Pre-QE Trade Remains Only Beacon As Gold, Silver Outperform, Financials At October Highs

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Equity and credit markets eked out small gains on the day as Treasuries limped a few bps lower in yield (with 30Y the notable underperformer) and the EUR lost some ground to the USD. ES (the e-mini S&P futures contract) saw its lowest volume of the year today at 1.35mm contracts (30% below its 50DMA) as NYSE volumes -10% from yesterday but average for the month. Another small range day in almost every market aside from commodities which saw significant divergence with Silver (best today) and Gold surging (up around 1.15% on the week) while Oil and Copper dived (down 2.6-3% or so on the week) with the former managing to scramble back above $96 into the close. ES and the broad risk proxy CONTEXT maintained their very high correlation as Oil and 2s10s30s compression dragged on ES but AUDJPY and TSYs post-Europe inching higher in yields helped ES. HYG underperformed all day (often a canary but we have killed so many canaries recently). Energy names outperformed on the day (as Brent and WTI diverged notably) but financials did well with the majors now back up to the late October (Greek PSI deal) highs. All-in-all, eerily quiet ahead of NFP but it feels like something is stirring under the covers as European exuberance didn't carry through over here (except in ZNGA and FFN!).

ES volumes were the lowest ex-holiday in two months and 30% below the 50 day average volume.


Investment Grade credit just outperformed (on a beta basis) its high yield and equity peers today as HYG leaked lower in the face of the slow push higher in stocks (back up to their VWAP once again).


The commodity complex split into economically-sensitive and fiat-fiasco flows today as Gold and Silver just kept pushing to new recent highs (coordinated monetary policy and realization that LTRO doesn't solve insolvency - as Greece becomes farce) and Copper and Oil fell (global growth concerns?). With the USD up modestly on the week the outperformance is even more impressive and the fact that stocks are still nominally tracking gold and silver suggests the reality of their USD-numeraire is perhaps dawning on many.



Financials have had an incredible year-to-date with BofA up 34% for instance and Morgan Stanley a stomach-churning +29%. What is interesting though is that we have now stabilized at the late October highs which is when the European leaders decided on the Greek PSI deal (striking a deal that banks and insurers would accept a 50% haircut on GGBs). Citigroup remains the underperformer from these highs while more domestically focused WFC is outperforming.

30Y yields rose just over 1bp while 10Y was unch and 5s to 7s compressed 1-2bps in a lackluster day for Treasuries. This leaves 10Y as the week's outperformer (-7bps on the week) with 2Y actually +1bps on the week and the 30Y -5bps.

The USD rallied in early going after a miss in the Spanish auction (yes it was a miss no matter what certain TV chaps want to tell you) and a meet in the French auction. After US opened, the USD reversed and sold off and then as Europe closed the USD bottomed and leaked higher for the rest of the day. Once again FX markets reversed on market opens and closes. The EUR is down around 0.6% on the week (and the worst performer of the majors) though well off its worst levels from Tuesday. JPY is the best performer against the USD today and on the week as it has gained 0.6% (hence EURJPY has not been a big carry driver this week - though AUDJPY has seen renewed interest). The USD (proxy DXY) is up a modest 0.17% on the week.

Correlation between ES and broad risk assets continues to be high here (even as realized correlation within the equity indices actually drops to multi-month lows).  Risk is indeed on or off only and today's lack of volume push to new highs combined with financials back at what appears critical event highs and HYG's underperformance are a little more worrisome than normal but with NFP tomorrow, perhaps it is merely an example of fewer and fewer traders willing to participate.

Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context

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non_anon's picture

to the moon I tell ya, to the moon!

navy62802's picture

That's the only place it can go in this environment.

SheepDog-One's picture

Oh I beg to differ, navy! It can go down and will go down, and when the last bear jumps onboard convinced it can only go up, thats when they pull the rug out! Money going down is just as good as money going up, these clowns make it each way makes no difference to them!

kito's picture

nooo sheepie, there will be more hints and assurances and innuendo from ben that qe3 may be coming...and thats all thats needed to keep hopium alive. funny, almost a year and still no qe3. when will the hopium addicts learn? bens giving out supplies of methadone in the form of zirp, but its no substitution for crack cocaine liquid injection of lsaps!!!!! 

espirit's picture

Perhaps we should approach from a reverse psychology sort of perspective. 

Let Ben print.  Anticipate and expect global artifical life support - No, demand it!

Just thinking we have to get everyone on the same side of this Carnival Cruise Line. 

TruthInSunshine's picture

The Bernank is trapped by his own hand. It's a liquidity trap.

ilion's picture

Euro shorts could throw in the towel if we close tomorrow above the 1.32 level. And when Euro goes up, we all know what gold will do. Adding some interesting thoughts here:

SheepDog-One's picture

All the Euro has going for it is shorts, if they leave the Euro is screwed.

fonzannoon's picture

I just don't get the financials. If it's a dead cat bounce I guess I get it but otherwise I am lost.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Financials are benefiting from generously low interest rates and easy credit from our Federal Reserve. Not only that but many of the financials are also Systemically Important Financial Institutions or SIFIS. This means that they simply TOO BIG TO FAIL, since they are vital to the global economy.

MarcusLCrassus's picture

They are not Too Big To Fail.  They are Too Big To Save. 

xela2200's picture

Even with Free money in a manipulated market, They are going down in flames. THAT is how screwed those bankers are. They consumed themselves out. They just can't help themselves, it is in their nature.

The worst part is there are banks that are actually sound (for now) that are ready to take over, but the TBTF are in the way. Like a big glut in the fuel line.

TruthInSunshine's picture

This 18 year old, Luke Rudkowski, regardless as to the specifics (yes, he may be idealistic - good for him) -  has more balls than 99.999999% of the American Sheeple:

 The Bernank Runs Away From Luke  - YouTube


If more young Americans show 1/10th the balls that Luke Rudkowski has shown, it will be a better future.

The Deleuzian's picture

Wow Truth...A millenial who knows his ass from a hole in the ground...I'd like to met and talk with this guy!  really!

fonzannoon's picture

I would like to call you stupid but you are not. I would like to say you are evil but you are not. I would like to say you are funny but you are not. I don't know what exactly you are but it seems to be more about what you are not.

 Financials are going to choke on these low rates eventually.

The Deleuzian's picture

Fonzannoon...He is pure satire...100% homogenized

akak's picture

Satire can only be seen as such by at least occasionally be counterbalanced by the truth.

In point of fact, whether MDB intends to be or not, he is merely a troll, and deserves to be treated as such.

I really wouldn't care if a burglar broke into my home in the middle of the night, shot my wife and children, tied me up, tortured me, and then afterward tried to claim "I was just kidding!".

The Deleuzian's picture

That's taking it to the extremes akak!...Freud said that jokes are only funny because they're 10% true...that would leave 90% exaggeration...Which is exactly what MDB is....

Bringin It's picture

Freud could not get past sexuality. 

Most of the mind mending that goes on in the US is by Jungian phsychologists.  Some very interesting supressed knowledge re. Jung /from Jung can be had by taking a look at the Red Book [from the wiki/mic]

The Red Book, also known as Liber Novus (Latin for New Book), is a 205-page manuscript written and illustrated by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung between approximately 1914 and 1930, prepared for publication by The Philemon Foundation and published by W.W. Norton & Co. on October 7, 2009. Until 2001, his heirs denied scholars access to the book, which he began after a falling-out with Sigmund Freud in 1913. Jung originally titled the manuscript Liber Novus (literally meaning A New Book in Latin), but it was informally known and published as The Red Book.[1] The book is written in calligraphic text and contains many illuminations.

Up until Nov 2001, only 24 people had seen this book  Illuminating.

A few months ago, you could download the manuscript as a pdf for free.   Looks like that's no longer the case.  Come on Philemon Foundation.



Don't I yearn for the days when a draw across the throat made fucking resolution.

kill switch's picture



MDB, Did you have a charisma bypass? WTF

SheepDog-One's picture

MDB is a good entertaining troll, unlike that assclown RoboTarder who is at best a Yahoo!Finance level troll.

HD's picture

The financials can't fail - which is also why they can't succeed.

Like taking your sister to the prom - yes, you have a date, but nothing is going to happen (unless you live in the deep south).

ebworthen's picture

Financials are being fluffed to try and bring in retail investors and pension funds.

The HFT robots will be the first to the exits.

Fundamentals are dead.

kito's picture

its ok fonzannoon, you cant get something thats not gettable.......

Hulk's picture

Permanent backwardization I tell you, permanent backwardization! To the moon Alice!!!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ a big fat 1

If backardization were to hold for more than a week, say, to the moon it will go.  A big backwardation would mean that NO ONE wants to send out their gold to receive a promise of LESS in the future.

The Deleuzian's picture

Hulk...If we see anymore of these Xstrata-Glencore 'holy matrimony silent whispers'...Who knows how mispriced things could get...Just sayin'

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Still have my phyzz tho'.

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My buddy's step-sister is doing 5 - 7 years for fraud...

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TruthInSunshine's picture

Your buddy's sister is Andrea Mitchell?

No pictures, we beg of you!

We'll give you whatever you want! Please, for the love of God!

seek's picture

Interesting, the account is 1 year, 18 weeks. That's some serious seasoning for a spammer. Maybe it's a hacked password.

Either way, I hope he's really pulling in that much fiat, and keeps it all as fiat. It will hurt that much more when the collapse hits.

seek's picture

I dug into his comments. It's a well-seasoned spam account used for SEO linking. Every single message from day one is basically SEO link spam.

More posts in the past 24 hours than in the past year and a half, I'm guessing SEO wasn't paying and he sold off the seasoned account, or moved on to a different business model. In any case, he's going to be crispy soon.

MarcusLCrassus's picture

There are those AI programs that the Pentagon created that automatically go out and create thousands of logins with thousands of sites all over the internet.  They stay dormant until the person who runs the program tells them to go out and start posting.  The posts are done so that the text is a little different everywhere it is posted so it looks like it is actually a human who is doing it. 


There are a lot of these bots running around now, not all run by the DoD/CIA anymore either, but by spammers. 

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Sure wish they would EX the one sending me the GiGaNtic! ErEcTiLe DySFuNcTion! @#$%! Meds spam. 

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My neighbor's granddad makes $1.75 million a day on the internet.  He's been working against the most incorrigible thieves for 30 years and should've retired, but ceaseless pleading from humans shackled to sheep and goats compells him to try to resurrect a nation and law from shambles.  Go to to read more.

Hedgetard55's picture

Financials smell QE in some form or fashion, otherwise they are toast.


Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money.

SheepDog-One's picture

They've been smelling 'QE' for a year now. What I smell is a big pile of BS.