Photo Of Pipeline Fire And Map Of Awamiya Region

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And another update this time a video showing Awamiya, Eastern Saudi Arabia, where the oil fields can be seen from minute three onward.

Another update from Arab Digest:

A new photo of the pipeline under fire, from our Qatif correspondent:

Below is a map of oil fields in Saudi Arabia:

The Eastern region is where most of the oil fields are based. The events, if they continue, might force Saudi Arabia to lower its production expectations this year, thus affecting world supplies, and possible the world economy.

A quick review of the proximal refinery courtesy of Saudi Aramco

Ras Tanura Refinery

The most complex Saudi Aramco refinery is on the Arabian Gulf at Ras Tanura with a crude distillation capacity of 550,000 barrels per day (BPD). Ras Tanura Refinery also has a 305,000 BPD NGL processing facility, a 960,000 BPD crude stabilization facility, 145/158 MW (summer/winter) of combined steam and gas turbine electrical power generation plants, a combined 150 lb and 600 lb steam capacity of 6,217 Mlb/hr, and 75 crude oil and products storage tanks with a combined capacity of 5.8 million barrels.

Ras Tanura Refinery's major refining facilities include a 325,000 BPD Crude Distillation Unit, a 225,000 BPD Gas Condensate Distillation Unit, 50,000 BPD hydrocracker and a total of 107,000 BPD capacity of catalytic reforming. Ras Tanura Refinery is the only Saudi Aramco refinery that contains a Visbreaker (60,000 BPD). This refinery also produces 17,000 BPD of asphalt, more than any other refinery in the Kingdom. Crude is normally transferred to Ras Tanura through a pipeline and can also be supplied by ship. Most of Ras Tanura’s production is for domestic use and transferred to the Dhahran bulk plant, while some products are exported.

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Well at least it's not Korans this time.......

ZeroPower's picture

And yet they'll still expect an apology from obaMao.

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PHOENIX – An investigative “Cold Case Posse” launched six months ago by “America’s toughest sheriff” – Joe Arpaio of Arizona’s Maricopa County – has concluded there is probable cause that the document released by the White House last year as President Obama’s birth certificate is a computer-generated forgery.

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"The events, if they continue, might force Saudi Arabia to lower its production expectations "


Just get the the ISDA to declare them not to be events.. it will be like nothing ever happened.

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Highly bullish.  I'm sure it was "speculators" that blew it up.

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On a side note.....

WASHINGTON, March 1 (Reuters) - Iran has made a rare purchase of U.S. wheat in an effort to build food stockpiles as the United States and Europe implement tough new sanctions to contain Tehran's nuclear ambitions. 

Put sanctions on Iran then sell them wheat... WTF?  Ayatollah just said put all 120,000 tons on my Chase card.

Buck Johnson's picture

I know, just like the ISDA when everyone knows it was an event and people know that this bombing was a warning.  And if people think that Iran doesn't have Saudi Arabias major oil facilities targeted, they are sadly wrong.  Because I guarantee they have planned for this contingency.

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Breitbart won't be the only person to have a sudden heart attack this month.

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dude ive seen u over the past year ur fast becoming a habit start a blog already, reggie is the man and he did it

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the story is ridicuolous and so are all the birthers. it defies logic. If it's a big liberal government conspiracy don't you'd think theyd have enough power and connections to just make him a new completley legit birth certificate with whatever they wanted on it instead of photoshopping or forging him a birth certificate? Also, last time i checked, where you're born has no bearing on anything. give it up sherriff.   

ElvisDog's picture

You need to go back and read the Constitution cowboy. Only people born inside the United States are eligible to become President. Naturalized citizens are not.

AnAnonymous's picture

So the Founding Fathers were born inside the US?

That is a piece of news.

Rewriting history in such blatant way is traditional sports for US citizens.

Ceteris paribus's picture

Only slaves have birth certs , people born free do not have them because a birth cert is a contract between you and the Government , they own you and you get benifit entitlements.

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Half the United States, the Republican half, have yet to come up with anything that will stand up in a court of law, including Donald Trump and America's Toughest Sheriff.It's amazing to me that Greta van Sustern at Faux Noise has a law degree and somehow has never talked at length about the birth certificate.

How many Mexicans slipped over the border of Arizona while the "toughest sheriff" was eating donuts?

yt75's picture

Lol, do you guys know that for instance first oil shock is due to US production peak in 1971 and not the so called "arab embargo" ? (a leaking joke that lasted around 3 months and was never effective from KSA to the US in particular)

Truth is that US diplomacy ant oil majors needed higher prices (to start Alaska, north Sea, GOM) and **PUSHED** OPEC towards price increase and quotas.

Too bad  James Akins died one or two years ago (key guy in that story)


AnAnonymous's picture

It triggered all.

I dont think the Arabs or anyone else needed counsel on that topic. They went to the conclusion by themselves.

What your story forgot to mention is that anyone who pointed to the finited nature of oil supply was smashed in the face by charts plotting the rate of discovery of new oil sites. Useless to conserve oil as every year, more oil was discovered than it was consumed.

The rate of discovery plummeted in the same years.

This is the combo of events that led to the reaction by the Arabs.

yt75's picture

No, I'm talking facts here.

And the fact is that James Akins indeed suggested $4 or $5 a barrel during an OPEC meeting in Algiers (he was US ambassador in Saudi Arabia at that time), and everybody "amazed".

James Akins is also the guy asked by Nixon to audit US production in 71.

There has been plenty of other "games", like "the oil glut" or counter oil shick in 85 being a deal between Reagan and the Saudis to put the last blow to USSR (and it worked, cutting their foreign currencies revenues by two third).

Americans always want to avoird these historical geopolitical facts, doesn't make them disappear.

As to discoery, the peak of oil discovery is around 1964, so even beflore, and all giants fields discovered even before, except for Cantarell.

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Hedges look pretty green for A FUCKING DESERT!

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Well at least it's not Korans this time.......

And when was the last time the Koreans blew up a pipeline???


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I'm pretty sure his comment was in reference to the burning of Korans last week that sparked a whole mess of protest in Afganistan.


ziggy59's picture

I'm pretty sure his screename is perfect!

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Protest in Argentina? What does this have to do with New Mexico?

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Ya ya and every time they talk about assisted suicide, they always gotta mention the "youth in asia". How come they always gotta bring race into the discussion? What did those kids ever do to them? (Hat tip: Ali G)

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And what about all this talk about too much violins on TV. I like violin music.

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"Now that's a fire!" - Eddie Murphy

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Roll Charlie around...he be aight.

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A gentle warning from the Iranians?

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Reality == Nothing to do with Iran. Just a few Saudi citizens, protesting, being destructive.

Media == Secret, Iranian military sabotage.

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It's ok! We'll light our own farts! 

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Iran strikes back! Take that USA.

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No kidding. How vulnerable are we - and how fragile is the world economy - when a single pipeline fire has the potential to knock the whole thing off the rails?

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terrorist attack?

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Flock of Black Oily Swans! BITCHEZ!


(Did I do it right? It's my first "Bitchez")

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Most ZHers seem to prefer a humpty-dumpty kind of bitchez:




Like that.

But whatever works...feel free = 

"Oily Black Swans" is terrific, and you can spell it however the fuck you want. I nominate it as the Meme of the Day...

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Great thing about ZH is any way you want to do it is ok as long as it doesnt fuck with my person way of doing it.

Ron Paul Bitchezzzz

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ZH puts the MSM to absolute shame.

You fuckin guys rock!

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ZH "Ides of March" Money Bomb: March 15, 2012 - Goal $10,000.

I'll throw in $20.

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You know, I paid Schiff, Martenson, and Martha Stewart but I learn more here than anywhere else.

Just donated.

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lol - my neighbors JUST bought one ...

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Tape this on their window while they are sleeping...

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So production is going up!

Great News~!

Disclosure: I wanted to link the ad for the gas guzzler from Robocop but I couldnt find it.  Just take a moment to pretend I found it and you watched.