Obama Discusses The Economy, Jobs, And Other Stuff - Live Webcast

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Today's "do a shot" keywords of choice: "jobs", "congress", "economy", "fair", "speculators", "pass this bill", "cash for clunkers", "Stuxnet", "Solyndra" and "sugar drinks". Obviously, if we have any readers left alive after this sermon, it will be a victory for the bulls.

Live webcast:

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Comments on the "wallpaper people" behind O are mandatory here to fully enjoy the event. 

I think I need to buy a gun's picture

he's in "golden" valley MN.....any chance?

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Hail to the thief.

I'm going to shoot my little round thermostat.

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diversity fail. no asians or latinos in the immediate background. Also older looking crown, not enough young people.

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'The car manufactoring industry has come roaring back?'

Pardon me?

YEa - Ask the GM workers from the plant in Ontario whos CAW President has just announced this afternoon to his membership that 2,000 jobs are being axed in June 2013.

They are cancelling the Equinox and Impala lines.

Thanks to Tyler and ZH for showing us the real numbers and how all that GM stuffing manipulation/perversion works.


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WHO NEEDS MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- The President of the United States of America, Barrack H. Obama, June 1st, 2012

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Had to give you a Red Arrow down, BLOTTO. 

What you said was incorrect. They will be shuttering some, if not all production in the Oshwa plant, that is true. But the Equinox and Impala lines are not being "cancelled". Those two vehicles will have their production transfered to flex plants in the U.S. Most likely Hamtramack (Spelling?) and the Equinox is being transfered to Spring Hill.

You can thank a not so kind exchange rate as well as the plant itself being dated/non Flex.

There is still an over-capacity problem, especially in Europe (that will eventually become a bloodbath), it isn't as bad as it once was but there will be some more consolidation up ahead for all manufactures around the globe.


But I'm totally with you on thanking ZH for cutting through the channel stuffing and inventory B.S. It's fun when you get to peak behind the curtain.

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Is the gray haired guy on O's right Elmer Fudd?

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Be vawy vawy qwiet. Tha Pwesident is speaking.

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They're busy working their third job at McDonald's to pay their 200k school loans for their communication degrees (minored in Twitter).

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I am 15 mi away from golden valley and could smell the bullshit from here.

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"fuck, i skipped my lunch break for this"...

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Yup, Good work.

The number that are reported are what they are. We know the economy is weak but what can be done to turn it around?



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A little light humor..

some remarks about football...

praise for the "outstanding senators"--"outstanding congressional delegation"

all "in the house"...

some wise-guy chuckles

some stories about "folks" he has talked about the "tough economy"

UH oH,

he just said "jobs" twice...

I am startign to get Zucked up!


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The interest on national debt that Americans will pay for generations to come is nothing compared to how much laughter will be generated by teaching Obamanomics at the Harvard Business School.

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he's missing asian wall decor... Also no Bhurka background

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Love the guy with the 'merican flag shirt on.  Dude must drink budweiser and shit apple pie!


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I am sure he got made fun of. Who wears the shirt of the band you are going to see.

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Dude on the right with the blue T-shirt and the big buckle looks like a CIA plant...

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Anderson Cooper is there?

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They act like zoo seals waiting for a fish!

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They -are- zoo seals waiting for a fish.

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If I imagine Cleveland from family guy speaking those words, does that make me a racisss?

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Why are the bleachers not leaning to the left with the 2 female linebackers all the way over there.

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is that short guy Corzine clapping in the background?

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Sorry, I already passed out last time.

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The most quiet down 300 point day EVER!!!

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I would rather watch paint dry than listen to the Pres bloviate about that which he has no clue.

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I would rather watch you watch paint dry than listen to him.

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Do you realize you're insinuating that AlaricBalth is even less intersting than drying paint with that comment? ;-)

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He meant well.  Was just bein' honest..

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They were chanting "4 more years".  I think 12 years of the Bush policies would be enough.

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So... did Soros moon the camera again?

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Sad thing is Romney has that same model toilet.

Both got it as a campaign contribution from Wall Street, gold plated and installed for free.

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Having programs to convert military skills into civilian certifications actually makes sense. We'll see how the actual implementation goes, but it's hard to argue that if someone is a combat medic, they should be able to transfer into being an EMT without having to start from the beginning again.

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That would work for MPs too.  Of course, seems to be no shortage of jack boots in my neck of the woods.

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And yet, the largest segment of the military are, and will be, combat forces.

So, can he tell us how killing people and breaking shit translates to any civilian jobs other than Krugman's window breakers?

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Nightclub bouncers, maybe?

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And no coincidence that the J.P. Morgue is actively recruiting combat veterans.

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 Things are bad, let's spend MORE money !??

 That is the solution !!??


 And here I was worried about a Minsky Moment silly me.



10 shots for the word muppets. 

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gambit: if vets aren't hired they will be firing on the front lines in the domestic apocalypse that's now being signaled by the markets today....


i'm losing brain cells at accelerated rate listening to this preacher-man oh my this is some dumb shit....god bless you god bless american home of the shitshow! 

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The story of O, enough to make a strong man puke.

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I've been training my whole life for this!

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I've got a Fresca in hand right now, but I'll keep track and make up for it tonight ...

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I'll see your Fresca and raise you a Tab.