Obama Approval Rating Drops To New All Time Low

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Following Obama's departure for a much needed vacation the day the market had its most recent 400+ point drop, it was somewhat expected that that the general public will not be too happy with the president. Sure enough, according to Gallup which traditionally has the most representative polls (in this case 1500 random strangers, +/- 3% margin of error) the president's approval rating has just taken out last week's record low of 39% and was at 38% in the past few days. Obviously those disapproving hit an all time high of 54%. We are confident that Obama is well aware of this disturbing trend in popular opinion. What we have no clue about is what he will do to reverse it.

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Robslob's picture

Well...an Earthquake should at least get him a sympathy vote...no?

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it's because americans are racist and won't give our president a fair chance. 


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Fair chance? Please list his accomplishments while in office so we can give him and unprejudiced review. And while your at it, see if you can locate some of that CHANGE we were asked to believe in. I am white, donated to his campaign, and voted for him. That just will not ever happen again I can assure you. He accomplished one thing, and one thing only......he has proven that he is nothing but a proffesional politician.

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you must have missed his "/sarc" tag.

OS2010's picture

I almost did, too.  It was hidden under the avatar. 

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He recently stated it was because of congress. Its funny because then we could conclude that Bush was disliked because of his congress as well....... Right?

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O could conclude that he had super-majorities for two years in Congress (both Houses) and couldn't get stuff done.

Don't cha' know.

- Ned

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He won a fucking Nobel Peace award for bombing the hell outta Tripoli.

How's that for an achievement?

Oh, and he's about to capture the Zodiac Killer and bury him at sea.

That should lift his ratings with the sheeple.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

They gave him e Nobel peace prize for things they thought he would do. Either that or being black.

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That Nobel Prize is when the whole O thing jumped the shark for most people.  It was so ridiculously undeserved and unnecessary that quite a few people realized for the first time that they had been scammed.

Freddie's picture

ZH still has quite a few democrats and d**k ****ers who still love the Kenyanic-muslim.

Clueless Economist's picture

wow, you admit to donating $ and voting for this asshat??

You are one brave (and stupid) person

Toolshed's picture

i) yep....missed the sarc/

ii) and yep.......stupid

iii) and double yep......extremely brave as I am an independent voter living in the armpit of the conservative south, otherwise known as Florida.

NotApplicable's picture

He's a toolshed, what else should you expect?

Toolshed's picture

Silver is king? Look in the mirror to see a REAL fool.

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and you've proven beyond any doubt that you are not the sharpest tool in that shed

Toolshed's picture

There are no sharp tools in my shed. I had to pass an OSHA inspection.

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What?  President Zero is just a politician?  I beg to differ.  He is far more destructive than your average politician.  He hasn't the first clue about the US economy and how it works...and he is residing over an economic depression.

Nope...President Zero is a very, very special politician.

Problem Is's picture

Barry Soetoro is a useful idiot, teleprompter reading puppet... He makes no policy, no decisions, nothing, nada... The bitch does what he is told...

Just like Katie Couric... He isn't the news... he just reads the news...

Beatscape's picture

I am dumb founded by Oblama's latest campaign strategy of blaming the S&P ratings drop and generally all the country's woes on a dis-functional political process.  Earth to Barry--you are the president and the leader of the political process!  You, more than anyone in the country, are suppose to control the political process and set the tone for it.  It's essentially like openly criticizing himself.  Anymore strategic political advice like this and his ratings are going to fall into the 20s.  That type of campaign strategy works when you're an outsider and you are claiming that you can change things.  But not when you are the ultimate insider and the president. My goodness. He still thinks he's running in 2008.

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He's given a lot of otherwise unemployable people jobs. Bernank, Geethner, Paulson, etc...

A Nanny Moose's picture


<digs in pocket>. Sorry. All I have is some spare lint.

trav7777's picture

I wait for him to claim he inherited the earthquake

DonnieD's picture

The earthquake will certainly be cited in the unemployment claims this week.

nodhannum's picture

Earthquake was Bushes's fault so he can't lay claim to it!

Lazlo Toth's picture

Well GWB is responsible for much oil drilling in Texas, and Texas is connected to the blah blah fault and by removing this precious natural resource it has caused a vast shift of possible pressures in the tetonic system. Which I have been told by many reputable sources is very likely able to have caused a similar but not exactly mirrored event..... Zzzzzzzz



my puppy for prez's picture

You're talking about the process of "fracking".  The US has been fracking since the late 60's or so!  That sure is a long time for facking to take its effect.

Regardless of the science or lack thereof regarding fracking danger, one truth IS proveable:

We're FRACKED if we do, and FRACKED if we don't!

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A better explanation for the earthquake can be seen at, http://elenin.org/ which has links to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories trajectory animation of both, Near Earth Objects, comets Honda and Elenin as they make their close fly-by of Earth. Just saying, take a look.

SilverRhino's picture

The worse the approval the bigger the war he'll start.  Fucking scum politicians.  

DonnieD's picture

He will spend money to reverse it. That's the only play in his playbook.

magpie's picture

haha yes "vote scheduled sometime before September 23rd"

macholatte's picture

Obviously those disapproving hit an all time high of 54%.

And 46% approve? We are so screwed.

mynhair's picture

Yep.  So sell your PMs, and buy LULU while you can!

cowdiddly's picture

Claim to have thrown Gaddafi's body in the ocean.

Problem Is's picture

Hahahahah... I like that one...

X Yooper's picture

Or that Marvin the Martian is attacking us with his space modulator! “Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!”

EscapeKey's picture

38% didn't understand the question, or couldn't hear it over their foreclosure.

But hey, soon we will have a brand NEW Wall Street puppet (Rick Perry most likely?) who will transfer even MORE wealth down Manhattan.

Hearst's picture

Let us hope Gold and Silver are not joined together and tracking Obama's approval rating..

sabra1's picture

hey! my avatar was laughing just an hour ago! good goin'!

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"We are confident that Obama is well aware of this disturbing trend in popular opinion. What we have no clue about is what he will do to reverse it."

Gaddafi naval funeral


Post-Labor Day Ogolfer FLUFF FEST Speech!

caerus's picture

two words..."earthquake mulligan"

trav7777's picture

that, like everything else, is Busch's fault

Problem Is's picture

Have you ever tasted Busch Beer?

It makes PBR or Oly taste like premium micro brew... Busch beer HAS to be somebodies fault??

Busch IS Bush's fault... I'll respond YES to a poll on that...

trav7777's picture

why do you think I refer to GWB as "Busch"?  I am not misspelling it unintentionally

Problem Is's picture

And I took your humor and ran with it...

George W. "Shrub","Junior" Bush... give the new guy your Dunce Cap...

mfoste1's picture

there are no more boogey men to get.....maybe he will send a check for 10k to all american citizens, or throw lloyd in jail, or maybe join the PGA and show what  great golfer he has bcome