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Globe and Mail: "Canadian Banks Are Fine"

...or not

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Sheeps only read headlines - not charts.



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Sheep & HFT AIs. :) Which shows the level of IQ of the former not in good light!

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Globe & Mail =  Government Proxy Disinformation Propaganda Outlet, aka just another Main Stream Media Rag

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um... here's why, bitchez. 

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STBANKX is the Canadian composit bank index -- for those who don't know...  (Zerohedge is tough for beginners).

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Updated: STANKX. New symbol.

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Why do these never show up in Think or Swim (TDAmeritrade)?

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And it does.  Stanks, I mean.

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No liquidity problems here...Eh?

"our banks are fine don'tcha know...?"


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You're thinking Minnesota/Michigan.

This is Canada.

Ahr they're failin'ay?

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Just what the heck is this all aboooot?


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Man, where have you beeeen?  (LOL)

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Many Candians still pledge some sort of loyalty to royalty in England, and it's aboooooot time to end that farce and charade that is nothing more than a sick joke, ehhh?

As it is, England even having a queen and royal family that is worshipped by half the population out of some stupid historical notion of bloodline is a sick joke and antithetical to all things democratic.

That old hag who is the queen of England should be scraping by like the overwhelming majority of blue hairs her age, in a dingy flat, rather than being the largest land owner in the nationsimply  because of who she was born as.

Drop ze puck.

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Pffft who cares, it's almost hockey season, eh?


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You're a few decades out of date friend.

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She does have a nice profile in relief though....

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  Aug 15, 2011 – 9:27 PM ET

"After 43 years, the Canadian Forces are regaining their “royal” moniker.
Canada’s navy and air force are to be restored to their pre-1968 titles of Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force."

While everyone is running away from the monarchy... these guys are going back. WTF?

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Your question is very ironic considering your avatar. The fleur-de-lys has been used to represent the power of ruling royal bloodlines since sumerian times.
Obviously the black nobility is fighting to stay relevant, trying to pull the bedsheets over on their side and away from all of the other illuminist factions.
Imho you should invert your avatar, show it upside down. 

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Actually, the symbol was adopted by ruling royals throughout history because of its powerful symbolism derived from its original meaning.

According to French historian Georges Duby, the three leaves represent the medieval social classes: those who worked, those who fought and those who prayed.[5]

"The use for ornamental or symbolic purposes of the stylised flower usually called fleur de lis is common to all eras and all civilizations. It is an essentially graphic theme found on Mesopotamian cylindersEgyptian bas-reliefsMycenean pottery, Sassanid textiles, Gaulish and Mameluk coins, Indonesian clothes, Japanese emblems, and Dogon totems (...) it is a very stylized figure that has been used as an ornament or an emblem by almost all civilizations of the old and new worlds".[12]  wikipedia

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Sorry to bust your bubble, but I'm from quebec and, like most youths from these parts, I used to spit on the queen from the healthy age of 5-6 years old and started to really understand why by 12-14. Don't put everybody in one basket.

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"Oh, yah ? Betcha' a Loonie the Glo-o-o-be has it reet."

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BDM will save us, no worry, few more tousands of the dow and we may start to picking up


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He whom holds the scissors laughs best.

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he who runs with scissors 

laughs best ..


until he doesn't...

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OMG ............ ya got the short on brains thing correct.

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Our banks are screwed, EH?

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CHMC and the Government (taxpayers) have our banks are very well protected against the impending real estate crash courtesy of the last financial crash. Canadians will soon wake up...probably as early as the date of of the next 401K (RRSP) statement period.

But we got lotsa oil, gas, AG and water bitchez

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Great post Catch 22    "... and NO gold !       "


I bookmarked this sucker ... as a Cdn been trying to  get Cdn's to ask ...why ... and when ....  WTF ....


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Who gives a damn abooot gold when you got oil , eh?

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Scotia Bank's punch line "You are richer than you think". 

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They should say, "ScotiaBank steals more than you think".

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Updated: You're Poorer Than You Think !

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tyler, you fringe blogger!

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fine or fined? Oh wait that's ours

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It's a donkey stock.

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I will say some of this Financial downside is the funds that specialsize in only financials...they haveto sell all of them...Vanguard comes to mind..but there are some good banks....I would assume in the gang of theves...I do not know them...I hate banks...but there are some cheap cherries here I think

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BAC might throw out 10 to 1 reverse split and bump that stock to $50.00.

That kind of cherry?

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wang (not verified) Sep 22, 2011 11:21 AM

sadly the chart for the banks reflects the chart for gold

best to throw shit when the fan is Not set on reverse

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I always thought $1,900 was a bit lofty for gold, I know everyone calls for $20,000/ounce gold but they dont realize what the world would look like if Gold was $20,000 frickin dollars. Oil also at $500-$1,000 bucks a barrel? Makes no sense. Well we havent printed any LESS, so $1,500 or so seems reasonable to me for now.

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This is a Canada thread. Gold is green today priced in CAD

There is no limit to how much wealth gold is capable of consolidating. Gold has been outrunning all commodities including oil.

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Hey! Quit with that sound logic!

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Yes thanks Im aware of that, I know gold is up, but I wouldnt count on gold running anywhere much higher now.

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wang (not verified) Spitzer Sep 22, 2011 11:34 AM

xgd the miners are green LOL

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Actually, and very sadly, it means those Zero Hedge readers who only try to get in an out of context soundbite, never read Zero Hedge articles. From September 16:

"It seems that Bernanke, if he wants the market to rally, is going to have to come out with a surprise next Wednesday." In other words, stocks are now pricing in not just OT 2, and a reduction in the IOER, but also an LSAP of a few hundred billion. There is, however, naturally a flipside, to Bernanke's priced in announcement: "If he doesn't, then expect a big selloff." In everything, mind you, stocks, bonds, and certainly precious metals. And, of course, vice versa."

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which is precisely the point the downdraft (cliff dive) is not peculiar to canuck banks etc