People Not In Labor Force Soar By 522,000, Labor Force Participation Rate Lowest Since 1981

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it is just getting sad now. In April the number of people not in the labor force rose by a whopping 522,000 from 87,897,000 to
88,419,000.  This is the highest on record. The flip side, and the reason why the unemployment dropped to 8.1% is that the labor force participation rate just dipped to a new 30 year low of 64.3%.

Labor force participation Rate:

People not in labor force:

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My job is 'irreverant ZeroHedge poster;' although it is at present an unpaid position, I nonetheless consider myself in the labor force. Catorgize that, BLS!

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The day.

The phrase.

The truth.

Surging disability recipient totals.

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The second chart will probably look similar to the OWS growth chart pretty soon.

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I'm not certain those stuck in prolonged adolescence, as the OWS crowd are, really show enough growth to be charted.

Could someone point to where Julia joins OWS?

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Could OWS be considered a job?

Gully Foyle's picture


I'm sure if you asked politely an OWS member would give some type of "job".

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By OWS I mean a mixed group of angry people that are demanding change. Or as Kyle Bass delicately points out "a tear in the social fabric"

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Yes, angry people still give "jobs".

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Not my wife......................

ihedgemyhedges's picture

That 24 year old bitch married an 85 year old billionaire and divorces him because he wants sex all the time yet she says "I'm not that sort of girl."  WTF?????  I guess when she was banging her boyfriends 3 or 4 times a day in high school it was fine yet when she got her morals (by marrying a rich guy 60 years older than her), sex became immoral?????????????????

This is one FUW..............

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oh yeah, she not that kind of a girl ... next thing, she'll say she was a virgin when she married that guy and was not quite aware what that thing between his legs was

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I hear Soros will pay $60 a day to protest.

toady's picture

I'm there!

Do you have a link or some contact info?

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All it will take now is a match for some serious unhappiness expressed this summer and OBomney will have some social unrest issues to deal with.

Oh ... that's the reason for the executive order.


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3-2-1 and some clueless Keynesian moron student on reddit posts that they "probably all retired".

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That argument doesn't hold water when your average Boomer has little to ZERO net worth... they WISH they could retire.

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Damn! I thought that 88million was a typo

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"Millions" are just rounding errors to .gov at this point; they don't even think in Billions or Trillions anymore.  It's Quadrillions now.

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This is just pure fraud at this point.

If the Republicans had any intelligence (they don't) they would be making this a HUGE election year issue. 

the not so mighty maximiza's picture

They are part of the control mechanism, not happening.

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bingo.  There will be no discussion of any sort of consequence during the upcoming campaign.  I will be 100% tuned out... it would drive me nuts if not.

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Right, Republicans are paid by their corporate plantation masters NOT to talk about real issues, and their causes (Fed Reserve), like inflation on food and gas, outsourcing to China (and other countries), and raising wages. 

Focus on Obama; call left wingers Communists in Congress; call for austerity and be as extreme as possible, so the people don't focus on the real casues of our issues.  Basically the exact opposite of what happened during Bush-era liberal MSM hounding.

Instead, their strategists come up with the "War on Women" and other stupid bullshit the MSM left focuses on, instead of the real issues that both sides should be debating (and resolving...and whole other fucking issue). 

Like, for example, Mittens the other day comes out and says, "We need to slash govt jobs, pensions, and wages in order to help those in the private sector compete and make more money." 

Then, out on the campaign trail, he gets into his "homey" shtick about how he "talked to a firefighter who just got married, had a kid, who lives in a one bedroom apartment, and that that family can't afford a second bedroom."

Um, Mitt....firefighters happen to GOVERNMENT WORKERS!!!!111

If he didn't have some speechwriter and campaign manager that was paid by corporate interests writing his shtick that only represents them, he wouldn't be just reading stuff off a script.  He'd actually have the intelligence to say to his people, before the ladder part, "Hey guys, aren't we contradicting ourselves, here?". 

But 60% of the country doesn't pay attention anymore, and therefore....we get politicans who reflect that same meme.

Unfortunately, the only thing Republicans know is where to sign the back of the check.

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Thank you.

If Republicans were really "conservative" and "pro-business" ending the FED would be talking points #1-1,000.

And if Democrats were really "liberal/progressive" and "pro-working man" ending the FED would be talking points #1-1,000.


Hmmmmm, seems both parties should be in agreement on ending the FED.

kridkrid's picture

It really is that simple.  So there is really one or two "conservatives".... and they're both named Paul (last name, not first)... and there is really just one or two Liberals/Progressvive.... Dennis Kucinich was just voted out... and Bernie Sanders... who I actually question somewhat, based on his "compromise bill" on the auditing of the fed.  

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You are correct sir, one party for the banks and financial sector, by the banks and financial sector.

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The Republican/Democrat discussion is pure fraud. Both parties are owned, lock, stock and barrel by Wall Street.

Here in the UK, a campaign with the objective of ousting Mervyn King from the BoE governor job has begun (from out of nowhere lots of people now exclusively putting the blame on his shoulders). The front runner obviously is a Goldman Sachs alumni. Coincidence? I think not.

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Interesting story on the Pirate Party in Germany. More seats than the Greens and Free Democrats (sic). Extreme views of privacy. And I see Junior Seau has been suicided by the media now. (with the added flourish of brain donation too!) Stay tuned folks! Class Action lawsuits going after CNN coming!

kridkrid's picture

The distraction that will be the debate to end, or dramatically alter, the NFL and college football should be epic.

I'll admit, I'm a fan of mindless football.... even watched a bit of the draft.  Saw the NFL parade up a bunch of service people onto the stage... played the national anthem, and the commissioner went down the handshake line.  At first I thought that the servicemen were disgusting props being used by the NFL... then I thought that perhaps it's the NFL that is the disgusting prop.  Our form of flag waving nationalism is a bit more sophisticated than Nazi Germany... but only a bit.  Rant off.

Cathartes Aura's picture

sports is a perfect metaphor for military - teams of dudes hanging with each other, some play with balls, some with guns, balls & guns = fk yeah dudes! 

bonding, looking out for yer bro' - running uni-formed teams against the "enemy" opponents, "no pain no gain" - cheer leading public reward trophies & badges & titles, national heroes, parades. . . group fkg games, keggers, *whoop whoop whoop*

seriously - sports is training for team spirit bonding, patriotism & fighting for the meme/corporation.

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A most important point. Until the masses understand this we really do not have a democracy in reality.

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If you understand the formation of the Democtrat-Republican party then you will know they are and always have been one party.

CrimsonAvenger's picture

why? It's not like they could change things if they were at the helm. They'd just be tying the noose that they'd later be hung with.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

They'll only claim that the problem was inherited and that they had nothing to do with it.

Gully Foyle's picture


"If the Republicans had any intelligence (they don't) they would be making this a HUGE election year issue."

Really? You don't see them as part of the problem and that if they ever point out how bad shit really is they are burdened with it next cycle.


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The above chart is all that is needed to commence a complete rejection of the current controlling regime, both political and financial.  End the Fed, unelect ALL current elected officials, turn a fire hose onto the floor at the NYSE, break up all the TBTF banks...and do all of this stuff as quickly as possible.

The Greater American Depression rolls on and on...because certain entities within this nation continue to exist, thwarting capital formation, hiring, and throwing gas on price inflation, etc.

Just maddening. 

WonderDawg's picture

Thus, why you're not likely to see that chart on any of the MSM channels.

Cdad's picture

You will see this issue discussed on the MSM just as soon as the public [a huge portion of it unemployed] forces the issue.  And while everyone and his third cousin will take the under on Average Joe waking up and demanding real change, one should not underestimate the effect hunger has on upending apathy.  I would suggest to you that this awakening has begun...and the hunger pangs are now setting in.

And when this epiphany begins to surface, the MSM will turn and become truly populist in nature.  It will need order to survive.  And establishment media is already feeling the economic effects of the American Public abandoning it.

Let the Revolution of the Closed Wallet continue...

Dulcinea's picture

You are so right, as usual, Cdad.  This is why we are beginning to see glimpses popping up here and there.  Ever so gradually, it is happening.

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please, you are smarter than this..

LOOK AT LABOR Participation during 'Bush-infante terrible' (aka junior)..
it went down from 2000yy, and never returned to pre crash 2000 levels..
it never happended before during prev recoveries

fraud started back then


Cdad's picture

It does not matter where or when the fraud began.  It does matter...where and when it ends.  I would submit to you that it needs to end here and now...or the financial pain directly ahead will be massive as the inexorable rise in Fed generated debt will destroy this nation.

Enough prattling on about how to save the current sad situation [QE].  The conversation needs to be how to rid America of its current failed regime. 

LawsofPhysics's picture

Simple, no more bailouts.  Allow poorly managed companies to fail.  Reward responsible behavior and prosecute the fucking fraud.

LawsofPhysics's picture

The real "organized" fraud began in 1913.

LawsofPhysics's picture

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.  Surf's up.  FYI everyone, this chart is the leading indicator.  Anyone in washington ready to have an adult conversation yet?  Bueller... Bueller...

Peter K's picture


Where's Chuck Barris and the guy with the hook when you need them?

pragmatic hobo's picture

I think GWB renditioned him.

GetZeeGold's picture



It was Bush DAMMIT!!!!


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Add a few colours to the first chart and it will look like a rainbow.