Prematurely Evacuating The Tispanic?

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First it was the CEO of Bankia whose departure via Golden parachute seems incredible in its absolute lack of shame; and now, as Bloomberg reports, Miguel "Mafo" Ordonez - the Governor of the Bank Of Spain - has resigned - with 2 weeks notice.


Did he maybe find some unmissable Costa Del Sol real estate opportunities forcing him to get out of dodge just that much earlier? If so, could he maybe spread the love and give everyone else the hot tip (aside from Spanish taxpayers of course)?


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Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:42 | 2472175 Aziz
Aziz's picture

Heads will roll.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:46 | 2472202 markmotive
markmotive's picture


Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:47 | 2472205 mberry8870
mberry8870's picture

No they won't.


Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:49 | 2472213 Comay Mierda
Comay Mierda's picture

In Spain, they just might.

These crazy bastards run in the streets with pissed off bulls.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:52 | 2472235 Arius
Arius's picture

all the better for america ... everyone will buy dollars!

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:58 | 2472257 Winston Churchill
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Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:15 | 2472358 Joe The Plumber
Joe The Plumber's picture

In teh long run yes

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:19 | 2472388 falak pema
falak pema's picture

julie christie!

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:54 | 2472246 butchee
butchee's picture

Pamplona three legged races where the banker's left leg is tied to the right leg of the Treasury official....hilarity ensues

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:38 | 2472497 Jonas Parker
Jonas Parker's picture

Pamplona three legged races where the banker's left leg is tied to the right leg of the Treasury official....hilarity ensues

Pamplona three legged races where the banker's left leg is tied to the left leg of the Treasury official....hilarity ensues


There, I fixed it for you...

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 14:22 | 2472719 SilverRhino
SilverRhino's picture

I prefer the idea of tying 4 bankers' legs to the bull's and watching that run downslope faster than a Facebook IPO.



Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:06 | 2472284 Sudden Debt
Sudden Debt's picture

Nono, the man just wants to quit his job because he wants to spend more quality time with his family...

fraud and incompetence have nothing to do with it...


Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:10 | 2472330 MsCreant
MsCreant's picture

Who marked this down? Why? It's funny because it is what these bastards have said in the past.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:09 | 2472313 MsCreant
MsCreant's picture

All bulls should be pretty pissed off by now. Bears too!


Tue, 05/29/2012 - 14:13 | 2472679 Stuck on Zero
Stuck on Zero's picture

Run in the street with pissed-off bulls?  No.  Make him spend the night in a cave full of bears.


Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:48 | 2472212 sunaJ
sunaJ's picture

We are long past canaries in coal mines.  The fleas will flee to the Canaries.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:09 | 2472317 battle axe
battle axe's picture

And he was seen booking a flight for Switzerland.....

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:16 | 2472372 Joe The Plumber
Joe The Plumber's picture

He gonna marrry a brazilian girl fast.

No extradition with any country if you are brazilian

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:14 | 2472347 eclectic syncretist
eclectic syncretist's picture

The captain always goes down with ship, except in politics and high finance.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:35 | 2472481 Sauk Leader
Sauk Leader's picture

Or if you are an Italian Cruise Ship Captain.

Wed, 05/30/2012 - 01:03 | 2474257 StychoKiller
StychoKiller's picture

Hmm, wonder if the Captn has come up with a better excuse yet...

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:23 | 2472409 franzpick
franzpick's picture

"...whose departure via Golden parachute seems incredible in its absolute lack of shame."

Until you understand the depth of the corruption that needs to be kept hidden with surprising amounts of hush money paid to those no longer on the payroll. 

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 14:43 | 2472833 Nobody For President
Nobody For President's picture

Right. And Jon Corzine maybe didn't get a golden chute, but he is still walking around the streets a free man, so we can't trash Spain too much on this one - letting the rich walk is an international deal.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 18:18 | 2473591 Papasmurf
Papasmurf's picture


Tue, 05/29/2012 - 19:23 | 2473713 Buck Johnson
Buck Johnson's picture

You don't leave such a good job like that unless the job isn't going to be too good in the very near future.  The rats are leaving the ship and want to make sure they have enough dinero to make it where ever they nest at.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:42 | 2472177 midgetrannyporn
midgetrannyporn's picture

Take the money and run.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:45 | 2472197 Stoploss
Stoploss's picture

Hold your ass, shit's about to get real.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:42 | 2472182 SourNStout
SourNStout's picture

"Run" out of the bank

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:42 | 2472185 knukles
knukles's picture

To make room for a Goldmanite Deluxe

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:43 | 2472187 gatorengineer
gatorengineer's picture

He wants his severance to clear.....

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:43 | 2472189 Gypsyducks
Gypsyducks's picture


Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:43 | 2472190 SheepDog-One
SheepDog-One's picture

Rats off the ship!

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:06 | 2472291 Ratscam
Ratscam's picture

I,m back on land, in fact in the mountains

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:43 | 2472191 surf0766
surf0766's picture

Get out before the collapse

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:43 | 2472192 Mitzibitzi
Mitzibitzi's picture

He just bought an island retreat, for a very reasonable price, from a nice cetacean-nicknamed man in London and plans to retire there?  ;-0

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:45 | 2472200 narnia
narnia's picture

Do you expect the people actually spending Spain into oblivion to take responsibility?

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:47 | 2472203 Henry Chinaski
Henry Chinaski's picture

Tripped and fell into the lifeboat...

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:47 | 2472208 tocointhephrase
tocointhephrase's picture

Two weeks notice, you have to give more if you work on a rubbish tip.....hold on a minute

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:47 | 2472210 papaswamp
papaswamp's picture

I might have to get the popcorn and folding chair out early this week.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:48 | 2472214 Joebloinvestor
Joebloinvestor's picture

Does Spain belive in "clawbacks" of pay and bonuses?

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:49 | 2472219 q99x2
q99x2's picture

He probably bought FB with the money.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:49 | 2472222 Dick Darlington
Dick Darlington's picture

Rats are jumping off the sinking ship that is Spain. Please, please, please, you idiot €-fanatics, KISS AND BREAK UP!!!! Your undemocratic political utopia has turned into dystopia. It's time to pull off the plug. For good.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:50 | 2472226 Al Huxley
Al Huxley's picture

It's all that fucking Egan Jones' fault - everything was fine in Spain until they went and downgraded them. /sarc

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:37 | 2472494 j0nx
j0nx's picture

You don't need the /sarc tag. We all get it.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:51 | 2472227 Patriot Eke
Patriot Eke's picture

That's the problem with modern "politicians."  When they are responsible for a problem, they are not held accountable.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:50 | 2472228 monopoly
monopoly's picture

How is it possible Not to own gold or silver? What rational person thinks fiat currencies are the right way to invest. I cannot even imagine.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:00 | 2472264 Abitdodgie
Abitdodgie's picture

Well yes look at Au /Ag dropping like a rock , Gold down about $30.00 in one day who would want that shit , BDI is sinking again (joke) get it sinking , nevermind. It is down to just over 1000 , so as everyone can see the world economy is about to go in the shitter even more, I will give it to Aug/Sept time , then last one to leave turn off the light .

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:51 | 2472232 carbonmutant
carbonmutant's picture

They know more than we do about the risks the banks are facing...


Tue, 05/29/2012 - 12:53 | 2472238 tekhneek
tekhneek's picture

Get your money out of the bank, people.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 13:01 | 2472262 Dr. Engali
Dr. Engali's picture

I'm sure you meant to say get your bank credits exchanged for fiat then converted into gold and silver before it's to late folks. Since debt isn't money.

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