Obama Puppetmaster Warren Buffett Biggest Winner From Keystone Pipeline Rejection

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Just when one thinks American crony capitalism couldn't hit new lows, here comes Warren Buffett and his personal puppet, the president, proving everyone wrong once more. Because if one thinks there is no (s)quid pro quo for all that "sage" advice that Buffett has been giving to Obama on extracting as much wealth as possible from future wealthy Americans (before they decide they have had enough with this crony shit and leave the country for good), one would be fatally wrong. As it turns out, it is not just natural resources and aquifer purity that Obama had in mind when sealing the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline. No - it appears there were far more relevant numerial metrics that determined Obama's decisions. Such as the bottom line number of Buffett's Burlington Northern, which according to Bloomberg, is among U.S. and Canadian railroads that stand to benefit from the Obama administration’s decision to reject TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone XL oil pipeline permit. '“Whatever people bring to us, we’re ready to haul,” Krista York-Wooley, a spokeswoman for Burlington Northern, a unit of Buffett’s Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK/A), said in an interview. If Keystone XL “doesn’t happen, we’re here to haul." And quite delighted to reap the windfalls of unfounded populist fears she forgot to add. Because while the whole "carbon-credit" multi-trillion top line expansion scheme for Goldman under the pretense of actually caring for the environment may have collapsed, it is not preventing others from trying and succeeding where even Goldman has failed.

From Bloomberg:

Rail car production is already at a three-year high as manufacturers such as Greenbrier Cos Inc. (GBX) and American Railcar Industries Inc. (ARII) expand to meet demand for sand used in oil and gas exploration, according to Steve Barger, an analyst at Keybanc Capital Markets Inc. in Cleveland, citing Railway Supply Institute statistics.


Rail-car suppliers can add capacity, Hatch said.


“Railroads are not just a stopgap while we wait for a pipeline,” Hatch said in an interview. “They are potentially part of the long-term solution.”


Railroads are being used in North Dakota (STOND1), where oil producers have spurred a fivefold increase in output by using intensive drilling practices in the Bakken, a geologic formation that stretches from southern Alberta to the northern U.S. Great Plains. During 2011, rail capacity in the region tripled to almost 300,000 barrels a day as higher production exceeded what pipelines handle, according to the State Department report on Keystone XL.


Burlington Northern carries about 25 percent of the oil from the Bakken, said Krista York-Wooley, the railroad spokeswoman. The company can carry higher volumes from North Dakota or Alberta, she said.


Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. (CP)’s shipments from North Dakota climbed to more than 13,000 carloads last year from about 500 in 2009, Ed Greenberg, a spokesman, said in an e-mail. The Calgary- based company has a similar plan in western Canada.


“With an extensive rail network and proven expertise in moving energy, CP offers a flexible option for transporting crude oil and other energy-related products to and from key locations in North America,” Vice President Tracy Robinson said in an e-mail. “Rail is scalable, allowing CP to effectively keep pace with the shipping needs of producers.”

So those wondering how it is that AAR railroad statistics continue to be so very strong, it is not because the economy actually justifies it: it is because crony interests such as those of the Octogenarian of Omaha demand it as "payment" for their crony collegiality with the biggest dunce president since Carter.

In other news, it is truly amazing how with every new development, America is now becoming like one giant conspiracy theory, only this time it is actually not a theory as with every passing day we see it enacted in practice.

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Buffett wins, Canada wins, America wins a free buffet of faeces...


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jobs program...carry the oil in buckets.

Rail is comparatively efficient but it's not anywhere near that of a pipeline.  Fucking carrying oil around, lol.  The sand thing is rail's sweet spot

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Obummer is a fucking disgusting pos.

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Progressive government at it best. Get some billionaire geezer to wring his hands and say we should increase taxes, and reward him with billion dollar crony business. Watch for big Buffet donation to Obama's campaign for his 'progessive enlightened principles'.

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Uploaded by on Jan 24, 2012

Former congressman Alan Grayson (D-Orlando) recorded this speech for Blue America. The speech refers to the 2nd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's dreadful Citizens United ruling. The decision grants corporations the same rights as humans when it comes to political free speech, and enables them to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence our elections.

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Are the Koch brothers teaching you? (or Your Children?)


Uploaded by on Jan 23, 2012

Billionaires Charles and David Koch are infringing on intellectual freedom and independence in colleges and universities by controlling entire fields of study and the faculty hiring process. Defend academia and share this video.

TAKE ACTION: http://KochBrothersExposed.com/KochCollege

DISCUSS: http://facebook.com/KochBrothers


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Vincent Browne v The ECB

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Worth the time to watch!

God Bless Vincent Browne!! and the People of the Ireland!


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In your tidy little Socialist world do partnerships have free speech ?  "Corporations are just partnerships that got so big they had to pass out numbers !"....Monedas 2012

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I am a socialist?

I will go K-1 for K-1 with anyone you personaly know.

Corruption is the Problem.

Lobby Dollars communicated to Wahsington DC thru 'K" Street..

The Corporations that Provide the Bulk of the Lobby Monies are soulless.. My definition of a Soulless Corporation is "A corp that does NOT! have a Majority Holder of shares".

There is no one person or even group of people steering these soulless corps.

The Board is installed by the CEO.. and the CEO does not have a meaningful amount of shares.. thusly milks the Corp for as mush Quarterly Bonus Money as Possible.

This behavior is translated into Lobby Dollars that drive Washington DC.

Now the fact that you dont grasp this or one better know this off the top of your head.. tells me you should stick to washing cars or whatever service industry you provide labor for. minus arrow that.. all the way down to the un-employment line.


No worries!! Aztlan Rising http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajkAP_M4ZAM !! You will get yours! LOL!! you just have to wait for the white people to die off! LOL!! would you like Fire Water or Trinckets? I have both! LOL!!

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The problem with corporate corruption is the size of the federal government.  Outlawing free speech by corporations and political donations will further enhance the power of the federal government, which is fine if you are communist pos.

If you want to reduce the influence of lobbying and corporations over the government you have to shrink the federal government.  The only cure known to man that works.

Alan Grayson is a one world Zionists pos.



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The EU has delivered on its threat to ban the import of crude oil from Iran, in response to its nuclear programme. The latest round of sanctions prohibits any new oil contracts, while allowing for existing deals to run until July. But Tehran is apparently finding ways to keep business pumping. Reports say Iran will keep supplying one of its biggest customers - India - but will get payment in gold instead of dollars.



Iran Sanction Bill Exempts BP Project

British and European Union officials have convinced some U.S. lawmakers to ensure that any new sanctions against Iran exempt a BP PLC-led natural-gas project, as Western governments try to isolate Tehran without harming their own energy security.


Corporate Free Speech!! BP is exempt from any Sanctions in Iran!

I see what you mean!

Free Speech does Work!

and less Government is the answer.. less power to the Government and Less Government interference!

Just like the Koch Brothers want!

It is what's good for America!!

Look how well things have gone this far?

So what you just told me..

in all seriousness.

is that you buy the 5th Ave. Multi-Market Tested Swill Provided by the likes of the Koch Brothers.

Tax Breaks.. is code for Tax Breaks for the Rich.

Less Government Regulation.. is code for Less Civil Liabilities for Corporations and MORE Criminal Laws for Main Street.

and you talking to me about being a socialist who is in LOVE with Big Government?

I guess you are bored, stupid or new.. or maybe you dont speak the fucking language as in English is a second language to you.. so given that my spanglish is non-existent..

I will go with this..



You offer NO! facts..

and the shit you are pumping is corporate apporved bullshit. save it for your buddies over at Huffington Post.

this is not that place, we are not those people.

So either get a fucking clue? or stay stupid! the choice is yours.

Good Luck and God Bless!

Signed, Christian Constitutionalist and for you stupid, lazy pieces of shit.. “See Something? Say Something!” and here is the link for you ---- > http://www.dhs.gov/files/reportincidents/see-something-say-something.shtm

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Last week, the federal government reported that the U.S. trade deficit grew by 33 percent in 2010 to nearly half a trillion dollars. Most of the gap resulted from an imbalance in trade with China, which shipped $365 billion in goods to America but only bought $92 billion in U.S. goods. The resulting U.S. deficit of $273 billion in bilateral trade with Beijing reflects a persistent feature of the Sino-American relationship since China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001. Over the last ten years, China has mounted the biggest challenge to the U.S. manufacturing sector ever seen, threatening producers of steel, chemicals, glass, paper, drugs and any number of other items with prices they cannot match. Not coincidentally, the United States has lost an average of 50,000 manufacturing jobs every month during the same period.




for the past decade, since Bush signed the agreement.. America has shipped (conservatively) 50,000 Manufacturing Jobs Per Month to China (alone).

6 million manufacturing jobs..

$50k a year on average from top to bottom blend of wages (for those of you who are fucking dense and need it explained)

30% of $50k is $15k a year in Taxes.. $90,000,000,000 a year in tax base.. multiplied by 10 FUCKING YEARS!

and lets be honest.. this is the tip of the fucking iceberg.

Washington DC has not only allowed this to go on.. but provided Tax Breaks for Companies who shut down operations in the United States.. and then Provided TAX CREDITS! ON TOP OF THE TAX BREAKS!!

America... Paid Corporations.. to Move.

Corporations are People!

Money is Free Speech!!

so says the Supreme Court!

he Conservative Justices who were strict Constitutionalists while being questioned by Congress! have allowed this to go on and on and on and FUCKING ON!


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Obama to Bankers: I’m Standing ‘Between You and the Pitchforks’



JW n FL's picture



Promise Broken rulings on the The Obameter






Obama said "no lobbyists will work in my White House." It seems he forgot that promise to the voters as this video shows



Signed, Christian Constitutionalist and for you stupid, lazy pieces of shit.. “See Something? Say Something!” and here is the link for you ---- > http://www.dhs.gov/files/reportincidents/see-something-say-something.shtm

economics1996's picture

And you want what?  High tariffs?  Yea that worked out well in 1931 with Smoot-Hawley.

If you want American jobs to stay here;

1.  One set of regulations for all 50 states.

2.  A energy policy that allows drilling.

3.  Tort reform.

4.  Low or no corporate taxes.

5.  Federal, state, and local cooperation with private companies to set up shop.

6.  A educational system that teaches children how to read, write, and do arithmetic.

FYI, 7 of the top 8 manufacturing companies in the world are high wage countries.

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General Motors faces the greatest impact, almost 22% extra on some sports utility vehicles (SUVs) and other cars with engine capacities above 2.5 litres. Chrysler faces a 15% penalty, while a 2% levy will be imposed on BMW, whose US plants make many of the cars it exports to China.

Existing taxes and duties already push up the cost of US imports by 25%, and the new levies make it even more expensive for Chinese consumers to buy American.



I am sorry? you were saying that I am for America taxing China's trinckets?

Maybe you said that becuase you didnt know China ia already taxing America.


Well I am glad that EVERYONE got to see how ignorant you are of the World around you.

I am glad to help you be just that much less fucking stupid.


I hope you are enjoying your english lessons.. I am going to have to start charging you, no matter what name you post under.

I like the 2 down arrows from you with your 2 names.. maybe you could go make a couple more and come back.. but you will still be ignorant, just that much more so.


Fuck Off!


economics1996's picture

Another mercantilist, just what need.

Flakmeister's picture

Buddy, be disgusted with it...

But just for the record, the other side of the deal was a different set of crony capitalists making the money. Why don't you google up "Export Zones Gulf Coast Valero Keystone Koch" and see what pops up?

The average joe would have been screwed that way as welll...

flattrader's picture

Stop trying to talk sense, Flak.

They want to believe Obama and Buffet screwed them and those on the other side of the trade were pure of heart and intentions.

W10321303's picture

effieciency is a crypto-facist preoccupation for corporate sociopaths

slaughterer's picture

Makes you think twice next time you hear Opuppet intone: "As my good friend Warren Buffet says..."

hedgeless_horseman's picture







Cathartes Aura's picture

that's just beggin' to be a Tshirt. . .

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On tonight's State of the Union address, Obama will “lay out some specifics” on the so-called Buffett rule -- named for billionaire investor Warren Buffett -- which would require people with incomes of more than $1 million a year to pay at least the same percentage rate in taxes as middle-class households. In a New York Times op-ed essay in August, Buffett noted that he paid a lower tax rate -- 17.4 percent -- in 2010 than “any of the other 20 people in our office.”

When Obama announced the proposal in September, he said that “Warren Buffett’s secretary shouldn’t pay a higher tax rate than Warren Buffett.” The secretary, Debbie Bosanek, will be a guest at the speech tonight, White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer said in a Twitter posting this morning.

PrinceDraxx's picture

If Buffett thinks he is paying too little for taxes, why doesn't he mail the government a check for what he feels he owes? The IRS, to my knowledge, has never turned down money. Has anyone ever heard of the IRS calling someone in for an audit because they paid too much money in?

blindfaith's picture

I am no fan of Buffett, Canada is our sister but she doesn't mind giving us a butt f*uk every once in a while, And America still can't get enough of those SUV's, and coruption is common as sand....

But frankly folks, this is like Sally has red hair, the connection is poorly defined and asks for conclusions based on coincidence.  I am not ready to hang anyone on loose evidence, are you?

covsire's picture

I'm not sure what's worse, wacko environmentalists stopping the pipeline or crony capitalism.  Either way I dont care, Obama has to go into the dustbin of history.  He can live out his days being head douche at the UN, because after 2012 that's the only political place he'll find any work with other anti-western minded people.

Flakmeister's picture

Do a little research...

The Nebraska State Republicans were against the proposed path....

TRP could have spent about 20 million bucks extra to avoid the sweet spot of the Ogallala... but in a fit of utter arrogance they tried to ram it through....

As bad as some of the tree huggers are, the scourge of this country has been crony capitalism....

DaveyJones's picture

you act as if like oil, water is an important liquid 

flattrader's picture

He also acts like oil and water don't mix.

Pegasus Muse's picture

Moyers & Company Show 102: On Crony Capitalism

Bill Moyers and former White House budget director David Stockman on the all-too-cozy relationship between Washington and Wall Street.



NOW with Bill Moyers: Essay on Sandy Weill



RockyRacoon's picture

Wear your junks with pride, blindfaith.   When one points out any defect in logic, which is contrary to the theme of the article, it results in a piling-on.   Pointing out the obvious fallacy is dangerous in the ZH mindset.   Obama is Buffet's puppet.   Okay.   When someone points to puppetry in another I'm prone to look for the strings there as well.

RockyRacoon's picture

Good point but bad observation assuming you meant as my string-puller.   The Tea Party ain't my thang.   All of us have strings, and there are various flavors of the Koolaid.

Even ZH has its own peculiarly flavored Koolaid.   Some drink it lovingly, some rabidly.   Staying sane is the goal.

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January 19, 2012
When Will Environmentalists Ever Wake Up? The Great Pipeline Scam by MICHAEL LEONARDI

In another ridiculous moment of political trickery, Obama managed to dupe a major chunk of the American environmental movement yesterday by refusing to authorize the construction of the Keystone Pipeline now. The keyword in that sentence which seems like it is being largely ignored by the enviros is now, because what Obama did do is leave open the possibility of authorizing the construction of a pipeline any time in the future, say just after the election? And not that it matters much, as pipeline or not Tar Sands are already being refined all across the United States in increasing amounts. This great victory being celebrated by 350.org, Bill Mckibben and the no carbon crusaders out there is a complete farce to manipulate voters as we head into the latest corporate sponsored election.

Why is it so hard for seemingly good and well intentioned people to see the reality in front of them? Climate change will not be reversed by temporarily stopping this pipeline and Tar Sands are still moving forward full steam ahead. The Petrolarchs will get their Tar Sands Oil to market anyway they can pipeline or not. As was widely reported in the mainstream media, the state department made sure to leave the door open for Trans Canada to go ahead with another proposal for the construction of the pipeline. Trans Canada says they are preparing to start construction on schedule, knowing full well that this is already a done deal.  Is it Obama’s nurturing language that fools them? “The rushed and arbitrary deadline insisted on by Congressional Republicans prevented a full assessment of the pipeline’s impact, especially the health and safety of the American people, as well as our environment,” Obama said. How many times will these well intentioned people allow themselves to be fooled? It seems that many of these good folks often get swept away by the feel good headlines and rarely read beyond the first two paragraphs of an article. Obama should be thanking the idiot republicans for this one, as it was a good way to rally a part of his most gullible base.

The celebration is on as headlines of “Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline” shoot across the screens, and Mckibben, like a good little foot soldier isn’t missing a beat to rally the troops around the HOPE inspiring president. The Rockefeller front group and its flock rally to the news of Obama coming through in the clutch. They talk of tar sands and coal and fracking and the carbon foot print but never a mention of the “safe and clean” nuclear power from these folks. The very real dangers of our decrepit and crumbling nuclear power industry aren’t on Bill Mckibben’s radar screen it seems and just as with his buddy Al Gore, the issue of carbon seems solely on the radar superficially, maybe as a way to sell more books? One has to wonder.

It’s not at all difficult to dissect the situation here. Tar Sands is quite arguably the most destructive extraction of resources ever unleashed by man and it is wreaking havoc in the tar fields of Alberta Canada, where once intact and beautiful ecosystems are being ravaged. The Oil Industry which is a major share holder in our political establishment, is making a lot of money off this mess. Tar Sands are being refined all over the United States with major expansions ready to be implemented that will further increase the capacity of the United States to work with its halfwitted cousin Canada in the furthering of Tar Sands exploitation. The Keystone XL will be a part of this destructive web and Obama has put it on hold until the next election.

As outlined by Tom McDonnell in his December 15th Mother Jones article “There’s No Hiding From Tar Sands Oil“ ,  with or without the pipeline, Tar Sands extraction is intensifying and expanding. In Toledo and outside of Chicago, billion dollar expansions of BP refineries are set to refine this crap and spew CO2s and extremely toxic byproducts laden with heavy metals and sulfur into the air, land and water around these facilities which are celebrated by the local Democratic Party Machines and the likes of congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. The ever more ridiculous liberals celebrate their elected leaders as progressive saint like figures leading us to the land of growth and prosperity while protecting our environment through working in partnership with industry and regulators to make sure all is done in compliance with unenforced regulations. Obama is now billed as a hero by the likes of Bill Mckibben who tweeted yesterday that: “the president acted decisively and bravely–and he listened to people, not money. a good day”.

Those who point out the truth about what is happening here are ridiculed, called unloving, unrealistic, haters. We are told to join the team or shut up. We are told we think to much and need to open our hearts. We are chastised and told that if the republicans get in then that pipeline will really be a reality and we are told that this pipeline is the key to stopping Tar Sands refining. None of it is true. Many of these same people, when confronted with the reality of the National Defense Authorization act deny completely that Obama signed indefinite detention into law. They say that we are liars trying to defame their mythological god of hope. They say that the ACLU is full of crap. They are in the worst form of denial.

The Rockefellers and Obama have found a new front man in Bill Mckibben it seems. All 350.org will do is spread the word to its minions about this single issue while continuing to ignore the grim reality of the Tar Sands that are already being refined all across this country, the dangers of Nuclear Power and a whole host of energy fiascos. It was all set up to pull in the most gullible of the Big environmental groups under one big tent of blinded voters. America is really lost and it is doubtful that it will ever find its way. Bill Moyers recently said that “one of the biggest changes in my lifetime is that the delusional is no longer marginal. It has come in from the fringe, to sit at the seat of power in the Oval Office and in Congress,” and thanks to the likes of the delusional environmentalists that continue to uphold this system, this reality will be difficult to remedy. Hopefully Bill Mckibben won’t prove to be as naive as he seems and will lead his new found flock in a more resistant direction than rubber stamping the delusional reality that he is so far only feeding.

flattrader's picture

The moron who wrote this article would have you believe there are NO environmentalists and conservations ANYWHERE fighting aging nuclear power plants...as though McKibben and Gore are the head of some monolithic environmental movement with no independent or non-aligned interest outside of Big Environment.

He needs to get a clue and do a simple web search.

Here,  I'll help him out and get him started.


One of the oldest...back to the 1970s.

flattrader's picture

Hey Chumpboy,

Screw both global cooling and warming.

Let's get back to basics...What's wrong with cleaner, NON-irradiated air?

Take a deep breath before you answer.

Chump's picture

Nothing.  And "Chump" is already self-deprecating, idiot.

ETA:  You can't "fight aging nuclear power plants" without a plan to store waste, period.  Show me those plans, signed off by any environmentalist or conservationist groups, or NIRS.org or whatever the fuck.  Get Dingy Harry on board since shutting down Yucca Mountain is such an awesome accomplishment to him.  Until then you're just another dickhole who wants all the benefits of electricity while remaining willfully blind to the costs.

HungrySeagull's picture

I have a plan for the nuclear waste goddamn it!

Put the shit onto missiles and fire them into the goddamn Sun. The biggest and best incinderator of all time.

Yucca Mountain is such a hole far out in the middle of a land you REALLY have to work hard to get to. Just driving on it requires a gallon of water to drink per mile.


Everything that is good for the Nation gets screwed up beyond recognition and I am tired of it.

How is it possible that the Environmentalists and tree huggers as well as the water hoarders get to influence a strategic project?


As far as Buffett is concerned, he has his life as we have ours. Working on the Railroad is good for him. Otherwise he would have been a senile case in the Nursing home ripe for the plunder from the buzzards and vultures hovering above his dollar bloated and dying corpse.


As far as the global warming and all that shit, I really dont care. What I do care is the fact that Japan is showing us all how radiation can become a part and end of your life while you stumble oblivious of it.

Chump's picture

I see what you did here and I approve.

Flakmeister's picture

Do a little study to estimate the failure rate for large payload launches and get back to me....not to mention the cost per tonne....


The stuff is too valuable to waste, it can be reprocessed for even more fuel....

hedgeless_horseman's picture



If we convince Warren Buffet to buy Yucca Mountain, at a deep discount I am sure, then our troubles would be over.  The project would be fast-tracked before Harry Reid could say, "NIMBY."

flattrader's picture

OK by me.

I always thought Yucca Mnt. was a reasonable solution to the problem.

Chump's picture



ETA:  Please dear flattrader, pretend to be some random, totally anti-nuclear asshole so we can keep up an argument.



flattrader's picture

Sorry...I yam what I yam.

flattrader's picture

I always thought Yucca Mnt. was a resonable solution to the problem.  Even with the potential earthquake danger, as well as that crap was supposed to be casked, a good hard jostling would have done little other than knock it around.  Virtually no danger of having it bust open.  Much superior to the haphazard store on site which is happening now.

Trust me.  When we have our next againg plant accident. Yucca plans will make a comeback.

Many decommissioning advocates feel this way which goes to show you there in no monolithic Big Environment.

BLOTTO's picture

OK, we know you got like - a GAZILLION dollars in the bank - how about giving some back to the good of the world...for humanity?

Your going to die like the rest of us you POS.