Obama Bashes Big Oil - Listen Here

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It has been at least 1 hour since the president decided to scapegoat someone for something. Here he is now, bashing Big Oil for his own policy errors. Will Obama also bash Big Oil for not defying him in blocking strategic pipeline expansions? Find out here, and do a shot every time "clean energy" is mentioned.

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Shot every time he says "speculators."

I'm not an alcoholic, neither do I plan on becoming one.

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I need a little hair of the dog after last night anyway. This should help.

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I smell a windfall profits tax!!!

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it's called socialism

...tax everything that moves and when it stops moving, blame the capitalists

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Are bailouts for private companies using public funds part of socialism or is that capitlism?  Fuck off idiot.

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It's neither , it's called fascism.

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I should have used my < sarc > flags, sorry.

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Obama attacking "big oil" is a farce.

He is funded by Wall Street and the Oil Companies and he jumps up and down when he thinks he can get some votes - but he has done nothing with respect to Wall Street and the Fed and has attacked the coal industry that only helps "big oil".

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You fell for the illusion that they were ever private banks.

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Agreed, Lawsofphysics just exposed himself as part of that truly gullible class called the "sheeple."



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Lets look at ACTIONS and not rhetoric......

and when it comes to ACTION - Obama is as far from a socialist as possible....  all the way to the other side called FASCIST.

Or did you not notice he has given Big Oil everything they want - drilling off both coasts, Immunity for BP(who by the way is the largest supplier of gas for the USA military - and is owned by Blackrock - a dem supporting entity)

opening up Alaska and the arctic to Big Oil..... fracking? hell thats clean to the Oilybomber.

ACTIONS trump rhetoric-  I'm sure obama is saying - as he has Many times (ask canada vis-a-vis NAFTA) "don't worry I'm not actually going to do any of that - it's for the Sheeple"

Obama is outbushing shrub bush for christ sakes......

Obummer is the perfect republican - neuters the left while pushing the very same policies the bush clan loves so much......

And wheres Jeb?  The bushes are like cockroaches - you Cannot get rid of them - and right now for the 1st time in generations we don't have a bushie in the halls of power.

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Do your research. No drilling permit goes un-litigated by the EPA

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so you're saying the EPA is on the side of the Environment and not a revolving door between the oil and gas industry and a captured guv agency?

I'd suggest you pull off your blinders if you think that is the case.....

industry concerns merged with governmental powers isn't populism... that's called another name

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One thing, though, Socialist and Fascist are not on the other side. 

They are siblings like fraternal twins.

 Ever notice that the political party in control in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s was a National SOCIALIST faction ?!

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"Or did you not notice he has given Big Oil everything they want".  That's total bullshit.  Do some research - look at the number of permits Hussein has issued.  You look foolish.

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"Or did you not notice he has given Big Oil everything they want".  That's total bullshit.  Do some research - look at the number of permits Hussein has issued.  You look foolish.

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No that's beer farts you smell.

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What they say=Obama Bashes Big Oil

What they mean= The owners of Big Oil, (Central Banks), want Obama re-elected so they told him to Bash the idol, "Big Oil" to gain favor with your fellow ignorant Amerikans.




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yea I was wondering about that.. isn't big oil = the central bankers = connected .01% ?  Could we see a wind fall profit tax first and then the next instant maybe double the price of gasoline (skirmish with Syria) to help the .01%  service all this debt they created?


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Also in this engineered stock rally how far does the nutsack/DTCC need to push higher IBM/AAPl in order to maintain a positive chart trajectory while they work to keep  XOM/CVX suppressed during this approaching election time window? 

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Exactly, they hedge the risk by backing both horses (in a two horse race)


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I did some speculating last night, filled my car up because I speculated the price would be higher on Friday

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I bet 100 oz's of Silver he doesn't say Petroldollar once...

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Zzzzzz....buy phyzz.

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Breaking news on ZH, politician panders to base........

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breaking news, the US President is a moron

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And you sir are over qualified for the presidency.

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my reading from an auto-cue skills are not up to scratch

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“The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.”

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Social Promotion carried to the theoretical limit...

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One shot of jack down.


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Did he just set up a platform for a government owned oil company as well?

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At which point it will become "clean energy"

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Some Fecking piece of shit liberal moron wrote a suggestion in a letter to the editor about the closing Sunoco refineries in Philly.  He wants the GOVT to take over the refineries and have a special GOVT agency in the Dept of Energy refine the oil into gas and sell it to consumers at a cheaper price than Big Oil does.

LOL the GOVT is not qualified to run a fecking Lemonade stand.

Can you image the price of gas per gallon after paying idiot GOVT workers and the layers of bueracracy and inefficiency.  They couldn't refine a gallon of gas for less than $10.

Wait, I am Paul Krugman and I endorse the idea of the GOVT getting involved into the  refining business.

Augustus's picture

In that regard, recall that the US Govt. just paid a $10,000,000 prize for the invention of a new $50 light bulb.

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Fecking? Fecking????!!!

You must be Krugman - you can't even spell fucking correctly.

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All these" investments" paid for with money created from thin air.

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But my "wages" are very quickly converted to things of value like gold , silver,lead,and brass.

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Bullshit.  I deliver a physical good.  I collect wages when I deliver.  Know the real value of your labor?  You fucking better.

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How quaint, you're still a believer......

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from another thread this is ST. Louis Fed's Emmon's presentation on Mortgage Debt (who hired this guy?)



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OT: Platinum getting BLOWTORCHED.



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Obama just announced Government Motors is rolling out the Green Energy Flintsone's car powered by feet....hey WIIIILLLLLMMMMAAAAAAAAAA!




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What else would you expect from a shakedown artist, er I mean, community organizer?