Obama On America's Drought: Blame Congress

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Last week Obama insinuated that in the aftermath of the "amazing" post-bankruptcy GM recovery, his next plan is to bailout, well, everyone: "I believe in American workers, I believe in this American industry, and now the American auto industry has come roaring back... Now I want to do the same thing with manufacturing jobs, not just in the auto industry, but in every industry." Also, as it appears, the Bailout'er-In-Chief has taken the saying "make it rain" a little too close to heart, and is now taking the worst drought in decades as a personal central planning challenge. Just because he can. There is one thing preventing him for bailing out US farmers: that thing apparently is evil congress. From his weekly address: "This is an all hands on deck response...  But my administration can't do it alone. Congress needs to do its part too. They need to pass a farm bill that not only helps farmers and ranchers respond to these kinds of disasters, but also makes necessary reforms and gives them certainly year round.... So call your members of congress, write them an email and tell them that now is the time to come together and get this done. Too many Americans are suffering right now to let politics get in the way." All righty then GOP - you heard the president: stop blocking the man who would end the drought if not for your disturbing lack of faith, and vote promptly for "Let's All Make It Rain: It's Only Fair" bill. How else can the systematic bailout of everyone and everything proceed as planned?

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If TSHTF and Obama is in office the Oath Keepers might act. If TSHTF and Romney is in office the Oath Keepers might not act. Not that I want to be in the thrall of folks who still favor one side of the perverse political divide but it would be nice to have someone in the streets who can help the rest of us fend off whatever may be coming down the pike.

Do I expect TSHTF? Maybe, maybe not. But the alternative is a slow slide into total facism. Have a great day.

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keep your dirty hands off my job.

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More confirmation that REAGANOMICS is a 100% FAILURE!!!



That theory of just cutting taxes and never pay for the tax cuts is fairy tale economics.

Tax cuts is Government spending...

National Debt TRIPLED then DOUBLED under Republican Theory 1980-1992 / 2000-2008.

Bruce Bartlett, Chief Financial Advisor To Reagan, said "We made it all up"... duh!

David Stockman, Father of Reaganomics, Dir OMB, said "Republicans bankrupted America"... double duh!

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Stop it. Don't start the partisan lie. It's transparent, and frankly, boring. First, I'd like you to read "Jekyll Island" for openers. Next, read "A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order."

After you have figured out what the fuck is going on, then you'd be welcome to post here. Until then, just keep the BS to yourself.

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It doesn't matter what party is in office as long as the federal reserve is in operation with their handlers pulling the strings on the political puppets.  Politicians will not only continue to not do the right thing, they will do exactly the opposite of what is needed.  Red, Blue, Pink, it doesn't matter to us here in the lunatic fringe. 

End the Fed

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Reagon was just a puppet.

The entire world was going along with his policies including UK's Thatcher.


That's because central banks, Trilateral Comission and Bilderburg decided that people had "TOO MUCH DEMOCRACY" in the world and central planners were losing control. They worried that people no longer fit in left-right boxes


"The Trilateral Commission stated that "The effective operation of a democratic political system usually requires some measure of apathy and noninvolvement on the part of some individuals and groups." "...secrecy and deception...are...inescapable attributes of...government." as it tried to "solve" the "crisis" caused by an "excess of democracy" in the 1960s."

The Commission actually states that "democracy is only one way of constituting authority....[and] in many situation the claims of expertise, seniority, experience, and special talents may override the claims of democracy as a way of constituting authority." The Commission concludes that the only way for democracy to work is to encourage apathy and withdrawal from politics by Americans. Only by limiting democratic participation and relying on politicians and experts, the Commission concludes, will democracy work. They even admit that "this marginality on the part of some groups is inherently undemocratic, but it has also been one of the factors which has enabled democracy to function effectively." This is precisely the kind of arrogance that has led the government to create a wall between itself and the American people. If government leaders don't trust the people to shape and control their government and society, we are not a democracy!

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There's only one wall that the government needs to build, if there is to be a government. That is, a wall between government and economics. Yeah. I pulled that out of Ayn Rand's ass. And no, I'm not an Objectivist.

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The phrase "Ayn Rand's ass" makes me puke in my mouth. Not that I disagree with the concept, but after seeing a picture of Ayn Rand, her ass nothing that I want to pull anything from. What does a libertarian use for anal beads?

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Ayn Rand was no beauty but the woman had charisma. When she speaks I'm entralled. Watch:



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I am not sure I agree.  If he was a puppet - why did CIA Poppy try to have him whacked?  He was not Ivy League like the rest have been since Reagan.  Obama is sort of proxy Ivy because no one has seen his records, grades and no one ever saw him at Columbia either.  

Also Reagan walked on a deal at Reykjavik with Gorby and a lot of people were pissed when he did that.  Still - he was light years better than the muslim. 

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You sure this isn't sarcasm? 

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You sure this isn't sarcasm?

Doesn't really matter, it is an attempt to re-install the Red-Blue dichotomy among people who have forsaken it.

Fuck Red-Blue!

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No fucking shit...

I have a fear that the next 3 months are going to be the "dark ages" of ZH

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I don't know Francis there is some superior intellect on here. I am way out of my league on here. I think that if these assholes actually try to engage in anything other than down arrows they will end up getting educated. I was laughging at LawsofPhysics swatting a bunch of them around like flies on here earlier. He seemed like he was enjoying himself.

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Hammer the Trolls! LOL...


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The funny thing is... (2 me at least)... is that the 'trolls', always, in the end, seem to fall by the wayside... They don't have the stamina other than to show up & shut down...

So I'm not really worried about it in the end... francis_sawyer can hunker down...

Trolls are like a virus... They need a host...

The metaphor for what I'm saying is like the idiots who are 'concerned about the PLANET EARTH'... LMFAO ~ PLANET EARTH (by estimates) has been around for over 4 billion years & has undergone interstellar bombardments, volcanic chaos, snowball earth, & many other calamities... HUMANS??? Not so much... So whenever I hear that HUMANS are going to take on the job of 'SAVING THE EARTH'... I just LMFAO...

IOW ~ I'm just not looking forward to TROLLVILLE (up until the elections)... But that epoch will pass too (as so many others have passed before)...

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MDB and Max Fisher are up to your challenge!

francis_sawyer's picture

Yeah ~ but at least MDB is funny...

& Max Fisher is fun to give a wedgie to & hang him up on a barnyard nail...

The entertainment quotient must be maintained at all costs...

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And I shed a silent tear for Johnny Bravo who kept his promise to depart (at least in that persona) if AU passed 1450.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Johnny Bravo was definitely bad company.

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John was a little crippled midget lesbian boy, but he stood ten foot tall with a knife!


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Tax cuts is Government spending...


No, government spending = government spending. Tax cuts -> property rights & freedom.


You democrats with your silly word games.

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You ought to change your name to Repugnant-Cunt.

Suits you better.

ALL Government spending blows - DUH!

Governments run everything into the ground - DUH!

Look in the mirror; it's YOU Gump - DUH!


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pass a "Farm Bill".. yeah, okay. To do *what* exactly? Increase ethanol subsidies? What? Please tell us, O' Dear Leader.

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Have to pass the bill to know whats in it.....

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Sounds like my kidney stone!

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Something.  We'll do something.  People are hurting, so we have to do something.  So we'll do...something.

And always remember...it's for the children.

And if you don't agree with me...you're a mean and angry racist.

Your dear leader.

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 I'm not anti-child, just pro-adult

children are not a race, just imperfectly formed humans

i'm not feeling italian, why am i italicized?

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To...Dear so-called Leader.....I don't care if you're pink wirth purple polka dots....YOU'RE A CUNT/LIAR/DOUCHEBAG

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food stamps end Oct 1 when farm bill expires

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Yes, let's have our farms come roaring back just like the auto industry...............

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We'll have our GM crops and GM cars! Free Frankenfood and Volts for everyone!

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It would be entertaining to watch which kills more people first...the accumulation of glyphosate in the livers of Amerika or the raging infernos caused by the faulty batteries in the car GM "had to build".

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I made the worlds oceans recede but I can't make it rain over Kansas...because of the Senate?

One of the best four year comedy tours I've ever seen...lol.

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Theatre of the Absurd.

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The scary part is that he may actually believe what he's saying.

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O'Barry wants a command & control economy.

No doubt about it, he's issued a lot of commands...so far its way beyond his control.

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Ocean to Obama: "No you Canute!"

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lol...he's starting to doubt his own omnificence, his mere presence in a room issuing edicts going largely ignored or remarked on, why, whatever could this mean to the true believers?

It must be soul shattering for an egomaniac like him...poor baby ;-)

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lol...I was always more of an Aesop guy...and a winker, caught up in the wrong crowd at the time ;-)


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I am amazed we still have an economy.