Presenting The Capeless Crusader: The Deficit (Non) Super Committee

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 Ponzi prison time. Didn't some one make a movie about that?

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But where does it all go.

It seems to me these "idiots" are pretty adept at keeping the bubble growing and growing and growing.

When one explodes, they just blow another.

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These guys couldn't agree on how to make a peanut butter sandwich.

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Give them a break, it's a complicated business. Chunky creamy wheat white PB on the top or bottom, jelly jam. So many things to agree on. Then the sticky issues, should they cut it in half??? The jelly may drip out the side...

Will we want to eat the compromise they finally come up with after all the theater is done? I think not.

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It all goes poof!

The uberinflation is upon us.

Buy everything on credit and keep your gold and silver. 

No time to waste.

A south of the border dude with a 3rd grade education, leveraged himself out to the brink with his credit cards for the last 4 years and flew the coop after his house completed and paid for in Mexico City. And all the PHD's, all the Yale, Harvard and wall street geniouses could not have seen it coming.

Give us a break. May your underarms be infested with a thousand camel flies and your soul burn in hell for a thousand years.

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Good post.

I've often struggled with the ethics & morality of doing exactly that. Fighting an unethical, immoral thing with the same tactics.

I just don't have it in me.

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Blowing one another is what they do best.

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I have this tensy little Constitutional question (Yea I know the toilet paper thing) but how the hell can we say this is in between the fence posts. Article 1 Section 7 (Revenue Bills) says ALL bills for raising revenues shall originate in the house of representatives;--) Now I know in theory that this is all reduction supposedly but if any part of this bill boosts taxes it can't be done in this committee as it is also composed of senators in a super duper pooper scooper committee; and will be part of any final bill. 

I would contend that this committee is unlawfully assembled and that any finished product will likely be illegal. Comments welcome.         Milestones

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Tell that to Ben Bernanke........he seems to have no trouble spending (printing) money on our account.........

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They will decide not to invade Mars, and it will create $10T savings overnight. 

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I heard by not invading Andromeda galaxy the US will save 1 quadrillion dollars.  Enough to backstrop the derivativees market when it implodes.  Everything is fine. /s

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What?!? Andromeda is a threat to our national security. I demand we take action immediately. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a terrorist.

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Success! By challenging the HedgeMoronic Disposition of the Andromedians through significantly raising our InterGalactic Defese Budget (which for all intents and purposes shall remain off budget until the Department of Intergalactic Defense has been established) we shall create an additional 12.7 million jobs, save in excessof 177 trazillion Denbinapasettas whilst relieveing many American of their overwhelming daily anxieties.
We have always been at war with Andromeda.

(and don't forget to cum in your sperm tube tonight.., Big Brother is watching)    

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come on, will you people get real.

140 million or so Americans are employed currently.

Obama's administration 'saves' 140 million jobs every single day they're in office.

If it wasn't for government none of those jobs would exist! So they 'save' 10x as many jobs as there are unemployed people!

please give Keynes credit where it is due!



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speaking of andromeda, i see where she was chained to a rock to be attacked by a monster as punishment for her mother's (!) bragging.

reminds me a little bit of the current fate of the 99%+: forced austerity to pay for the careless greed of the 1%-.  actually andromeda's situation was fairer: her mother didn't sell spectators tickets to further enrich herself.

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taxes should not be increased one penny

why give any $ to miscreants - let them eat their bribes

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+ $97,000 in the fridge, bitchez

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Gee,I wonder if the US could save some joo bucks by cutting some of that wold dommination Military budget ?


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Like sands through the hourglass, so is the wealth of our lives

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When enough people realize their lives have been wasted by paying taxes to enrich the elites, the uprising will be like 10,000 black swans and history books will no longer point to 1940s Germany as the darkest period for humanity in modern times.

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+1 Prescient

Fibz I can believe in.

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I recenly ran across this video/movie made by Aaron Rousso in 2005 (Rousso rip 2007). He was an award winning producer and Grammy winner.  Well done film showing IRS  and Federal Reserve fraud and abuses. Questions the Fed creation and the Constitutionality of the income tax Amendment, the 16th Amendment, which was never ratified and had been struck down twice before by SCOTUS. Apparently, nobody can produce the law under which the IRS compels compliance, because it does not exist, not even the former IRS commisionar who gets upset when asked about it in an interview with Mr. Rousso.

America: Freedom to Fascism-Full Length Documentary - YouTube


It will pretty much makes your head explode. Save it and watch it when you get the time and/or pass it along to those who are still asleep.





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I first saw that movie in early 2007 what an eye opener.

Aaron Rousso (and the interview with Ron Paul) served as the impetus for getting myself out from under a ridiculous amount of debt, and putting aside some of my earnings in PM's.

Rest in Peace, Aaron.

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Did anyone really think this "super committee" was going to achieve anything meaningful? If so, I know of an underwater house you can buy.

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It will achieve something meaningful, it will ensure that all the fuctard politicians get re-elected including Omarxist.

jeff montanye's picture

obama is not a marxist and he's not getting reelected.

LongBallsShortBrains's picture

It ensured that the debate got quieted for a while. That must be meaningful to tptb????

I already know about a few underwater house, thanks anyway.

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Just freeze Federal spending, especially the automatic 10% spending increases.


CBO Savings score: $9 Trillion over 10 years.  Result: Priceless.  


EndtheFed: don't let them steal it through inflation to do the same thing. 


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Or just freeze the Fed period - agreed.

Domestic & global fckg terrorista.

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Reading that headline I momentarily thought it was another episode of Sovereign Man. Schucks...

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Its all a game with funny money, and were the game pieces. Early in this game small groups of a few hold the power and tailor it to their wants, needs and control hunger. When the game begins to turn sour, the powers will become more and more desperate to keep the current scheme in continuation.  Followers will turn desperate as well and will seek answers from those in power, until they realize they have no more answers. Then the followers will begin to question the status quo. Proceeding the questioning phase, the followers will become educated and then they are no longer followers. They will form their own organizations in mass.This is when the true revolution will begin......  Right now the game is turning sour and those in power are becoming desperate.

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Why does our Congress lie, cheat, steal, and essentially ignore pressing problems? 

Because they can!

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The corrupted daisy chain of the clueless economic destroyers keeps kicking the can or manages to screw the middle class even more

The US gets a BBB

USD tanks

Gold to $3000 within 60 days

Blythe Masters dies; an apparent suicide; the ME strangely finds a 100 oz siver bar in her anal cavity.

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... and all her silver fillings suspiciously removed from a entirely bloodless corpse.  Mystery deepens as to when Vince Foster tatoo on upper inner left thigh originated.  Investigation remains open within X-Files section of Somewhere We Can Tell You About Because It's Secret.  The Bernak and Timmah to be appointed Special Investigators.

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Indeed, nearly one full month into the new fiscal year, none of the 12 budget appropriations bills has been enacted.

So what, they didn't pass half of these last year.

Markets should now realize that a credit rating for a  sovereign such as the US – which has the power to tax, borrow or print money – is essentially meaningless.

And what kind of crap is this really? Unlimited deficits is no biggie because America has the world currency? Yes it doesn't matter...till it does.

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Cheers Stephen Smith

as you wax eloquent on the death of three of our boys

don't drown in you tears as you suck the American teat (dry as it is)

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The Super-Committee hasn't got capes?

Are you lads slow on the uptake! Did you not see and hear the CNBC interview with Superwoman Nancy Peloski this very week? Stop trifling with $1.2 Trillion in savings, this over-optimitic Gongresswoman (batty bitch) stated clear as day three times she's "aiming for $4 trillion in savings" 

Maria Bartaflowjo then pointed out how will Superwitch do that when she's running TV campaign adverts promising no cuts in welfare or entitòements spending (great commitment to State spending cuts and "putting everything on the table" that is!)

Superforkedtongue then waffled and stuttered something about making spending cuts wasn't the same as cutting welfare entitlemens.

No Nancy dearest. Your the worlds greatest expert in making back-office cuts that add up to $4 Trillion without cutting any entitlements. 

i for one simply cannot wait to see how laying off the office tea boy saves $14,000 per annum in wages while his generous Govt lay-off package entitles him to $36,000 in severence pay, holiday back-wages, mediicare and pension liabilities.

This is going to be simply SUPER to watch ...pass the super sized $4T bucket of popcorn please, I wanna watch Nancy go to work

knukles's picture

Maria (God's very own Lady of the Take) should have pointed out that one of the newspapers sometime ago in the Winter Home of the Great Satan discovered that Little Ms. Von Savings' food and liquor bill for her very own jet that flies her and co. back and forth was running at some $100,000 per month.


I'm wondering if in that scene in A Clockwork Orange that Kubrik hadn't used her eyes as the one's being kept open watching the UV film....

Zero Govt's picture

Oh you cynic ....Nancy may have spent her entire career as a suicide-socialist spending machine. But she is now appointed and annointed to the 'Super Committee'

She'll leave Congress and walk into a public phone box and 'Ta Da' re-emerge caped and in spandex tights ready to enter the Super Committee a new 'super' politician able to save and cut budgets rather than spend the US into oblivion 

Nancy is going to turn from lifelong spender, squanderor and bankrupt credit card junky into super saver and mega-cutter (even if her new campaign adverts give completely the opposite impression that the welfare spending orgy will party-on!)

$4 Trillion in savings are coming down the pipe just like Super-Nancy says it is

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Anybody who doesn't believe that this is all political theatre for the idiots ,and that some last minute deal won't be made deserves to lose all their money.

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Do we have to call it the 'Super Committe'?  Why not call it the Politburo?  Or a Kahal?

Zero Govt's picture

....the Rule of Thumb of Govt is everything it claims on the tin can it achieves the exact opposite

Super Committee therefore translates as Uber Shite Committee

..and it looks like it's replaced the roles of both the US President, Congress and the Senate which between them couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery and just bickered as no political puppet would trim/cut their raking in of other peoples money

So expect the Uber Shite Committees budget cuts to cause yet more bickering and create a wedge between it and the other three gormless roles (and now spare parts) of the US Govt

That's because the other Rule of Thumb of Govt is all political 'solutions' create bigger even more pear-shaped problems ...this is going to be a complete and utter farce, grab your popcorn

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Just hearing Uber Allies on background tv, german national anthem - is this on the ground troops in Athens or F1

dalkrin's picture

After this fails, time to implement the mega-committee, then the ultra-committee, and then finally resort to the Debt Czar and his sidekick, Margin.  He shall order the debt to be brought low, and behold, the debt shall recede before our very eyes.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

oh, my!

whatever will the CFR do now?


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I can't help but think that if the US simply said "well, we're fucked, we might as well just stop doing stupid shit" and pulled out all active troops from the Middle East, that ridiculous amounts of money would be saved. Even cutting the defence budget by half (well, half of the $600b reported) would be far more than just chump change for the budget.

Then again, that would mean many defence contractors would get a little pissy about not being paid mega bucks for making wonderful killing machines.