liquid due to a shock wave which may for example be caused by a chemical explosion. If nuclear material is involved this is called hydronuclear experiment.


Such tests could be conducted with nearly complete nuclear weapons except that the fissile pit is replaced by a mechanically equivalent part which is made for example out of depleted or natural uranium including a very small amount of fissile material. The fissile material content is kept low enough to ensure that the material does not become critical upon explosion of the surrounding chemical explosive.


So it's likewise possible to create a subcritical nuclear test that also incorporates a fission component, in a 'layer-cake' core design, where one layer is a fusion component, sandwiched between fission components, and thus could obtain a small fusion yield as a proof-of-concept test.  People don't realise that fusion doesn't actually start to occur when a certain magic T-P threshold is crossed, as that's only where it becomes sustainable, as in a star.  In the real-world fusion is also probabilistic as thresholds are approached, and a subcritical nuclear test alters conditions towards the direction where transient probability of a fusion occurring is enhanced.

Thus fusion products may thus be detected, minus a seismic response above noise levels, and a country can create a higher seismic background noise level when they need to mask a test. They could just detonate seismic charges, and/or a mine shot, or have the army and airforce blow shit with artillery and bombs for half an hour.  Whose going to notice another smallish bang.  They could also claim an ammo bunker exploded if the yield rose towards 20 tonnes of TNT.

If the claims are actually true ( big if ), this would suggest the Norks and Iranians are collaborating on a boosted-yield single-stage fission-fusion-fission design.

And a fullscale test of a much higher yield munition could potentially occur, in that case, and perhaps under an Iranian mountain side test site, if push came to shove.  Would that not shock the shit out of the US and Israel?  i.e. a seismically estimated 40 kilotons of energy release.  That would scream out a sophisticated warhead design with partial fusion components.

john39's picture

checking the MSM bobble heads this weak, i could see that they have already been setting up this shift "nuclear weapons capability" as the trigger for attack.   Truly disgusting that the sold out United States politicians will once again try and sacrafice American youth for an immoral evil war so that Israel can have another country that it considers its enemy destroyed.  the concept of "nuclear weapons capability" as a trigger for an attack is disengenuous as almost any country can arguable be said to possess the "capability".   In the case of Iran, a nuclear energy program somehow becomes a threat to world peace?  conveniently ignoring the 300+ nuclear weapons possessed by Israel, the most aggresssive and war like country in the region (just ask lebanon).  sick of the bullshit.  I look forward to lambasting these idiot politicians and representatives of the criminally psychotic rogue nation that is pushing the United States to do its dirty work.  enough already.

smiler03's picture

john39, I agree with you completely apart from your usage of "enough already".

earleflorida's picture

nice digging  pdf. *[2/28/28] kenen,  et.el

thanks Tp102

Note: $150ml __ $35ml, and a cherry topping of $500ml [inport/export bank] ___ nice!

Zero_Sum's picture

Funniest post of the day. Because it's true.


prains's picture

yeah, now we have "proxy" warhead detonations, give me a fucking break. Lindsay Looseglands has more  credibility than that story.

Kapital Xposure's picture

that like soooo much a decade ago



Optimusprime's picture

Excellent.  Far above the average offering--deserves to be put to music, if it has not been already.  Maybe it'll go viral...

Too bad you had to go down the "climate change" rabbit hole, but overall, very good job.

SelfGov's picture

Since when does peak oil have nothing to do with climate change?

Peak - Oil - ... - Poet

boiltherich's picture

They have a lot in common, both take a few grains of fact and blow them up into a whole beach of paranoid religion. 

Dugald's picture

Big John Howard? you mean little Johny Jackboots the man who disarmed Australia, so only the crims and the crazies are tooled up, poetic meter perhaps but factually, wrong....

Jay Gould Esq.'s picture

By God, I like this man's prose.

"Only the crims and crazies are tooled up."



Colonel's picture

Newsflash socialist tool Bush is no longer president.

GoinFawr's picture

Bush was a 'socialist tool'? Jr.or Sr.?

Ah well, forgive and forget; wait, what?

Colonel's picture

The socialist tool comment was for the guy with the Bush bashing poem above, but you knew that.

Michael's picture

Who is the real enemy? Israel?

The Loss Of Liberty (USS Liberty Cover-Up)

The Power of Nightmares, (Part 1/3), "Baby it's Cold Outside"

The Power of Nightmares Part 2: The Phantom Victory -- by Adam Curtis

The Power of Nightmares Part 3: The Shadows in the Cave


Spirit Of Truth's picture

I watched the Power Of Nightmares recently to get a better idea of Kremlin thinking since the documentary was likely thought up there as a matter of anti-American agitprop intended to exploit underlying European disdain for America.

As I mentioned elsewhere today, you folk are about as free-minded as cattle headed for the slaughterhouse:

Obviously, you'll only realize as such when it is far, far, far too late....which really is already the case.  Might I suggest learning to speak Russian and Chinese?

i-dog's picture

"The Power of Nightmares" is blatant statist propaganda that conveniently steps right over 50 years of progressive destruction of the individual and of US values, culture, education and society. There is so much mis-direction in there (as well as your own repeated misdirections to Russia ... a proving ground for NWO tools and techniques, rather than the source of them) that I really don't know where to begin in tearing them apart!!

Spirit Of Truth's picture

Russia is the world's ultimate source of misdirection.  Seriously, why do you think Moscow created their slick global news network RussiaToday with English-speaking tools and an endless flow of mostly subtle, sometimes overt anti-Israeli/anti-American propaganda?  And you schmucks take the Russian deceit hook, line and sinker completely oblivious to the fact that you will be skinned, filleted and eaten in due course.

I'd be the first to fault America for being hijacked by money-serving elite (I love Bill Moyers), but does this make falling victim to power-serving elite a worthwhile pursuit?  At least with an honest democratic system, the people have some chance if they become smart about their effective oppression.  However, as today's Russian presidential election well represents, when the democratic system is completely rigged and false, then there's almost no hope for the people whatsoever.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

RT is doing what Anglo-MSM has done for decades if not half- century.

Democracy is mythology. You live in an ochlocracy and an almost fully completed kakistocracy. Your comments are nonsense.

smiler03's picture

Gene said it better than me.

You just continue with this vision of yours...

In 1991, during the first Gulf War, I had a prophetic vision of a future Mideast war and global nuclear Apocalypse in connection with my studies of long-wave patterns of history. This vision led me to uncover how Russia is underhandedly plotting to conquer the world via a surprise nuclear war against the West that will be started in such a manner that the misled world will blame 'The Jews' and America for causing the global holocaust of mass destruction. In reality, however, the Kremlin is guilty for this ultimate act of premeditated mass murder. I believe I'm here to help prosecute the evildoers accordingly.


BeetleBailey's picture

Not all of us are cattle. Many are - but not all.  I wager you don't know such languages, do you?

smb12321's picture

I agree that Russia (the greatest mass murderer in history) should pay for its crimes, but not because of a prophecy or vision. They are paying by going extinct.  They are losing a million people a year with no end in sight and in decades will be the first western "Islamic republic". In less than 30 years their pop will be less than Turkey making it impossible to hold onto their territory.  Karma is powerful.

trav7777's picture

Russia is a nation.  It cannot "mass murder" anyone as it is incorporeal.

Spirit Of Truth's picture

Explain that to the Ukrainians:

What's historically unfolding is that the world is witnessing the resurrection of pre-Communist Tsarist Russia, what may be called the "Third Rome":

Kremlin thinking is rabidly anti-semitic and Russia's historical messianic complex has shifted from Communist ideology to Christian ideology (both of which are inherently insincere):


CompassionateFascist's picture

Ukrainians weren't murdered en masse by "Russians". They were murdered by a predominantly Jewish-communist NKVD, at the orders of a dictator and regime motivated by Communist ideology, that is, secularized Judaism.

Spirit Of Truth's picture

What a wonderfully upside-down reality in which you dwell.  After all, just how "pro-Jewish" was STALIN.

Hey....but why let reality interfere with your anti-semitic delusions.  Keep life simple and blame the Jews so you can avoid facing your own wrongfulness.

Maghreb's picture

"Anti-Semitic delusions" is pretty strong language coming from a guy who has a blog claiming the current brand of Russian nationalists are the reincarnation of the Tsars. I like it because its madness and yet the captions are disturbingly persuasive.

Maybe i'm wrong about you but it sounds like your coming from the view of the "Israel First" wing of Christian Right in America. You have that nice blend of Revelations prophecy and Geopolitics, its like the political version of Creation Science. Your people have been struggling hard these days to try and figure out how America the utterly decript and utterly corrupt Hyper Power isn't Babylon the Greatest and why it has back the state of Israel at ever greater costs of blood and treasure. You seem to be willfully ignoring the link between Judaism and Communism and trying to pin the evils of Communism square on the Russians. I'm not trying to be anti-semitic but you can't absolve people like Bela Kun and Trotsky of what Communism did to Eastern Europe simply because Stalin didn't like them. The current trend in Anti-Semitism in Russia is mainly a backlash against the Oligarchs about half of whom were Jewish and effectively pillaged an entire continent.

As for Power of Nightmares, if you want to see some "Statist Propoganda" go and watch the dozens of documentaries put out by the BBC telling us just how easy it would be for terrorists to kill  with weaponized Brown Rice or how Saddam could give everyone in Central London the clap in 45 minutes. I grew up watching that shit, put out by the original Ministry of Truth the BBC. Russia Today is just the Russians answer to CNN and most Russians don't even take it seriously. Compare what it has acheived with the cynical Russians to the sheer panic the Western Media put into the hearts and minds of the general public, the freedoms they gave up and the atrocities that were commited and i think you will find many sources of "statist propoganda" beyond the Kremlin. Curtis played up the Anti U.S stereotypes, as does John Pilger or even Noam Chomsky but the fact that they are there to point out the hypocrisy in our own socitey was a victory for Democracy. Far better than another Glenn Beck special on the Reds training Jihadists via the public school system.

Its that exact kind of madness we got here when some one puts out a rumour NK is testing bombs for Iran. No one seems to be looking at the political implications of this. You think the Iranians trust the North Koreans with a bomb, their bomb? Iran can barely keep their scientists from getting killed in Mossad Drive-bys and they are just going to ship their bomb out on a boat to Korea? NK might steal it for all they know, grass them up to NATO for few thousand tons of rice. Would you lend someone your Bomb to try out?


GeneMarchbanks's picture

SoT wrote:

'Russia's historical messianic complex has shifted from Communist ideology to Christian ideology (both of which are inherently insincere):'

CP wrote:

'the orders of a dictator and regime motivated by Communist ideology, that is, secularized Judaism.'

In fact you are both incorrect. Marxist ideology was based on early Christianity in theory while in practice became the exact opposite of its intentions. Just as Marx wrote critique blaming Christianity(read the Church) for degenerating into Judaism, so too, his 'religion' became an especially vicious oppressive force that was worse than Judaism.

CompassionateFascist's picture

Triple-think. Just look at the ethnicity of the Mensehviks, Bolsheviks, Left SR's in pre- and revolutionary Russia: disproportionately Jewish to an overwhelming degree. Stalin, looking over the crowd at an early Party Congress: "what we need is a pogrom in the Party...". Ditto re Old and New Left in the West. State Socialism, in its inception and later enforcement, has been overwhelmingly Jewish. It's all just Tikun Olam...+ the Whip and the Gun.  

FeralSerf's picture


". . . Russia (the greatest mass murderer in history) should pay. . ." 

Guns don't kill people, people kill people.  Likewise countries don't murder people, people murder people.

LasVegasDave's picture

Its just a damn shame that all you Iran sympathizers and nuclear weapons deniers couldnt be relocated to an island in the Pacific where Iran could test their peaceful nuclear devices.