Obama Denies Trying To Bribe Israel In Exchange For Iran Bombing Delay

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Earlier today we reported that based on various sources, the chief topic of conversation between Obama and Netanyahu at this week's talk between the two leaders was the calendar for Operation Desert Glass and Operation Enduring Brent Freedom, just so the ensuing price surge in crude does not impair Obama's reelection chances. From that point on it was merely a countdown to the official denial from the US government, as the last thing the president needs is the perception that the fate of the US' top post is somehow in the hands of Israel, which in turn needs to be bribed with concrete penetrating presents of the GBU-XXX family to withhold from doing what it feels like doing. Sure enough...

From Reuters:

President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not discuss in their meetings this week an Israeli request for advanced U.S. military technology that could be used against Iran, the White House said on Thursday.


"In meetings the president had there was no such agreement proposed or reached," White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters. Obama and Netanyahu meet in the Oval office for two hours on Monday and then had lunch together.


An Israeli official said earlier on Thursday that Israel has asked the United States for advanced "bunker-buster" bombs and refueling planes that could improve its ability to attack Iran's underground nuclear sites.

And that's that. Because obviously those in charge would never lie to the people.

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Interesting point of contention. 

Why not just read the earlier post? Or do a little research? 


or you could take it on blindfaith.....;-P 

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I did not have sexual relations with Israel.

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and "From Reuters:"; an official propaganda tool of the international bankers.

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alternate view of gas prices, israel, and iran from gordon duff .. mixed in with strator, etc.. a good read. 


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Let's see what happens then eh?

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"I don't know why B, but I believe him"

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INB4 LasVegas Dave in 3 2 1 ...

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Never believe anything until it is officially denied, they say.

And Obummer, Alinskyite, and ACORN professor of how to get power, just denied just the sort of thing he'd recommend.

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Great link!

Afterall last year it wasn't like any wars, violent uprisings, political overthrows, rioting took place in the middle east or anything.


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Why would they need advanced bunker busters when we're gonna be using our's on Iran anyway?    I mean c'mon.   Israel attacks Iran and then Iran attacks Israel and the U.S.A is just gonna sit back and watch a middle-east version of the 4th of July without getting involved?

Sure.  I can see that happening after pigs fly out of my ass.

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Exactly... the guy is a great orator because he orates so well. Too bad I must be going o-deaf because all I can hear now is "blah, blah, blah."

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Zionist BS and propaganda vs US military estimates:

GEN Barry R. McCaffrey, USA (Ret.)

 January 2012

 The Gulf Confrontation: Conclusions

·         Iran will have a nuclear capability of a dozen weapons within 60 months with the missile and fighter delivery systems required to strike targets in Israel, the GCC states, and regional US military forces.


·         Iran has the naval power (mines, submarines, patrol/missile boats) and shore-­based anti-­ship missiles to close Gulf oil deliveries and strike Saudi/GCC petroleum facilities.

·         US air and naval power could neutralize Iranian naval power and nuclear production facilities only with a sustained attack campaign of several months duration requiring Saudi and GCC basing support. The Gulf Arab states would support this operation.

·          Iran has significant economic and political internal problems which when compressed by the recent US Congressional sanctions may cause it to implode at some point. Iran will not for any reason forsake its nuclear ambitions.


·         The Israelis lack any credible conventional military power to counter the Iranian nuclear threat. Their forced option would be pre-­emptive nuclear strike.


·         There is a significant chance of Iranian miscalculation resulting in major military confrontation in the Gulf in the coming 12 months.






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Gen Barry McCafferty.....isn't he the one who won the War on Drugs?

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I think he really believes Saul Alinsky...if he says it enogh times people will believe him, even if it's not true.

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"Unbreakable bond with Israel"

Rabbi Obama, Rabbi Hillary Clinton


Forbidden in G. Washington's Farewell Address


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"Unbreakable bond with Israel"


How would they know, unless they tried to break it and failed.

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Best part is it was really only the ONE source.  An Israeli paper whose story got picked up by Spiegel and Reuters.

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Best part is, news (at least in the main stream) only EVER comes from one source. 

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No way.  There's usually at least 3 photogs at the red carpet.

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I agree 100% afterall it makes perfect sense just like it did earlier.

 the entire concept that the US is witholding weaponry for just about any reason is beyond ludicrous.




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'just about any reason'

I would say to make sure he gets re-elected is quite the important reason to bribe them. Funny, Haaretz was saying yesterday the U.S. is the ant, and Israel is the elephant. Who's the bitch now? Answer: They Both Butt Fuck Each Other At The Same Time.

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"and Israel is the elephant"

LOL ... a grain of truth from Haaretz! The elephant in the room? ... that nobody is permitted to talk about! The elephant in the china shop? ... a Moloch bull in elephant's clothing? The elephant being examined by the blind men? A white elephant state? ... LOL! ... the true allegorical meanings are endless...

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As a resident of norcal I personally enjoyed the moloch bull in elephant's clothing.

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my fav. source for rumors is still the one that zh made fun of, the "unconfirmed italian sources" regarding a euro deal to push up the market

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I followed the link as best I could (there are some potential translation issues).   There are Reuters, Spiegel, and Israel Insider references, but they all seem to rely solely on Maariv.  Maariv only cites "unnamed sources", which is what Tyler openly scorns elsewhere (when Debka does it).  Am I missing something?

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Google it yourself. But hurry. The Obama denial is quickly flooding the search results.

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 The initial Israeli "leak" was aimed to embarass Barack Hussein. Israel intends to take down BOTH Iran and Obama, and arrange for America to do most of the heavy lifting during the war itself. Remember, these are the people who financed Hitler and Churchill, then arranged the WW that put Israel on the map, sacrificing a few million (non-Zionist) Jews along the way. Compared to Zion, Machiavelli was an amateur.

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Seig Heil!

Aslam Alekem!

Dam evil zionista bankster!


Shame actually got a sentence accurate for the first time since dirt turned brown.

the first one-good work! Keep practicing in another 120yrs your kind will have evolved into putting two accurate sentences together for the first time.

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Calling CompassionateFascist a muslim really makes you look silly. Calling him 'your kind' makes you look like a troll.

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Newsflash: He is a psyop troll.

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wow -18 negatives?  you fools should hear what they say around you when you ain't there. 

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Wow, where can I get some of the shit you're smokin...oh that's right, it's not available at facility for the criminally insane...

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I very much hope that Jesus will come down very soon and stop the US and Israeli warmongers and the NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation). May God have mercy on their soals. As always I am for peace and sovereignity of nations.

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But he won't come down until after the Dajjal appears.

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Carney ....... aptly named .

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Small hands....shifty eyes....smell like cabbage.

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Just incidentally, Carney's wife is ZOG newsie Claire "Shipman" (ie, Schiffman).

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Just incidentally what was accepted as fact by the vast majority of delusional zerobrains moonbats earlier is complete bullshit.

Oh I am so surprised!

Aslam Alekem Brothers.

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OMG, these people are so inbred at that level, no wonder they're insane.

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No doubt. 99 out of 100 responses earlier considered this story gospel when it is obvious bullshit to a 9yo.

Afterall those evil zionistas if given the weaponry would surely use it. Earth to complete fucking imbecile they are already armed to the teeth, why haven't they used it? 

I am going down to the bible belt tomorrow to burn some bibles,

see if it results in rioting and murder.

Afterwards I am going to take in a soccer match and hope to get out alive,

finish the night off with the stoning of an adulterous female and the lynching of a few gays.

Yea so inbred, without four flushing two bit nitwits like you the caveman would not have been left behind by the human race the last 100yrs and this all the while finding oil. The near impossible, discover oil and watch the rest of the globe pass you by.

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Hasbara Troll Much? The Chosen One's desperation is showing.