NSA Whistleblower Speaks Live: "The Government Is Lying To You"

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Just a month ago we raised more than a proverbial eyebrow when we noted the creation of the NSA's Utah Data Center (codename Stellar Wind) and William Binney's formidable statement that "we are this far from a turnkey totalitarian state". Democracy Now has the former National Security Agency technical director whistleblower's first TV interview in which he discusses the NSA's massive power to spy on Americans and why the FBI raided his home. Since retiring from the NSA in 2001, he has warned that the NSA’s data-mining program has become so vast that it could "create an Orwellian state." Today marks the first time Binney has spoken on national TV about NSA surveillance. Starting with his pre-9-11 identification of the world-wide-web as a voluminous problem since the NSA was 'falling behind the rate-of-change', his success in creating a system (codenamed Thin-Thread) for 'grabbing' all the data and the critical 'lawful' anonymization of that data (according to mandate at the time) which as soon as 9-11 occurred went out of the window as all domestic and foreign communications was now stored (starting with AT&T's forking over their data). This direct violation of the constitutional rights of everybody in the country was why Binney decided he could not stay (leaving one month after 9-11) along with the violation of almost every privacy and intelligence act as near-bottomless databases store all forms of communication collected by the agency, including private emails, cell phone calls, Google searches and other personal data.

There was a time when Americans still cared about matters such as personal privacy. Luckily, they now have iGadgets to keep them distracted as they hand over their last pieces of individuality to the Tzar of conformity.


Part 1 - Exclusive: National Security Agency Whistleblower William Binney on Growing State Surveillance

William Binney's shocking facts start at around 15:00...



Part 2 - Detained in the U.S.: Filmmaker Laura Poitras Held, Questioned Some 40 Times at U.S. Airports

The Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Laura Poitras discusses how she has been repeatedly detained and questioned by federal agents whenever she enters the United States. Poitras said the interrogations began after she began working on her documentary, "My Country, My Country," about post-invasion Iraq. Her most recent film, "The Oath," was about Yemen and Guantánamo and follows the lives of two past associates of Osama bin Laden. She estimates she has been detained approximately 40 times and has had her laptop, cell phone and personal belongings repeatedly searched.




Part 3 - "We Don’t Live in a Free Country": Jacob Appelbaum on Being Target of Widespread Gov’t Surveillance

We speak with Jacob Appelbaum, a computer researcher who has faced a stream of interrogations and electronic surveillance since he volunteered with the whistleblowing website, WikiLeaks. He describes being detained more than a dozen times at the airport and interrogated by federal agents who asked about his political views and confiscated his cell phone and laptop. When asked why he cannot talk about what happened after he was questioned, Appelbaum says, "Because we don’t live in a free country. And if I did, I guess I could tell you about it." A federal judge ordered Twitter to hand over information about Appelbaum’s account. Meanwhile, he continues to work on the Tor Project, an anonymity network that ensures every person has the right to browse the internet without restriction and the right to speak freely.




Part 4 - Whistleblower: The NSA is Lying–U.S. Government Has Copies of Most of Your Emails

National Security Agency whistleblower

William Binney reveals he believes domestic surveillance has become more expansive under President Obama than President George W. Bush. He estimates the NSA has assembled 20 trillion "transactions" — phone calls, emails and other forms of data — from Americans. This likely includes copies of almost all of the emails sent and received from most people living in the United States. Binney talks about Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act and challenges NSA Director Keith Alexander’s assertion that the NSA is not intercepting information about U.S. Citizens.



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To:No Such Agency



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To: Neon Smegma Aliens



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Something like this?
"#42, 101 and 124."
"That'll be 20 24 ... be there in 15"

Suspected centre of international terrorism turns out to be a local chinese restaurant, when all along they should have been checking out the local hookah lounge.

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I blame Ollie North.

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I blame Nixon for closing the gold window...................because the only thing these sociopaths have to protect is PAPER...........which we all know is going to ZERO because ''on a long enough timeline...''

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I blame it on Pee Wee Herman. None of this would have happened if he wasn't maturbating in the movie theater.

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Takes one to Know one! Just Stating a fact!

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I think somebody's developed an infatuation.

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Hell, I blame John Hancock for signing the Declaration so prominently. No, wait, I blame the Virginia House of Burgesses for not hanging Patrick Henry when he. said,"Give me Liberty or give me death!" No, wait. I blame King John for signing the Magna Carta.

I blame all those bastards for giving us false hopes that we could live as free-born men with rights and privileges not subject to encoachment by an all powerful and unaccountable Sovereign.

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I blame us all for letting these bastards push the envelope out until the letter inside is nothing but a ransom note.

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The USA has been a totalitarian state for DECADES.  We just have a high enough standard of living that no one cares.

The bugging and wiretapping and everything else is a bit of a drag.  I remember trying to discuss the subject back in '05 and getting a pretty universal answer: "If we have to do this to prevent another 9/11, I guess it's ok."

Nothing's changed.  That was 7 years ago.  The system rolls along just fine, doesn't it?

As long as you use your brain while you're plotting which government building to bomb, you'll probably be just fine.

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Oh, dear. I up-voted you before I read the last sentence.

Dear NSA,

  I do not approve of the last sentence.


Your biggest fan

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Dear NSA: I don't know either of these guys. I was just standing here. Honest to god.


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Dear NSA, I thought this was a porn site cause someone posted something on the SEC

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You know, I don't approve of my last sentence either!  I'd rather we ditch all the talk of hangings and shootings and firebombings get serious about the practical steps to make life better.

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How about we all hire Italian ships named Costa something, and all go aground together, creating an instant island refuge, I propose the name Tylers Island, who's in?

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I actually would be up for that.  But most of these pussies are rather comfortable in their chains.  They are weak and not up for a challenge either.

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 I guess Mr. Binney (and/or), any (current/future) family members are off the RSVP list for {Bilderberg and the Bohemian Grove} get togethers.?

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DOJ,NSA,CIA,FBI,ATF,DEA,TSA etc., these wacko blowhards been violating the US Constitution and the rule of law too fucking long, getting away with too much shit.

Arrest and prosecution of these Nazi scumbags is imperative, anything less we're screwed!

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Arrest and prosecution of these Nazi scumbags

Better still, leave them behind in the dustbin of history, along with the states that support them.

Start building better things.

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everyone calls them Nazis..  they are Bolsheviks!!

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The government of O blah blah and Barney Frank is a joke. They will have to use torture just to get me to stop laughing at them. Can The NSA read? Do they like female hookers, or male?

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best way to screw with the NSA is a mountain of dis-information.   Overwhelm them with data that has buzz words but no real information, nothing actionable.  This is a wasteful expense, it is only when they have an individual in the spotlight that they can dig up 20 years worth of data to make a case, or just put you away.  Too much data requires more expensive computers, better programs and more analysts to sift through the junk.  Stupid stalinist move.

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If you went up to the Canadian border in a van with tinted windows and Ron Paul for President stickers on the bumper with a buddy, and then got a couple of throw-away phones and set them up with numbers from LA and Miami; and then made a bunch of calls on the US and Canadian side using code words for various drugs, it would be interesting if Inspector Clouseau showed up with his Keystone cops!!!   I don't think those donut-fed squad car riders know how to catch the bad guys. 

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Computers can be set up to spam the net full of worthless info.

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Computers can be set up to spam the net full of worthless info.


Damn!!!, and here I thought they already had..............sorry SOB's.

96 a day is already pushing it!

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Way ahead of you there buddy. -cnbs et al

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So...this underground database of insanity will be what is known about the human race millennia from now when everything else is gone. Hell of a legacy. Ugh.

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Computers can be set up to spam the net full of worthless info.

Hell, that's all I use mine for.

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I've often thought that this is the mpaa's and riaa's best strategy for counteracting piracy.  instead of bitch and moan in court and buy off congress, if they spammed the net with trillions of fake/unusable copies of media, people might get fed up with piracy and have to purchase their content.

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Personally, I think the way better approach is to hack the collected data.

The "beauty" of the current monitoring system is that they've got info on EVERYONE.  No, really--EVERYONE. 

That means there's gigabytes of crap about what Obama and Reid and your county sheriff and the judge who fined you $50 for speeding and your mother-in-law....all in ONE CONVENIENT LOCATION.

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They scrub it just like Google, Bing etc...if you can't find it on the net it never happened right? ;-)

Here, before YouTube scrubs this...Pelosi don't like free speech or sumpin...


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Apples and oranges.  "Scrubbing" the web actually means "unpublishing" stuff you don't like.  The information isn't deleted--it's all still there.

Nobody scrubs their own databases.  Trust me on this.  Once you've got the data, you don't let go of it unless you absolutely positively HAVE TO.

Centralization of datamines is a disaster waiting to happen, and the funniest part is that the potential harm to big institutional players is FAR GREATER than the potential harm to any individual.

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Has anyone figured out what Pelosi does like? She shit's on the Constitution and wipes that nasty old ass with the bill of right's. 

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Sounds like you found out what she likes.

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Yep. Remeber the Trove of cool stuff that came out of the Stasi files when the Ostdeutschland went under?

When the time comes, we capture the place intact!

We find out where the spaceship from Roswell is! 

And, how they pirated all the alien tech, like  alternate Kirk did on the Star Trek episode where he had the killer app in his cabin.

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When all's said and done a mark 1 eyeball is still required to evaluate the mountains of date those computers pour out.  No wonder they have to store it as it'll take years to evaluate.

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best way to screw with the NSA is a mountain of dis-information.

Sorry, it isn't that easy anymore. There is no easy way out.

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There are still a lot of "Mr. Binneys" working at NSA. Patriots. Not all is lost, so have a little bit of faith.

Same for all other forces, military and civilian.

Ultima Ratio.

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Not all is lost, so have a little bit of faith.

Nope, I'm done. Zero fiath in the state or its agents.

No more benefit of the doubt either.

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Eat that Saul Alinsky, we'll use your own tactics against you.

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 Who is going to mine all that data? Has anyone at the(NSA) looked at the Trillions of debt this country is in? The government can't even keep track of the POTUS keepers. It's all smoke and mirrors. The IRS can't enforce tax code, and every entitlement program is rife with fraud!

  Perhaps the NSA should look into the belly of the beast first?  Unforunately the beast is a giant SOCIOPATHIC/ HYPOCRITE!

    When the masses get hungry enough ( literally). The NSA will be canabilized literally!

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Who is going to mine all that data?

Ever heard of Super Computers?

Yen Cross's picture

 Will they ( super computers) disseminate the information ?  Is the "SINGULARITY" that close?

  Terminator IV ?    I'm not picking on ya Dos Zap.    Super computers are extremely expensive to maintain! ( they are great for chess matches)

 The pretext to my post was, the country is " bankrupt"!

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You do not need a "warrant" to intercept phone conversations at all. While working as a phone systems operator I listened in on multiple phone conversations. Asking for a warrant was never even mentioned. Although the process was creepy and I avoided it if possible, it was as easy as typing a couple numbers into a computer screen and instantly being able to hear the conversation without being heard. These academics needs to leave their hovels once in a while

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The corporate telecommunications industry is all too eager to GIVE government agencies whatever they want--no questions asked. That's the beauty of the symbiotic relationship. Fascism, remember?

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The only way any totalitarian state survives is with the consent of the populous.  STOP CONSENTING....