North Korea Launches Rocket, ABC Reports Launch Has Failed

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Red headline time. From Yonhap:

  • North Korea launches rocket - S.Korea's YTN Television
  • U.S official confirms North Korea has launched rocket
  • Rocket launch took place at 7:39 local time - South Korea Defense Ministry,

Japan likely in full mobilization mode right about now. Or not: this just in:

  • ABC's Martha Raddatz reports the North Korean rocket launch has FAILED.
  • Rocket was inflight for about a minute before it failed

Somebody is about to have their daily 5 gram portion of food cut in half as the local rocket no fly long time.

And scene:

  • Japanese Defense Minister says NKorean rocket appears to have fallen into ocean
  • Japan Def. Min. Tanaka: DPRK rocket appears to have exploded one minute after launch.
  • Yonhap: ROK residents near DMZ were alerted to seek shelter from possible DPRK rocket debris.
  • South Korean army says rocket debris crashed between 190km and 210 km off Kunsan, a city on West South Korea

Now how long before North Korea blames South Korea for shooting down the rocket? In the meantime South Korea is not waiting. From Yonhap.

South Korea on Friday called for the United Nations Security Council to respond to North Korea's defiant long-range rocket launch, even though the launch appears to have failed

In other news, North Korea is redefining "minuteman" since 7:39 local time

This is was the projected path.


For those with Google Earth apps, here is the KMZ file showing the path in its full glory.

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Haha, nice. "Red headline time." Smooth.

Well, hopefully the world doesn't end or anything. :-P

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                          .  .


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Oh Shit.  How you say "deep kimchi" in Siberian?

12ToothAssassin's picture

I contend it was rather successful. Guess it depends on your propoganda slant.

Triggernometry's picture

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

derek_vineyard's picture

spx must be up locked limit as koreans cant nuke us yet

Hard1's picture

I told you not to order that nozzle from the lowest cost chinese supplier.

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No ration for you!!!

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

It is more like a noose for you!!!

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"Rohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Koraaaaaaaaaaaaaaap!"

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No matter how hard you try, the blues and that rag will not nearly begin to quell it, Kimmy.


The screams will always be louder and the blood tooooooo great.


Fucker, unintended as you may be...

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Looks like it almost hit philippines.



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Is that a deer in the snow or a nuclear white flash?

zerozulu's picture

CNN said, it failed. Forget it. Let's check

Cdad's picture minute was "better than expected."  Markets to soar like a non North Korean rocket.

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I think the ATF sold them the materials they needed so it was probably a success. Operation boom and doom I believe...

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HuffPo said "Weapon of Mass Dysfunction" - priceless!

palmereldritch's picture

All the more hilarious considering that's HuffPo's disinfo nickname....

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AOL: All Over Liberal

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So what's next full scale attack against them?

miltiadis's picture

I guess that since 5 minutes has passed we are saved from a nuclear war once again

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Exclusive North Korean Missile Test Footage - CONAN on TBS



Gidas19's picture

no, another food aid from u.s.s.a

tickhound's picture

We'll wait until all the kinks are rectified and appropriate infrastructure has been constructed and is fully operational... Its the only way to turn an attack with "no boots on the ground" into a long sustainable drawn-out military action, preferably lasting years.

Hangfire's picture

We must first warn them and let them know how serious we are! 

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Sputnik! bitchez!

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Rejoicing in the control room.  It worked!  We will not be killed!

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Dejection in the control room.  It failed.  TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL.

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Tonight control room personnel be dined upon by starving masses in North Korea Hell.
Pass the kimchee

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Greetings Professor Falken...shall we play a game?

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How about Global Thermonukular War?   ;-)

Dugald's picture

This rocket suffered a severe attack of Korean droop.

Rocket went down, so then, how many scientists and generals were given fast elevation

to the heavens.

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That red line looks like the dollar index...

HD's picture

Anyone can launch a rocket. It's what you do with the rocket.

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Look out Wichita.