One Epic Chinese Bubble - One Chart

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The best charts are those that need no explanation. Such as this one.

Source: Goldman Sachs

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Good thing Facebook will save the world tomorrow...

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Damn, Saudi Arabia is ahead of China in concrete production?  When do we see an article about the Saudi bubble?

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So, what are the Chinese building?

A new wall?

Or, a vault to hold all their gold purchases that's impervious to even the most determined nuclear tipped bunker buster?

Wouldn't want the fascist US government to pull a reverse Goldfinger.

Solid's picture

WTF is wrong with you? Why don't you live over there of the USA sucks so bad?

Pure Evil's picture

What's wrong with me?

Someone pushed my \Sarc button and I'm stuck in replay mode.

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Nothing wrong with a little sarc, or speaking your mind.

Pure Evil's picture

I'm only speaking truth to power.

If the US isn't fascist, then why are these fascist symbols hanging on either side of the Speakers Podium in Congress?


Fasci and Fasci


And why is there a fascist symbol on the five dollar bill and the mercury dime?

dime and five  (look to the left of Lincoln, black eagle)


Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Not complicated.

People working towards one world order can't be fascist.

Nationalism is what separates fascism from other totalitarian governments.

 Of course it is beyond idiotic at face value anyway.

Actually insults anyone who has really suffered under oppressive tyranny.

Likewise all forms of governance go from less to more but who gives a shit?

Zerobrains loves and adores the oxymoronic concept of globalist fascists and that is not stopping in anyone's lifetime around here.

 and why would that be? Why wouldn't they be using the more apt communist or marxist state?

May have something to do with brainwashing from the fetus to the grave promoting left wing ideology. 


Pure Evil's picture

Thanks oh smartest ape on the blog, please illuminate all, we were so lost until you lighted the way lucifer of the morning.

As muppets we have oh so difficult time discerning between which adjective should precede totalitarian form of government.

Oh exalted one please ruminate more on the very nature of existence.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Only speaking truth to power.

The real trouble is discerning that almost all forms of government go from less to more.

Since everyone knows I am the biggest moronic imbecile on planet earth and get it,

it is totally shocking people who would notice minute symbols on a coin don't know the definition of a simple word they toss around like a football.

But thanks for playing.

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That chart looks like a pissed off frog...

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The chart looks realistic......please.   The Saudis and China have all the usage.

We, (the US) are very near the bottom. 

No wonder people in America drive on Bridges and land in the river.  

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One just needs to look at India, way down there on both axes, to understand the gret lie that the India story has been.

Especially frightening, and not funny at all, is that we are perhaps doing as much if nto more building as China.

Just using 1/10th the cement! *shudder*

And I'd imagine US cement consumption would be historically lower because of so much wood used in housing?



Michael's picture

64+ million vacant real estate properties in China = biblical housing bubble bust event. You don't want to be anywhere near that place when it blows up.

Oh regional Indian's picture

I heard some Japanese might be moving in.


Michael's picture



The reason why the worlds monetary systems weren't collapsed in 2008 was because it wouldn't take out all the worlds oligarchs in on shot.

In 2012 it will, now that we're finished with our preparations.

Michael's picture

My only comment about the Facebook IPO;

It should be a Penny Stock.


Facebook banned me years ago, I think about the time of the first Ron Paul campaign when I was a RP 2008 group organizer.

That not withstanding, Facebook should still be a Penny Stock.

Michael's picture

This whole fucking planet is going to go haywire, you realize that?

Let me just remind you;

It's Only Money!

Besides, we now have, with all our modern technology, all the toys we need that we already bought to keep us entertained while we wait out the complete and total worldwide economic collapse.

Diplodicus Rex's picture

It's Only Money!


Its a whole lot better than that. It's not 'money' at all.

"It's Only Currency", an abstract (and fraudulent) representation of money.

Who needs currency if you've got money (capital)?

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Don't you have some delegates you should be helping round up?

Or is RP just plain out of the race?

Michael's picture

As I said, all preparations have been made.

azusgm's picture

Not out of the race. Focusing on delegates directly.

Oh regional Indian's picture

You think so Michael? It's a crap-shoot at this point. Be interesting to see hwo the balance of power lines up, what th egood earthdoes, if/when the sun CMEs..... i think the proles need a little divine providence.

But then, I believe it is a-coming. :-)


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Those preparations aren't financial in nature, they are military.

The reason China is using so much concrete is because THEY ARE BUILDING SPARE CITIES, presumably for use after the dust settles from the nuclear war against the Capitalist West Russia and China have been planning all along.

But don't fret sheeple, American Idol will be on again at it's regular time and place so you can make believe all is well and there is 'peace in our time'.  False peace, after all, would indicate there is some great source of deceit and error in the world that everyone is the kind SATAN HIMSELF brings to our world before destruction rains down upon the oblivious masses.

Hey....but I'm just crazy, right???!

Michael's picture

If the Chinese have a problem with the USA over a monetary dispute and attack us militarily,

We can drop a few bunker buster bombs on their beautiful Three Gorges Dam any time of the day or night and at any time we need to.

Michael's picture

What is the most beloved alphabet soup agency of the federal government?

Can somebody help me with this?

Where do it's successors stand?

Cyrano de Bivouac's picture

The Chinese could target Yellowstone and America would be covered with 10 feet of volcanic ash.

Spirit Of Truth's picture

Monetary dispute?!


Do you really think the Chinese are interested in MONEY?  Because they ultimately are not since money is just a means to the primary strategic objective of POWER AND CONTROL and this will eventually be finalized through military means of apocalyptic scale:

Cyrano de Bivouac's picture

Well maybe they think Nibiru is going to hit in the Pacific so they have built housing in the interior of  China to move their people before the 300 ft. wave hit

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If you build something potentially useful you convert sweat and materials into a value-added asset.
When you repave roads that don't need it or shoddily repair bridges or buy more weapons that is I think a bigger problem - basically a lack of any purpose or vision.

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No wonder people in America drive on Bridges and land in the river.


That's an American tradition. I think it was Ted Kennedy who started it.

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Not 2 get 2 Rorschach on ya, but 2 me it looks like 2 asymmetrical nipples, a buncha herpes sores, & a giant horizontal vagina.

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It helps if U turn your head sideways and stick out your tongue.

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Like they say in China, ha ha, you make me raff.

The Big Ching-aso's picture



Man who raff at funeral trying to stop coffin.


Harlequin001's picture

Sorry about that, been away for a while. Tried it, turned my head sideways and stuck my tongue out, got arrested for being a complete loon.

It's better now...

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I'm only replying to see how thin a reponse is at this point - 20 pixels?

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Uh.. moussolini adopted it FAR FAR after it was used by our gov't.  It means strength through unity, i.e. UNITED states..  it didn't mean fascism until after WWI and mousolini..

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

So did Machiavelli.

Oh wait he predates the US by how many centuries?

THe US not only invented war and inflation but now also invented fascism even though these people are not fascist.

Please, without nationalism there is no fascism and it is obvious to a 10yo these people are working towards one world order which is obviously the diametric opposite.

 But post it some more, that will make it true!





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How is it a ZH hating crack whore douchbag can metamorph into a flatulent gassbag?

Been hanging around ole chuckie schumer lately?

The Romans created the Fasci, while Mussolini started the Fascist Party.

Plus, I think you should follow your own advice, "post it some more, that will make it true",

Or, would you like to spew some more oral explosive diarrhea masquerading as witty repartees. 


UGrev's picture

It wasn't fascism then.. dumb fuck. It had a completely different connotation and you fucking know it. So take your bullshit tin foil ass and go home. 

Global Hunter's picture

one of the links from Pure Evil said it was a Roman symbol used by Roman government to convey strength and power...odd the US adopted it along with Mussolini

Global Hunter's picture

thanks for the links Pure Evil...just when I thought my eyes couldn't be opened any further.  

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there a fascist symbol on the five dollar bill and the mercury dime

The fascists didn't come up with that symbol. They stole it from the Romans. An axe surrounded by the rods or fasci were the symbol of power that accompanied a consul as a symbol of his office and power. They were carried by lictors, who served as body guards and escort for the consul.

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I don't want to put words in his mouth, but maybe he wants to buy whatever the fuck kind of light bulbs or cars that he wants to? Maybe he wants to smoke in his own home? Maybe he wants to use salt on his food...and decide what he wants to eat...and he doesn't give a fuck how many calories and grams of fat are involved? Maybe he doesn't want his kid to get force fed school cafeteria offal because some administrative fuck doesn't think the lunch he prepared for his kid meets the school's 'standards'? Maybe he doesn't want his emails read by some computer at the NSA looking for keywords that will trigger an investigation by the Secret Service because he hates our asshole president? Maybe he doesn't want some TSA asshole jerking off to recordings of his wife's x-ray scans at the airport after hours? Maybe he doesn't want cops breaking down his door in a no-knock raid without a warrant? Maybe he doesn't want the fuckhead president of the USA deciding which US citizens can be killed by a Hellfire missile without so much as an indictment, let alone a trial? Maybe he doesn't want some fucking senator that can legally profit from insider trading author a bill of attainder law to tax the living shit out of somebody who has decided to leave these peaceful shores behind? I don't know, but I would rather fix all these problems (caution: some bloodshed may be involved) than leave the country that these motherfuckers are trying to take over and destroy. If you like the above shit, maybe YOU should leave...say for the People's Republic of China or Iran?