Presenting The High Cost Of Armageddon Avoidance

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Courtesy of Bloomberg's Adam Johnson

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More like Armageddon Can-Kicking.

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The cost of delaying armageddon.

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Where are deficit and fed bal sht futures traded ?

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I'm not sure if this was secretly filmed at the SEC, the CFTC, the DOJ or the FRB..

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This is a result of multiculturalism. Pure and simple. Man, how obvious does it have to get that multiculturalism has failed for these idiots to WAKE UP. This is serious. We need to take our country back NOW before it’s too late. Vote Ron Paul in 2012!!

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Hey, Multiculturalism works for Quebec, right?  Wait, no, they want to secede. Never mind....

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Armageddon was not avoided.  The banks were bailed out.

Now Armageddon comes to Joe Six Pack.

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Evidently you could not read the Memo. 

The banks paid the money back.  With profit and interest to the US Taxpayer.

Outstanding are the losses created by the dead beats who defaulted on their promises to pay their home loans to Fannie and Freddie.

And losses created by the union plundering of the auto companies.

It's not the banks.  It's you and your neighbor.  When will the plundering end?

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In order to be an effective troll for the Establishment powers, you need to be much less obvious and quite a bit more subtle.  Instead of trying to feed us outrageous bullshit that anyone with 1/34th of a brain can clearly and immediately see is crap, you need to start out by gaining our confidence, then posting intelligent and truthful information followed by or mixed with half-truths and devious disinformation.  Then, when you finally end up being challenged by those not pushing an agenda, you have to cry "personal attack!", with subsequent futher misinformation, misdirection, evasions and disappearances.  Believe me, I have seen the pattern often enough here --- the playbook is not really that complicated.  Didn't they teach you ANYTHING in troll school? 


EDIT: What the Hell has just happened here on ZH?  My "Tracking" list within my user profile is suddenly gone --- has anyone else seen the same thing happen?  How the Hell are we now supposed to follow new comments in any of the threads, short of clicking on and plowing through them one at a time?  If this is some new "improvement" to this site, then somebody really fucked up --- this site, or at least the comments sections of each article, will have just been effectively killed if that is the case!


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akak said:

Believe me, I have seen the pattern often enough here --- the playbook is not really that complicated.  Didn't they teach you ANYTHING in troll school?

Such is the eternal nature of shilling banksterism.

What the Hell has just happened here on ZH?  My "Tracking" list within my user profile is suddenly gone --- has anyone else seen the same thing happen?

Same here. It must be a blobbing up of technical fuckery.


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I am blaming Quadratic Monocot Enhusked Endospermism.

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You are correct in doing so. The conspiratorial ties to Elliptical Dicot Racemic Polyploidism are well established. The proof is in the coconutism.


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The proof is in the coconutism.

Whose nature is eternal.

Make me laugh!

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Augustus works at SockComm, or along with RoboTard in the bowels of the mail room @ Bank of Amerika.

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That explains their defiant and boastful ignorance.


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Avoiding armageddon is a real war effort.

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After the debt bubble was blown by the banks and their captive central banks, the banks were bailed out by the central banks and the central banks and GSEs now hold trillions of dollars of trash.

Now the debtors (Joe Six Pack) get crushed.

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I agree, Armagedden wasn't avoided, just delayed. The price for delay will be 10x the economic pain.

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Reggie Middleton would not approve.

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Multiculturalism works in are f'ing kidding? the majority of "French" immigrants make a bee-line straight for Toronto foresaking "La Belle Province". Next referendum should be if we want Quebec in to be part of Canada.... will never happen as everyone already knows what the outcome will be......

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Normally I dont log on when im out and just scanning threads on my phone, but your comment is just so incredibly disgusting.

If you're going to troll, then troll.. but if you include Ron Paul's name in every single troll post you make then it's going a bit deeper. A smart fellow ZHer asked if a husband calls his wife fat everyday, how long until she starts believing it?

You're scum and youre not fooling anybody.

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agreed. this scum along with michael and econ1996 cheapen zh on daily basis.

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There are approx 666 Govt Sock Puppet Trolls that have popped up on ZH in the last month or so.

At least they're easy to ID quickly since they're as stupid as the Costco Greeter in Idiocracy.

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So this is the new way paid traitors are trying to usurp Ron Paul's obvious popularity, huh?   Act like a Ron Paul supporter and, not unlike the treasonous bill-appproval process currently employed by the CON-gress, bury within that support falsehoods about his positions.  You fail, along with your comrades, to realize that only the most asleep person would take your comment as the basis of their opinion of Dr. Paul... but those sleepers are already YOUR BASE!!! Pure stupidity and waste of human life.

I forgive you for your sins and treasonous acts, simply because you are clearly desperate for the money or under threat.  But I cannot suggest that the angry patriots soon to take back this country will feel as forgiving as me.

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you cannot seriously think that these trolls would be getting paid (by some govt. agency)  to convince you guys that thier ideas of fiscal policy etc is the right way? your heads are so far up your ass you couldnt tell the difference between your throat and your colon.

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Butthurt liberal is butthurt.

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BP is an obvious TROLL- everyone on ZH can recognize his filth... the problem is that the general public may not... and like the other post- the geral public may start to believe the continued lies by the media trolls that BP represents.


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Yes, it's a shame visitors can't see Up and Down votes.

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@ Born Patriot

Does the Troll want a cookie ?

Feign relevance elsewhere...

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I regret to admit that I feel no sympathy for anyone caught in the next equity big wave down; they're just junkie gamblers.

It only took about 5.5 trillion siphoned off from taxpayers (present and future) to get the U.S. equity indexes back to their nominal 1999 levels (which is approximately 40% lower in real terms; not accounting for adverse tax consequences, survivorship bias, or the oh-so-stealthy ways they have re-jiggered the indexes, to remove bankrupted, vaporized tickers, like GM, where one would have lost all if holding to zero hour).

Good luck at the casino with the worst odds to have ever existed in the history of the world, degenerate gamblers.

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And what would you encourage as a profitable venture? 

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Some nice little robbery in the Middle East to get even more Arabs to unite against the USA. To quote Peter Gabriel: "You can blow out a candle, but you can't blow out a fire; once the flames are catching on, the wind will drive it higher…" (if my memory is still working).

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The only things that really unite the Arabs are camel roasts and plugging young boys.  Occasionally they will also form bands to capture and enslave some neighbors.

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Lame, Bubba, just fucking lame. Why go through the motions if you're not even going to try?


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Augustulus, vipera est, illegitimus maximum est, et non vale anus rodentum est.

"Veni, vidi, trolli"

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@ Augutless


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Providing goods and services that are genuinely needed and of inherent value to people who can't provide such goods or services for themselves is always a great thing.

You know; that old "you have something that someone else wants or needs, and they have something that would like or that you need, so you agree on a price that each thinks is reasonable, and exchange it for said good or service."


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I totally agree to an extent. What of the people who did this and thought they earned the ability to retire in comfort with a diversified portfolio and the desire to live off the interest of short term notes.


For many starting a business just isn't practical i.e. 85 year old Grandma in the nursing home.

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That's where retirement planning in the form of savings and sound investing (sorry, but I absolutely do not believe any credible person could argue that placing one's capital into markets as manipulated as the current equity or bond markets is sound) comes into play, but I do realize:


a) few people do this in a nanny state;


b) even for those who were relatively responsible and forsaked consumption to saved what a prudent person thought would be enough for retirement, The Bernank is like the Honey Badger and just doesn't give a shit, and tore all prudent expectations to shreds (until Mr. Market, which is an 800 pound Gorilla that will end up stomping The Bernank, comes into play).

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Passbook savings for retirement?  At 0.00001% interest while inflation is, even taking the feds at face value, 3-4%?  Do I look like a chump?

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The only limitations on your retirement investments come from the tax code as is relates to the custodial restrictions on your IRA or 401(k).

I got tired of watching mine lose value by sitting in cash (although I did make a few bucks playing with GLD and CEF). However, the ZH reports of re-rehypo of gold, etc scared the piss out of me.

I finally found a way out.  I set up my own LLC and found a custodian for it.  Now I have total liquidity and am in the process of buying hard assets with my retirement funds.  It takes a little work but for those of you stuck in a shitty selection of Vanguard MFs and MMs, it is well worth the effort.

If the SHTF, I will soon be able to LIVE insided my 401(k) -- albeit illegally... Not sure that would meet the self-dealing standard but, really, if the SHTF, who cares?  Until then, it will rent for over $2,000/month.