Orphaned Markets

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Well, I guess the hyper-inflationists were wrong,... again...


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I don't see the allure...Please enlighten me?

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What the FUCK happened to the silver market???

$32.68 ask -3.92

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Same thing that happened in 2008: de-leveraging.

Cash is King [at least for the time being...]

[really bad JuJu...]

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You could've asked the same about Cotton, Orange Juice, Palladium, Platinum or Copper: de-leveraging.

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I told you motherfuckers that deflation will rule the day.

Yet you look at me like a retard.

What's a boy to do?


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Ben disappointed

Fuck, are you people blind? Ben has promised massive profits in Treasury bonds. For every halving of bond yields, prices more or less double.

Why do you think every man & his dog are selling gold, oil, stocks etc etc & piling into Treasuries, because they're safe or something? They are going to be repaid? You can roll them up & masturbate with them?

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I agree with you.....we rally on bad news...agorythims...or what ever...all the time we KNEW Greece would default...and that we as a western world are much more exposed than what they are "speeching" to us...but what has me baffles is why people would dump gold and silver....it shoud be skyrocketing in my little Econ 101 mind....I am baffled and waffled..and slathered all over with crow....I just don´t get it.....If I was China today.....I would be buying 2000 tons of gold...easy decision...very easy...wierd

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right now is just 'going'; where it's going remains to be seen.

i think it has to be gold and silver; fear drives the gresham principal into high gear.  all weaker currencies must first cede to the dollar, and then the dollar eventually cedes to gold and silver.

this all has to happen.  i've aleady bought some phys this moring.  i'm holdin out incase it drops to mid 20s; i which case i'm pouncing.  if not, we'll  know when it crosses back over like 36-37...until then it's just a matter of gettin the most for the dollars, and getting ahead of that gresham curve. 


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This is a great swap opportunity--GSR is around 52:1--swap gold for silver and then exchange as much fiat for silver as possible. That is my plan. Who knows, if I wait until Monday the GSR might be higher, but it might be lower. This should be a very interesting weekend. My guess is, the G20, IMF and all the world "leaders" that are meeting at the UN will all hang around and "discuss" next steps behind closed doors and out sight of prying eyes and microphones.

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thanks for that; i'm going to see what all that entails.  that's kinda where i am.  i think i'm gettin a decent handle on markets themselves; now i need to learn the mechanics of manipulation -- in other words, when i see something clearly, i need to learn how to manuver myself to profit from it...and not just a percent here or there; i wanna start cashing in on all this free wisdom from ZH.

i think i'm gonna learn the delicate art of 'puts'. 

i just wish there was some sort of book that told you, 'when you foresee a big move in some currency, this is the most profitable way to turn it...or, when you know something is going to happen in the bond market, use such and such mechanism to smash their heads in...'

anyone know of such a book?

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The dreaded "L" word.  Liquidations.  The silver market is very small so even one hedgy having to meet a margin call would roil the silver trade.  Probably no bids to meet the ask volume, therefor.....massive drop to hit the bids.  I wouldnt be surprised if gold and silver hit 1500/25 in the next 20 days.  This correction is gonna be swift and fierce, so if you're leveraged, good luck.

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Profit taking, banks dropping their shorts?!  Looks like a buying opportunity.

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EURUSD price action is breaking down again. Expecting another drop soon. EURUSD Market Report is available here http://bit.ly/n8SsO6

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I don't give a damn WHY silver is down.  It's a buying opportunity.  BUY ON THE DIPS.  Anything below $50/oz. is a bargain; below $40, it's a steal.

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Spx 1,000 maybe what you tell your grand kids. I remember when the SPX was over 1,000!

Sorry grandpa

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Oh how Hank Paulson looks like Daddy Warbucks for these new orphaned markets...just like he was in `08.


The Sun'll Come Out...after the Greatest Depression.

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great work as always, mr. tschir.

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"Whatever the reason, the result has been lost faith in the willingness of the Fed to boost stocks at every opportunity."

Listen, Ben is just a shitty mechanic.  He's been using nothing but starter ether for years.  In furtherance of my analogy, here's a video about what ether can do...It can destroy your engine...



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Mr.Tchir, I would like to know how you come up with 1100 for SPX? What is worth how much and compared to what??The Fed has been hinting that their efforts have been to buy treasuries in order to support stocks in a round about way, when in reality they have been herding everyone into bonds. The way I see it the big boyz game is to get everyone into the bond and then do the old switcheroo.

 They will do it when they have most everyone trapped. This could be the last time they shake the tree, but I doubt it. I also doubt that buying bonds at the top after a 30 year bull market is good strategy. Not at all!

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I ask what happened to make stocks futures go from 1,120 on the 12th of September, to 1,210 by that Friday?  That to me is just as legitimate a question.  And the answer is clear - the market still believed that the governments were there to give the market whatever it whined for. 


Bullshit!  I'm losing any respect for Peter Tschir with this utterly naive statement.  Markets moved from 1120 to 1210 last week because it was opex and the MM's were losing their ass on options expiry.  The house always wins.*


* Until it goes bankrupt and is bailed out by government, which is another sort of win.