Plow Horse Enters Quicksand - America's Abysmal June Economic Report Card: 7 Positive Surprises; 23 Negative

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There was a time when we mocked all those who said the US economy can sustain some sort of organic, Fed-free recovery on its own, and perhaps, just perhaps, regain the virtuous cycle. We now just feel sad for them. The latest confirmation why those perpetual optimists will likely never again get it correct in their lifetimes, except for the 1-2 month (and increasingly shorter) period just after a new LSAP program is introduced by the Fed, is the June US economic report card. Courtesy of Bank of America we see that 22 of the 30 most important economic indicators in June missed expectations. And since this includes the seasonally adjusted July 7 claims beat, which was discovered to have been merely a seasonal auto-channel stuffing gimmick, the real number of misses is 23 out of 30, or a whopping 76% fail rate.

The BofA post mortem on the above data:

Data releases continue to come in below an already beaten-down consensus. As we have noted before, June data should be relatively immune to the weather distortions that boosted the data in the winter and weakened the data in the spring. Yet, as Table 1 shows, 22 out of 30 indicators covering the month of June have surprised to the downside. Moreover, the weakness is not concentrated in second-tier data: the big three of payrolls, retail sales and the ISM have all been weak.


Why are the recent data so weak? In our view, it is mainly a matter of confidence. The last several years have featured a number of false dawns. Each time the US economy looks better for a while, economists boost their numbers and start taking about “take off speed,” only to see growth falter. Similarly in Europe, each time a new rescue plan is announced there is a period of optimism in the markets, only to see the crisis pop up again. This long string of false dawns is slowly eroding away confidence in the recovery.


Looking ahead, we see mainly downside risks to our well-below consensus forecast. If our Q2 GDP tracking model is correct, growth in the first half of this year—including weather-boosted Q1 and weather-payback Q2—averaged just 1.5%. The weak finish to Q2 means a negative “base effect” for Q3—specifically, data surprises in the last several weeks lowers the tracking for Q3 GDP growth by about 0.3 pp. The consensus has been drifting lower, but it still expects growth to pick up to 2.2% in Q3 and Q4.


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McDonald's misses earnings by 6 cents, says 7 cents due to unfavorable FX.  As I posted on BKs comments yesterday with regards to FX, you ain't seen nothing yet on large cap with heavy foreign exposure.................dollar strength setting up market for a REALLY bad October...............

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"organic" ?

Speaking of organic, all eyes on California. Headlines LATimes.

"Battle over genetically engineered food heading to voters"

California could become the first state to require labels on genetically modified, or GMO, food products. Firms on both sides are gearing up for campaigns.

Monsanto's pissed. With USDA Vilsack in their pocket, we'll see how far this goes.


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fuck kraft, gen mills, buy coop, drop health care, live life slim and trim, pay as you go and take savings and buy pm.

vote with feet and dollars - quite simple - thenshut the fuck up.

fuck californated

fuck propositon liberal failure...

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try to vote with feet and dollars when there ain't nothing left you want to buy and you gotta eat.

Organic companies swallowed up by Big Ag


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I'm no radical, but, if the insects wont eat it why should I?

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This is huge.  To require labels that specify "genetically modified organism" would give consumers the knowledge to make a informed choices.  Previously big AG was able to block the labeling stating that the label was misleading because their wasn't a meaningful difference.

Genetically modified food is to be avoided.  And food that has been genetically altered so that it can survive being bathed in insecticides and herbicides is to be completely avoided.

Please Californians show the courage and get the GMO's labeled.


My organic heirloom tomatoes are doing great growing in my hugelkulture.

Yshua bless

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Wonder what percentage of McDonalds sales comes from the dollar menu?  Hard to make a profit off .99 burgers with overhead what it is these days...

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my money is on charmin,because of the people that eat mc dump!

WhyDoesItHurtWhen iPee's picture

Long Fiat Farts and Anal Ponzi Leakage.

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Crap......MickeyD misses? Now it's serious.


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The EBT crowd has moved on up to Red Lobster.

Seriously, I have noticed that McD's parking lots are increasingly empty.

It's more than just awful 'food'


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Jobless Claims (6/2) says Neg but it should be Pos

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Anyone see Howard Dean on this morning doing his Angry face talking? "The Economy is fine! (really angry face) IT'S FINE! (nose extension).

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Anyone see Howard Dean on this morning doing his Angry face talking? "The Economy is fine! (really angry face) IT'S FINE! (nose extension).


Please!  Always describe that idiot socialist by his full name: THE INSUFFICIENTLY MEDICATED Howard Dean.

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More of the dark side of SSRIs.

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Nothing like gaming prophecy to herd the sheeple for fleecing. Besides, I already gave all my money to Harold Camping.

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Me too, and not even a lousy t-shirt.

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You're not to bright, are you? 

Revealed dreams, letters held for effect, the BIG SECRET?

Con game 101. Please take your gospel of crappola and stick it where the Son don't shine. 

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" He told the other Rabbis in Jerusalem and other parts of the world that he knew the Messiah personally for he had met Him in his dream, spoken with Him, and worshiped Him."

If I spent my life memorizing the Bible, I would probably start having dreams and imagining I am talking to the Messiah myself. Look at what happens to the people who do the same thing with the Koran. You have to be moderate in what you allow your self to imerse your mind in. Otherwise you develop a distorted vision.


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Just shoot the horse and put it out of it's misery.

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Even horses don't need to face moral hazards.

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Circuit breakers on stand-by?  Check.

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Nah.....  The PPT, Plunge Protection Team just will have to give up Monday morning porn.....


Instead they will make some chart porn...

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Now all they need to do is report the real numbers and not these government sponsored lies.  Unemployment at 8.2%? Riiiight...

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I believe that unemployment is more like 22%

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Awesome, CSPAN Monday morning call-in topic: Should US Banks Be Nationalized?

Plus, their very nicest hostess Libby Casey handling the calls.  Way to start a cloudy half-staff Monday.


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Damn........................she would definitely do in a pinch.  And after 18 years of marriage, every night is a pinch.......

+1 to you for finding the hot librarian look.......

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I don't know why that's awesome if they nationalize the banks they SOCIALIZE the banks debts!  Think Ireland they were actually doing pretty well until they nationalized the banks or think about the Credit Default Swaps.


Behind Credit Default Swaps Market, a Cartel Left Open to Collusion



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One of the most bullish for stocks articles ever published on Zero Hedge..... Cue Benny and the Jets.......

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Thanks for putting that crap song in my head at 730 on a monday... thanks.. ?Be Be BENNY AND THE JETS.. ?

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'twas my intro to Rock and Roll and Axl Rose's inspiraton. 

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I fear the euphemism 'Less worse than expectations' making a resurgence soon in respect to worsening economic indicators.


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hit me for watchin bubblevision. i like the headline "recovery  in trouble".. it would have had to be happening in the first place for it to be in trouble they really are financal comedy central.  With that being said. I luv the smell of rule 48 mornings. they smell like....    could it be one?

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We've re-coupled. Fuck Globalism.

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Atreyu and Artax, in the Swamp of Sadness...

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does robo come out and play on days like these?

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It feels like that odd low pressure, staticy peace just before a shit storm rolls in right about now.  As dollar derived loans start getting called in and promises on paper begin to burn. Like a giant hoover vacuum over the earth, all assets paper and physical will get flushed to meet those calls...unless or until berstinky pulgs the printing press back in. I wonder if he's just trying to crush gold in a "smash and grab" kinda way? and how far can he push it down?  hmm

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'They Shoot Short Sellers Don't They?'

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where's that brave australian lady? When we need her.

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40 years living off the avails of others, especially of Germany, Japan, China. This game is now over. 

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Weather boosted Q1 was brought down to 1.5% H1 by the poor Q2 and provides a lower base for Q3. Add that up and Q3 is Expected to be 2.2%.  2.2<x<1.5 With the debt ceiling and fiscal cliff approaching.

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Everyone here knows that economic "experts" don't know what they are doing. So it's not important whether their estimates are correct or not; what is important if the actual level of the numbers are negative or positive for the economy. So you start with the first: actual number 377,000 jobless claims--that is negative...and continue.

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Wrong. Everyone here knows they know EXACTLY what they're doing.

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Bwahaha love the picture. The Neverending Story? My childhood represent!