Peter Schiff Explains What Today's Global Fed-Funded Bailout Means For The Future

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If anyone is still confused by what has transpired today, here is Peter Schiff explaining in simple words, why what happened "may be one of the most important economic events of the year" and what to do next: "Today’s unprecedented announcement by the world’s most powerful central banks was a loud and clear bell ringing to buy precious metals. The move, disguised as an attempt to help the fragile state of the global economy, is in reality a move to prop up failing banks in Europe and the US. By reducing interest rates paid for dollar swaps, central bankers are in effect increasing the quantity of global dollars in circulation. The result? The dollar will weaken, inflation will rise, and gold will soar. Gold was up more than $30 today, and the dollar got crushed. I urge you to take 7 minutes to watch the video I recorded exclusively for my subscribers a few hours ago. It explains, in plain language, what happened today – and what is the likely outcome for your portfolio. This may be one of the most important economic events of the year." And pardon Schiff's self-promotional piece at the end, but the truth is that he is essentially correct about what the actions means from a big picture perspective. Furthermore, as Goldman made all too clear, this is merely the beginning as more and more inflationary actions have to be undertaken by central banks to save banks from being crushed by untenable debt loads. Whether they succeed in overturning the deflationary tsunami is unknown. What is certain is that they will bring fiat currencies to the verge of viability (and beyond) in trying.

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trav7777's picture means bad news bitchez

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Peter Schiff is ghay and the global elite like him. (Get it?)

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While maria bartromolomohomo was blowing alan greenspan for a perfect dollar policy in 2005 peter schiff was the only sane voice

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When the winning team 'inks' (squid reference) a deal with you $$ and you change your tune in a heartbeat..... ($get it?)

Remember PS is just a man and NO man is an island.

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some niggas don't care much about money; mores about ending the white mans rein. 

"Kill'm all, and lets God sort'm out." Martin Luther King.

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God, you guys (Carlyle and lemon) are gross. Go ..somewhere. Rub helmuts for all I care, just leave.

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More than 7 days of food in your house? Potential terrorist!

Rand Paul highlights just how dangerous the National Defense Authorization Act could be for the American people if gets passed by congress.

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Codex Alimentarius? Agenda 21?

It's closing faster than you can say Jack OR Robinson.

Plus, they just sort of re-authorized Horse Slaughter for meat. Not a good development.



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ZH is hitting the establishment where it hurts

look at all these ridiculous racist/hateful comments

check the IP addresses on these commentors and you'll prob see .gov and .mil

first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you (or try to sabotage your website), then you win.

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I wonder why anyone would be worried about FOOD SHORTAGES...."


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quit being a pussy. you have to fight fire with fire. you ever deal with a bully in school; shit, first sign of trouble; beat the shit out of them, get them on the ground, and say, "next time, i'm fuck'n you in the ass." you'll never hear a peep out of him again; and you and all your friends can safely play on the jungle gym.

the world is going into prision rules, as we all realize we just slave on a giant slave ship.

never show your golds though, that'll cause mob confusion. and you'll be torn a apart.

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I'll echo the "please leave" plea, those two have absolutely nothing constructive to say, period.

They got in in for Schiff and I could care less why.

Been following Peter's statements for years and he knows his stuff.  If people don't like his message, well guess what, don't read it!

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Lemon Brain..... that wasn't King.

Arnaud Amalric

according to the Cistercian writer Caesar of Heisterbach, Arnaul Amalric supposedly responded when asked by a Crusader how to distinguish the Cathars from the Catholics,

Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius (Kill them all. For the Lord knoweth them that are His.)[2].

This is the origin of the modern phrase, "Kill them all and let God sort them out."



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Peter Schiff: "…a lot of people think this is a bailout of the EuroZone - it's not, it's a bailout of the banks on both sides of the Atlantic…" and "…it's not only… look at China…"

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if your innuendo is that peter schiff has been somehow compromised with a bribe from the establishment, i suggest you present your evidence to back that up.

schiff has been pro-PM, anti-QE, anti-fed, for quite some time, he is not changing his tune.


going around making baseless innuendo, and calling someone "ghey", makes you a worthless loser, a distraction, a bug that should be crushed, you don't belong here, you don't have anything of value to add. you may now report back to your masters at bank of america and report that you failed in your mission.

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Peter Schiff's dad Irwin Schiff is in jail, likely ultimately as a form of censorship for his books on the corruption in the IRS and Socialist inSecurity system.  Peter rarely talks about this, but I think it fuels his vehemence at the system.  I think it highly unlikely he's been compromised by the system...

Carlyle Groupie's picture


Unless 'they' have promised to let daddy out of the cage early if and only if you do and act like this;

Carlyle Groupie's picture

With or without his felonious influences Schiff will not be your new president;

Peter Schiff, economics expert regularly featured on several stations, descendant of the Rothschild lieutenant Jacob Schiff, and married into the Gore line, Al Gore's daughter Karenna Gore Schiff

7point62's picture

Peter Schiff has clarified this many times on his radio show.  He has a relative named Jacob Schiff, but it is not the same guy as the one you and your link reference.  Obviously, that link is at best mistaken and probably just plain lying.

As for his wife, he is divorced.  I don't know anything about his x-wife.  He (smartly) does not speak of her publicly.


Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

He isn't related to that Schiff. 

Irene's picture

Karenna married the doctor Andrew Schiff, not Peter Schiff.

Element's picture

A different Jacob Schiff was involved.  He's Jewish, which is hardly surprising, but the details of his mother's lineage are unclear. A Jewish bloodline is matriarchal so it doesn't matter if the father was Jewish or not, as only the mother's side counts in defining if you are Jewish, by birth. Peter Schiff is claimed to be Jewish by Jews, which implies his mother was indeed Jewish, though not necessarily his father (though he was too).

He has a degree in finance and accounting and his first position out of school was at Lehman Bros as a financial consultant. i.e. he hatched as a banker.  So yes he's a "Jewish face in banking", but not from that Jacob Schiff lineage.

"Buyer-beware" is almost zh's second moto, along with this advice:

" ... we believe not only that you should be comfortable with anonymous speech in such an environment, but that you should be suspicious of any speech that isn't." - Tyler

If schiff is saying buy gold that's hardly worth talking about. He's really saying is the system knows the situation is hopeless, the jigg is up, so buy gold while it's still fairly cheapish. Of course, what goes up comes down and spiking bubbles always pop. Over 15 years you can see it is getting ready to spike. But paper always comes back though, because the human mind always creates a world built from a stack of lies and myths, held together loosely by bullshit mortar.

The Jews just take advantage of the routine goy failure to realise this, and face the fact of it. And yes, they do try to ensure we are in no position to learn it for ourselves. Instead, we are trained from birth to believe in the lies myth and bullshit, and to deny the bits we don't or can't believe in, and we call this enlightened and secular. The Jews however keep their accumulated knowledge close to their chest, and pass it along the family. They like to know more than the rest of us about the deeper nature of the human mind and the way it works.

Given this, why wouldn't they treat goy with complete contempt, and take advantage of all this ignorance layer-cake?

Just look around you - it is fucking contemptable - and fantasticly ignorant and glorifies stupidity. They like it this way. This way works for them. And most humans just aren't up for a trained and orderly mind.

What would you do?

The real answer is wise-up, pay attention, and do it better than they do (if you want to be a wonton criminal parasite which constantly runs humanity up dead-end canyons ... but like hedging, when everyone does the same thing, it doesn't work anymore, the advantage is gone).

Tompooz's picture

Element, I wish you wouldn't say *the* Jews.

It sounds kind of prejudiced and the effect is self-fulfilling, driving people together that need not be driven together.

Element's picture

Fair enough, they are not all the same, but what do we call them then?  Conservatives often refer to themselves as "the Jews". One of the problems is, it is a (genetic) bloodline definition, via the female lineage. Even though in Abraham's time Jewishness was via the male blood line. All the Jewish tribes were named after a patriarchal son, not after a daughter. The males line is what Jesus supposedly descended from Abraham by (though I still don't know how Mary explained this on the Birth Certificate).

The curious male to female lineage swap-over came later, due to goyim generally realising that if they just killed ALL *the* male Jews, *the* Jews would be finished - problem solved!

Or so they thought.

*The* Jews then secretly and very pragmatically simply switched genders, and it remained this way since. So people in Europe presumed they had wiped out this menace of Jewish financialism and political and legal conspiracy, but not so as it just came back via mom.

I know what you are saying and it is valid up to a point, but let's face some facts and not get too politically correct, this was family, a tribe, and a race that did not integrate, and who largely still don't. The idea of Jewish conversion was always a ruse, a social and political tool, not the creation of real *the* Jews. They were make-believe 'Jews' mostly for business and marriage needs, etc.

Conservative Jews simply didn't and still don't accept that any Goy can ever become a Jew, because it isn't about the Talmud at all, it's about the family, and tribal lineage back to Abraham. Conservative Jews that I knew told me that directly.  Indeed, a Jewish girlfriend of mine told me her grandmother and geriatric friends had told her directly that she was of pure Jewish blood, only because her ancestors had struggled for 3000 years to maintain the lineage's purity, so who did she think she was to dishonour all her ancestors, and change that, in the next generation?

As you can imagine, it's a compelling argument to put before the young idealistic and very brainwashed Jewess (or rather, the mother of all guilt-trips and mind-fucks) and its argument routinely used to try and prevent marriages with *THE* GOYIM.

And yes, the goyim is really what they call us, it isn't out of vogue, that is the language they still use. They have ZERO intention of changing that practice BTW. Let me just add, my girlfriend was nothing like them--yet.  She was just like any other young Australian woman (except she had just got out of the IDF and all of its racial ideological world-view mind-fucking).

There is a no bullshitting *THE* Jews tribe, and they are completely race-based, and yes, you are thereby excluded, and will only to be put up with, if it is absolutely necessary, to maintain social and discretionary niceties.

As far as they are concerned I'm the foreigner, and in my own country of birth!  

But they are not interested in the State of a person's birth, not even for Israel (just ask any Arab 'Israeli' ... these are the 'Claytons' Israelis). They only care if your mother was a real Jew, or not. i.e. if you are of THE JEWS, or, of THE GOY.

They made that hard-line distinction, I didn't.

I only discovered it via dealing with them up close. I did not grow up with ANY grudge against Jews, and I don't know anyone who did.  No one taught me to hate or think any less of them (actually, it was precisely the reverse, I was thoroughly versed on the WWII stories etc.).

I simply got to know them and what they really think and do and say, and I was appalled and disturbed that these people were in our society, that we had welcomed them in, when they truly do in fact despise us, and consider us beasts or burden and low-life scum, not worthy of breeding with or integrating with.

Those are *THE* Jews.

JOYFUL's picture

Fair enough, they are not all the same, but what do we call them then?


Sabbatean-Frankists. A cult that hides behind jewry and mobilizes them into unwitting supporters of their satanical agenda by utlilizing a self-fulfilling loop of intentionally created anti-semitism against a group not even "semitic" in origin (for the most part) They worship money, power, and numbers, and fear our awakening to their mind games.

Cliff Shack has the goods on these monsters, but as will all the real truthtellin sites, got his screwed around, you have to go through web archive to find his treasure trove of information.

yeah "the jews" are an arrogant bunch, but dupes, like us, nonetheless.


Element's picture

Hmm, quite an archive in there, thanks for that link, will take look. This guy Cliff shack, if still around, should zip up that site and upload it somewhere as a downloadable file.

Carlyle Groupie's picture

Element tries to educate you but never-the-less, you continue to bang your head against the wall.

Thank you for reading at least.

Peter Schiff is extremely dangerous to this country and to the original ideals of our founding fathers. Beware. Nuff said.

Tompooz's picture

Thanks, Joyful. Very informative links there.

Tompooz's picture

I know what you are saying; it is the excusivity of the "tribe/club".  My point was to leave a space for those who are born into the tribe, but have the courage to resist the zionist and financialist direction into which the tibe is herded. The Chomsky's, Finkelsteins and many others, who are painted as "self-haters" and are even denied access to Israel.  Being called *the* Jews leaves them no free space, they want to be just human beings, whatever their paternal or maternal line. Yea, Obama too.  They need to  be encouraged, not herded.

Element's picture

Don't get me wrong, I know several Jews very well, all female for some reason who basically completely ignore Jewishness and are not the slightest bit interested in it's nonsense. They are just like me. They tyically pull a face of disgust, or roll their eyes if Israel or Rabbis are mentioned at anytime. I like these women a lot, they're smart, pleasant, and two of them I call long-term very close friends.  I notice these wemen are black-sheep type personalities, people who go their own way, and are somewhat distanced from their families, often because their family lives in another country, which allows them to distance themselves from anything overtly Jewish.  And it seems this is the reason why they left the fold.  One of them did wear a star of David when I first met her but that was more a habit, than from closet-Zionist tendencies. They want to go their own way and do think for themselves, so I don't even regard them as 'Jews', simply because they don't identify with the tribal blood-bond in any way, or the 'religion', and the state of Israel is foreign to them. The only way you'd ever guess they were Jewish is their very stereo-typical Jewish surnames. Only one looks like she might be a Jew, but she looks just as much Italian. I'm very glad to have met these beautiful ladies, they helped me enormously to understand the nature of things and what is going on in the world, and I hope I've helped them just as much to comprehend the endless social and mental manipulation we have been subjected to.

It is because we understand this, together, that we're such true friends for life - no matter what happens.

*The* Jew-ishness may be a racial bloodline definition, but ultimately, it is only held together via direct Jewish cultural influences and indoctrination, and that culture is deeply unsatisfactory and dysfunctional and an out-moded JOKE in a connected world, where closed cultural ghettos that do not, and can not integrate, are simply not acceptable.

Particularly in the form of a State within a state.

It's high time to put a stake through the heart of that sick and depraved cultural influence is all I'm saying.

As for the males, every male Jew I've ever met was an arrogant jerk who I detested. And they all love butt-fucking. Don't believe me? Just ask any Jewish girl and they will readily confirm this.  A girlfriend eventually asked me if I wanted anal sex with her (which BTW, I didn't), because she said, every boyfriend I ever had wanted to do that, and I thought you would too. When I said I only wanted to make love, not cause her pain she said (and I quote), "oh good, because it reeeeaally kills!".  

Hey Jew dudes, girls, any girls, want real sex, by which I mean "making love". They do NOT want animalistic cold-hearted butt-fucking, you disgusting grubby self-indulgent cruelling idiots.  

Get a clue you dismal sadistic stink-dicks! I've finally grasped why you cruellers all get circumcised, it's nothing to do with a "Sacred Covenant" with god, instead it's just a practical means to reduce the amount of shit clinging to your knobs, and resulting stinketh, and infections.

You dirty fucks!

There's a reason why so many Jewish girls fall in love with a goy man, they actually know we're far better people than what they're used to.


So, ... Goy men, be really nice to Jewish girls, they won't ever forget the contrast.


Make love ... not war!

infotechsailor's picture

Carlyle, you are retarded. Someone scrub his comments, they make no point whatsoever.


Furthermore, i hear he likes the take of penis on or around his mouth.

JOYFUL's picture

no, he's not retarded.  He's an escapee from a tel aviv hasbara cubicle, gone rogue...apparently even Mossad has discipline problems.  He's been on a tear here for a couple of weeks with intent to spread disinfo and stir up the pot...

Now he's simply threadjacking. As long as he gets a response he'll be around.  All trolls feed on attention.  Starve them for it and they drop offa the host.

kinganuthin's picture

and your last name is Groupie.  You were probably conceved on Bon Jovi's tour bus.

hack3434's picture

Why don't you just admit that your name is Mike Norman and that you have some weird obsesion with Peter 

Carlyle Groupie's picture

Ok. It's weirder than that. I own a website called and me and my 1.6 million devotees want to literally eat peter schiff.

Now it's out and I feel better.

jcaz's picture

Oooh- edgy.... Yawn......

JohnG's picture



Please shoot yourself in the head you piece of dogshit.

It you need some help with that, I'll be around.


Carlyle Groupie's picture

'Use of Stupid' has names and addresses. Please come visit.

clymer's picture

your posts are a metaphor, Like you giving the finger to people. To us, it's like you showing us the number of friends you have. (before your dog died)

Carlyle Groupie's picture

Does that mean you're not going to come visit?

This is my curious look

If you do come visit can you please bring Peter "Rothschild lieutenant" Schiff with you? I need some live target practice.

Dave Thomas's picture

Oh yeah, remember Mike Norman? Whatever happened to him? Those final Youtube videos he posted in 2009 looked like they were filmed inside the treehouse in his parent's backyard.

IQ 101's picture

Pete Schiff is an interesting guy and his Dad is still sitting in the Federal Pen forever and ever, I think, I'm curious to know if the Family relationship go's back to Jacob Schiff, federal reserve innovator or is that just a coincidence ?

Curiouser and curiouser.

Carlyle Groupie's picture

Do you honestly think he'd get so much free airtime on Imelt-CNBC if he was not a member of the tribe?


Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, Kyle Bass. What do these gentlemen have in common? 


Answer: All are gold bugs and all are on CNBC regularly.  


Nice one Carlyle. 

Carlyle Groupie's picture

Putting Rogers, Faber, or Schiff in the same sentence as Kyle Bass shows me you are not paying attention. Dummy.