NQ Dropping On Steve Jobs Announcement, Down 18 From Close

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The market is not taking the Steve Jobs news well for now.

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Sad...Hell of a guy

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time to deathpool jobs

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Don't be and idiot...

The guy has cancer and is probably dying.

Show a little fu*#ing respect.

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when he dies, they'll release a special edition iphone.  it'll cost four times as much, have a fake signature on the front, be completely black and have a cancerous rectum embossed on the back that you can tongue

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You've had your account a whole 17 days.


Don't be an asshole. respect is earned here.

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remember when in 2008 cancerboy needed a new liver and bam, instant new liver, no waiting?  fuck him, fuck his money, fuck apple.

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What a little beeatch anyways. Why would his opinion make you cry cunt? Almost as bad as that little pussy above you counting the weeks someones been a member....respect is earned here? fucking snicker. 

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TYLER, BAN THIS TURD PLEASE. Everyone new this was coming, no need for this right now.

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Brilliant. Now we have assholes here begging for censorship.

You don't like what he has to say? Ignore it.

Otherwise, fuck off.

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Fuck You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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I have a family member with cancer. He is probably checking out soon, so I can understand one's sorrow over Steve's condition.

However, I wonder how many tears Jobs shed for the workers over at FOXCOMM? Did he do anything to make their suffering any better?

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On point.  America's top Chinese labor exploiter and US jobs exporter.  I do not understand the love affair with this guy.

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iphiles dont need rational thought getting in the way of their pathetic consumerist lives.

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Yeah, they should be trolling ZH and attempting to spread their inability to feel compassion for others far and wide.

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back in 2004 my grandpa had cancer and needed a new liver, he had many years left in him.  funny how not being rich doesn't get you a new liver pronto.  he died in pain and agony lingering on for a year.


name just one actual "good" thing jobs gave the world... because i can list of tons of fucking horrible shit his corpse is leaving in its wake.

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NeXT, for starters. Too bad it didn't work out.

Nevertheless, I'm with you. Jobs is a billionaire. That's the only reason he got that liver, and the only reason he's alive today.

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Fuck you and your "grandpa"

If Grnadpa had made more of himself he would have been on the front of the donor list.

Instead he spawned losers like you with nothing to show for it.

Apple I-phone vs. laomei.  Think Ill take the i phone

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Take the i phone in yer ass nigger dave.

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Since about 7th grade , missy england, traci waltz , the kidd sisters, that girl behind david bollings house. Good times. 

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Maybe Ill google them and alert them to your post.  I have a bulldog defamation/libel lawyer who'd be happy to represent them, cocksucker

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Hey, if you can take your head out of Steve Job's ass for a moment, maybe 'ol Grandpa didn't have wealthy parents to forks out the $57,000 a year to go to Reed College - like Steve Job's adopted parents did.




"Made something of himself" - or born with an advantage, it seems that your iodolisation of the capitalist is possibly misleading.


Funny how all these 'self made millionaires' usually start with an advantage - do Americans still buy that 'American dream' crap where 'everyone has an equal chance'?


It's the most unequal of societies and it's getting worse. People who fan the asses of the wealthy are adding to the problem, and all because they suck up the dream which is over a long time ago.

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Everyone does have an equal chance. Only, some have a more equal chance than others.

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:laomei; in the world of 2011AD all computers pretty much suck. Apple computers just suck less than all the rest of them. The reason is KISS. They continually aim to streamline and simplify whereas the dufus at Microsoft seeks to employe every hacker from every country around the world to increase the complexity and thus the confusion factor among the end user. You can tell who the PC users are because they are always angry.  

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"name just one actual "good" thing jobs gave the world"

The Apple II - Millions of programmers were inspired to learn how to write code

The Mac - Billions of graphic artists were empowered to create awesome works

And...what have you given the world (besides the nausea you inspire)?

laomei's picture

apple II? Woz designed it

mac? engineering and design team led by raskin


all jobs has done is rip off ideas from others and go crazy about frivilous patents which inhibit the entire industry while shoving away all those who actually deserve the real credit.  he's an asshole, pure and simple.

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lao, while maybe not so expletive laden, I agree with you completely. Strange that so many here are offfended by the celebration of the passing (at least from active duty) of a totally sociopathic (yes, he is sub-human when dealing with his people, ruled with fear) guy whose big break was stealing technology from Xerox to make his stuff sexy. On top of that, he shafted hsi first partner, who was the man behind any of the tech anyways.

On top of that, those white apple ear-buds have driven an entire generation deaf and probably a little in-sane.

And yet, here are a bunch of so called libertarians getting their panties in a twist.

Quick everyone, grab your sacred cow! Now!



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Right here, right now, requesting reinstatement of the "flag as junk" button.

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Given a long enough timeline.....

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What have you done? Anything besides breathe? And when you die, will anyone notice the loss? Even enough to cast gross insults? Probably not.

Enjoy eternity. It's a long fucking way down, from here.

laomei's picture

rich boy becomes richer man... exactly why should anyone give even half a shit about a slavedriving psychopath finally dying.

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I don't give a shit about what you are thinking so just shut up already ok?

Votewithabullet's picture

You think anyone gives a fuck what you think? I vote you...shut the the fuck up ok?

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I will show him as much respect as he shows the general person.. none. If he wasn't the head of Apple, he'd just be another a**hole on the street. Somehow techies in the Bay Area equate money with coolness and respect.

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I think what happens is a lot of folks revere him because he is something they can never be, in their minds, at least. People are envious of Steve Jobs, and therefore how can one hate what one is envious of?

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steve wozniak, was the one with heart

snowball777's picture

A very cool dude, in his own Woz way.

laomei's picture

most definitely agree with you there.  look at their respective bios.  woz is a fucking machine and the one with all the coolness.


jobs? he's a megalomaniac manipulator with zero fucking heart.  take a hint from how he immediately kills all philanthropy when he comes back to apple.  look at his patents and how most of them are for accessorized crap.  woz? he's got the most amazing patents and owes credit to no one else for them... why? because he is fucking awesome.  jobs didn't inspire shit, he hired talent demanded it look pretty and took all the credit (and money) all the while being an elitist prick.  perfect example of what's wrong with america.

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Ok, Gates dies when his Jet's OS bluescreens and Elison gets his in a tragic Marlin spearing incident...

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I was kind of hoping for poetic justice where Ellison would be burned alive by a wildfire over the giant compound for which he stiffed CA on the prop taxes.

Hulk's picture

Most definitely works for me. But the imagery of being speared by a leaping Marlin was irresistable...

laomei's picture

difference being of course... gates and ellison would be missed for actual real reasons.  gates? ellison?  they basically plan to give away all their money to good causes.  jobs? haha, fat fucking chance there.

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I'm sure the US government has some very noble plans for the billions they will make off his estate on his passing.

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top ticking the market, the guy is smart...

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He IS the market.  At least the Nas.