Popularity Of Greek Neo-Nazi Party Continues Surging

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There is a reason why we called the graph of youth unemployment in Europe 'the scariest chart' as quite simply, it is the leading indicator for what most call 'social unrest' - but some would call 'uprising'. In somewhat stunning news today, not only do a majority (54%) of Greeks no longer trust any political party, but the popularity of the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn has risen dramatically since May. According to Ekathimerini, the popularity of Golden Dawn's leader Nikos Mihalolioakos has risen ten points since May to an incredible 22%. More than 1 in 5 Greeks now support the neo-nazi party as the general disillusionment with mainstream political parties - who are seen as lying to get votes - grows stronger. 85% believe that the new measures planned by the government to take affect them personally or another member of their family and 68% are against the terms of the EU's bailout.


Via Skai.gr:

The stunning performance (absolute and relative) of the Golden Dawn party relative to the rest of Greece's political parties is truly concerning...no on par with PASOK!!

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Full steam ahead Bitchezz!!!

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Forgetting about economics for a second:   Could Germany even be in a political union with a Nazi led Greece?   There are 1000 ways the Eurozone could fall apart -- but this is one that I'm not sure people see coming.   Can anyone imagine Merkel sitting at a table and discussing policy with... the Nazis???

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They won't be called "Nazi", that's a term derived from the German language. And they won't be Germans for that matter.

But she won't be able to sit at the table with a Greek who is not embracing austerity. So yeah, they still have a problem.

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These days, anybody who stands for national sovereignty vs. the Jew-Bankster-Globalist moloch is called a "Nazi". Blow it out your ass, kosher MSM...and onward Golden Dawn. And coming soon, to a globalist-raped country near you.  

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Time to bake the .... oh fuck that was mean.

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And coming soon, to a globalist-raped country near you. 

That much at least is indisputably true.

And it would be a delicious irony if WW3 were fought mostly among nations lead by imperialistic neo-Nazis each trying to out-Hitler the other.

Maybe after a decade of that they'd get over themselves.

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Sadly, you speak the truth. If you are against the cabal of International Banksters you are a NAZI.

International Banksters to The People of Greece: Pay your bills, bitchez.

The People of Greece to International Banksters: But I didn't take the money, the Squid corrupted my government and they took the money.

International Banksters to The People of Greece: You fucking NAZIs pay your bills.

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as a jew who is a acutely aware of this dynamic, i am saddened. i am a zionist myself, but the original dream of zionism was not to depend on global inflation to sustain a permanent military policy in the middle east. everyone knew there would be fighting , as there always has been. 


but this wall street debasement is sad. its extending to impoverish europe. the sad fact is that most people who repeat the mantra of 'never forget' trying to prevent another holocaust, forget that the conditions that led to the holocaust resulted from a slow crushing debtload and the rinse and dry cycle of inflation and deflation that destroyed the social fabric of germany and europe at large over a full 2.5 decades past world war i.

we have begun the cycle about 5 years ago. perhaps in 20 years we'll have some interesting explosion.  

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I think your timeline expectation is about right.  Mein Kampf was written in 1923 but the hatred, disillusionment and resentment was already pervasive a full 22 years before WWII in Europe ended.

Major wars don't come out of nowhere, there are always decades of precursors to large-scale protracted battles.  Decades of incredibly stupid errors and incitements are it takes, and the longer it goes on the more intense and perverse the competing propaganda becomes, until we all end up as warped as North Korea or perhaps even as deranged as North America.

The future follows a path that is determine by what we do right now.  If you want to change the future path you have to change what is going wrong, right now.  Everyone is responsible for their own actions, inactions and reactions.

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By the way, you might want to watch this video, it was very interesting, and his replies to questions quite constructive:

National Press Club: Ilan Pappe

Updated September 19, 2012 18:40:05

Israeli historian Professor Ilan pappe (and former Zionist) addresses the Australian National Press Club on September 19, 2012.

Source: National Press Club | Duration: 58min 14sec



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NA= National

ZI= Zionists


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NAZI only means the Greeks prefer National Socialsts over Multicultural Socialists.

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Your knowledge of the German language is superseded only by your knowledge of history. 


Or... maybe your just an anti-Semitic idiot. 

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So just what makes this Greek political party "Neo-Nazi", anyway?

And how can ANY party in Greece possibly be "Neo-Nazi", when the original Nazis were German and anti-Greek in the first place?

I know nothing about this Golden Dawn Party, other than that any mention of it is automatically, and ALWAYS, preceded by the phrase "Neo-Nazi".  Given this drumbeat of hostility against it by the mainstream media, I suspect that there is actually something of real value in it, and that they are actually taking hard stands against the globalist financial elite to engender such hatred from the powers that be.

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My sentiments exactly.  At first I thought they were just a bunch of hatemongers taking advantage of a bad situation.  But the fact that everyone calls them Nazis, when that is a logical impossibility, leads me to belive that they actually might be the good guys.  The msm nowdays always calls the good guys Nazis. 

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They beat up people in the street for being foreign. That kind of stuff is gonna bite em in the ass on the world stage.

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So, they need to take a Dale Carnegie class on winning friends and influencing people. 


Plus when everyting goes to hell in a handbasket, who the fuck cares how you are viewed on the world stage. 

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They are considered Nazi because Mihaloliakos is a Holocaust doubter.   I agree with you.  Because they are so vilified, there is probably a lot of good there.  But we also need to be careful of the Fascist / Communist paradigm, used by the elites to manipulate, long before the DEM / GOP division.   

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Well the leader of this party, in an interview, spoke highly of Hitler.

The party specifically allows only Aryans and full blooded Greeks.

The original Golden Dawn flag had the exact same color patterns as the nazi swastika.

They use violence as a means of scaring opposition, a la brown shirt (SA) tactics.


Lots of folks here on ZH object to the term neo-nazi in reference to GD, but the similarities are quite profound.

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greece is used by nato as a bulwark against the 'east' the greek people have been in between the turks and the persians---and europe for millenia, they've done a fair bit of fighting. against others and amongst themselves.

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So effing what. If this is what it takes to stiff the (also extremely violent) JewBankster-globalists and their stooges, then so be it. The choice is between a world of Nations, and a universal Gulag run by the Chosen.

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I knew I should have chosen Bazarov for a moniker.

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The original Nazis were far from anti-Greek. Germany had no territorial claims on Greece, and Hitler admired the Greek people as the originators of "Aryan" civilisation.

When Greece was under the rule of General Metaxas, who had set up an ultra-nationalist regime, its foreign policy was pro-German, since it saw Germany as the main guardian of Greece against Communism

Hitler also used his clout to help Greece escape debt obligations, which the current German Government seems unwilling to.

Things only changed with Mussolini's gormless invasion and Germany's later inability to upkeep Greece due to the Allied food blockade and Communist partisans sabotaging all efforts of the puppet government to keep things running.


What makes Golden Dawn "neo-Nazi" is, of course, that it seeks national self-determination for the Greek people, purportedly offered by their constitution.

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Mussolini thought "neutral" Greece was aiding the Brits, or at least that's what he said.

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That was one of the pretexts, yes, although he probably wanted it a long-term satrapy more than anything. The Axis occupation of Greece was due entirely to Mussolini's invasion at the end of October 1940, which he had carried out totally contrary to the wishes of Hitler, who had hoped to make Greece an ally or at least a benevolent neutral. Mussolini had sought the support of both Yugoslavia and Bulgaria for his invasion of Greece, promising Yugoslavia Thessaloniki and Bulgaria Western Thrace. However, both Yugoslavia and Bulgaria were pro-German, and obeyed Hitler's instruction not to participate; they even informed the Greek Government of the Italian plans.

The Greek Government at Athens always regarded Italy with suspicion, fearing Italian expansionist ambitions in regard to ethnic Greek territory dating right back to the Venetian seizure of Constantinople in 1204. More recently, in the early 1920s, Italy had seized the Dhodhekanisi Islands (including Rhodes), which had previously been Ottoman territory but had been awarded to Greece in the peace settlement at the end of the First World War.

Although the Greek Army under Metaxas strongly opposed the Italian invasion and even pushed the Italian forces well back into Albania, the Greek regime did not adopt an anti-German attitude, seeing its quarrel with Italy only. The Greek-Italian war was seen by Metaxas as a separate conflict from the war between Germany and Britain. Accordingly, he refused offers of British military help against Italy, since he well knew that the British aim was not so much to help Greece as to obtain air-bases on Greek soil from which it could threaten Germany's main source of oil in Romania.

It was only after General Metaxas died in Janaury 1941 that the Greek Government accepted the British offer of aid, and allowed British forces to take up positions in Greece. It was that action by the Greek Government that led to Hitler's decision to invade Greece, in order to deny it to Britain.

The conquest of Greece was entirely an achievement of the German forces, and the military occupation of the greater part of Greek territory by Italian forces was a concession by Germany, not something that the Italian forces had won by their own prowess.

The new Greek Government in Athens and large parts of the Greek population welcomed the German occupation, seeing it as a bulwark against the Popular Front created by the Comintern, which had gained control of the Greek labour movement in the 1920s. The Italians however were always regarded with suspicion because of their expansionist aims (the impressions created by fims like "Mediterraneo" and "Captain Corelli's Mandolin", while they might have some truth at a purely personal or local level, are essentially false).

The Athens Government was prepared to tolerate the presence of Italian forces on its territory as long as Italy was allied with Germany and assisting it in the defence of European civilisation against Bolshevism. However, as soon as the Royal Italian Government surrendered, Italy was no longer an ally of the Greek Government in Athens, and its presence on Greek territory became immediately illegal.

It is noteworthy that when the German forces evacuated Greece and British forces took up occupation at the end of 1944, the latter permitted the Athens Government to remain in de facto power, and assisted it in its fight against the Communist partisans. The new Greek Government that was set up by Britain consisted of elements drawn both from the former collaborationist government in Athens and from the returning Royal Government-in-Exile.

Greece was the only country formerly under German occupation where the Allies allowed a government that had collaborated with the occupation to remain in power, and where the Allies joined the former collaborators in fighting against the Communists who had formerly resisted the German occupation.

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"However, both Yugoslavia and Bulgaria were pro-German, and obeyed Hitler's instruction not to participate; they even informed the Greek Government of the Italian plans."

Right, the Greeks knew the Italians were coming but the Italians didn't know that the Greeks knew they were coming.

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Other than the ample use of swastikas, in their true Reich context - none of that Hellenic/Indian paganistic symbol - shit, in their premises, publications, as well as public praise of Adolph and his visionary national "cleansing" strategies, through their official magazine, along with their well-publicized mandate of open-ended hatred towards un-Aryan "intruders", conveniently veiled as an anti-immigrant stance, which becomes widely accepted much easier, due to the apropos contemporary nature of the issue? - Nothing.

Regarding the issue of the nomenclatural definition, "Neo-Nazi" pertains to their party-ideology of ultranationalism, ethnocentricity, as well as religious and genetic purity, through right wing autocratism. As such, the term becomes an appropriate definition, disregarding its historical context of Greek opposition to Nazism, since the current political party, ascribes to the exact ideology of the then prevalent German party.

I specifically recall the public shock here in Cyprus, with the post-election results, and the event where Golden Dawn's leader Nikos Mihalolioakos' protégé, struck the member from the Greek communist party on air, and members from a Cypriot "sister party", though considerably weaker in popularity, were being interviewed and asked about their ties with the Greek party, whether they hold the same xenophobic agendas, whether they praise Hitler as a political archetype (after shown Golden Dawn's official publications) etc.

Consensus, as well as reason indicates that yes, it is a party representing an extreme ideology on the political spectrum, regardless of its current popularity and broad acceptance, resulting from political failure of the mainstream politics, whose representatives chose to abuse their constituents' gullibility, instead of practising moderation thorough consideration for their people, which lead to social dilapidation and acceptance of fringe ideologies due to increased desperation of the broader citizenry, as well as outrage.

Hard stance again the globalist financial elite has my absolute vote, when provided by channels with coherent reasoning and logical ideologies, preferably non-susceptible to immoderate actions, or pandering to the lowest denomination with sensationalistic panderism, advocating herding using jingoism and racism, for the sole purpose of populational number accumulation.

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There is nothing extreme or "Nazi" about Greece belonging to the Greeks, which is what the party can and will bring about, regardless of whether it is currently oppressed by leftists like you as even some in your own camp admit.

Furthermore, there is everything extreme about any political party preaching the race-replacement of Greeks with non-Greeks in their own land, bringing about their impoverishment and minoritisation, or devolving most political power to an uncontrolable, anti-white entity such as the EU.

Perhaps the only jingoism and racism is yours and the non-Greek colonisers' who robbed the country blind.

akak's picture

Interesting discussion and comments --- thank you both.

Scalaris's picture

Are you aware of your overwhelming transparency, or is your general moronism hampering all degrees of your limited introspection? Has anybody mentioned anything about any sort of correlation between the right of Greeks for national sovereignty, and "extreme Nazism”?

How exactly is the fact of refusing to adhere to militant ideologies, that openly incite discrimination of certain social sub-groups, while leading to sectarian violence, pertains to your woefully unintelligible definition of myself as a "leftist”? Are you familiar with any kind of definition of any sort of political labelling, seeing that you are more than able and willing to throw them around, as if they mean fuck all?

And who the fuck preached anything about any sort of "race-replacement" of the Greek people with non-Greeks, promoting thusly any sort of fictional minoritization, in order to "devolve the political power to an uncontrollable anti-white entity”? Seriously, I'd like to know where do you come up with these kinds of inanities, because I'm fairly certain that no strain of pot has magic powers.

To summarize in the most simplified manner possible, in order to render this post comprehensible for a simpleton like you; 

It is obvious that there is a rampant immigration problem, due to political failure of regulating its inflows, regarding Greece, as well as issues regarding the integration of immigrant groups into host-societies, on a global scale, due to cultural, religious and oftentimes purely racial clashes, which hamper the process of societal assimilation.

That said, and with a firm guidance from the well archived history, when a party surfaces in a time of social disarray, which advocates militant intolerance, in order for the rightful and righteous prevalence of the national, religious and physical race, while recruiting mentorless hordes of misguided youth, seeking for any kind of purpose, sporting uniforms with alternate versions of signage pertaining to a past national party whose leader ordered the death of social segments in gas chambers, for his own ideological agenda which was the prevalence of his own national, religious and physical race, and whose actions consist the premise of the current party's mandate, then nine times out of ten, one can be sure that it wont end well.

Again, there's no excuse for such idiocy, particularly when comparable actions lead to destructive results that are well and widely known, even for halfwits such as yourself and your likeminded peers. It is as if society has become entirely averse to critical thinking leading to any moderate positions, through reasonable analysis, and instead only reacts to extreme sensationalism in a drone-like manner and in flocks.

zelter's picture

Stop being a pretentious shithead. You support the forced "integration" and "assimilation" of non-Greek--and worse, non-European--peoples into the Greek gene pool, and thus the destruction of Greeks as a coherent, continguous ethnic group with a place to call home.

Non-Europeans have no place in Greece to begin with. That your ilk can undertake the destruction of Greeks via an open-borders invasion policy and a shit-eating grin rather than the gas chambers you appear to obsess about should hopefully not deter any Golden Dawn members from treating their enemies as their behaviour dictates they should be treated.

Here is an interesting essay from a leftist admitting that they probably well-deserve the comeuppance GD will mete out after they take over, as a consequence of their vile tactics in oppressing them and other Greeks seeking national self-determination all this time: http://www.protothema.gr/blogs/blogger/post/?aid=219250

Scalaris's picture


I'll stop being a pretentious shithead when you stop being an ignorant cunt, as I don't know how the point which I'm trying to make, can be explained in plainer terms, in order for you no to twist the absolute shit out it, and delve into your repeated tripe of "destruction of Greeks as a coherent, continuous ethnic group".

The joke of an article you are referring to, barely passes as journalism, as it poorly attempts to define the traction enjoyed by the party, which you support, in the polls, as a reaction to a problem that has reached critical mass. Then he just goes on to explain the deeper "psychological" reasoning, behind Golden Dawn's ascendance, crediting the obvious economic deterioration, social collapse, and overall financial pillaging, enforced by Greece's lenders.

Well no shit; lower social masses are fed up by the continuous failure, of the consecutive political administrations who enjoyed power for a prolonged period, and whose policies lead to a national economic disarray, and a complete social backwardness. And your answer to this is a new-fascist group, which bases its ideology on different fascist group of the past, as the most convenient solution, simply because of the sheer number of disenfranchised lower social classes, who feel the most affected by the influx of illegal immigrants.

You want a viable solution, change the policies that nobody said shit about for all those years, because everybody was apparently too busy sipping frappe for 7 hours every day around Kolonaki, and regulate your fucking immigration flows, but don't try to pass a party that recruits its own “Jugendbund” division, sporting the usual recognizable insignia, in order to go and beat up illegal immigrants who sell shit on illegal stands, just because the average Greek class has lost its collective dignity, or because the Germans are making fun of them in 'die Bild' by using stereotypes which hurt their collective ego, or because the majority of the Greek youth are unemployed.

If you have a problem with your politicians, get your heads out of your asses and stop electing them, before they fuck your place up, the way they did. If you have an open border problem, tend to it, before the situation becomes unbearable and uncontrollable, the way it did. You didn't have to wait a whole decade to notice that half of Afghanistan, Albania, Pakistan and Bangladesh, walked pass your useless border control, and now you cry about the rampant crime increase by illegal non Europeans, belonging to the lowest possible underclasses, from countries with the Human Development Index of Burundi.

What passes as an excuse, for the actions of the joke that you call your "political" party now, wont be tolerated when this cycle turns again, and people's collective memory becomes selective, again, and cheap credit starts flowing, again, and people start act in the usual manner, again, like the sheep they are. Because they will start debating about "that" time, a couple of years back, when things got out of control, and a party consisting of uneducated mindless thugs came to power, because we the voters were too busy buying iPods on credit, but then we realized that when a fascist group engages in militant autocracy in order to pressure on a specific social segment, of non-whites at the time, is more likely to engage in the same practices in order to pressure a different social segment, which isn't to its liking, according to the situation, and that will almost always lead to unfavourable outcomes, because history happened before and books exist. 


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Once again, you are lying about the situation. Mass immigration of foreigners into Greece is an intended policy of the transnational elite in Europe ruling Greece at the moment. It has nothing to do with oversights, which would be more believable if every other European country did not have the exact same policies imposed on unwilling populations.

There is no reason why GD should give a shit that foreigners are the underclass. Foreigner trash are brought into European countries to control and undermine the native populations. They don't belong in Greece or Europe, period.

The only thing out of control is the Greek Government, which currently does not belong to the Greek people, and the Greek politicians which do not serve the Greek people. It is irrelevant who is elected or not as long as Greece is non-sovereign, since the EU bounds the Greek Government to take whatever measures it decides.

Even now, you and your ilk and your system politicians continue to lie that expelling the foreigners--fixing the deliberately-created problem--is somehow magically impossible, and that violence against those who lie so brazenly is somehow wrong. Golden Dawn will demonstrate in both cases that it isn't, when it gets to power, and good for it.

Finally, it is not my political party at all as I do not live in Greece. Border control is a "competence" that was ceded to the European Union, to Frontex, by the way. The EU is already fully autocratic and since they won't give up willingly there is nothing to do about that but to destroy it.

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Lying about what? About right-wing fascism not being a viable solution because it bodes to reactionary short-termism, that Golden Dawn is in a fact a political party which openly promotes such policies through situational manipulation, or that illegal immigration has reached a critical mass as a problem that has been festering for the past decade while Greeks gave a considerably less fuck about it because they were still living the good life, through the still existent debt-fuelled cash flow which allowed them to dance on a nightly basis at Villa Mercedes, Galea and Bocca along Athen's beach coast, as if there was literally no tomorrow.

And now all of a sudden, everybody noticed the kind of disarray the state of the nation lies, because the noose got tighter due to bankers turning the taps off, and everybody realizing the amount of political corruption, that has been taking place for decades, because they are left with the bill and nothing to show for, and demand immediate action by any means possible, even if it translates to mob lynching in the middle of the streets for the same immigrants who have been pestering everyone by selling their shit around everywhere, since the time back when nobody even noticed their existence, because they were too busy not giving a shit while spending frivolously and being proper drones?

And while I'd be considerably less inclined to subscribe to the theory claiming that international bankers, multinational company executives, members of the Bilderberg Group, elite academics, senior judges, United Nations officials and European Union strategists are working together to undermine the remnants of sovereignty and identity of nations through mass Third World immigration, before the signing of the Treaty of Amsterdam, which mandated that the EU Council of Ministers, acting on proposals from the unelected European Commission, should assume responsibility for immigration policies from individual member-countries, I still can't accept that political oversight and social ignorance played no part in this, or that supporting parties that advocate sectarian violence is any form of solution.

Frontex is an incompetent agency, I'll give you that, although the UK isn't a member and its borders are poorly regulated as well.

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Do you think your comments make sense in a market that is a speculative acid bath...

morpheus000's picture

What are you talking about you dickwad this is a puppet show you cant make judgements.

morpheus000's picture

Golden Dawn is peanuts. You havent seen the real fascists yet.

Element's picture

No really akak, they're evil sods who want their country back and their own interests best-served and respected, as the only valid basis for a state to even exist.

A pack of real evil bastards.

I guess the main objection is not that bankers used any and all dirty vile tactics and practices to subjugate them, but that they have the cheek to use an equal but opposite lack of restraint, tactics and geopolitical strategy to reverse it.

morpheus000's picture

Thats the whole purpose these crooks and their cronies have is to hold populations hostage and suck their blood.

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See EU policy towards Austria's FPO Party and its current stance on Hungary (which are 'only' rightwing conservatives, not neo Nazis)

Interesting catalyst for the Grexit, once a leftwing coalition takes over after Merkel - wow, they might even refuse to bail them out any longer - but whom am i kidding, they would start bailing out any Greek opposition parties.

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If you're asking whether "dancing with the Devil" is a possibility???? ........We're Waaaaaaaaaaay past that .......of course the Biatch will.......in a NY second

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not going to happen...remember the merkel witch was born and raised in east germany a hot bed of communist brainwashing for more than 40 years!!!!!!

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Is Golden Dawn National Socialist, or something else?

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is ready to take the helm....how do you say mein feuhrer in kenya? kenyic? = yes we can?

LawsofPhysics's picture

right, keep beleiving that all the left/right bullshit.  The banks and financial houses thank you - "mission accomplished".