Peripheral Stocks Pump As Spanish Bonds Dump

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Italy, Spain, and Greece saw their stock markets rally today (with Greece dramatically so - though what exactly is 10% of nothing?). The rest of European stocks are underperforming as equities broadly deteriorate towards credit markets' already less sanguine shifts. In the last hour or so equities and credit did rally modestly into the EU close but investment grade credit remains near one-week wides as stocks remain range-bound. Spanish bonds (cracking over 7% yields) diverged significantly today as Italy managed to rally modestly close to close. Spain's 10Y spread to bunds has risen 90bps from its opening rally on Monday morning and over 55bps from Friday's close (and Italy +22bps on the week).; but Italian stocks are down 3% on the week and Spain up 1.85% on the week. It all makes sense if you blur your eyes and put your fingers in your ears. EURUSD managed to get back over 1.26 (as gold and silver dumped this morning) as we suspect we are seeing more repatriation flows (and TSYs tumbled this morning) but with Swiss 5Y rates almost 5bps negative, Europe remains teetering.

European stocks (blue) are reverting lower to credit's deterioration...

as Spanish bond yields/spreads surged and diverged from Italy for a change...

but Spanish stocks remain notably outperformers relative to Italy...


Charts: Bloomberg

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Pump and Dump Bitchezz!!

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No wonder Cramer wants you to sell Santander (SAN) and buy SHW, TRV and TD which are near 52 week highs..

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Cramer needs to do himself a favor and shut the fuck up, base jump from the Empire State building and fail to pull the ripcord!


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Now this is what they call a dead cat bounce. As we already know that tomorrow is a risk off day and Monday's Greek stocks will be -10% at their best.

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"It all makes sense if you blur your eyes and put your fingers in your ears."

thats exactly how it can make sense 3 days to D-day

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Pump 'n Dump. Sounds like a cheap gas station in the South.

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seems like there is always more pumping than dumping but than again maybe thats just inflation as well

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volume seems low today

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... and gold moves from slump to jump, and Benny gives the 30 year a little bump, while the taxpayer takes it in the rump...

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Great inspirational quotes from the financial war:




"Hang in there boys, if we can hold the market at the 25 day we may just win this battle yet!"


"Release the HFT drones!"


"In honor of your gallant front running to achieve a short term rise in our companies stock, I hereby award you this massive year end bonus"


"We are doing God's work"

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"what exactly is 10% of nothing"

First a concept what is nothing except a means to measure how much you have.

Now if everything that is "potentially now currently nothing" and then with what we pretend is there added on but never was.

10% of nothing, could be 10% of everything we pretend is there.

Or it could be 100% of absolutely everything if all the pretend everything starts disappearing. 

Sound familiar, trillions is owed globally but how much of that is pretence. Chuck a number in here 200 trillion with lets just say a politician saying the 10% is 20 trillion. What if the pretence 200 trillion is in fact only if the pretence is removed worth 20 trillion then the 10% of nothing just became everything.

There seems to be alot of trying to keep the pretend values up and cannot be expunged from economies because the bailouts being bandied about are actually everything. They do seem limited but do you bet pretence to solve it? So psychologically a politician cannot bet with the pretend stuff yet they struggle muster more than a limited amount hence likely we are gambling the 10% to offset the problem of everything "AND PRAY GOD THE PRETENCE HOLDS UP!"

If the wheel stops, 10% of nothing is everything "game, set and match so long live the game".

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The strange action seen in the IGS markets today is due to options and futures expiry tomorrow.

A lot of traders were short and closing positions into the close today (market hours end at 3.40pm European time).  That was good for a 250 point (2%) rally on the MIB, the Italian stock index, for example.  It won't last beyond the morning.

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Rally warning continues...

Despite stockbears with their pre-election jitters, SPX choppy bullish daily & USDX bearish daily charts strengthen.

Significant equity / EURUSD upside & USDX retracement ahead.

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Spanish ibex35 main companies ( ITX, SAN , TEF, BBVA, ELE, etc..) are truly international and their domestic exposure is limited.

they are the ones that will hold value in case of a total spanish fiasco.

Small cap index (more domestic)  and your favourite towel maker Bankia still going down.