Presenting All That Is Wrong With America: Here Is The Top Contributor To The House Agriculture Committee Chairman

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As part of the MF Global hearing, we just heard a very dignified and shall we say it disgruntled introduction by House Agriculture Commttee Chairman Frank D. Lucas (Rep-OK) where he said it is "critical" to shed light on the MF Global matter, and which in no uncertain terms made it clear just how disgusted he would be with MF Global if it was found that Jon Corzine is guilty of stealing client funds. Well, we decided to take a step back and look at the Republican's top campaign donors. To our complete lack of surprise, we found that the top lifetime donor to the Honorable Mr. Lucas is... the American Bankers Association. And scene.

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Follow the money and you find the truth.

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It's good that he has no conflict of interest.

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A rather extensive list.

Bought and paid for.

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Who is for campaign finance reform?

Who is for non-personhood corporations?

Until then, fraud & corruption rules. Will we ever get there...?

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Short answer, no.

Long answer, why would a fascist marriage between government and business voluntarily give up the power that they have accrued?


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They're all scum.  They were acting today like they have never heard of re-hypothecation, asking stupid a$$ questions that have nothing to do with the source of the problem. 

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No union interests here- He's clean and honest/ nod nod wink

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If any TV news agency was even close to doing their job they would always have these contribution figures on the screen as the "friendly" Congressman was questioning his favorite donor. Yes, this is one of the major problems in America. Good work Tyler, when do we start that news program along side CNBS? By the way, is anyone keeping track of Cramers recommendations for buys and sells? Keeping track of these numbers would take 12 hours a day to report this fraud as well. SEC and FINRA have a separate set of standard for CNBS and everyone else.

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It's a pity it's all so predictable.

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Whores policing whores.

Kabuki at its finest.

Move along....nothing to see.

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I love when they refer to these pricks as "honorable"

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This is my "surprised" face.

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And as always....somewhere in that list can be found....

,,,,,a Koch

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Koch Bros...funders of political pimps and the Tea Party.

You know the work of the predator class is complete when they can not only buy pols, but get fat-assed, middle-class, middle-age Americans to "protest" against providing an income and health safety net for their own parents and grandparents to further enrich the vultures.

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U people know quite abit about finance but u are exactly like the sheeple u rip on day in and day out. If you had a fuckin clue what the tea party is, limited gov't involvement in all of these areas, then u wud b on their side. We r asking for execute the laws not look the other way because of their buds gave them $. The koch bros are Private citizens. SEIU, AFL-
CIO, UAW, are paid 4 with tax $'s to organize against u and me. and billionaire soros who is prevented by law from getting involved in politics yet who worked with adbusters in via the tides foundation to start OWS. B 4 u speak about politics u may want 2 stick 2 your day job cause u r obvioulsly IGNORANT. OWS wants more gov't control. Who the fuck do u think for one is? A dem gov and senator and Sachs alum. Sad thing is u probably agree with OWS. Ass clowns...all of u

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Freddie, I mean, Rick Perry, is that you? 

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Bribery.  Plain as the day.

Bribery, a form of corruption, is an act implying money or gift giving that alters the behavior of the recipient. Bribery constitutes a crime and is defined by Black's Law Dictionary as the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of any item of value to influence the actions of an official or other person in charge of a public or legal duty.

Except, in this case, the lawmakers that receive the bribes have made the crime legal, but only in their case. 

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First, let me make it clear I'm not defending this (or any) political asshole in any way. But the *really* pathetic aspect of that list isn't that he's bought & paid for - he is; they all are - it's how little he valued his sorry ass. The guy's been in congress for 17 freakin' years. (Since he got in in the '94 landslide, it's a safe bet he ran on the 'I'll clean up the mess and come back home to Okieland' crap so many of them [lied about]) That list is a *lifetime* list. Congressman Dipshit has been there for 17 years. In all that time, the bankers have bought him, body and soul, for the princely sum of....85 grand. 5000 whole dollars a YEAR!!

And it's a safe bet that Frank, Dodd, and the idiot Waters are much much worse. It's bad enough they're whores, selling their votes; selling us all down the river for a buck. ("Fellow Americans? Fuck 'em!") Somehow, the fact they're *cut-rate* whores makes it even worse.

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American Politics....Neither party matters as both have same puppet master.

First Congressmoron to use HYPOTHECATION correctly in a sentence wins a free S&P upgrade from moron to idiot+.

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If I hear HYPOTHECATION at all, I'll be... surprised. No matter if the syntax makes sense or not.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



I don't understand why you are sitting on that cat, Hypo, anyway.  Does it have something kinky to do with his sandpaper tongue? 

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RE-HYPOTHECATION. I stand corrected. Mr.Schmidt just brought it up. In correct context I might add.

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That's a Bingo Lizzy. These guy make Sandusky look "Honorable" as well and a vigin......

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Very disgusting but hardly a surprise. I reiterate my stance: we need a reset. The sooner the better.

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And so what??? 

Most Americans do NOT care about this libertarian jealousy towards wealthy bankers and politicians, and in our great country it is fortunately the informed majority who decides, not a few extremists on the Internet.

What do you suggest, abolishing banks or the right to constitute associations???

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The "informed majority" - would that be the very same "informed majority" that gets its hard world news from the same media sources it also receives the latest on the Kardashians or this week's NFL scores?

You mean THAT "informed majority"?

Either the sarcasm of your comment is eluding me, or you are completely insane.

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I suggest one simple thing. We take campaign funding out of the political process. IMHO it is the core cause of what is wrong with this country.

pods's picture

Won't work.  The media is involved and they determine who is on the voting ballot.

This was all determined as soon as the government itself strayed beyond the limits imposed on it.

Regulatory capture.

Here come the junks, but voting will not change the direction of where we are heading.

"If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal."

Emma Goldman

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Screw the junks... You are right on. I am still voting for PAUL for my own conscience, not expecting fairness in an election run by the same tards ( no disrespect to any real retarded people ) who want to keep their power.

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The "informed majority" that believes in astrology and that the world was created in 6 days?  That voted for Obama?  Or was it Bush?  I forget "which" informed majority you're referring to...

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The informed majority that think Austria is full of kangaroos or that hypothecation is caused by exposure to the cold.

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Government is force.  It was instituted in this country to protect individuals against force and fraud and to protect the nation. 

Instead of the government America was supposed to have, we've allowed an entirely different kind of system.  We've invited and allowed force into the marketplace.  Instead of voluntary trade for mutual benefit, some trade with the backing of the government gun and others trade looking down its barrel.  

It's not envy that drives anger with the epic corruption in our society.  Our rights are violated all day, every day.  Expect some of us to get cranky about it.

pods's picture

Could not agree more Melin.

This would not be a problem at all if the government was kept to the duties assigned to it.

When they strayed from that, then legalized plunder became rampant.  Now in order to succeed, you must join a group, get a seat at the table, and plunder like the rest.


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The day the majority of Americans becomes truly informed of what's going on will be an interesting day for the global banking cartel and their puppet politicians. 

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Truly, it takes only a relatively small group of informed, pissed off people to effect change in America, but getting to even that small number to attain critical mass is a chore.  It is happening, though.

The Tea Party started it.  A disparate group of folks who were effectively FED Up got the ball rolling.  Unfortunately, they were hi-jacked along the way by GOP operatives (heavily financed by...surprise, the Koch-suckers).  Still, what they did in the last election has certainly made a difference in this Congress, regardless of anyone's opinion as to whether it is a good or bad thing.

OWS is the flip side (or, left side if you prefer) of the same coin.  Another group of people who are FED up, and in less than 3 months they have forced the 99% CONCEPT out in the open on on center stage.  And, don't forget, the mainstream media tried very hard to ignore them, and the Faux News channel works even harder to dis-credit them.

If either of these 2 movements really gets serious about focusing on Corporate Personhood and Glass-Steagall, those 2 subjects could wreck political havoc in the 2012 election process. 

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come, as someone once said.

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Gee, wonder whose interests Mr. Lucas and CONgress represent?


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Does the ABA even look out for guys like MFG? There are alot of small AG banks out there that would likely support someone on the AG commitee. makes sense. MFG is giving the majority a worse name, IMO. Not that I dont think lobbying and contributions are F'd up in this country, and i do appreciate the info, but this is ZH hyperbole as usual. which is fine,    

The BOD of the ABA is from the following banks....never heard of any of them. 

Gothenburg State Bank
Gothenburg, NE

Bristow, OK

Northwest Financial Corporation
Arnolds Park, IA

MountainOne Financial Partners, MHC

North Adams, MA

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ABA, American Bankers Association.  MF Global was in no way a bank.

The main point of too many elected officials being bought and paid for by special interst of many ilks is valid.  But the force of the particular case is diminished by being a bit off mark. 

The rage over a non-bank being investigated by someone that took money from a bank lobbying group is a little lost on me?  Also some context on total contributions would be useful.  Is it  $83k out of a total of $800k or $8mm or....? 

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Is it really "lost on you" why there is outrage why a primary dealer, which blew up by engaging in 30x levered banking processes, and engaged in commingling practices likely pervasive across the banking industry (yes, banks both big AND small) is having its implosion investigated by a person whose primary source of funding is the financial industry?


And as for the stats, if you were to click on the hyperlink provided, all your questions would be answered

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Easy, Tyler.  Sounds like Sharkbait is just a typical registered voter and juror.  Probably watches a lot of television.  Remember that half of us have below average intelligence, so concepts like conflict-of-interest and hyperlinking do not always sink in for some.

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and to be bought off so cheap too.