Obama Speaks On The Economy And Taxing Millionaires

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Earlier, we heard Santorum bidding a fond adieu to the public world, most likely forever, and now it is the turn of the president. Only he won't be resigning, but instead he will once again make the argument why the rich have to pay more in taxes, and why the The Crony Capitalist Cramdown, pardon the Buffet Rule, should be enacted for everyone and why Congress must pass it. We can only wish that the president dedicated as much time and energy to getting America a budget (it still does not have one) as he does to delineating various class distinctions. Today's challenge, should anyone chose to accept it: take a shot every time the TOTUS says "fair" and any variation thereof.

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The US Government needs....your dollars!

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a sitting president cant even draw the numbers of attendees like Ron Paul.  and the sheeple actually believe the rigged polls that show MaoBummer with >50% approval rating posted by the dinosaur media.  Guess the media better keep a lid on the fact that a foreign company full of MaoBummer supporters will be counting the "votes" that leave behind no paper trail


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Comay Mierda

The Corprophage returns.

Once again seeming to confuse a corporatist with a communist. I understand to the weak minded they both begin with C and therefore should be the same, I mean hell they both contain O as well.

Who wouldn't be confused by that.

By the way lad, didn't Red Baiting fall out of style say half a century ago?

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I don't know why Obama makes this so difficult.  He needs to follow the Bush doctrine: declare war on a few different countries (lottery ticket for Halliburton), while simulataneously lowering taxes and encouraging everyone to convert their houses into ATM machines.  Maybe if Obama adopted the Bush doctrine, the Republicans wouldn't try to block 100% of everything he does. 

Fuck the debt and the deficit - when Bush did it, no one complained.

More War! Less taxes! Go Shopping, Amuuurrica! 

Max Fischer, Civis Mundi 

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Tyler, do you want to kill my liver or what? That is so UNFAIR.

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Kill your liver? 

Well, I certainly hope that you have health insurance, because I'm a conservative, Christian Republican and I'd rather YOU DIE than for you to go through MY HOSPITAL with no insurance.

Helping others = SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM. The fact that Obama wants everyone to have health insurance PROVES that he's an evil COMMUNIST, Muslim terrorist who is trying to FUCK AMERICA.  AMUUURICA is under ATTACK! 

Obama is HITLER! Go back to KENYA! 

There's an old saying in Texas... I think it's in Texas, er... maybe Africa.... well anyway, the saying goes like this.... somewhere in Africa, an idoit can't find his...  errr..... somewhere in Texas, a village was missing in Africa.....errrrr.... somewhere a village is missing an African idiot.... errrr  SNARF! 


Max Fischer, Civis Mundi

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As always it's about money.  If your taking $30 Bil. in bonuses (TBTF) then you can afford paying toward Socialism/ health insurance. Then again if you don't have a job/ free trade, the answer is NO. We have a choice between Wall-Mart and health care. So far Wall-Mart is winning (free market again). It will always be "it's my neighbors job and it's my money".

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those who listen to what obama says are wasting their time, their minds and haven't been paying attention the last four years.  watch only what he does and draw conclusions.  

he is a beast of burden, with a mean streak and no moral compass, for the worst of the power elite.


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[quote] Helping others = SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM. [/quote]


Being FORCED to help others (by Big Brother's gun!) = SOCIALISM

Fixed it for ya!

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The difference may be that this time around starting more wars and lowering taxes will hasten the collapse instead of delay it. China has made it clear that they do not want Iran invaded and dislike the money printing. They have a lot of options to fuck over the USA without going to war themselves.

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everyone should pay their fair share...

Its a phrase I adhere to. I say for federal employees that do the hard work of enforcing the legislation such as myself 10% is more than adequate. For you people out there in the dog eat dog world that only seeks to take advantage of the week 50% would be more appropriate.

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MaxiLopez. You're no Million Dollar Bonus.

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lol hes speaking to the jaywalk all stars. whose mouths agape oogle ignoance.

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MOM !!!!     Mitt's not sharing!!!!

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First they came for the Billionaires' money, but I was not a Billionaire, so I did nothing to help them.

Then they came for the Millionaires' money... but I was not a millionaire so I did nothing to help them.

Then they came for the money of the people making $250,000 a year... but I did not make $250,000 a year so I did nothing to help them.

Then they came for the money of the people making $100,000 a year... but I did not make $100,000 a year so I did nothing to help t hem.

Then they came for MY money... and there was no one left to help me.

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If you rely on your government to protect you, who will protect you from your government.

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Then they came for MY money... and I didn't have any.

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but i, your neighbor have  sec. 8, snap, chip, medicare ,ssi, checks, checks and more checks....

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Congratulations! You are a member of Obama's core constituency!

As a fully not-paid-up member, you are entitled to a galaxy of different cash payments, with terrific-sounding acronyms like EITC, WIC, SNAP, EB, S-CHIP, etc etc etc.

We'll be looking for you at the polls!

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well how much do you need?   lemme see...i got 40--no--32 cents

A Nanny Moose's picture

Any of it in copper or silver?

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"Then they came for MY money... "

BTW I got none of the Billionaires money, the Millionaires money , or anybody else's money - it all went to cronies and special interests.

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The week is for working...I only seek to take advantage of the weekend.

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suck my left nut. to me, the baby boomers are eating the youngs; maybe we should just slaughter the boomers and make solent green.

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You dumb fuck. This shit started well before the boomers were even born. Read some history. Get some perspective. Grow up.

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No. Lemon is right, the scam has been stepped up by the boomers. Look at the rise of the debt ponzi over the last thirty years. Pure numbers support lemons view, with the vast majority of debt growth in this period.

And the first entrants to the debt ponzis have lived it up. If you held real estate and stock before the ponzi debt and ponzi regulations started ramping these assets unsustainably you are booming with laughter.

pods's picture

Of course it stepped up, it's an exponential function!


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take a suck on my pole youngster. I shit bigger than you

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It all started with the New Deal.

Endless debt.

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It all started with Lincoln's unconstituitional war.

Endless debt. Endless enslavement for all, regardless of color.

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don't you think you're letting the Serpent off too lightly?

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"It's a phrase I adhere to.--" You find it sticky? Like Scotch tape? Why is it that English doesn't "adhere to you"? Why are you sub-literate.?

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It'll be four more years no matter who wins.

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Sorry I can only click the green arrow once for that comment.  R-Money was selected long before anybody started campaigning for the Republican nomination.  Heads or tails, the banksters win.  


"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws."

- Mayer Amschel Rothschild

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The press conference I want to see is the one where he fucks himself


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I find this hilariously funny for some reason...  I want to see the one where he tries to break 100 on an IQ test.

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4 more years in your dreams.  The US doesn't have that long.

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It's ideological bullshit.

He wants the top end of the Bush cuts expired and rest left in place.


You want a tax increase?  Why didn't you pass it when you had an overwhelming majority 2009 to 2011?  Answer: BECAUSE YOUR OWN CAUCUS WOULD NOT HAVE PASSED IT.

But put all that aside.  Go ahead.  Get your tax increase.  Get your 30 Billion insignificant dollars of tax revenue.  Now let's see a 10:1 ratio in spending cuts.  SHOW ME A LOUSY $300 BILLION IN SPENDING CUTS, OBAMA.  $300 Billion IS NOTHING when you run $1.3 Trillion in the red, and you won't even propose that.

You're pathetic.

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The student body is too preoccupied with their IPhones to even watch.  Look at the goober in the bottom right corner reading his tweets instead of watching the show.  Have some respect, even if you don't like Obama, at least try to pay attention.

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Respect? You are kidding right? So we need to respect and genuflect to the thieves in power? STFU.

J 457's picture

No Dr Bengay.  You punky KID.  You STFU.

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Seriously - if you respect that....then you're insane

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Added to the list of "I wish I would've chosen this name for my online persona".

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgpfmehW7iE Dr. Benway Operates

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Don't be silly. Cutting spending doesn't help you run a class war. Tax the rich and increase transfer payments to "the neediest"! That's the ticket to turning the electorate against each other.

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Mr Lennon Hendrix

I wouldn't care if they took my dollars, as long as they took everyones equally. A tax on wealth with zero deducations would fit the bill. Tax the shit out everything people own, houses/cars/jewelry, so on. Tax it at say 7%.

Legalize drugs, gambling and prostitution.

Give us cradle to the grave medical care and education. No more queue jumping for the likes of Cheney or Jobs.

If you are arrested you go to jail. All laws get enforced. No more get out of jail free cards for the rich and famous. No more plea bargaining for the poor by overworked public defenders.

In other words the kind of United States we all dream of.