Worst Case Scenario Is Here: Berlusconi Says Only Option Is Early Elections

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Well that rumor lastest all of 30 minutes:


In other news, G-Pap is still Greek PM. But any minute now. Aaaaaaany minute... And as a reminder, the worst case scenario was earlier determined by Credit Suisse to be the worst possible outcome of the Italian chaos.

Early elections. The most market negative option in the short-term, in our view, and a sign of incapacity to reach an agreement at the political level. Uncertainty on the outcome of the elections could last for several months, as elections would be called at the earliest in January but possibly as late as March or April. As the chart below shows, it is unclear if the current opposition will win a clear mandate. The President of the Republic will likely try to avoid an early election in all possible ways, in our view. We attach a 30% probability to this scenario.

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Sto scherzando!

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The Careless Whisper Afternoon Update


Crosby & Nash To Perform Concert At OWS Zuccotti Park NYC Today 3 PM


Corleone Bank & Trust Settles Bid Rigging Charge


"Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" Expected To Sell 6 Million Copies Today


Surprise Raid On Men's Acapulco Jail Finds Prostitutes, Pot, Big Screen TVs


VIDEO: It's The End Of Communist China As We Know It


VIDEO: Ron Paul Limited Edition Corvette, 100% Made In USA


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Re: Ron Paul Limited Edition...Just can't wait to see that at Bloomington Gold or an NCRS meet. 

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Here is Berlusconi's official statement:


I've led a long, incredibly corrupt and highly lucrative role in helping to sell out and destroy my native country, and selling it and its citizens out to the fractional reserve banksters arm of the House of the Red Shield (and I want to personally thank a great man, Carlmann Mayer von Rothschild, the fourth son of Mayer Rothschild, who came to Naples to see and conquer), essentially turning Italians and their present and future children and grandchildren into some of the most highly indebted and leveraged debt serfs.


Now, it is with great regret that I announce it is time for me to resign, as I would like to have more time, during the sunset of my life, to....did you think I would say spend more time with my family?




Now say hello to your next duly installed bankster puppet, my fellow Italians.


Bung-Bunga time for me, 24/7, bitchez! 'They' made me an offer I simply can't refuse.


-- Silvio 'Bunga-Bunga' Berlusconi

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There will be an election he can not win. Addio MF!

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Don't panic. In the end, it's completely uninteresting who runs the government in Italy. If Berlusconi fails, Italian people will return to traditional chaotic behaviour and change their government every six months or so. From left to right, from right to left, from left to right and so on -- as they did in the pre-EUR decades, before Berlusconi. No sign of any "stability" on the horizon.

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You've forgotten who will run the NEW Italy: Lagarde and Merkozy. This time IS different as the Greek and Portuguese can confirm ;-)

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Burlesqu-oni is doing the slow, taunting departure from the stage...don't wanna hear about the afterparty..

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Rumormill at 10,000rpm

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Sell it.  It very much looks like one BS rally too many, to me.

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Dunno, looks like all the humans have gone home.

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Yea exactly, dead empty. Only activity is stop losses getting slammed a few times per day now.

What a sick, broken market....thanks a lot Ben.

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Bullish .. it.


"U.S. stocks rose for a second day and the euro strengthened as Italy’s president said Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has agreed to resign,"


This is good for another post.

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Whose your daddy?

Serously, it is EXACTLY when all the humans have gone home, and the machines are rallying stocks on NOTHING that you sell.  Yes, you have to have the stones to hold over night, but the overnight pay days have been very, very good lately.

Don't fear the machines...use them...up until they start walking upright and firing pulse riffles.  Then you can fear them.

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Rumored rumor to arrive 3pm...rumor is markets are spiking in anticipation of said rumor.

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Yes Ham, that worked v well -- ES are now back up around the 200day .. sure they'll think of something next!

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Nah, they'll just push through a giant buy order at 3AM.

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I am resigning from being the only blue-shaded-bat-winged commentor on ZH.

No -- wait ... I now have to comment on that ...

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So, what was the typical 2pm news that sent the market into the green? I missed it.

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maybe rumors should only be run at 3pm EST to gun market at close.

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La mamma di Silvio !

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Who cares about all this shit. Just buy the DOW. You've got machines working for you, the Federal Reserve, and the government, and guys that know how to make money like Buffett and Grennblatt. 

Why fight it. Get it on the ride. Power hour is here!

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You sound like a street corner crack dealer recruiting a child to work for you.

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Fine, if it helps you sleep.

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Because the US taxpayer is tired of bailing your arrogant ass on really dumb bets that you really no control of.

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Equity land screaming "I can't hear Youuuuu, lalalalalaa!" What a fookin rigged game...

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Sheesh taking a page from Greece. Just let go Berlusconi. Like your Greek counter part you too will be replaced by a fed tool. So take what little balls you have left in that tiny scrotum and write your music.

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Meanwhile, 3 and 5 year bungabond yields surpass the 10 year.

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What comes after ludicrous speed? Whatever it is I think we've achieved it.

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That's a tough one...  Preposterous Speed!

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The gold shipment from JPM has not yet been loaded onto his private jet.

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Blue Horseshoe Bitchez!

Fight on G-Pap, ignore the smear campaign!

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so resignation pops the EUR and then refuting the resignation pops the eur.  love a good ponzi.



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MSM will report the second story at midnight

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What a bunch of fuckin morons!  They must all be inbred seriously!!!  The media is so desperate for any bullshit.

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"Act in Country's interest"

Now THAT'S fuckin funny!!!!

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hello 1,700's. Gold is back, again. thank goodness. All is well.

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What the hell happened there..are there margin hike rumors?

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Congrats to the US investors. Apparently none in the US know whats Italy is.

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Oh nlce an early headfake 3pm rumour

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wang (not verified) Nov 8, 2011 2:36 PM

 Diane Swonk is an advisor to the Federal Reserve?


http://dyslexia.yale.edu/swonk.html  (makes snese )


Dick Bove and Doug Kass must be pissed 



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and these panic meltups!!! now moving into danger overbought ranges.  smells like rogue momo trading.  someone is going to be slaughtered on the dowside panic sell off soon.

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So stocks jumped 1/2 % on his resigning.


Now they go higher because he is NOT resigning.


Yepper, makes perfect sense.

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Anything to trip all those stop losses.

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Look at bund future, almost 100 tick move down. On this! Uh huh...