One Ounce Of Religious Non-Money Tradition = $1700

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And while the world's reserve currency, better known to various Chairsatans as "money" continues dropping to record lows courtesy of his dollarcidal tendencies, the "tradition" also known as a "barbarous relic" just passed $1,700. We will be sure to point out when it passes $1,800, $1,900 and $2,000 next.

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Seriously surprised it took 6 hours this evening..

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$1764 -- the next critical number; marks the transition to the exponential phase 


Jim Sinclair interviewed by James Turk

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WE may get there tonight.

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We may already be there and just don't know it yet.

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Congrats, you are the most enlightened ZH'er i've come across. 

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Somewhere the Bernank is curled in the fetal position, muttering "Damn that Ron Paul."

Who wants to put odds on Ron Paul as president if gold makes it to $2500 by the election?

Bananamerican's picture

he'll be able to self finance his campaign!

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You're presuming that we make it to an election at this point.

That's a very bad call.

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Ron Paul will never be elected President of the United States.  The Establishment will do everything in their power to cast doubt, discredit and smear him.  We will hear about his very loose and questionable ties to (insert your own villain of choice here).  If that doesn't work, they will go Strauss-Kahn on his ass.  And if that doesn't work ... Holy shit!  $1,713 as I type!!!

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All I want to see is 1776 $. That would be a perfect birthday present.

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+1 Enlighten-Mint.

Where did the buttons go?

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Yea, where did the buttons go?

UGrev's picture

Inflation.. cost too much to show them. ZH had to downsize.. ;)

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I want a WIN button from President Ford's tenure. It was a big red button you put on your lapel and it meant Whip Inflation Now; it was supposed to work by Zen Psychology or something; I am not making this up! I need one of these buttons; it's time to try voodoo again.

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I turned my "WIN" button over and it spelled "NIM" = No Immediate Miracles.

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Gold margin hike t minus 6 hours?

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So they hike it, let them. If May did not knock you out you're prepared for that now.

It will not have any effect at all.

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with a 40% sales tax double back flip for good measure. For real though, freedom will not come to you because you tucked a few gold coins away. Sorry peeps your going to have to shed blood or that of your close family at some point... but keep rubbing your pretty metal coins between your fingers if it helps. Pretend that you wont have to sacrifice one day... I like to equate "thee reset" like a grenade going off in a circle jerk of fools.. yea a few of you will survive and drag your self's away but the rest, gold coins or no, will bleed out and die like the country wince you came.



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I'll bet you don't even have a passport ....

scatterbrains's picture

Your right, but how did you guess ?

PhattyBuoy's picture

I stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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But how did you guess? Probably from your inability to legibly fill out the application form, as evidenced by your (possessive pronoun) grammatical and spelling errors. For example, "Your right" is used when you should have used the contraction of "you are", which happens to contract to, "You're". See it in there?  Another example:" Your self's" should be "yourselves". The apostrophe is unnecessary as in this case it denotes ownership (i guess, or are you trying to say your self "is"). 

Wince? I think that you meant to use "whence", the old English term that meant, "where". Oh, and don't (abbreviation) forget, sentences start with Capitals.

I agree with your (possessive pronoun) sentiments though. It will take more than wishful thinking to get this ship of fools to alter course.

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Why does that matter? I, for one, believe I am dead or in prison before the end of the year, unless unexpected events occur.'s picture

"Wince you came?" What are you, some kind of idiot?

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lol..., I weep for the the future...'s picture

I winced and then I wept for the future.

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I wish you were here, cause when your forecast is fulfilled you wouldn't be.

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No offense to Sinclair but he also predicted dollar to b at 72 "and staying there or lower" 4 months ago. Nobody can forsee the future exactly, but we can see it ain't gonna b good

UGrev's picture

A LOT more people would have been more accurate if this shit wasn't manipulated like some beaten housewife.. 

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All the more reason never to be in the HFT "markets".

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Tradition, bitchez!

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Real money Bitchez!!!

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Devil's advocate here.

If gold is money, why is it that its value is always measured in fiat currency? Why is it that when its value measured in fiat currency goes up, various posters here on ZH tend to get excited? Many folks say all fiat is worthless; if that's so, there isn't a reason to be excited unless you are acquiring more of the physical by whatever means.

urbanelf's picture

Because that gold will now pay for more people to mow my fuckin' lawn.

That and I get to say "I told you so".

FedNoGoldYes's picture

Seeing gold go up in fiat gives some indication of wealth-not-lost by theft of the cartel.  It's a small victory that says, "you didn't get as much as you could have if I had trusted you and your fucking paper."

caerus's picture

it's relative...the better question is how is fiat currency valued in terms of gold

Oh regional Indian's picture

But that is equally relative and thus meaning-less ne?

We are at the crux of finally re-figuring out the difference between Price and Value!


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No shit. And where is that level? 2K, 5K, 10K?

Price and Value Bitchez...

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well hell i guess we're caught in an existentialist stand off...what is and what is not? 

faustian bargain's picture

The best question is, how is everything valued in terms of gold. That's the one that makes Bernanke twitch.

LookingWithAmazement's picture

You can choose to measure gold in all other goods, too. Little clumsy. I guess, if you ask a shopkeeper if you could pay him in gold or silver, he will get excited.

VisualCSharp's picture

He might get excited, but how many shopkeepers even know the price of gold in dollars? Remember that man-on-the-street that was done awhile back where a guy tried to sell a $50 1 oz gold piece for $50 and no one would take him up on the offer? Most shopkeepers I know only accept US dollars, and nothing larger than a $20.

I'm not trying to be argumentative, but I suspect the real excitement comes from folks imagining "hey, when I convert my gold into US dollars, I can buy more stuff!" Isn't that simply supporting the fiat system?