Obama Addresses America's Illegal Aliens, Bypasses Congress

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Obama is about to address (as of 1:15 pm Eastern, so the sandtrap was obviously a monster) America's illegal immigrants, and critical Hispanic vote, advising them he has successfully avoided this pest known as Congress, and that henceforth not all of them will be deported. The immigrants that is, not Congress... although that too may change. Because remember: the only thing better than record part-time jobs is recorder part-time jobs. Also remember: one can't affix a price to securing the vote... of those who are ineligible to vote.

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The Constitution........

Soon to be replaced by the "Devine Right of Kings"

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Which part of "Illegal Immigrant" does "O" not understand?

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The cynicism of this affirmative action nonentity knows no bounds.

akak's picture

More mendacious and muddleheaded mutterings from the Mulatto Messiah.

web bot's picture

Hey Mr. A... you're on a roll today!

What in the name of God has the United States become? How can anyone continue to vote for the Ken(sy)an President?

akak's picture

Thanks Bot!

Still missing Leo?


web bot's picture

I sure do... It took a while to go through the DTs and withdrawl, but I'm on the mend. But I sure miss ripping his little keynsian ideas to shred. Oh well.

Are you getting ready for the apocolpyse on Monday? lol

akak's picture

Screw that --- I'm going to have breakfast with Leo!

Being personally featured in his blog ("Viewed by literally fives of readers worldwide!) will mark the highlight of my life.

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No sovereignty. Hope you were touched by flag day.

Mercury's picture

“This is a temporary, stop-gap measure…”

If that doesn’t instill leadership confidence at this point I don’t know what will.


Our hopes were once so high: 


Mad Max's picture

So this is why Obama doesn't want Florida to clean up its voter rolls, as it is legally required to do under federal law?  All makes sense now, thanks.

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Nobody in power has the balls to stop them, I am so ashamed to have been a Marine, there is no integrity with the people in DC.


EDIT: Not in the Marine Coprs itself but in doing any work for these parasytes!

john39's picture

trained to follow orders....  but the people at the very top... they sold what was left of their souls.

Bay of Pigs's picture

1:15? It's after 2 already....

Playing golf?

DosZap's picture

Is TOTUS napping?

No, he just completed his 101st round of golf since taking office.

That time to play 101 rounds equals 3 months of his tenure.


PartysOver's picture

Shouldn't that be DOTUS?  Just asking.

roadhazard's picture

He was detained because he watched a drone get another #2 Al Quaysak.

Whoa Dammit's picture

We can always hope for a rogue lightening bolt out there on the golf course. 

NotApplicable's picture

Thing is, "there are no accidents in history..."

IndicaTive's picture

Ben advised Obama to print more voters.

valley chick's picture

where is the fukker...

digalert's picture

el Rushbo:

Barack Kardashian launches catch, release, vote!


Bob's picture

Yeah, I've noticed the Congress Critters can't wait to get their arms around this one.  JK.

Obama delivering shit to anybody but the banksters and fear industries is just comedy at this point. 

He'll deport "fewer" aliens just as he'll stop prosecuting medical marijuana patients. 

Just believe. 

Of course, it's convenient that economic conditions provide a smaller pool of aliens to deport . . . while maintaing a far higher deportation rate that Dubya.  "Fewer" deportations shouldn't be that hard, all in all.

Weird thing here is that I don't see why deporting them all is a bad idea. 

FL_Conservative's picture

Obama/Biden 2012: Pandering for votes 1 constituency at a time.

the iD's picture

late? color me surprised.

akak's picture

You used the word "color".


knukles's picture

And asking the slope rating of a golf course anymore is racist.
Now it's the Asian rating.

Even my uber liberal black golf buds are now starting the "Who him?  Hold on, honkey, he's half white."

fuu's picture

Podium is present and accounted for! Nice bird sounds as well. The sirens in the background are just bonus.

lakecity55's picture

The bird sounds were piped in. The siren was real.

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Amnesty is a total offensive insult to all us childeren of legal immigrants.  And us legal immigrants who struggled through the legal process to be in the US.

AnAnonymous's picture

Legal immigrants? In the US? They must exist. They have to.

LFMayor's picture

Like legal chinese immigrants to Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, Vietnam.  Do those exist, too?

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not all will be deported? how convenient considering there are no undocumented workers left. all have gone home thanks to the end of the economy as we know it....you see how effective our govt is?...all they had to do to curb the inflows was destroy our economy!!...that was easy!!

NotApplicable's picture

And now he's desperately trying to keep the rest from leaving.

Who needs sitcoms with this sort of reality TV going on?

Mark123's picture

I think it's time we dressed our politicians up in macho military uniforms.  The hats in particular should be paid attention to.


That way we can be exactly like the original banana republics we are trying to emulate.

LouisDega's picture

Nice garden. The landscaper does fine work.

Skateboarder's picture

That's what I was thinking too. I'm a skateboarder, so I have a dear relationship with stairs. You can give me all the money in all the universes - it still won't beat the satisfaction derived from sitting on some good stairs and chatting with a buddy or two. Smokes optional but recommended. The Prez got some nice stairs... bet he never sits on em. =\

NotApplicable's picture

Warm marble feels nice on the 'roids too!

Pure Evil's picture

You may smoke, but no Choomin'!

Satan's picture

You look familiar...are we related?

mick_richfield's picture

Don't say "clown"!  I'm still keeping the lights on at night after reading Stephen King's It.

Hey, that inspires me!  Here's something new for 0bama's teleprompter.  Could somebody hack it in there for me while he's still speaking?

Welcome to America.  We all float in here.  You'll float, too.

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Now why you gotta go insulting the clowns like that?

t_kAyk's picture

well now that is just rude to clowns... 


d'oh!  N/A beat me to it, you scoundrel... 

roadhazard's picture

The problem is on Jan.20th 2013 Romney might be sworn in and we will have a new clown, a Mormon one. I wouldn't vote for Romney because he might decree I must have more wives. Pretty soon we will have enough for a clown car Chinese fire drill. 

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To all those immigrants that suffered through the proper process, up yours!

To all those newly-minted legal immigrants, there are no jobs, good luck!