Obama's Final Loophole: The "Catastrophic Emergency" Clause?

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it would be as fast tracked as Obamacare.

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Obama was talking about going to the 14th Hole, not the 14th Amendment.

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yes let's not forget the Presidency is a 'figurative' post, or puppet for short. The Presidents main role is to wine, dine, play golf and attend the odd pre-approved Press questioning or deliver the odd pre-scripted speech. Obumma has surpassed even Bush in golf rounds played despite the historic seriousness of the recession (no hard work for slacker socialists)

what's remarkable for Obummas Presidency is Bush's Vice President Dick Cheny actually did some work.. Joe Biden does absolutely fuk all

So in addition to the 2 clowns at Treasury and The Fed, the US Govts 2 most senior posts are in effect 'filled' by two vacuums 

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You forgot to mention the esteemed and honorable Eric Holder. He has done so much since he's held the AG post. I'm just sure he has. Can anyone tell me cause I'm drawing a blank? Thanks.

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Place Holder is there to ensure none of "my people" get prosecuted

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Project GunRunner? Fast and Furious?

Oh, wait, he knew nothing about those

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this is one of the countless thousands of pages that bush and the staff legal equivalent of fuking roberto gonZo-leZ (can you believe two z's?) cranked out as "signing bonuses for fascists" as part of his religious doctrine of the Unitary Executive aka Cheney's Law

now, prez0 has this "power" whick prezBummerooski added to the laws he signed

er, make that cheney, thru his puppet, the prezBummerooski

with his superhero powers, cheney could make tall builings fall

what "catastophic emergency"?????  the one about the militia?  i know of no other imaginable, at this point, constitutionally

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As is referenced in "(22) Revocation", this is simply a re-statement by Bush of the "Continuity of Government" directive issued by Clinton in 1998 -- with some tightening. In fact, most of the provisions go back to Executive Orders signed by Kennedy in the early 1960's.

I can't see how any of these "Presidential Directives" or "Executive Orders" can be constitutional when they so obviously trample on the Bill of Rights.

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hey, i_dog! 


"cheney's law" is a term from 1987 when cheney was doing something-or-other for prezRaygun, before either bush he worked with/for were prezziez


  • "when it was revealed in 2005 that the Bush administration had been illegally spying on Americans, [Vice President Dick] Cheney responded: 'If you want to understand why this program is legal…go back and read my Iran-Contra report.' In that report — authored in 1987 — Cheney and aide David Addington defended President Reagan by claiming it was 'unconstitutional for Congress to pass laws intruding' on the 'commander in chief'."—Charlie Savage, October 2007.[1]

and here's the link, altho there are many and this is not the most "neutral" about this shit:

Unitary Executive Theory - SourceWatch

i don't disagree that this goes back a long ways, since it concerns article 2, i believe, of the constitution, and so on.  and yes, it is just bragging, really, except where "defense" is concerned, which explains cheney's fondness for this type of "doctrine" which totally ignores any sane limitation of goobermint powers under the very same law/constitution 

imagine that?

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Thanks for that link, Stewie. Another piece of the jigsaw falls into place!

Cheney is a protege of Daddy Bush and the neocons (including Perle, Wolfowitz and Kissinger) that switched from the Democrats to the Republicans to assist Nixon's election in 1968. The neocons have been in every Democrat and Republican Administration ever since. Cheney is 17 years younger than Daddy Bush and Kissinger and was merely carrying the torch forward for them within the Republican party.

BTW, Executive Order 11051, signed by John F. Kennedy in 1962, "gives authorization to put ALL executive orders into effect in times deemed to be of increased international tension, economic crisis, and/or financial crisis".

EO 11051 was superceded by EO 12148, signed by Jimmy Carter in 1979, which established FEMA and defines all of its powers during those same circumstances.

So any time the president "deems" we are in a "financial crisis", he can effectively institute martial law. And he will, too ... when he is ready.

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again, i'm not arguing with you (even tho i think that is the 2nd time you have called me "Stewie"  L0L)

that is what i tried to approach in my first post (which i understand you did not respond to) with (Paste): "what "catastophic emergency"?????  the one about the militia?  i know of no other imaginable, at this point, constitutionally"

we can have no end of "predicting" all kinds of horrible things which can happen "legally"

now, if the debt ceiling isn't raised, it could be deemed a financial crisis and martial law could be declared, but prez0 is not ready yet, and so on

or, we could stop spending more than we collect, and selling iou's like they were funnel cakes at the state fair

they're really not funnel cakes!  they are IOU's.  really! 

so i'm so fuking thick, and near-dead,  that i actually think the real legal issues around the ginormous pile of stinking,  putrid,  exponentially-increasing debt right now are much more important and necessary to grasp than anything which might happen if some "opinion" deems we don't have enough debt so we need martial law

and if we don't ass-u-me that the system must devolve to some kind of widespread anarchy simply b/c we don't raise the damned debt limit,  we might be reaching a point where we can actually think more or less straight

i'm an eternal freaking optimist, tho

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Ah Stewie. This place is great! No other site on the net presents itself with so many fine suspects.

Carry on. Fish in the barrel.

Don't worry I will remove dirty sox and underwear from your luggage for your constitutional DNA profile.


--You WILL Obey!

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My humble apologies for the "Stewie", Slewie! And I didn't intend to argue with you, nor take it that you were arguing with me. LOL.

That "Cheney Doctrine" is totally in keeping with the various Administrations passing unconstitutional Executive Orders all the way back to FDR, or even earlier. They only started publishing them in 1907 ... prior to that they were "secret", though primarily intended as a means of relaying the Administration's policies to the few Federal Departments. The constitutionality of many of these Orders has often been questioned, but never settled ... as is usual in Washington.

IMO, there is no way that the Federal Government will - or can - limit their spending on the military, corporate subsidies, or social handouts. The only hope to save the Republic at this late stage is for a number of States to secede and for the whole country, or a good part of it, to wake up and fight the Federales -- town by town, county by county, and state by state. The county sheriffs and state attorneys general are the last line of defence against the ongoing federal takeover of every constitutional institution. A few county sheriffs are working on it but, without the support of at least a core of citizens, they are fighting an uphill battle.

IMO, the only way the country will devolve into some kind of anarchy is if:

1. The Federales fail in their takeover (otherwise they will introduce martial law nationwide and they are more than capable of achieving it); AND,

2. A secession movement fails and there are no longer any local law enforcement officers being paid to keep the local peace by local counties/communities raising local funds from local citizens. The 'Wild West' was not that wild (contrary to Hollywood propaganda) because local communities are very capable of quickly organising themselves to address their local concerns. A well-armed society is a very polite society.

What a fucking unconstitutional and inhuman mess DC is creating ... with less than a few percent of the population even noticing!

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It'd be one thing for the son of a former president to try it and quite another for a guy from Indonesia with only a quasi-legitimacy to push the bounds.

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True power springs not from the King himself but rather from the King's court. As long as The Big O serves the elite's agenda he will be supported. When he does not, well..................

Let's not kid ourselves any longer about where power lay here in the USA. It is no longer a Constitutional State and hasn't been one since at least 09-11-2001.............and most likely longer. I wrote about this in Nov of 2010.



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Every dictatorship is actually an oligarchy, not that much different than a "democracy" in which the leaders are always chosen from the same cadre of financial elites.

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15-AUG-1971 was the date America lost it's real money. The 40th anniversary of that event is rapidly approaching and should be duly noted.

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duly noted; maybe we should alert some of those spin-doctors @ MSM

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Yeah CD. You have invested much into this blog/site. I value what you have shared very much. Not even sure if I really am on the same page as you, but I do recognize you as an honest person who call's 'em like they see 'em. I respect that and appreciate your input.

Wouldn't it be nice if politics worked like that? Instead of youtube video wow'em, then plow 'em bullshit: What if we had real in your face government. Government like what happens in your family. People are actually responsible for something. Accountability?


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When are we going see some more of your articles, CD? The dissonance has grown around here since you stopped writing. There will always be critics. Although I understand you before I read your articles it is still refreshing to hear your voice. It's an affirmation that there is indeed a hidden spring hidden beneath this parched and desolate landscape.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture


When are we going see some more of your articles, CD? The dissonance has grown around here since you stopped writing.

Where have you been? Three essays in the month of July with another ready to go Sunday or Monday, which will make it four. I wouldn't call that stopped.




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If I read Juan Wild's sentiment correctly it is this:

it is still refreshing to hear your voice. It's an affirmation that there is indeed a hidden spring hidden beneath this parched and desolate landscape.

It's still good to have you in the comments section daily, however :-)

I hope for a day where me, Juan Wild, Cog Diss and Dick Cheney are dancing on edge of the Hollywood sign.  Maybe that day is never going to come :-(


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I appreciate the kind words from everyone. I really do.

But I don't understand the word "still" as in......"It's still good to have you in the comments section daily, however :-)"......and......"it is still refreshing to hear your voice."

I am writing no less and no more essays than I have on average since I became a contributor over 21 months ago. And as you said I am in and all over the general comment section every day. And no other contributor other than Banzai7 can say that.

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Good observations dude.  Have a nice night.

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I think because there are more contributors I keep missing your articles along the top. I'll pay better attention from now on.

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Dude, CD can only type 15wpm and therefore a week (60 hours) minimum between articles...

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When I go back to correct the spelling, it drops to 4 wpm. I'm a terrible speller.

But seriously, I doubt many understand how much work goes into my essays. They are all carefully thought out and extensively modified until they read the way I want them to read. The average piece has 4 or 5 main versions and at least 5-7 revision in between each version. And I don't write short. Most contributors put up 1 to 3 pages at most. My shortest pieces are more than 10 pages and they average over 17 pages.

My total posted work on ZH is over 37 essays, which is equal to two books of over 300 pages each. And this doesn't cover nearly an equal amount of unpublished fiction and non fiction as well as other essays that are posted on other sites under different aliases. 

Hulk's picture

Actually, it is quite apparent how much work goes into those essays...

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I wasn't including you in my "many" comment Hulk. Your comments and responses to my essays over the past year plus speak quite clearly.

Hulk's picture

Craftmanship always crosses my mind when I read your works, fine craftsmanship...


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Cognitive Dissonance and FOFOA share a common characteristic in their writing:

A careful, at length explanation of their logic and reasoning in building their case.  Their works are not for everyone, both authors pretty much demand a careful reading or two.  If you can do that (read them carefully and absorb what they say), then all of us grasshoppers (shrimps) who go through the effort benefit from what they say.


+ $55,000 Hulk!


Serial greens above!  Does that make me a serial greenie?

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You are smart dude.  Don't get too serious about this shit.


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and you look at this like it's a virtue?

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Slow night for ya Trav? 

You just can't help being the asshole for very long, can ya? Something inside you just compels you to be insulting and flippant just so people will respond. Sort of like how you tie a pork chop around your neck so the dog will play with you.

Too funny and utterly transparent. Keep up the good work Trav. You make ZH special.  XOXO

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"My total posted work on ZH is over 37 essays, which is equal to two books of over 300 pages each. And this doesn't cover nearly an equal amount of unpublished fiction and non fiction as well as other essays that are posted on other sites under different aliases."

Weird. Our profile for CogDis shows his self description "Financial Money Manager".

CD is a fulltime ZH suspect and we've traced him on at least 3 other subversive sites.

Malpractice? Or does he just trade tips from his Yahoo Finance friends.


--You WILL Obey!

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Forget all that.

All I want to know is when are you going to start groping me and will you promise not to stop?

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Things just aren't the same when you're an incorporated entity - and your 'shareholders' are unaware of that to which they pledge 'allegiance'...


The REAL united states of America is out there...

Edit: see here for an explanation http://dev.republicoftheunitedstates.org/what-is-the-republic/history/

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They are scared as hell to pull the trigger. The plan was to wait until the currency collapse. This shit was not intended to happen until after B.O had secured its second term. The risk they perceive today is that if the trigger is pulled now, B.O. might not fulfill his mandate. If a true Conservative/Libertarian has control at collapse time, 50+ years of leftist maneuvering goes to waste (imagine that?).


Open the zoo & fuck you!

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I already pulled the trigger.

I own gold and silver. It matters not which way the markets go.

Now Government Confisication or other extreme orders? Well.... I would have a decision to make or it will be made for me.

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The only thing this government will confiscate from me and my rebel friends will be bullets with ballistic velocity.  

HungrySeagull's picture

I feel the same way.

The real question is will our own Kin obey orders to march onto the towns and counties?

They did it before in '68 on the east coast.

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Yup. Everybody I know has guns. And they have ammo too. And the last few weeks they ALL have gotten more guns, ammo, silver, gold, food and heaven knows what. Been at Walmart at 2 am and people are stocking up on canned foods and beans and all kinds of things. I like the beans myself, and all the other stuff too of course. But this is gonna be truely different. There's gonna be a real revolt because people are getting ready and they are pissed off. Ticking time bomb. That's my report from the street. I'm telling you and I'm telling everyone else. GET READY!

sschu's picture

They are scared as hell to pull the trigger.

I tend to agree, they were not expecting the "stalemate" we have now.  Politcally speaking, not sure how they reconcile without one side losing serious credibility.  And the next election.

It could get very dicey, long before they expected.


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"This shit was not intended to happen until after B.O had secured its second term"

It was never intended for Obomber to secure a second term! It was not necessary. All of his election "promises" in 2008 were to ensure that he got elected, so that he could do exactly as he has done -- break every single one of them!

This is also what his role-model Lenin had done in Russia in 1917 to overthrow the Tsars and moderate Bolsheviks, and secure absolute rule by an oligarchy (Lenin never intended for the workers to have a say!) ... it's straight from the Marxist playbook of "whatever it takes; the ends justify the means". FYI, the Russian KGB knew back in 1990 that "Barack" was their communist plant and that he would become a future president (see here and listen to this interview).

I agree with you that they didn't intend for this to happen right now (and I still expect a "kick the can" compromise at this time) ... rather, they intended to bring on the final collapse later next year and cancel the 2012 election -- after the full force of the police state had been completely assembled (troops returned from the ME; more Mexican illegals recruited to the military, TSA and state police forces) and the citizens completely trained to submit (via DHS, TSA, ATF, State Police, VIPR, etc).