Obama Promises Bunker Busters To Israel If Netanyahu Delays Iran Invasion Until After US Elections

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Two days ago Obama held a press conference in which he openly prevaricated and disinformed the world about the true nature of his meeting with Israel PM Netanyahu. Today we find what was truly discussed, courtesy of Israel's Maariv newspaper, Spiegel and Reuters, which all tell us that it was a simple case of quid pro quo, namely that Barack Obama would supply Israel with bunker-busters and refueling planes if Bibi promised to delay an Iran attack until after the presidential election. The implication is simple - avoid an oil price shock this summer and delay it until next winter when Obama will be safely in his throne for another 4 years, at which point US citizens can fuel their cars with combustible urine following nights of binging on Everclear in hopes of ending their sorrows with alcohol poisoning, or better yet, all be in possession of the heavily subsidized flaming half ton block of metal known as the Obama Pinto, er, Volt.

Some more details on the latest horse trade from Israel Insider:

The US will supply Israel with bunker-busting bombs and refueling planes in return for delaying a strike against Iran until at least the end of the year, Maariv reported on Thursday. During their meeting earlier this week in Washington, Barack Obama promised Benjamin Netanyahu the latest deep-penetration arms from the US arsenal as well as airborne tankers to refuel strike jets necessary for an Israeli attack on Iran. In return, Israel will agree to not take any action until after the upcoming US presidential elections in November 2012.


Although rumors of the possible supply of new bombs and planes began even while Netanyahu was still in the US, Maariv’s claim, based on Western sources, is that supply of the equipment is conditional on postponing an attack. Obama gave Israel neither a green light for an attack, nor a red light, but rather a “bright yellow light,” sources told Maariv, adding that the yellow light is nearly red. Obama told Netanyahu that an Israeli attack, uncoordinated with the US, will have the most serious implications on regional stability and relations between the two countries. Maariv said that sources close to the recent meetings in Washington reported that it will be “difficult, if not impossible” for Israel to ignore Obama’s warnings.


Central to the difference of opinions is at what stage of the uranium enrichment process it will become necessary to use military force. According to intelligence reports, Iran has succeeded in enriching 120 kilogram (265 lbs.) of uranium to 20 percent purity. To make a bomb the Iranians require 250 kg (550 lbs) of 90% pure uranium. However, enriching from 20% to 90% is a relatively fast process, meaning Israel may see its window for action closing. According to Maariv, the US is prepared to wait until Iran has 250 kg of 20% rich uranium, but Israel considers the current developments beyond its own red line for action.

Perhaps it is time to make the presidential brent contango hump just a little bigger?

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carguym14's picture

In their shoes,knowing you will get the shit bombed out of you after 11/12,what do you do?

Plan some kind of retaliation strike?Build a doomsday device?

I can't see Iran being provoked into striking first at this point,but they have some time to get their shit together for some payback.

Interesting times........

MsCreant's picture

Russia and China may have something to say about it as well.

I wonder if this bit of sleazyness is a kick the can thing in order to buy time and watch how things change, by then. Cooling off. But if I'm Iran, I ain't cooling off. I'm trying to buy insurance.

Interesting times indeed.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

Change gullible ass mother fuckers were dumb enough to believe in...
How u like him now....u sucka's........

jcaz's picture

Fuck you, Barry- you're not spending MY money to get yourself re-elected-  you still have to answer for the solar scams and the Volt that drives to nowhere.......

Coldsun's picture

Don't forget about supplying guns to the Mexican drug cartels, the resulting deaths, the cover up to try to spin the situation to restrict the second amendment, the racist hypocrisy of the DOJ, the illegal passing of Obamacare, an illegal war in Libya, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t another election. Remember anyone who opposes a murderous and oppressive government is at terrorist. The thought police are here,

MsCreant's picture

"Don't forget about supplying guns to the Mexican drug cartels, the resulting deaths,"

I keep seeing this mentioned, but my search results turn up stories that I don't think are "it", or sources that seem kind of marginal to me. Does anyone know of a story covering this that is exhaustive and credible?

I know google is supposed to be my friend, I can be dense on search terms sometimes. 

CompassionateFascist's picture

Try "Eric Holder - Gunrunner" or "Eric Holder - Fast and Furious".

MsCreant's picture

Thanks. I thought you were joking but googled any way. WOW!

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

They're going to bomb the shit out of Iran regardless of who's president.  

aerojet's picture

No kidding.  It's one thing if Iran was some imminent danger to the world, but clearly it is not since they can delay a strike to whenever it is fashionable or convenient to do it.  It should not be done at all!  WTF?

RSloane's picture

Your comment is spot on. I regret I have only one +1 to give you.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Here we are describing killing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of Iranian civilians through collateral damage, and Obama's only concern is whether it happens before of after the elections?


The proposed delay shows that Obama knows that a strike would have major negative effects on American citizens. He's only willing to see us suffer after he has secured another four years.

Fukushima Sam's picture

Unfortunately it appears the war with Iran has been a foregone conclusion for years.

blunderdog's picture

I personally still don't believe it. 

If you make noise about bombing someone for 10 fucking years, I think the foregone conclusion is actually that you're NEVER GOING TO DO IT.

Arthor Bearing's picture

It's not like they haven't been busy...

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

IF it doesn't make you want to throw up your breakfast, it should.

Believing such naive fairy tales as if the US would withhold weaponry.

What a bunch of fucking psychotic megalomaniacs.

Never did it enter their minds the preposterously farcical nature of their current idiocy.

Inhuman fuckers.

Aslam Alekem Brothers.

silverbullion's picture

@redpill Exactly and any survivors are going to hate Americans for generations to come. The price you're going to pay as a nation for all the senseless wars is going to be HUGE... the enemies you've created by bombing and maiming thousands of innocent people are at this stage just waiting on the U.S. Dollar to completely collapse and then all hell is going to break lose.

Scalaris's picture

They could have simply surrend the oil in a peaceful manner.

Who do these Iranians think they are, demanding equal sovereign rights?


TruthInSunshine's picture





In an immoral envornment/culture, psychopaths & sociopaths rise up through the ranks. Emotion-suppressing pharmaceuticals help them along, too.

DosZap's picture

Mr Lennon Hendrix

I would believe Drudge, and Brietbart's Blogs, WAY before CNN( talk about Powned by the Progressives).

In '94, they were called the Clinton News Network, NADA has changed.


That sounds like some real hope and change Mr. Bunker Obomber. 

beachdude's picture

Bunker Obomber... would look great on a tshirt/bumper sticker.

eatthebanksters's picture

Let's see if the MSM picks up this one and runs with it, or, if we have to wait for Breitbart...

BandGap's picture

OK, that just made my day.

Ruffcut's picture

Go look at videos about bunker busters using DU, depleted uranium. The birth defects through out iraq are war crimes against humanity. Many cuts of massive deformities of children. Makes ya all warm and fuzzy inside.

Iwanttoknow's picture

Ruffcut,yesterday you called me names .I gave you up arrows on both your posts.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Ruffcut said:

Go look at videos about bunker busters using DU, depleted uranium. The birth defects through out iraq are war crimes against humanity. Many cuts of massive deformities of children.

Those deformed children (as well as their peers who've been roasted or crushed into a paste) are the only things that can give a boner to John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Carl Levin, and Lindsey Graham. When they see mangled, disfigured, incinerated brown children, they have a daisy cutter daisy chain.


surfwon's picture

Obummer would never lie to the American people

Gene Parmesan's picture

Of course not! And he'd never put the alleged safety of the world in jeopardy in the interest of protecting his own political future. [/sarc]

Seasmoke's picture

with no elections to worry about after November, Obama will be a real killing machine in 2013.....We havent seen anything yet !

duo's picture

Who says there's going to be an election.?  Can't his highness declare a double secret national emergency and cancel the election using the "continuity of government" executive order?

john39's picture

don't worry, in case of dissaster or as needed, the diebold machines can vote automatically as skynet sees fit.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

The Diebold machines have already voted. The results of the November 2012 presidential race have been programmed into them.


old naughty's picture

...but that means war going on...

so, defer is just for show?

a growing concern's picture

Yep.  And ZHers will be placed in Double Secret Extraordinary Rendition in a Double Secret Egyptian CIA Prison.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

Who says there's going to be an election.?


The same was said about Bush in 2004. Don't forget that Presidents are puppets and it doesn't matter who holds the office (with the exception of he who will not be named).

ElvisDog's picture

Oh, I agree. There will absolutely be an election. They will go through the motions. But it will be an election held largely by Diebold machines with no paper trail. It will be like the unemployment numbers. TPTB will be able to make the election results whatever is needed, perhaps by adding "seasonal adjustments" to the raw vote counts.

CrockettAlmanac.com's picture

But he's a Democrat so all those peace loving hippies thinks it's OK.

DosZap's picture


with no elections to worry about after November, Obama will be a real killing machine in 2013.....We havent seen anything yet !


I agree, nothing will get better, except the geography will be diverted.

The killing will head WEST.

TRUE COLORS, won't be a Cyndi Lauper song.

He will be Hell released,if you think he's screwed shit up now, wait till he Really focuses on us.

If the Dems recapture the House,and retain the Senate.............we're TOAST.(I mean even faster than now)

ElvisDog's picture

Sad/Funny/Pathetic comment from the article:

Obama gave Israel neither a green light for an attack, nor a red light, but rather a “bright yellow light,” sources told Maariv, adding that the yellow light is nearly red.

Can you imagine Lincoln or Washington or even FDR issuing such an assinine statement?

AnAnonymous's picture

Yes, totally.

Actually, not the realm of imagination.

Marge N. Callz's picture

I really don't believe this but I guess anything is possible.  "Unnamed western sources" is soooo reliable.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Netanyahu is negotiating with the world's largest sock puppet.  Is there anything that is too hard to believe in this scenario?  Plus, the big O must have Hillary pissing in his ear like mad. 

Mysteerious Rooshian Vooman's picture

Oh, yeah...Publishing Hitler's diaries & all.

I AM...Mysteerious Rooshian Vooman.

john39's picture

this story smells distinctly like psy-op...  which means, in all likelihood, the war starts with a "humanitarian" intervention in Syria in the very near future.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

I didn't realize sensory perception was also being oppressed in muzzieland.

Go with this smells like a ludicrous fairy tale as it most likely happens to be.