Over 46 Million Americans On Foodstamps For The First Time Ever

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While the capital markets may be cheering that in the past month 120,000 people supposedly found jobs, even if these were largely temporary or part-time just in time for the year end shopping sprees, we wonder how they will react when learning that according to the latest update from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), some 423,000 Americans found their way to minimum way subsistence, courtesy of Food Stamp handouts from Uncle Sam. Since the start of the Second Great Depression, food stamp participation has increased by 18.7 million, and is now at an all time higher 46.3 million. All Bush's fault, or something. At least the chart below appears to be plateauing... Actually, sorry, no isn't.

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Bullish for JPM, because they run the food stamp issuance overseas by way of Indian tele-services.

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Let's hope for JPM that they can grow another 10% in that division next year...

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It's all good as far as those highly desirous of creating total reliance on Big Brother are concerned.

And by the way:

Food Stamps Used for Starbucks Frappuccinos
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The scarier thing is that before the downturn, we already had 30 million in the electronis soup lines.

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Yo, Tyler, you should embed your EBT video link on this one.

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BTW, 46 million?, that's Obama's core support.

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EBT, Bitchez!  

<iframe width="500" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/o64Fz-KW1Dk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Obama's Free Ride!

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we all must come to love big brother, he is our provider...

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It's okay, the Barrasso Heller Amendment is out there...


Barrasso Heller Amendment” to defund EPA Corps jurisdiction expansion. Call both your senators at (202) 224-3121. 
The EPA and Corps have published new regulations expanding the term “Navigable” so it could cover a bird feeder in your back yard. Don’t let the EPA and Corps get away with expanding their own jurisdiction and undermining the limits Congress placed on them by limiting their Jurisdiction to “Navigable Waters” in the Clean Water Act.

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TL;DR - All your Water in all of North America belong to us.

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TL;DR admirality law everywhere, suck it corporate slaves

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Thank god they aren't on the unemployment list...

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One month into his term , 911 haPpens.
And one month left on his second term the market crash happens.
No it couldn't possilbley be BUSH.

The terrorists won.

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one month into his term, 911 happens?  So our presidents begin their terms in August? One month left in his second term, the market "crashes"?  So the market "crashed" in December and not October?


You seem to be using that fuzzy government math.  You should go long on a calculator and calendar.

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I can haz ur cheeseburger ?

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I 8 yur burgerz

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and creepy euro mayonaise

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At Wendy's we have plump juicy cheezeburgers. But we have to omit the tomato due to rising input costs, or wait was it El Nino? La Nina? Fuck it just try our cheeseburgers.

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Without doubt, the best ticker ever:  HRL.

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All that is missing is U....

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May I recommend this can of spam of the year 2002 sir?
That was a perfect year for spam!

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Woman With 15 Kids, Somebody Needs To Pay For All My Children

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is now at an all time higher 46.3 million

Is this 46.3 million individuals




46.3 million families ?

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I've asked that question a couple of times, I've never received a response.  I assume that number is individuals, no?  Food stamps aren't issued to kids.  Though I assume the more kids you have, the more stamps you get.  So that number could reflect a total number. 

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and just think .. There was record breaking sales this Past black Friday and cyber monday ...

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According to other infor, the number of requests for instant background checks for purchasing firearms was 32% higher on Black friday.  Any correlation?

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One would assume individuals.  There are 115 million +/- households in the US.

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When the revolution comes, these folks will be the majority.

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No it will be a revolution of the 99% taking from the 99%.  Don't worry Obama is going to take care of the car payments, the phone, the gas, the rent, the food, the healthcare...

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How about you get off your fucking back for 15 minutes long enough to put your goddamn feet on the ground? Then we'll talk about prospects on providing for 15 fucking kids.

This is fucking ridiculous. I'm so depressed that people even give this shit the time of day. She should have thought about that on her... 3rd fucking kid. Maybe even her 7th. Hell, she could even wait til her 10th kid. But 5 more after that and it's someone elses fault? Fuck that. FUCK. THAT.

It blows my mind. People on my street even... they don't even know how they're going to provide for themselves and they're popping out kids like it's going out of style.

god's little miracles...

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This is how, with the support and encouragement of big Government, the meek shall inherit the Earth..until it is no longer sustainable.  Then very bad things happen.

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thx tekhneek- "FUCK. THAT." will be the newest quote entered into my ZH classics. lmao

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"How to Serve Man"...it's a cookbook! Twilight Zone episode, remember?

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How to cook [for(ty)] humans.

Kang and Kodos FTW!

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? People..., people who eat people...., are the hungriest people, in the world......?

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Hmm, on the bright side -- the growth rate is tapering back to linear! :>(

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The Foodstamp President.....i like that

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Fiddy is next up...