People Not In Labor Force Soar By 522,000, Labor Force Participation Rate Lowest Since 1981

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it is just getting sad now. In April the number of people not in the labor force rose by a whopping 522,000 from 87,897,000 to
88,419,000.  This is the highest on record. The flip side, and the reason why the unemployment dropped to 8.1% is that the labor force participation rate just dipped to a new 30 year low of 64.3%.

Labor force participation Rate:

People not in labor force:

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There Are 100 Million Working Age Americans That Do Not Have Jobs
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They don't count.....literally.


Coming soon......unemployment rate 3.0%


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Is that 88 million non workers?


Who's paying for them then?

and what happens when the endless free money runs out?

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No matter what you think, you can not argue with a chart like that at all.

Its absolutely, wow when you look at it.

Sad to see like the article says...Numbers weak, we all know that -

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Now the comparative years are startng to slide back. All comparisons were to 2005 and 2000 and 1995.....suddenly, we are in 1981 territory?

At this rate of reverse acceleration, we should be at war shortly and then back in the warm arms of Great Depression comparisons within a few weeks?

What goes up must come down...nah, that's old ways of thinking.... new math, new rules don't allow for such logic.

What is pushed up can be kept up is the new mantra.



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Dateline Chicago, May 4, 2012


     CNBS Marginalizes Santelli
    Guilty of Conspiracy Theories

On Squawk Box today, a hoot of hoots to tune into during government manufactured synthetic misleading economic data releases, Rick Santelli, the only sane person on the program commented that between a whole butt load of adjustments, adjustments to adjustments and finagled data, the labor release today was best viewed as "propaganda."
Immediately thereafter, Daine Swonk, chief bone rattler, tarot card reader, sooth sayer and still pretty good damned good looking for a quick bj in the parking garage (which should roundly be adjudged as a compliment at her age) clumsily interjected during Santelli's attempt to insert a moment of sanity into an otherwise random noise generator clusterfuck of useless and clearly identifiable "everything's coming up roses government horseshit and shill misinformation" comments, told Santelli that these are not "conspiracy numbers."  That was the first use of the term "conspiracy" during the entire blubbering miasma sad excuse for a morning fact based news cast.
Clearly, the truth brigade in the persona of Santelli is rattling far too many cages and needs to be marginalized via the standard Bernaysian discredit and divert methodologies exemplified by accusing Santelli and others of his ilk as "Conspiracists"
This phenomenon is akin to the recent official "World Wide Web" (What crap, try logging onto Google Germany, for example... no can do!) information manipulation taking place with respect to Sinclair News reference;

as well as increasing instances of odd (as in WTF? and why even bother) disappearances of tin foil hat web sites, ref.,

people are being left wondering aloud why powers are trying to manipulate thier very thoughts to such a degree and done in so sloppily a manner, to boot.
So, tune in tonight to "Exsingunation in the Death Star Camps" and "Dancing with My Penis, a Year's worth of Sex in a Moments", "Size Is All That Matters" followed by "Getchur Brazilian Butt to Fuck" and enjoy, Sheeples.

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I LOVE Santelli, his passion and no-BS stance.  He performs two jobs admirably - inform us of current bond news and warn us of the mounting fiscal cliff. Santelli for President!

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All true, but you failed to mention when Steve LIEsman called Rick a hypocrite

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So you and Gully are the two designated viewers today?

- Ned

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I'm thinking about starting a riot-control company.  I expect huge unruly crowds of applicants.

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It is information like this from ZH that makes me think that the US BLS statistics are the most ridiculous fraud going.

Europe, in particular Spain, might have horrendous unemployment statistics but I have a great deal more faith in European Government statistics than the

US Bullshit Lieing Statistics.

Unbelievable crap. 

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Sadly, as a life-long Illinois resident I can echo Rick's founded frustrations as well as insight.  Illinois is the new ground zero.

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"and what happens when the endless free money runs out?"

Here is your answer.

Off the Grid
There are growing number of people
who have decided to live light on the earth
to not be a part of problem anymore
I spent the last few years with four of them
striving for harmony with nature
in the most pristine corners of United States.


And here is Julia when after a Romney victory.

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Living off the grid doesn't mean roaming around Mt. Shasta and returning back to 5000 BC

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You will upset the OWS Hipsters Paleolithic dieters and receive massive down votes.

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I guarantee that all those yearning for a societal breakdown, to grow their own food, make their own clothes (don't ask about medicines and the like) have never done any of these things.  The demise of specialization is the demise of modern civilization.  If we all have to know how to fish, make clothes from skins, grow food, work an anvil - how are we better off than serfs?

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True dat. I'm not seeing the great embrace of the Amish lifestyle or the rise of Christian Science.

What I do see is a bunch of doofuses going to renniasance fairs and thinking how cool it is to run around in armor.

Then they return home and stop by the seven eleven for a slurpy and gas on dads CITI card.

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Slurpee - about 10 empty (but deelishious) calories per OZ.


Make sure to get that 64 OZ mega Slurpee - approx. 640 calories.


Yummy in my fatty tummy.


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 I agree, I laugh at some people's notions of what is coming.  They think it's thunderdome or something.  I simply tell people, you want to see what the US will look like in 40 years, go to Mexico city.


I mean look at what we did to Iraq, even then its not " amish meet medevial knights".  Its just called third world conditions, not unlike scenes you can see in parts of every american city

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I agree to a certain extent, but you have to keep in mind the initial, massive differences in standards of living between, for example, the United States and Iraq.  I don't think Iraq has nearly the number of anesthetized, overweight simpletons who rely on a fully functioning supply chain to keep their grocery store shelves stocked with processed foodstuffs.  When the U.S. crashes to say, the level of Mexico City, we are falling a much larger distance, and the reactions of those who went from facing "how do I record American Idol and Dancing with the Stars and still get to watch The Bachelor" to facing "how do I feed myself and find potable water" is likely to say the least.

I don't think we're facing Mad Max over the long-term, but in the short-term I would plan on being as far away from urban centers as you can possibly get.  My two cents, adjusted for inflation.

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+1 Chump as usual. I have to be careful though, your avatar is an automatic -1 if I'm not careful.

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Ha!  And yours is an automatic +1 because it reminds me of:

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Are you better off not knowing how to fish, grow food, etc.? Because tens of millions of Americans don't know how to do anything but swipe an EBT card, and they'll be at room temperature soon after the dollar collapses. I'd rather be a serf.

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while I am far from being a posing paleo-type like those (hilarious) pictures portray - sorry, but would those kids even exist without a camera? - I do make most of my own clothes (because I like to upcycle textiles & fibers), grow most of my own food, have for years, and use alternatives to pharma-meds, including herbs grown by myself and others. . .

don't do it for the cameras, tho' photos exist - but merely because it's part of living creatively. . . not everyone is plugged into the majority.

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it can't run out.  tht's the condundrum we're in.  If it does it all collapses.  Mad Max shit.  Buy gold and shares of good gold companies. 

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Yup. Mad Max was popular in 1981. 

We're nearly back to the state of failed, apopletic economy. Without China acting as deflationary force there's no more rabbits left to pull out of a hat. 

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You hit it on the head.

People dont realize we were able to print so much in the last decade because we imported deflation by increasing the % of stuff made in China.

Now the difference in cost is getting smaller and we cant import much more. Inflation this decade will be VERY different then last. Eiather we have to go back to 1970s levels OR we stop printing and go the Europe route.

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We Sell Sold For Less

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Good article on China and US Trade relations:

"The High Cost of Our Addiction to China":

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Not companies, if you don't hold it, you don't own it.

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Agreed...this is the box the Fed has backed itself into.  Great chart yesterday somewhere here that showed the camel humps of the last thirty years where the humps were the tech bubble and the Fed-induced housing bubble...we are currently on the third hump which is clearly Fed-induced heroin to try to goose growth that NEVER WAS THERE...there is no growth rate...the internet is a destructive force as much as it is creative. 

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More destructive, actually.....dramaticaly accelerating the pace of machine over man.  Machines will beat vast majority of men, most of whom do not even understand them.  The uber-creative and uber-connected are creating a world with no place for "average", and certainly not for "worthless eaters".

The stage is rapidly being set for a big, ugly bang.  Technology will either save us, or kill us, and not one person on earth knows which it will ultimately be.

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I am convinced technology os the solution. We're not going to solve the energy mess by using less toilet paper, recycling bottles or freezing in the winter.  Major technical breakthroughs will do the trick. 

Almost every technological advance has been greeted with the same cries of "there will be no more work."   What about those who raised horses, or teachers competing with computers or how will butchers stay in business if regular stores sell meat.  Currently, folks in the publishing and CD industry are asking what they are going to do. There is always a rough patch before the technology is adopted and the next plateau is reached. 

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umm, if we switch over to a new energy source, there will be PLENTY of work. Switching over a grid and/or creating the infrastructure to deliver the new source will be a great source of new jobs.

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technology does not create energy. Technology may allow the exploitation of an energy source, but the energy source has to have existed already. What energy sources are there that have not already been exploited by man? You need something that will either burn or radiate basically (wind, hydropower, geothermal, tidal have already been exploited). The only untapped energy sources I can think of are some kind of fusion nuclear reactor or possibly thorium-based nuclear reactors. That's about it.

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For instance, they can make water out of dirt by splitting a few atoms... unlimited energy is totally pretty much here; just run out of oil (not therethe yet) and watch how quick they pull a rabbit out of a hat.... we arent that desparate yet

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11b, plus one, short and sweet. If history tells us anything, it is that regardless of whatever economic cycle, progress is generally forwad... the sum total of it. I think things will get much worse (over the nxt decade), then likely better. Technology will play a big role; however, i think there's going to be a collective change in our thougt process from exploitation to sustainment, and we can't go on either by paying for the jobless or ignoring them, while at the sametime eliminating worthwhile careers/ employment-- except for a very exceptional few.

Human being essential need two things 1) relationships/ love/ closeness/ social connectedness/ friends -and- 2) worthwhile work/ employment/ job/ something to do.

Exploitation leads to the destruction of both human needs. And techolonogy will be a key factor in building sustainment; but there has to be a shift in thinking away from capitalism vs socialism vs no gov. Vs oligarh control of gov. Via corporate socialism into a system that makes sense-- that leets people contribute/ participate, while eliminating the free lunches.

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history tells us no such thing. The moors had 95% literacy , wipeout replaced with an illiterate society for centuries.  But one example.

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@Crawdaddy & I said, all 'to be decided'.  We are standing at a watershed moment in history, and no one knows which side we will fall on. 

If it starts going bad, it can become REALLY bad in a hurry....thanks to technology.  And I am not even talking about our highly destructive weapons.  Can you say 'just in time supply chain'?  Five minutes of serious thought on that simple subject is enough to scare the bejesus out of anyone with a brain.

I do totally agree on the destructive issue of exploitation and humanity.  For decades now, I have been challenging the assumptions about our technology based service economy.  I know there is no stopping progress, but we have been channeling it all wrong.  We stood by like simpletons as our manufacturing base was siphoned off to the 3rd world and accepted the promise of "re-training" and a brave new world of technology based jobs.  Meanwhile, the number of high school drop-outs was busy increasing, and is now an ocean of unskilled, unlearned, under-productive labor desperate for jobs that no longer exist.  I worked my way through college in a variety of textile mill jobs.  I could learn every one of them in a day or two, tops, and there were plenty around if I wanted to move on.  As society becomes more complex, we are producing more people incapable of keeping up, and our leadership can't be bothered to even address the root causes.

Independent Contractor


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This is why i like zh, plus one; smart post bud... made me think just when i thought i had it all figured out! I appreciate your thought process

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One word = antibotics, now get back to the black plague and throwing your shit out of the wibdow... bring out your deads... you are fucking clueless

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history teaches us that there is only forward progress?

- explain that to Eqyptians, Iraqis, etc.

- remind me how things went in Rome from 600 AD to, say, 1400

- why were the dark ages called that?

- are the maya or the inca better off today than 750 years ago?

- where are the Anaszai?

- China from 1800 to 2000 had a distinct negative slope

- How about Greece from last year to this?


etc etc etc.

don't kid yourself

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So you would rather have been born 150 years ago when i would bleed out your infection to get ride of the bad spirits... please... yes the sum total indicates progress has been forward... one word penicillin..
Goigle it... or don't as easy access to informarion isnt progress to you. So go to the library and find a book with the card catalogs... you are blind to the obvious... throw out your smart phone, start smoking cigs, and drive your 63 caddie fleetwood to tbe drive in, while you knock out your resume on the rype wtiter... please

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"keep that commie party in China afloat!"

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Yes, 88 million non-workers are out of the workforce. And what endless free money are you speaking of? I have been 'officially' unemployed since 2008, and I can assure you that there is no free money, and no one is paying me to do a damn thing. I'm sure you could check with all of the other 87.9 million non-workers, but I'm certain they're not getting any of this free money you speak of. It's called a life changing experience, one in which you have to change your life in order to survive.

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I'm with you. Never thought my life we be like this. 46, two degress, 23 years stable work history.

Lil Ms.Homesteader's picture

I never did either. 49, two degrees, over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, and here I am in Kansas, learning how to farm. What a long strange trip it's been!

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Lil Ms.Homesteader

As a business or for yourself?

I'm not sure there is an upside to small farming as a business anymore.

I've considered it and looked at a number of properties with everything from Blueberries to Dairy. I see the losses as potentially devestating.

On the other hand I have considered owning the land and renting it out at on either a share basis or straight rent.

Leaving me with more than enough room for a large garden.

Lil Ms.Homesteader's picture


One has to adapt to the current conditions, and I don't believe there is a one size fits all answer. Much depends on skills, geographical location, resources, and the willingness to accept life as it really is, as opposed to life like we want it to be. As far as a business is concerned, that's not really an option these days, at least for me. Self-sufficiency is the goal, being less dependent on the system. It's not easy but it's necessary.