Obama Speaks On Foreclosure Settlement

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Earlier, we heard Dick Bove's take on the fraudclosure settlement. Now it's time for the TOTUS' spin.

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lolmao500's picture

He should spend the rest of his life in jail with bubba for this along with Geithner and Bernanke.

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

Nevermind the obvious.


Today's drinking game:


Fair= 1 shot of your favorite liquor


Bonus= use of the phrase "jail time"= 1 keg of beer ;)

Fukushima Sam's picture

Is it just me, or is he looking a little greyish?

nope-1004's picture

Obama speaks.  No one listens.  All smoke 'n mirrors, double speak, white washed BS full of rhetoric and big words.  Great guy to hustle chics with, other than that he's wholly inadequate as a leader.


battle axe's picture

"Ron Paul 2012" It will never HAPPEN.

Totin's picture

A drowning man is thrown a life ring and says "No thanks, I'm good. But when I get 18 feet under can you jump in and pull me out? You know CPR right?"

r101958's picture

If it does not happen then it is because of people that give up or give in. It is a result of the fact that they only wield a 'battle axe' made of jello.

battle axe's picture

My god you made a play of my online name, how clever. The reason I say it will never happen is that he will not even win the primary much less the general election. He is just doing this for one simple reason, he wants to set it up his son Rand for 2016, which is a noble quest for a father to do for his son. You look at any analysis and Ron Paul has no chance. 

r101958's picture

So, I guess you are saying that he doesn't really believe what he is saying? It has to be humiliating for him to be treated like a leper by the very organization he has been a member of for so many years. No, I believe he is in it to win. However, the majority of the electorate is still enamored by X-Factor and other diversions and choose not to do any critical thinking - takes too much effort.

malek's picture

If you rely solely on other people's analysis you are already lost.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

100% agree, I never expected the guy to actually pass one single piece of legislation limiting the power of the government either though.

Ron Paul day 1:

Tries to cut government, sorry need congressional approval for that.

Ron Paul day 2:

Brings all US troops home.

Ron Paul day 3:

Double digit inflation hits as all profitable shipping lanes are now under someone else's control. (maybe wikilaks can dump another 1000 reasons why the world needs the US more than the inverse but I am not holding my breath)

Dope and mange under a different moniker.



StychoKiller's picture

Hmm, since you want to be the World's Policeman, I'll gladly buy you a gun, you have to pay for your own planefare though...

malek's picture

LOL, we must remain an empire, otherwise inflation explodes!

That's one of the stupidest arguments I ever heard.

StychoKiller's picture

The reason I say it will never happen is that he will not even win the primary much less the general election.


The phrase "self-fulfilling prophecy" springs to mind, here.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

And there u have it...the Cocksucker In Chief leaving no doubt he is what I said he was all along. A Bitch Made Banker Owned House Nigga...
Fuck all bankers and their bitch made politicians......

LFMayor's picture

what are you doing now?  Trolling for affirmative repsonses?  Wasn't your pussy just hurting a week or so ago over some racial issue?

Kaiser Sousa's picture

What a brave heart...hurling insults from the safety on net....
U got a rebuttal for my assessment of O'bammer... or u want people here to imagine how tuff u r....waste ur time anonymous bad boy..its cool by me.....

LFMayor's picture

don't deflect it cocksucker.  You were all bitchy about the race issue in the not too distant past.  Now here you are, on the other side of the fence.

What gives?  You find out that your momma had a friendly mail man or something?

battle axe's picture

Blah Blah Blah, re-elect me for president, Blah Blah Blah...

DeadFred's picture

"Is it just me, or is he looking a little greyish?" The gray tinge is common for the Chicago variety of zombie during the late winter.

non_anon's picture

oh shit, I just sobered up from yesterday

NotApplicable's picture

Honestly, is it really that hard to plan ahead?

Chief KnocAHoma's picture

This is such a drop in the bucket. $28-billion divided by 2 million under water homes is around $14,000 relief per home owner. The real lost value in the real estate sector is in the trillions.

This was a BIG WIN for the banks!


NotApplicable's picture

Yet the homeowner will only get $2k, if they're lucky!

The other $12k? State spending sprees (a.k.a. "filling budget holes").

Widowmaker's picture

You are absolutely right!

There are record bonuses to pay for frauds work!

Mark it, 2012 will be a blowout for bankers profit.

Anything non TBTF will fucking eat cardboard.

Papasmurf's picture

Buy another 12pak of Red White & Blue Ice.

Sharks with laser beams's picture

Read from Armada Markets recent private report that Obama will get re-elected for the second term. Nobody believes in this and that's why it's gonna happen.

lolmao500's picture

Of course Obama is gonna get reelected. EVERYTHING points towards it.

The sheeple LOVES Obama.


Eighty-three percent of those asked in the Washington Post/ABC News survey said they backed Obama's use of unmanned drone aircraft against terror suspects

Seventy-eight percent of those asked approved of Obama's plans to draw down troops in Afghanistan

Voters were also asked whether they approved of the decision to keep the Guantanamo Bay war on terror detention facility in Cuba open and 70 percent approved.

The poll showed that Obama led Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, by 56 percent to 36 percent when respondents were asked who they trusted to combat terrorism.

Respondents also trusted him more on international affairs by a 56 to 37 percent margin.

In previously released findings, the poll found that 50 percent of Americans approved of Obama's job performance the most since early last year.

Obama WILL get reelected. Bet on it. Even if he starts a war against Iran. Even if the economy totally crashes.

bdc63's picture

If Obama gets re-elected its 100% the GOPs fault.

The Tea Party and the real Independants will NEVER vote for Romney.  If they vote at all, they will vote for whoever the Green Party or the Libertarian party put out there.  The GOP used to be the conservative party -- conservative on both social AND fiscal issues.  Now they are ULTRA conservative on social issues while being big spenders at the same time.  They are 180 degrees out of phase with the tea party/independants.  Right now the GOP assumes that everyone will get in line behind whoever gets the nomination -- that ain't gonna happen, no way no how.  Why they can't see that -- and adjust accordingly -- is beyond me.

Vagabond's picture

"The GOPs fault".  Come on, the 2 heads to this beast share a body; It's one beast.  If the GOP loses this election that indicates to me that the banking interests don't want to train a new puppet.

NotApplicable's picture

First they HERP, then they DERP.

Unless... they mix it all up crazy-like and DERP first.

Maybe that's what bdc63 is talking about?  Then I'd have to agree, as everyone knows you never, ever DERP until after you HERP.

I mean, it's on the Georgia Guidestones and everything!

SilverIsKing's picture

I think he will win again too.  Just anecdotal evidence but speaking with several people (idiots) I know,  they haven't a clue as to what's really going on.  They believe in the genius of the TelePrompTer.  They will learn during the second term what idiots they truly are.

NotApplicable's picture

I've been yelling from the rooftops around here, but am drowned out by the "Yay! Payback Money Time!" crowd.

Well, that's if there's any response at all, other than blank stares and drooling. But hey, it's a college town, so terminal tenuritis of the brain is a common affliction amongst the "educated" class.

(Funny, if I hadn't dropped out, I'd have a minor in their Keynesian Cult-Studies, but instead have an education in debt slavery. Meanwhile, thanks to Rockwell, Mises and Rothbard, I now recognize its absence of value.)

Bay of Pigs's picture

Had a guy ask me last night if I knew who Paul Krugman was as he believed "printing" was the answer to our problems. Straight face, dead serious. I shit you not.

I said "you know there has never been a single instance in history where that has worked out dont you?"

(crickets.....deer in headlights)


NotApplicable's picture

I'm shocked that you could even find someone to discuss it with. Why wasn't he watching ESPN, like the rest of us?

Duke sucks. Just not as hard as NC.

malek's picture

No, most of them won't even learn during the second term.

New American Revolution's picture

Need more co-conspirators than that, and a bigger cell.

DaveyJones's picture

wow, I can see right through him

I Got Worms's picture

It doesn't matter how many times I see the ZH Obama-presser headshot of him with that goofy smile on his face, I laugh out loud. My enjoyment of that picture is second only to the Deer In the Headlights.

eatthebanksters's picture

He looks like Alfred E. Newman's black cousin...

sodbuster's picture

Looks like Erkel to me.........Did I do that????

Bob's picture

LOL.  He sure can imitate deep "soul," though, with that trademark vocal affectation where he roughens his voice with faux emotion.  It's like a fucking tic when you start seeing it for what it is. 

MsCreant's picture

"a fucking bloodsucking tic"

Don't mean to be pedantic, but that needed editing.

Husk-Erzulie's picture

Frikkin' Cornholio man, talk about a tic, every time I see him now he's frikkin' Cornholio.

nonclaim's picture

My caption: "Boy lost opportunity of a lifetime"

I mean... the marshmallow plugging that gap would be enough.

xela2200's picture

Funny, that face bugs the fuck out of me.

DeadFred's picture

Seeing the Obama photo and reading the comments about our much beloved First Kenyan make me all happy and fuzzy feeling. Gotta love it.