Obama Opens Car Front In Chinese Trade War

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In Ohio today, President Obama will announce the latest World Trade Organization suit against China, this time addressing "unfairly" imposed duties on U.S. auto exports.  The Administration will argue that these duties violate international trade rules. Whether or not China will reply that buying US 10 year paper at 1.6% is also unfair remains to be seen. But at least someone is happy. As reported earlier, ADP reported just 4,000 manufacturing jobs were added in the US in the last month: these are the same people who are supposed to be doubling US exports in Obama's latest 5 year plan. Good luck. Anyway, here is the take of the Alliance for American Manufacturing to this simplistic attempt to trade union for long-term stability with America's largest trading partner.

"American workers and manufacturers strongly support President Obama’s decision to launch a trade enforcement action against China’s unfair auto tariffs. The deck in China is stacked against American automakers and workers, and this case will help to level the playing field. 


"Less than one percent of the estimated 18 million vehicles sold in China last year were made in America, despite the fact that the Detroit Three brands are growing more popular every day.


"This Administration has a stellar record on enforcing America’s trade laws and has not hesitated to take action to defend American workers—today’s announcement is further proof of that. But, there is more work to do.

Uhm, what deck? And the administration has a "stellar record" on somethning? One learns something every day. And considering that more than half of GM's cares are sold in China, once China retaliates to this provocation, it is virtually assured that the bailed out labor union car maker will see its stock price plunge to new post "IPO" lows in the next 2-4 months.

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Only question was who leads and who follows in this tragic tango!

What is the WTO?


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Published: December 20, 2011

"...the Japanese automaker Honda is crossing the threshold by importing subcompact cars into Canada from one of its plants in China. This month, Honda Canada began receiving its smallest model, the Fit, from China..."


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Less than one percent of the estimated 18 million vehicles sold in China last year were made in America . . ."

This is true.

Most of the 18 million vehicles sold in China last year were made in China.

By G.M.

By Ford

By Chrysler

By Volkswagen

Why would the Chinese buy a car made in Detroit when they can buy the same car made in Shengzun?

This story is one more of "There is an election on so we better baffle the voters with a ton of bullshit so they don't figure out how we keep pulling rabbits out of their hats and dollars out of their pockets."

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Obama translation - "We need a good (trade) war to distract the plebs from their (coming) misery."

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Obama translation - "We need to appear to support the working man as we need the working man's vote in November."

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Obama translation - "Teleprompter made me do it."

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What amazes me about this George Carlin video is that he's telling the 'public', his audience, that "the public sucks". And the public, his audience, is laughing and cheering that they were just told that they suck.

Of course this can only happen if most, if not all, of the audience, the public, considers themselves to be special, to not be like any other person in this so-called "public". Thus Carlin is not talking about them, but about all the others, the other "public" I suppose.

Forget Jedi mind control imposed from outside. This is self imposed Jedi mind control and the ultimate art of self deception. And why we are all so easily controlled. We believe we are not being controlled, but rather just those other people over there. They are the ones being controlled. 

You know, the "public".

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Your name is extremely apropo to the subject matter. I can only, in giving his audience the benefit of the doubt, assume that they may have felt that their being there, paying to hear him speak, was indication enough of their distinct nature from the rest of them rabble.

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I call bullshit on all of it....why would they export cars from the US when Ford and GM have plants in China to make cars


Edit: And at much, much lower labor costs

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Because Ford and GM have automobile plants in China that essentially make "Chinese" cars. The more affluent Chinese want American cars, not Chinese cars made by American companies in China.

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Hhmm, some original American cars are cool for sure from an aesthetic marketing point of view, but ever checked who was to made them in Detroit?

87% banana , formerly displaced plantation workers made sure quality and appearance stayed at sub-Russian levels.

Most of Europe never got over that sorry point of me-too cars, only the Japanese ever got close to challenging the real German thing but retreated when the real thing churned out every shit too in every sub market section . Anyone driving some shitty non V8 vehicle please feel offended, no overrunning of Zombies for you.

Surely early American German settlers included plenty or all of gunsmiths` but American small arms suck too these days, shitty shafting and poor trigger action are the hall and trademarks of otherwise reasonably made guns that just
keep up with 19th century quality expectations.

And this I wrote in praise of America, anything else except
horse meat is pure BS that gets exported.Anything short of Germanic looking virgins , I see nothing Europe would trade
with her former partner in crime once the EURO/FDR scam collapses.

This makes Angela bitch look cool, without shades.

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Blame Europe didn't last long.

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Looking for reelection campaign funds from .cn?

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When real goods and services stop crossing borders...

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In Oceania we are up to our ninth 3-year plan.

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China lends us the money so we can pay their tariffs, whats the big deal?

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The Empire of Lies does not consider those terms "fair".

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Chinese can use more dollar for RMB swaps

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Anyone who trades currencies can.  Do you have a point?

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How long before the shooting starts? September? October? We need a good false flag to get this ball rolling.

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The false flag that triggers a "state of emergency" will occur in America (and could be anything from terrrrsts, to bank 'failure', to disease 'outbreak') ... and, yes, in September or October (IMO). After the Olympics and before the election gets cancelled.

China will not be shooting anyone (unless they go to China to get shot at!). China is in on the globalist gig.

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The synergy of Obama's Harvard Intellect and the legendary UAW work ethic will be tough for the Chinese to overcome.

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Legendary, mythical, whatever...

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In this case, perhaps he needs to apply a little "Occidental College" intellect...

Stop sending them Volts & start sending them "Choom Wagons" & maybe sales will pick up...

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I hope China doesn't retaliate by raising the prices of everything at WalMart.

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An army of enraged perspiring WalMart shoppers would not paint a pretty picture.


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Oh, thanks very much! I'm not looking forward to that image reappearing in tonight's dreams....

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1) Who would commission an army of sweaty Walmart shoppers to paint a picture?

2) Why would anyone dream about it?

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Check out side-butt for a new low


let's see, record heat this week, no power, oh yeah, I'm off to see the sights at Wally World

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the usa lost the trade war decades ago. of course the chinese had help from some uber-rich maggots in the usa.

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We call them politicians. We elected them.

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He should retaliate by putting Tariffs on everything China sends to the US... then again raising the cost on everything at Wal-mart before an election probably isn't a good idea

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What is the Mandarin translation for "Eat your peas?"

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The crunch is coming and it plays better with the masses if some bunch of foreigners can get the blame, playing with fire to make it the Chinese though. This administration does have a top notch reputation for it's corruption

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It's only unfair when the tariffs are placed on your exports. Meanwhile never a peep from the unions when puts the tariffs up on imports. Peak hypocrisy.

Thanks for "protecting" us from lower prices, unions! Oh. And your pension is probably broke because you keep electing politicians that don't prosecute fraud. Enjoy.

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Uh...Amerika has decoupled from the ROW, so this shouldn't matter. /sarc

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And once the TPP is in place he'll have much more leeway after he's re-elected to ship the remaining auto manufacturing jobs to China and there won't be any more need for unfair Chinese tariffs.

TPP = Trans Pacific Partnership


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Obama pandering for votes as usual. What a pathetic excuse for a leader.

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Too many volts sitting around. And China won't let any more in.

Shocking! Absolutely shocking. Hoo Flung Dung say 'sue me!'

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German police take of helmuts and march with German citizens against Rothschild European Central Bank.



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Quite a few countries slap duties on imported cars.  China does it based on engine size and a big chunk of it is to moderate the car explosion over here.  Our cars easily cost at least twice what you pay for them in the US... and we don't finance, we all buy in cash up front.


As it stands right now, China doesn't want more cars on the roads, seeing how the incentives and tax benefits were killed off for manufacturers.  Pont remains the same, if you want to sell in China and not get hit with duties, you have to do a JV and build them here.  Nothing crazy about that at all to be honest.  Deal with it you whiney little shits.

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Oh, my! It appears as though the sleeping dragon has finally awakened! 

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You mean we don't build them there already?  Well, let's open a factory and within a year or two we'll be buying Buick clones.

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The duties force foreign OEMs into doing JVs with local partners who can then rip off their intellectual property while benefitting from the local manufacturing value add before kicking their "partners" to the curb.  Nothing crazy at all about that is there, my friend?


Your point about more cars on the road is total nonsense.  The Chinese people want cars as they move up the ladder economically and China's regional and local officials want to produce or retain jobs.  You're as full of crap as the proverbial Christmas goose.

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Stocks start down Monday.  Here's why:

1. NFP big beat

2. NFP beat shelves QE

3.  Bad earnings roll in.

SP sinks to 1170 just before, yep, Jack-ass-son Hole starts.  Bernankie goes QE, stocks riseuntil Novemebr.

All part of Obama e-election plan. 

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< / DUG >

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Whether or not China will reply that buying US 10 year paper at 1.6% is also unfair remains to be seen.

Well,  if they don't  like buying Treasurys why not sell them. That's what I'm doing. Oh shit, there I go confessing my unpatriotic conduct again; and right after independence day too (hmm, this means something). It probably means I'm going to get served and sued by the WTO myself any day now.