Point Out The "Housing Bottom" On This Chart

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The chart below is a representation of the Establishment Survey (B.1)showing workers in the Construction of Buildings Space, aka those who, as the name implies, build buildings. At 1,213,500 workers, this was not only the lowest number of 2012, but the lowest since May 2011, and is just 2100 workers above the last decade lows. Perhaps instead of relying on the NAR's self-promotional brochures and Housing Starts data which capture if and when a shovel has met the earth, one should perhaps track how much actual demand there is for building construction workers and how many jobs this critical component of the economy creates. Sadly, as the chart below shows, not much.

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Point out the bottom in housing on that chart?  Easy...just off the right side of the chart somewhere...right along with the "recovery" in housing.

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Exactly.  Extend the chart to 2050 and the bottom will be obvious.

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Down 28.6%.  Not a problem.  Green jobs will replace the old construction jobs.  Obama is a Harvard graduate.  

“I am concerned, as I’m sure many of you are, that these jobs not simply go to high-skilled people who are already professionals or to white male construction workers.” (Fmr. Sec. of Labor Robert Reich, Jan. 7, 2009, on how the stimulus money should be spent.)

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Did it ever occur to you that there were too many construction jobs before given that the demand was artificial....

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- 2 million unemployed illegal aliens never counted. There, fixed it for ya.

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framers in short supply for the development where I'm building

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which FEMA camp are you building?

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not building personally but having house built in suburb development

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What is Lawrence Yun doing on ZeroHedge???

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Good framers are always in short supply. Plumb, level, square- why that's old time thinking.

orangedrinkandchips's picture

Framers? Framers? We dont need no stinking framers!


Just pick up some non-US citizen who doesnt even know what framing is...THEN HAVE HIM WORK FOR YOU!!




too easy

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New housing starts in DFW UP 22%.

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Of Course.  They are all expecting Texas to SECEDE.

I'm headed that way too.

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Rental appartment bubble. Even CNBC figured it out.

Please build much more, I wanna buy cheap.



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I know the "framers" of this country are rolling in their graves.

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Snicker. Add that in with the U-6 NSA chart at the link below (up 0.8% month over month) and the question remains:


Who is going to buy all those empty homes again?



Bicycle Repairman's picture

Many of those empty houses were a mistake from the get-go.  They will be bulldozed.

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A lot of them are self-composting...

Bicycle Repairman's picture

You stalking me, again, Flakey?


LOL, did you get your boyfriend to downgrade me, too?

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Can we please see a chart indicating employment in the Housing Demolition category to match that for Housing Construction?

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Who is going to buy all those empty homes again?

64 million empty apartments in China can't be wrong?


orangedrinkandchips's picture

As long as the crooked, incompetent, lazy, surly retards ARE STILL BUIDING AND RENOVATING HOUSES....ROCK ON.





Hired on the spot!

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Construction has always been boom-bust but this bust will be the longest imo.

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Link to PDF of Justice Department agreement dated june 26th/2012 not to prosecute Barclays criminallyfor LIBOR fraud.. Issued by Denis Mcinerney Chief Criminal Division,Fraud Section United States Dept. of Justice signed by Daniel Braun Deputy Chief of same and by Barclays  attorney Steven R. Peikin. crazy!!!




GeezerGeek's picture

I hear the DOJ issued something similar to Eric Holder regarding Fast & Furious. This is currently unconfirmed.

Amagnonx's picture

A corporation is just folder with some papers in it, how can it be charged with criminal activity?  This entire process, and the entire idea of 'prosecuting' corporations is a joke - its a smoke screen, its an illusion of justice.


Only people can commit crimes, and only people can be punished - a corporation is a piece of paper, what punishment can it be subjected to?


Its time people woke up to this psychological trickery - some people are responsible for crimes, they need to be identified and punished then we might see some changes in behaviour at the boards of these cesspools of plunder.

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I don't know how the union trade pensions stay solvent when it takes 4 guys working to support 1 retiree. there are less than 40% of the guys working out of the halls here in N IL. some retirede carpenters i know make $10K a MONTH in pension. and f-ing treasuries(where alot of this pension $ is parked) are paying %1.5???

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The Pensions will buy the Spanish 2 years paying 7%..all is good

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Fake bottom created by gov real bottom still to come.

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People are now working mostly off the books in order to not be counted and ruin Obama's chances at getting re-elected especially true in construction jobs.  Expected statement sometime later today -- Jay Carney 2012.

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Double bottom with an extra side of butt clevage....duh.

Seriously, can't you just feel the pent up demand that QE4, 5 and 6 is going to unleash. Recovery is going to be amazing. 

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What's a small dip between economists?

Chalk it up as a productivity increase....

youngman's picture

This is the new normal....I think we will see this for the next 5 years...the easy money demand curve is gone...its the 20-30% down curve now...remodeling will be the growth generator for builders IMHO

francis_sawyer's picture

The "bottom" is off the right of my computer screen...

GeezerGeek's picture

I have a multiple monitor setup, allowing me to extend the graph farther toward the future. The graph fell below zero and kept going down. We already have NIRP, so why not Negative Housing Construction Employment?

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Vancouver Bubble still overpriced:






It's a global Housing Bubble that has a long way to go before corrected.

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Housing bottom is at far right. Marc Faber and Warren Buffet bought in at the hump just to the left of the bottom right. I'm buying in after the end of the world in December.

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*points excitedly* There it is! I see it! I see it!


Downtoolong's picture

The housing bottom is off the chart, and not in a good way.

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I saw it but it managed to scurry under the shed before I could catch it.

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Nice curve, it just never happened in the UK though...

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And to think it only took a $3 Trillion Fed balance sheet to stimulate this industry. Wow, I can't wait to see what we get for the next $3T. And then the Obammy Swami will kick in another $6T in deficits when he has more flexibility and I bet in 4 years we have a real bottom!! Whooppeee...

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New construction is ongoing near where I live (Charlottesville, VA).  It's hard to believe there are enough suckers to buy them.

Houses are not really framed as they once were either.  Most come on semi trailers with the walls already made.  They just put the pre-framed pieces together.  The house goes from the foundation to ready for inspection in a couple weeks.

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The reality is that during the housing boom of 2001 to 2005, especially in the sand states, the majority of construction workers on any job site were 3rd world illegals who have now returned to their home countries.

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At least 20% more on the downside with a spike to the downside of as much as 50-75% in certain markets. The spike down should start sometime in December and continue through at least March of next year. The housing market is years away from a recovery, it will end up being a generational timeframe for the true recovery. The first quarter of next year will likely be the best time to buy to a house then you can expect a more typical 1-3% appreciation going forward. The spike down will represent the bottom of the market but it will still take yeras and years for prices to get back to 2007 levels!

We still have foreclosures at record rates and I've read that in California they want to use Emminent Domain as a way to leverage down the principle (house value) and then have the owners come back in under those favorable conditions. Problem with that is it will further destroy housing prices as these properties are revalued down. Not saying they shouldn't be lower priced but the market should determine the value not some group of politicians and banksters.


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My youngest brother is a carpenter who works for a housing contractor.  He worked only 8 weeks this entire year.  90% of his co-workers are experiencing the same exact thing. 

Just now I saw some dumb ass white house correspondent on CNBS... spinning every piece of bad news into gold. 

There is no housing recovery.  There is no economic recovery.  The US does not produce anything anymore.  US factory/manufacturing jobs are gone FOREVER.  This service based, banana republic economy is on it's last leg.

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This service based, banana republic economy is on it's last leg.

Obaba & the 40 thieves are forecasting a 5.6% increase in 21013 with stimulus.

They are smoking Crack, if they believe WE believe that.

oldmanofthesee's picture

That dumb ass had to be Mark Zandi. Struggling for a positive spin. Even Liesman was incredulous.