Obama Approval Rating Drops To New All Time Low

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Following Obama's departure for a much needed vacation the day the market had its most recent 400+ point drop, it was somewhat expected that that the general public will not be too happy with the president. Sure enough, according to Gallup which traditionally has the most representative polls (in this case 1500 random strangers, +/- 3% margin of error) the president's approval rating has just taken out last week's record low of 39% and was at 38% in the past few days. Obviously those disapproving hit an all time high of 54%. We are confident that Obama is well aware of this disturbing trend in popular opinion. What we have no clue about is what he will do to reverse it.

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Problem Is's picture

Nazis, commies, terrorists, virus/plagues, asteroids and then aliens... There will ALWAYS be a boogey man....

trav7777's picture

yeah, bc with Tiger in the tank, the PGA and all the guilty YTs all over the country need their Great Black Hope back

SeverinSlade's picture

He will come out tomorrow and say he captured and killed the Earthquake just like he captured and killed Osama.  The earthquake is now at the bottom of the Atlantic.

magpie's picture

That rascal earthquake even had porn on his computer, could you beleive that.

Robslob's picture

Decisions decisions...

EQ GDP positive...we have all seen that.

QE stock market positive we have all seen that.

EQ + QE = double positive!


Enter Robo the clown...buy buy buy TZOO, LULU, AMZN, BBY, Solars buy everything!!!!

mynhair's picture

You forgot to say Sell anything of value!

Sudden Debt's picture



At least he's setting his priorities and improves what needs to be improved because after this presidency, those golf skills will come in mighty handy for his new bank lobby job.


He_Who Carried The Sun's picture

"Jalous"? No, people are not getting "jalous" at all, trust me.

Confused's picture

Some here don't claim English as their mother tongue. Perhaps you should try spelling in theirs.

DefiantSurf's picture


 Pump the market up 300 points to appease the slaves

lizzy36's picture

Well since he made that great decision to sell 30 million barrels of oil from SPR, gas prices have dropped a whopping 1%.

Anothe decider in genius.

mynhair's picture

He can tank gold soz peeps can get in cheep.

earnyermoney's picture

Whose next on the regime change list? Time to drop a few daisy cutters on Damascas.

lolmao500's picture

Time to invade Iran? Amiright? That should please... the bankers, the arms dealers, the warmongers, the muslims haters, the fundies, the zionists, the republicans... Everyone but the anti-war people... who are a minority apparently because they are nowhere to be seen.

Critical Path's picture

Time to trawl the ocean for bin laden only to put some more bullets in him and dispose of, perhaps via volcano or one way rocket to the sun?

VyseLegendaire's picture

Declare a war on war to end all wars. 

rubearish10's picture

After today, no worries:


1. S&P bad guy - removed

2. Top MENA terrorist - removed

3. Gold albatross - removed (temporarily)

4. Doubts about QE3 - removed

Gold N Glocks's picture

If he resigned and then hung himself?

Problem Is's picture

Then the impotent "Clueless Joe" Biden would be in charge...

New_Meat's picture

Joe Bite-Me over in China, aligning w/international incident.  Gotta' wonder. - Ned

TradingJoe's picture

"What we have no clue about is what he will do to reverse it."


He will announce "His Stimulus Package" after Labour Day!

carbonmutant's picture

Sounds like free Viagra....

speconomist's picture

Kill Gaddafi? Problem solved? And also gold smack-down?

carbonmutant's picture

Bush was 15 points higher during August of his first term, even with the war in Iraq...

weinerdog43's picture

Talk about setting the bar low...

Sparkey's picture

Why are you sure he wants to reverse it? Have you seen him lately? I think the people who will be most relieved to see the end of the Obama era will be the Obamas themselves, once they get through this, if they do, it is a watermellon fried chicken heaven kind of a life for them! Yass sir, that Boy done got it made!

trav7777's picture

does a homo like bama strike you as the chicken and waffles type?  Mfer didn't even know how to order a burger

NotApplicable's picture

But he's hip on the price of arugula.

tamboo's picture

trust me it's gefilte and matzoes,

those white house seders aint about pork rinds and watermelon.

New_Meat's picture

not in this incarnation

Problem Is's picture

If Obama Bin Lyin' loses...

Michelle Robinson-Soetoro will so kick his ass...

takinthehighway's picture

Why did the theme song for "The Jeffersons" pop into my head when I read that?

anony's picture

Forget approval ratings that are a year and more from the election.

Shoshana Cardin's descendants, apostles, disciples, and other hangers on will see to it that theBamster gets another 4 years.   Hillary sycophants will have to wait until 2012. 

The details of how that will happen do not matter. 

Just take the Intrade bet now at at 50/50 when it drops to 80/20 against him being re-elected.  You will make money when he....ahem...wins.


DefiantSurf's picture

Pivot to Jobs Jobs Jobs....wait, didn't he try that already?


youngman's picture

He saw that new statue for Martin Luther King.....and is jelous...very jelous.....he will be lucky to get a butter statue at the Iowa State Fair...

urbanelf's picture

Mmmmm.... butter statue....

digalert's picture



After devastating earthquake in DC...

The TOTUS is safe!


The TOTUS is safe!


Doyle Hargraves's picture

Doesn't f*ckin' matter what his approval rate is TPTB will just get one of their other shills to promise to do the right thing and the sheeple will buy it, and the perry/bachmann/romney or democratic primary challenger will be part of the same machine promising 'change you can believe in'. The time for ballot box measures are ending and will soon rely on the ammo box for real 'change we can believe in'.

PaperBear's picture

Time to find one of the doubles of Osama bin Laden, kill him and say ‘that was the real Osama bin Laden’.

IMA5U's picture

which is exactly why the market ripped

when obama s approvals dip

the markets shall rip



SokPOTUS's picture

Hahaha... the ultimate sticksave.  Get that man a goalie mask.

JohnFrodo's picture

Pick a great new VP and then resign, this would save your presidency.

Seasmoke's picture

is Michelle still proud to be an American ?

gwar5's picture

I'm surprised Obama's approvals are even this high. But anything under 45 and he's losing power. Without the crippled-baby-in-a-wheelchair, affirmative action, treatment by the MSM he'd have already have been down to 25% approval a long time ago.


And, Rasmussen (likely voters) has his approval gap at a record negative (-) 26 pts., which means there is 26 point gap between the people who really love him and the people who really hate him.


trav7777's picture

you look into that number a bit and you see how bad it is.  45% *strongly* disapprove.  At this particular point, a dead dog could beat him.  Rasmussen polls LVs, not the general public, and his results typically bullseye.

A 45% strong disapproval is nearly an electoral loss in and of itself.  A couple more percentage points and you cannot win.  Busch towards the end of his reign had ratings in the -30s, which is spitting distance away from here.  Some of the ethnic data is suggesting all time low support among hispanics.  Obama appears to only have the worst of the YT guilt crowd libtards and the black bloc going for him as strongly favorable right now.  Gallup has him at nearly 90% approval rating from blacks.  32% whites, 44% hispanics.  Gee, which group is out of touch?

There simply can be no common ground and several people here need to wake the fuck up.

gwar5's picture

Trav..... agree.  Rasmussen is the only one I regularly keep up with, have his site bookmarked. Obama is toast. Even if something awful and dramatic were to happen, he's the last person people would want to rally around to feel safe. As you say, he is even eating into his hardcore base which is destoying his party. Sooner the better.






New_Meat's picture

There's always the fraud component.  Gotta' b a landslide otw/them Philly precincts that have more votaz than total population will tidal wave the states.

Where else did the "shovel-ready" money go?

- Ned