NYSE Reviewing Trades In 148 Symbols Between 9:30 And 10:15

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At least the market was broken for at most only 148 stocks. If it was all of them, we would have Flash Crash part Mon Dieu which would confirm that the "market" is nothing but a programmed, or "fixed" to use the parlance of our times, vehicle with which to conduct monetary and fiscal policy, now that the actual underlying economy is just as broken. Of course, good of the NYSE to be on top of its own busted mess. Perhaps this means they will not be able to blame the Nasdaq for this particular epic humiliation?

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So...when the financial markets finally blow up for good ,what are we going to talk about?

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All they are going to do is reverse the trades which hurt their favourite algos.

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  "from 9:30:00 to 10:15:00"

So, 45 minutes?

That's 2,700,000,000 micro-seconds in algo-land.  By the time you've review those trades, the machines have turned your portfolio, lunch, and offspring into gray goo.

GLWT -- kthxbi.

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aHa!... I've found the culprit!... Now ~ Let's just reverse that trade & everthing will reset back to normal... Ready?... Push reset button NOW!



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Waddell and Reed stike again. Case closed!

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"Knight Capital Experiencing Delay in Processing Stock Orders: Clients urged to execute trades elsewhere"


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Computers are not corporations, therefore they cannot be people. 

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I think I should take physical delivery of all stocks from now on

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They have changed the rules on phsyical delivery of your stock certificate.  you will have to pay a ridiculous fee to have the shares delivered versus maintained in your brokerage account.  They can't hypothicate your stock and make even greater sums.  Call them up and find out what the fee is 

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Well,they had to do something with that MERS registry,didnt they ?

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That figures.  It's all part of the dream that the "market" can be securitized completely electronically.  This has been the goal all along, eliminate physical ownership so that the whole system can be "controlled."  Pretty soon it will just be illegal to take physical ownership of anything.

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You don't own your house either.  Property taxes = rent = serfdom.  Actually, you don't even own yourself, since income tax makes you a slave.

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maybe we'll trade recipes for the best way to cook rat or whatever roadkill we find as we scavenge for food?

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I'm interested in learning how to grow weed year round without modern hydroponics. I hope I don't have to spend any time sober after the collapse.

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...although having the munchies in addition to chronic hunger will really suck.

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Which is why the hydroponic garden needs more than just weed.

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The surrouding environment will hopefully provide animals, plants, and neighbors to eat. (hahaha. cannabalism joke.) But unfortunately in some climates marijuana will only bloom during certain times of year.

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With or without modern hydroponics?  Cause if you meant with...  I'll be releasing a series of videos on modern hydroponics and my two backyard hydroponic greenhouses in the coming weeks.  An interesting topic indeed.

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I'm thinking I won't be able to get supplies, electricity, etc, so I'll have to rely on nature or some kind of horticultural knowledge that was lost when the indigenous were slaughtered.

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After civilization collapses, I think there will be more vermin running around than we know what to do with, because civilization was the only thing killing them off. Wait, what was the original post about again?

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Bunny rabbits, clouds, other fluffy things...


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It smells like the "da boyz from Newark" (Knight Capital) are behind some of these crazy, psycho moves.

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Their goal is to not have it blow up.  In doing so, they will convert it into nothing more than a display for red and mostly green numbers they want you to see.  Dark pools will be the real market.  HFT's skim the difference between the display numbers and the real numbers.


Oh wait, we're already there.  Never mind.  Move along.  And never forget, the SEC is looking out for the little guy.  The little guy will be the one's wearing the target.

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"So...when the financial markets finally blow up for good ,what are we going to talk about?"

We will talk about gold and how nice everyones stack looks.  The nice thing is, the Algo's can't touch the gold that we have in possession.

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We're gonna talk about the futures market after.

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Result: Nothing found... move along... markets are just fine...

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Everyone hanging on this crap with bated breath...bah! Who gives a fuck?

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I think you meant, "Everyone hanging on this bait with crap breath."

We've been suckered in and forced to eat shit for soooo long, it doesn't even register any more.

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check out stocks MTW, DE, AND KWK for serious psycho action

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Mammoth volumes ramping prices up.

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Looks like someone forgot to test the code before releasing a new version.

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Instead of fixing the underlying problem......  They just cancel the trades......  What a sad joke!

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If they cancel the trades again it will send a perfectly clear message to the markets:  let your algos run wild and don't bother to test them or fix bugs in them, because if they go crazy, the exchanges will be waiting there to make good on your losses.

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Cancel the trades...that is IF there were losses to the wrong people involved! If they were up 5%, there would be nothing to even look at.

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it's about time

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We started laying out "joke bids" and got some filled.  Hope they do not get cancelled now.  

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Makes Trout fishing look tame (almost)...

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Just outlaw selling and be done with this sham already.  Only the "right" people will be allowed to sell, or steal.  Where is John Corzine?

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What they shoudl do is pull the companies license to trade...forever....and seize and destroy the computer

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. . .and there would be an new company formed using the same software, devs, and backers within days. New front men though, since the old ones served their purposes.

Perpetual motion discovered!

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Maybe some algo did it just to prove he/she can.

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NO QE3 today =

1) sell off in casino stock "market"

2) sell of in treasury toilet paper = higher rates

3) sell-off in physicals and commodities

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Probably right.  If no hopium today, the stawk market will shrug and figure it will come next month.  I'll buy some PMs if they go on sale though.

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Stuxnet coming back to bite us in the ass.

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Joke....not a funny one either....nothing will happen  There worse the the fucking IOC