Oil Spikes As Netanyahu Threatens Iran

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The first on-the-record comments, regarding the bombing in Bulgaria, from Israel's Netanyahu are not the most politically correct. His ire with the world's ignorance of Iran's terrorist-fostering position is very clear as are his threats and promises for retribution. Not good. And sure enough, WTI crude is spiking on this news to $91.75 (18% higher than its EU-Summit lows) back to 2-mointh highs. Via Bloomberg,


Meanwhile, as a reminder, a 4th carrier group is on its way to the Gulf...


and sure enough wholesale and retail gas prices are on the rise with their normal lag...

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to compensate for the sudden spike in (assisted) suicides in the Army?

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WAR This... WAR That...


Who the Feck is this Yahoo guy anyway???

AND, Abbama needs a good WAR right about now to Rah-Rah his way back INTO the WhiteHouse and all those Hip Parties he throws for his wife...

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Still image from the Bulgarian airport bus suicide bomber's pre-recorded video...

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Phukkin' Carrot Top!!!!!!!



BB Net is trying to shake up the U.S. elections.  He figures gas above $4 and maybe $5 again will do the job, bitchez.

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Isramerica is by many orders of magnitude the world's #1 terrorist. IranWar 43 days and counting.

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hedgless_horseman: That was great, thank you...

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Shaun White has recently bought a lot Exxon/Mobil futures

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The Drums of the Iran War are too loud. Too much yelling and screaming to "Watch this hand, watch this hand", including this latest obscenity.

Where can the long arm of ZATO reach from the ME?



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Not a word about Netanyahu threatening Iran from crypto-jew supremacist Alex "The Clown" Jones' infowar site including his top 20 headline stories!!!

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High gas prices don't help Obama.  Is someone trying to squeeze someone's nuts?

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It is our opinion that this is a valid news story.  We believe the attack on Clinton is related to the current political upheaval in Israel, an attempt to kill Clinton, blame Iran and take the focus off the domestic political meltdown.

We also feel the bus attack in Bulgaria, killing 6 Israeli citizens is highly suspect for the same reasons as well.

Israeli radio broke the story Sunday night, midnight, but never mentioned it again.  This has been confirmed by sources inside Israel

The real story as we have been able to learn is this;  About 16 hours ago, Secretary Clintons convoy, traveling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, was attacked.  There would have been a minimum of 3 to 5 vehicles, with Clinton probably traveling in a bulletproofed Chevy Tahoe or Israel built Toyota Land Cruiser.

This follows the story earlier of an attack on a bus loaded with Israeli tourists that exploded in Bulgaria.  Six were killed.  Netanyahu said he would respond by attacking Iran.  It is our opinion that this was a Mossad “false flag” operation much as was the Clinton assassination attempt.  Bulgarian security services are trained by the Mossad.  There are dozens of Mossad agents operating in Bulgaria which still has in place massive Soviet era security services that follow all tourists and check on every “overnight” guest in Bulgaria.


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I think Vlad might be slightly appeased as well with a in boost oil price.

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Others would say the same of Israel.  Netahyahu is a loose canon.   


Why hasn't the US Government sanctioned/attacked Israel for its clandestine nuclear weapons program?


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Because there is no "US" govt. There is ZOG.

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Here are two ideas:

1) they vote with us on all the important UN stuff (pro-land mines, pro-chemical weapons, anti-women/children, etc)

2) they demonstrate the practices and policies required to control urban territory inhabited by a mostly hostile residential "civilian" (or terrorist?) population (like Detroit)

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Good catch Randall... the article goes on to say "More than 40 soldiers from Fort Lee are deploying to Kuwait and Afghanistan. Officials at the Army base near Petersburg say the soldiers from the 111th Quartermaster Company left Wednesday for an at least six-month deployment. The soldiers are part of one of the Army's only two active duty mortuary affairs units."

The kicker here is the location of Kuwait and that these troops are 1 of only 2 active units. Things are going to get out of hand quickly.

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And with Russia and China standing behind Iran: it is hard to predict where this will lead and howmuch damage  will be inflicted.

One thing for sure a lot of souls will meet their maker.

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strictly proverbially ofcourse, there is no maker

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30 thousand species on the same boat, fucking two of each of 3o thousand pissing and shitting species, golden tablets hidden in the ground only joe smith can translate? That nigger is a cunts hair from the button.There may not be a maker but there damn sure will be a devil.

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30 thousand?  There are more than 30 thousand species of spiders.  Try millions.

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hard for you?

"it is hard to predict where this will lead..."


Another Cold War, Cold War II. 


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Terrorism, foreign and domestic, simply will not be tolerated in the 21st century. Both president Barack H. Obama and William Milton Romney stand by Prime Minister Netanyahu's decision to take a strong stance on Iran. Israel is not alone in this battle. Every patriotic American is committed to this fight and we will fight side by side with Israel until democracy and freedom is spread to every corner of the world.

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Netanyahu should shout the fuck up. Who the fuck he think he is.

People get killed everywhere everyday but no one gives a shit.

Now we get a bus full of israelis getting blown up and he starts pointing fingers and wants repercussion. What he want? America to do the dirty job for him and blow up Iran?

Contrary to Netanyahu's belief, the jews arent superior to everyone else so he should stop whining. This coming from the same guy who is OK with palestinians getting killed by israelis all the time.

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Just to add a thought.. How is it the Israeli's know so much about this? Almost as if they know enough IMMEDIATELY afterwards that one can only wonder if it was enough to prevent it..

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yes, He's pulling a Rumsfeld.  Has anyone timed to the minute how long it took Net to blame Iran?

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In the confusion after the blast I'm sure it took a while to trace which is the bus that got blasted (what company it was, which bus number it was and who where scheduled to be on it). I've got a hitch that Net went public while that stuff was still being figured out on the ground.

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You should be contacted to take part in the new TV show THE BRAIN DEAD -- along with the majority of Zerohedgers here.

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You told me that you would help me with child support, Jim.



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I think we should audit Netanyahu's broker.  How many long oil calls did he scoop up in the past few days/week?


really...I'm serious.

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and why did the bus disptach center have false blips on its screen?

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I am pretty sure that the Jews are superior to YOU.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Just because somebody appreciates the greatness of America, doesn't mean they cannot stand up Israel too. Let me guess, you're another wimpy libertarian who was even against America going after Sadam Hussein for 9/11? ... Disgraceful. As the world's greatest superpower, it is our duty to spread freedom to the rest of the world. The major concerns now are Iran and Syria, and I support full military interventions in both of these countries.

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Funny or not you really are a dick.

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MDB... you're beautiful. Don't go changing.

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spreading is the right verb. it conjures up manure

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Then get out your checkbook to pay for it, then enlist.

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Subtle sarcasm is funny sarcasm.

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MDB I am sure you will be running of to sign up for duty, don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out , by the way how are your Facebook shares working out , you could take them to the ME and use them as dressing for wounds. Also every country that we have spread Democracy to has ended up been a shit hole , why ? because Democracy DOES NOT WORK unless you are the 1%.

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No.. he will want everyone else to sacrifice for the lies he subscribes to while he tries to profit from them..

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MDB is just yanking your chains as always....

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MBD comments (sarc or not) represent a very real mindset that exists in America. Attacking the comments is akin to attacking those who honestly believe that shit.

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lighten up. it is a joke, and these guys took the hook. 

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Which Florida Retiremant Home are you posting from ???


Shit, yer gonna miss Bingo-Hour again...