Perfectly Forgettable $35 Billion 5 Year Auction Closes Despite Another Record Low Yield

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The only memorable outcome of today's $35 billion 5 Year bond auction was that the yield plunged to a new all time low, nearly 30% below the July auction, printing at 1.029% compared to 1.58% before. With the When Issued trading at 1.03%, this was an "on the screws" type of auction with absolutely no surprise at all embedded. The Bid To Cover was modestly week compared to LTM, at 2.71, below the 12 auction average of 2.81. Take down was again skewed toward Direct Bidders, as Indirects accounted for 42.1%, Dealers for 44%, and Directs taking home 13.9% of the total. As yesterday's 2 Year, this was yet another snoozer, allowing the government to fund $35 billion in deficits at a record low cost. And as long as the rates remain here, the Treasury will issue as much debt as it can to prefund trillions of future deficits at the lowest possible price, regardless of what the CBO says.

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When does Timmy run down that $400 Billion line of credit he was given a few weeks ago? Should be real soon by my reckoning. Irene might help it along as well.

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so, did they replace the pillfered pension plans? thought so!

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operation twist would appear to be working just fine.  No need to announce any more QE when you can do it this way.  We appear to have hit equilibrium, for now.  

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-2.5 % REAL return annually (according to CPI). Yeah, I would buy that asset.

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That's 13 bps above recent prices so the maggots will do well on the flip. Lately the auctions have been such a screw job on the treasury to the benefit of the PDs. The last 30y auction came in 30 bps above the price of the day and those effers turned right around and sold them for ~ 3.5% a few days later. God I h8 those mutha humpas!

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Holy crap! Who strapped the booster rocket on the 10Y yield?

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Debt doesn't fund the deficit.  Debt is strictly a monetary tool of the Fed. 

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The bernank must be royally pissed. Triying his best to get the dollar down and everyone else is beating theirs down too. Minus 2-5% real interest rates just ain't cutting it. Gotta try for -25%. Looks like we are all gonna be rich when the banks offer 10 or 20 % just to take loans.
I'm going to register my dog and cat so they can some of that free fiat too.

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Gold trade wagon get off the rails bu-ha-hahaha: *LOL*


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I wonder if Jim Rogers is still short bonds.

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Introducing the Insured Bankster Savings Account - Open yours today!:

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TREASURYS ARE NON-CALLABLE but the duration/interest rate risk can be mitigated by your PRE-REFUNDING BRAINSTORM! Get S&P back on the line, who's that new guy? CitiBankster-What's-In-Charge? Obie Debt Brother loving it!

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36 billion 5 year note auctioned at below 1%....

Primary dealers tendered 63 billion from their own accounts.....for what ?

63 billion is 400% above the  14b and 17b tenders submitted by Direct and Indirect bidders

Primary dealers are far outbidding anyone else at the lousy 0.979% Interest yield - is this a joke ?

why would anyone give away their money for any time-span at below 1% Interest ?

looks like the FED is borrrowing and lending to himself in an ever increasing circle !

while the USD is in a tail-spin....

The World is supposed to bear it with a grin while being fucked over in this never - ending

orgy of bugger thy Neighbour played by the criminal FED with what is called

the world's "Reserve - Currency" ( what a lousy joke )